What Makes Resident Evil 3 Remake Bad in Your Eyes?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:13 ID: p4wdnx

I personally don't like RE3r and I know it isn't well received by the community. However, I do want to see what don't you like about it and what could make it better?

2 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:23 ID: h91oeq0

Nemesis is too scripted and so isnt as scary as Mr X.

There's not enough time with bipedal Nemmy.

Very linear gameplay.

Shitty puzzles and not many in general.

Cut content.

One ending.

Not enough innovation.

2 boss fights with Nemmy which involve doing the same thing (when he runs in circles, which, also is like wtf? He's designed to come strait to you with no mercy, yet there he is, running around and around like a pratt)

Much more but I'll give another user a chance to give input lol!

ID: h91yiy2

One ending.

I see this mentioned a lot, was Jill saying "Is that?!" really that much of an alternative ending?

ID: h91yqw8

Original game have 8 different epilogues though

ID: h91xwwx


ID: h92bgoa

Nemmys second form always felt like a recycle of original g4. That boss fight would've felt more at home on Birkin who acted more beastial.

ID: h92iqse

Oh shit, you're right! Never even considered that! You're right 100%

ID: h92m5hi

Nemesis is terrifying on inferno and nightmare difficulty because of how fast he moves and the dread you feel waiting for him to come around but I agree that the second and third battles with him are too similar, but at least you get to shock the hell out of him if you can hit the red buttons. I liked that. It also has one of the hardest boss battles of all time, on inferno during the last battle. It’s a great game, it was just half assed

3 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:34 ID: h91q2wy

I loved it, BUT I feel it lacked in content, enemy types, and I hated how Nemisis wasn't stalking you all the time unlike Mr. X in RE2R. Like Nemisis was more scripted an not as free I guess.

I also felt it was more action than survival, and for some reason Capcom has a hard time balancing those 2 out when there's more action than usual.

That's just how I felt comparing it to the RE2R.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:22 ID: h91od22

I do like it for what it is but...There's just so much missing content that could and should have been in it. How sick would the park and graveyard have been with an underground battle against Gravedigger at the end?

5 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:23 ID: h91ogw2

Took portions of the game away leaving it be like 3 or 4 hours long

6 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:41 ID: h91r382

Replayability, for me, was very low. Once I had finally played enough to get the unlimited weapons I was no longer interested in playing anymore. Also the final Nemesis fight was a bit underwhelming.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:54 ID: h91szvf

My main 3 issues are (they are very subjective though - I dont claim that its the right take, its just my take):

- Its a bad remake: it threw out of the window everything that made original game memorable. Not only locations (like half of them), but entire game modes (mercenaries), mechanics (live selections, branching paths, randomization), level-design philosophy, more present and dynamic Nemesis etc, and even atmosphere of original game is completely missing (from tense and melancholic to action blockbuster - even og RE3 director speaks about it :P)

- Its also not that great stand alone game for me, because its far too cinematic at the expense of the actual game play (and also linear and on-rails for the most part). Take a look at the entire sequence after sewers till Carlos RPD segment for example:

you walk out of sewers -> cut-scene -> cut-scene like segment where nothing happens and you press forward (construction site) -> boss fight -> cut-scene -> forced walking sequence (cut-scene in disguise) -> you walk for 2 minutes -> cut-scene (meeting kendo) -> you walk for 2 minutes -> cut-scene (rocker launcher chase begins) -> you run for 20 seconds -> cut-scene -> you run for 10 seconds -> cut-scene -> forced walking segment -> cut-scene (toy head) -> you run for 20 seconds -> cut-scene

This is ridiculous. There should be one cut-scene at the beginning of the rocker launcher chase and then one at the end with no additional cut-scenes in between. And why construction site couldnt actually have some gameplay elements - real chase for example? Its a game that its so focused on looking good and giving you spectacle, that it completely forgot about gameplay.

- Terrible (even for RE standards) content-to-prize ratio and overall greediness that ooze from this game. 60$ is way too much for its one extremely short campaign with no other game modes, especially if you consider that the said campaign has obnoxious amounts of reused content and assets. They didnt bother to implement locations with unique aesthetic since it would require actual effort, so the copy pasted sewers, kendo street, nest (and RPD but it was part of original game, so its understandable). And on top of that they didn't even make new zombie models (unlike original game :P) - its absolutely lazy. And they reused one boss fight so out of 4 boss fights two are almost identical. I would say even more: copy pasting enemies from survival horror game (RE2make) with limited resources and limited movement into action game with tons of resources and dodge is problematic on its own and its another example of laziness.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:31 ID: h91pkra

Too much stuff cut. I was excited to explore Raccoon city again and all my favorite parts were of course cut so while I enjoyed the the new takes on what made it in it overall felt very flat compared to the original or even takes like UC or ORC.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:33 ID: h91py3u
It's short They changed too much They cut the clocktower, cemetery and park They cut out the worm battle Carlos enters RPD. Not Jill.

Other than Jill and Nemesis, REmake3 feels like a completely different game set in raccoon city. They changed too much and cut too much. The game should have been developed for maybe a year longer.

However, with that said, I will say that I do like the new iteration of Jill alot. She's badass and feels like a real person this time around. I loved the original RE3 Jill especially how she was voiced by Catherine Disher, but this Jill was good too. I liked the apartment part of the game, and I did like how they incorporated some resident evil outbreak raccoon city content into the game such as the subway system and wright brothers railways.

Other than that, I feel like we got a rushed product that was simply a cash grab/cash in on the success of the resident evil 2 remake and I feel like they quickly developed it and rushed it out just to get it out of the way just to say they remade the original trilogy. The remake of 1 and 2 were fantastic and 2 remake blew me away. 3 was very disappointing. Sadly, I feel like Capcom will misinterpret the lower reviews and sales of REmake3 as people not liking remakes rather than it simply being a lower than average product and this will effect future remakes going forward. I was excited that Capcom was finally remaking games in the series and had hoped to see a remake of both Code Veronica and Outbreak but I doubt it's gonna happen now.

ID: h92kz1q

Well, to brighten your day, Capcom has acknowledged the demand for Outbreak tho, so there's still hope.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:58 ID: h91tgqh

It wasnt a bad game but I dont really like the outside city areas in resi so it put me off

11 : Anonymous2021/08/15 19:36 ID: h92frip

So many negative points already named :O. That aside, back to your question:


• modern Jill and Carlos look amazing (imo) • gameplay is nice, you clearly feel that Jill is more experienced than Leon/Claire • more playable parts as Carlos • more side character insights (Marvin, Tyrone)

But honestly, these are not vital points :/...

What would make the game better:

• longer plot/story • different routes/endings (for reolayability) • a LOT more insight on side characters • a non "scripted" Nemesis, basically MRX but more lethal • no cut content! • GAME NOT BEING OUTSOURCED AND DEVELOPED BY A DIFFERENT COMPANY

12 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:34 ID: h91pzb0

Cut content wish they kept in the original stuff but with re2r engine and look. I don't think the new nemesis is scary, especially when he first pops up he's just covered in a garbage bag. The older one was menacing and iconic.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:45 ID: h91rl9r

For a lot of people, they removed too much of the original game. I'm one of those people, but I also understand it was done to make Nemesis the big bad to be afraid of rather than an occasional roving threat in between other boss fights.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/15 17:26 ID: h91xn10

Besides the points everyone else has made, I actually feel shooting zombies is rather unsatisfactory in this game compared to RE2R, I just don’t get the same feel when I toast a licker or shoot a zombie in the legs. I admit this could be my mind playing some tricks on me due to general dissatisfaction with the game though.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/15 17:32 ID: h91yfto

I don't think it was bad, I just think it was far too short

16 : Anonymous2021/08/15 18:06 ID: h923944

It’s tough to replay because the first 10 minutes is basically on the rails . There are several more heavily scripted parts too. Given the length of this game, too much of it is on the rails and scripted. Nemesis’ implementation leaves more to be desired. I think there should’ve been a boss besides Nemesis. I don’t like Nest 3 tbh. I’ll stop here.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:52 ID: h91sose

It's too damn short. They literaly picked some stuff randomly and deleted the rest from the RE3. There is not a single puzzle in the game. All nemesis encounters are scripted and cinematic and the nemesis itself is like an alien wraped in trash bag(the plastic cover or custom or whatever you call it is just bad). Jill is not good, i don't know why they had to go for this f**k you bitch i'm a sassy woman type and let go of the previous personas plus the voice acting(a good portion of it just screaming and moaning) is mediocre at best! RE3 remake is just capcom going for the cash grab and that's it!

ID: h925z8i

RE3 Remake is the same length as the original, it just feels shorter because you aren't doing as much backtracking.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:39 ID: h91qsmq

Felt like a playable movie instead of a game. No replay value. Nemesis is a downgrade compared to the original. So many cut things or downsized things. So many issues.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:49 ID: h91s5t3

Big problems for me:

•2/3 of the game is missing from the original.

•Remake Jill’s personality is super snobbish rather then the professional she’s suppose to be.

•Nemesis is super underwhelming compared to the original. Remake Nemesis doesn’t kill a single S.T.A.R.S member and his new mutations are rather generic.

•Complete lack of puzzles. (No, the tram rerouting doesn’t count. You have the answer at the top of your screen while your doing the “puzzle”)

•Nikolai is somehow more of a mustache twirling villain then the original.

Small nitpicks:

•Excluding Blue herbs to cure poison

•Unlimited Saving is Dumb

•The reward shop makes a super easy game that much more easy.

•Jill’s new outfit is the generic Laura Croft tank top heroine outfit that’s been popping up constantly with a lot of female protagonists.

This isn’t rose tinted glasses. I bought a PS1 and RE:3 original a month before 3REmake came out. The Remake is not a good game.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/15 17:59 ID: h922dbd

The lack of new zombie models. So lazy. Just killing the same reused zombies from RE2. It killed my immersion and made it all feel unbelievable because I have seen all of these infected citizens dozens of times in the RPD. RE3R feels like a cheap mod even though the new environments look nice.

Even though it is an action game it has a terrible intro packed with cutscenes you constantly need to skip, forced walking, and QTEs. This hurts the replay value, just let me play the game. I shouldn't have to make a save at the subway just so I can skip going through the motions of the shitty intro. It reminds me of RE6, when you start the game for the first time and are forced to walk as Leon lol. If something reminds you of RE6, that is a huge problem.

RE3R has too many cutscenes in general, it feels like you are skipping something every 2 minutes. Whenever you are presented with gameplay, it usually lacks substance and you are just charging towards the next setpiece/boss battle. The hospital is a good location and I enjoyed it, but it was underutilized. They should have just made a movie instead of a game. Probably would have been better and it would be over in the same amount of time. Lol.

Jill curses like a sailor and is almost as obnoxious as RE4 Leon, I am so tired of these action RE protagonists who are falling from heights and dodging explosions while they crack lame jokes and insult the villain. I just don't care, it is not amusing or endearing. It makes the game feel like a generic Uncharted wannabe instead of Resident Evil.

The enemy placement is very generic and overall it feels like very little thought was put into the stage design. You never revisit most areas, so why even bother killing most enemies? And some zombies will just magically disappear when you come back to an area anyway! It lacks real challenge, there is almost no strategic decision making with your resources. The dodge just makes things worse because it is a crutch in an already easy game, kinda like the kick in RE4-RE6.

I have no problem with linear level design but RE3R is usually just a boring straight line and the combat along the way is not interesting. Look at the sewers, it is very straightforward and they introduce a new enemy but of course right after that they give you the most effective weapon for the situation. Then they tell you how to kill them effectively. It is insulting, the game treats the player like an idiot when it comes to combat AND exploration. Let me figure things out myself, that is what RE is all about but RE3R fails at this.

The downgrade to the gore and dismemberment mechanics from RE2R. The gunplay feels like crap even though the shotguns knockback was buffed tremendously.

No ink ribbons, checkpoints at every corner just like RE4. Death is meaningless in this RE game. NO tension and no reason to learn the game because you have unlimited continues and you always get dropped into the same exact scenario you died from. Inferno removes checkpoints but you need to beat the game multiple times to unlock that option unlike Hardcore.

Cutting entire areas and changing the story but still reusing the RPD and a ton of the sewer assets from RE2R because why not, it is a cashgrab anyway. Why add new stuff? Lol.

The repetitive wave clearing segment as Carlos that only exists to be filler. Also, the zombies exploding into a mess of blood because the engine can't handle multiple enemies at once. So cheap looking.

All the cut weapons from the original game, and the downgraded ammo crafting

Nemesis item drops are absolutely worthless.

Dog Nemmy being a shitty boss that runs around the arena mindlessly, then his rematch does the worst thing possible in game design IMO. It is basically the same fight, he runs around the arena like a dumbass, but now you get spammed by waves of respawning zombies! It is like the developers thought "Hey, this second fight is too easy, we should throw in basic enemies with homing grabs while you fight the boss! The player will definitely die a few times now!"

Inferno Nemesis is garbage. That is all I'm going to say about that.

The shitty shop and challenges that mostly just consist of you killing hundreds of zombies with different weapons. Wow, grinding in a RE game. Sooo fun. Lol.

Fuck this stupid ass game. I could keep going but I think that is enough. The only thing that would make RE3R better would be if it didn't exist in the first place. Lol.

ID: h924wxh

Even though this comment is a bit salty, I agree with everything.

ID: h926ym1

the dodge makes it worse because it's a crutch an already easy game, kinda like the kick in 4-6

Nah, stun prompted melee was an integral component of the combat system. Better comparison would be the dodge mechanic in the original re3

21 : Anonymous2021/08/15 17:15 ID: h91vz8r

As someone who hasn't played the original, I don't think it's a bad game. It's just underwhelming.

My issues with it are:

1) Too many interactive cutscene/scripted moments. It's a problem I have with RE7 & Village aswell. Moments like that just feel like fake gameplay to me and ruin a games replayability. The intro of RE3R is the biggest offender of this.

2) Nemesis is a terrible villain. He just comes off as incompetent as hell. There are so many moments throughout the game where he has Jill by her neck or the scruff of her hair and instead of killing her, he just doesn't for whatever reason. It makes it very hard to take him seriously.

3) Terrible bossfights. The rooftop fight is the only one that's decent. Both dog Nemesis fights are tedious garbage. The final boss is pathetic on lower difficulties and an RNG piece of shit on Nightmare and Inferno. To be fair, I have never been a fan of the bosses in this series in general, but the ones in this game were especially garbage in my opinion.

Despite these problems, I still think RE3R is a decent enough game. It just could've been so much better.

22 : Anonymous2021/08/15 18:22 ID: h925jc2

Less scary & feels way shorter compared to RE2make

23 : Anonymous2021/08/15 19:05 ID: h92bley

Just finished it last night for the first time. Also a new RE Player. Been playing RE, RE2 Remake and now this. Love it but not as good as RE2. The terror of Mr. X stalking you is unique and not the same as Nemisis sequences.

24 : Anonymous2021/08/15 20:29 ID: h92n7do

A bit scant on content. A bit overly linear. I feel Nemesis was underutilized.

I don’t hate the game by any means. I think its problems are just a lack of things to do - only really needed to expand on what it had.

25 : Anonymous2021/08/15 21:11 ID: h92t2sp

The lack of mercenaries mode, i was fine with the game being short as long as there was mercenaries mode to slap some replay value to it but nope..

26 : Anonymous2021/08/15 18:24 ID: h925tqc
Nemesis is mostly scripted encounters. He does a tiny bit of stalking in the streets very early only. Nemesis isn't threatening, there is no build-up like the original, he doesn't kill anyone until very late in game after you kicked his ass several times. Nemesis redesign is trash, literally, looks like is wearing bin bags. Nose is stupid and makes him comical. Nemesis turns dog, in original is only the final fight he isn't humanoid, even loses most of suit and is still humanoid. The dog Nemesis battle is recycled. Same fight twice pretty much. Game is very linear. No branching path story progression like original. Game is very short. Next to no puzzles, when original had plenty and they would randomise answers each playthrough. Missing enemies, including a boss fight. Missing important locations. Too much Carlos (RPD should have been Jill, Carlos made no sense there). Obvious missed opportunities like Nemesis breaking the showers in RPD. Blatant reuse of RE2 assets in place of making ones RE3 needed. Sewers and Nest 2 were insulting. No Mercenaries mode. They got both the original RE3 and STARS costumes wrong. The first 10-15 minutes is super slow, scripted and boring to replay. Too much of the onwards is also scripted.
27 : Anonymous2021/08/15 18:12 ID: h9245tp

I’m fine with 1 canonical ending.

Much too on rails though. Not enough time to explore. The city was too small. Carlos was an improvement but WHY wasn’t Jill in the RPD. And with a game as short as original RE3 was to begin with (albeit with great replay value) and all the reused assets, cutting content was truly unforgivable.

28 : Anonymous2021/08/15 19:55 ID: h92ig1k

Nothing. As a standalone game, not compared to the original, nothing makes it bad. It's an excellent game.

29 : Anonymous2021/08/15 17:15 ID: h91w0u9

Carlos’s hair….who signed off on that?

ID: h91ww1z

Or even worse his "alternate" hair. Looks like burnt spaghetti mess

ID: h924qiv

I think it looks alright, in the original he looked way to much like Leon

30 : Anonymous2021/08/15 19:51 ID: h92hvxx

Its brutally short and a lot of content was cut and went unreplaced.

31 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:42 ID: h91r6at

for me its a masterpiece, but they removed too much and its too short

32 : Anonymous2021/08/15 18:03 ID: h922ui0

It’s clearly a cynical rush job, it’s massively linear, there is actually less content than the original... a remake usually expands and improves a game, this remake removes whole areas, the park, the clock tower, the graveyard and replaces the dead factory with something that pales in comparison. Imagine how good those missing areas COULD have been. Nemesis pretty much just fucks off after the tiny raccoon city part of the game, save for a few boss fights. The Drain Demios being located solely in the substation is also lame as hell I could go on. The game looks great graphically and the voice acting is pretty good though.

ID: h923m39

This is what makes the original REmake the only true remake, because it's the only one of the bunch that does actually expand on the original game. Even RE2make gives you less than the original despite being hailed as a decent remake. And RE3make is the worst of the lot.

ID: h9248q2

Yep hard agree. Re2r is great, it does offer less but luckily it still manages to capture the spirit and improve the atmosphere of re2. (I still prefer the original but I’m 36 and og re2 was one of my most anticipated games back then) Re1 remake is probably the gold standard of what a remake should be

33 : Anonymous2021/08/15 20:20 ID: h92ltnt

Nothing at all. It’s a very fun game and it has difficult boss battles, and many perks to use when you replay it. It doesn’t compare to the original, but it is still a great game. I personally dislike the hate it receives, although there are many RE OGs out there who stream it and love it as well. The only thing that could make it better is more environments to explore, but I believe the intensity of nightmare and inferno mode make up for that, since it is fun to set goals and achieve them. There’s two different kinds of RE gamers (in my opinion) 1. They want to just beat the game and feel accomplished then proceed to judge the game based off their first run. 2. They want to 100% the game, in every way possible and then some. The second one i mentioned are the true RE gamers in my opinion. Love or hate my comment it’s the truth. I’ve beaten the game over thirty times, and I still make new goals, like beating the game on inferno using only the infinite machine gun. I’m having a lot of fun with this. I’m ranting now sorry lol

34 : Anonymous2021/08/15 16:36 ID: h91q9r9

I like it and i have no idea how people could hate this game. Just because its not 100% like the original? Cause its short? That doesnt make a game bad. Its one of the most fun games in the series.

ID: h924az7

I guess it's not because it's a bad game in its own right, but it is very much a bad remake. We were expecting something of the calibre of the RE2 remake but it completely fell short of this. There was so much potential, so much good material to use, and when it was announced I was so hyped. But what we got was something that was significantly less impressive than the original game, which is not what you want from a remake.

35 : Anonymous2021/08/15 17:43 ID: h91zzgc

Absolutely nothing. I think the game is pretty great how it is. The pacing is like a action movie and it's way more fun to replay than the others in the franchise. No slow parts. It's it's own thing which is cool.

37 : Anonymous2021/08/15 18:37 ID: h927lkx

It just isn't that fun even as a standalone. The opening is outright ridiculous, and the one liners aren't funny. Overall it isn't as bad as people initially made it out to be. The length was fine. Don't care that it was linear.

38 : Anonymous2021/08/15 19:44 ID: h92gtgn

Nothing, its good.

39 : Anonymous2021/08/15 18:40 ID: h9283hs

I wish they expanded on Jill's PTSD events. It was such a cool addition that was implemented into the beginning of the game when Jill was staring into the mirror, then it was kinda just... forgotten about. You also had the Carlos Zombie moment too, but both were very minor moments.

Overall, I absolutely loved the game regardless of the cut content.


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