Expectations VS Reality

1 : Anonymous2021/08/19 16:47 ID: p7imkb
Expectations VS Reality
2 : Anonymous2021/08/19 17:43 ID: h9k4b0m

Why can’t they make the cartoonish style graphic like ni no kuni or genshin. It would’ve look a lot better than these semi realistic texture

ID: h9l9vd8

But Pokemon is a handheld game that got upgraded! We should be happy they did this good! /s

I'm so glad you brought up Genshin. Literally runs on mobile devices and looks amazing in comparison.

ID: h9lgw32

I honestly am still hoping that Genshin impact comes to switch soon. They announced it like almost a year ago, but literally no updates on when it’s actually coming.

ID: h9kk0xm

ni no kuni

You can't just make games that look like Ni no Kuni or Okami easily, they are the creme de la creme and take a lot of skill and effort to produce. Most AAA studios couldn't make game that look like those without targetting their staff. It's kinda asking an artist why they just don't draw the Sistine Chapel ceiling

Something like Genshin should be doable though

ID: h9kkvie

Understandable, but we're also talking about Pokemon.

The best selling franchise

Its not like they couldnt afford to hire the creme de lá creme of animators, artists and art design and still make an absolutely killing profit

3 : Anonymous2021/08/19 17:26 ID: h9k1s1u

My favourite part was that they did that signature pan BotW did too, as if they are proud of how it looks

ID: h9k2c2e

"Pokémon of the wild"

ID: h9k2jix

Breath of the Wild Pokemon

ID: h9l2mus

Already a mod for BOTW, I believe it’s been out for a year or so

4 : Anonymous2021/08/19 17:09 ID: h9jzfic

This is the best comparison you can do. The Switch isn't the most powerful system, but its games can still look great and stylish. Pokémon has been a low effort franchise for nearly a decade, and the bottom image reinforces that idea. I remember being obsessed and excited over new Pokémon games, and now I barely give the franchise a second glance.

Don't even look at the awful looking trees and landscape, just focus on the rock (?) the character is standing on. Low effort that's going to cost you full price with what will most likely have mediocre gameplay at best.

ID: h9kpb0k

BOTW wasn’t even designed for the Switch but for the Wii U, the performance difference doesn’t seems that big but from the trailer BOTW2 seems to be a big improvement graphically, especially those amazing volumetric clouds.

ID: h9l5jrq

Are they actually volumetric clouds? They seemed more like incredibly well lit and well animated 2d images to me?

ID: h9k84lu

Pokemon has so much potential but nah we get this

ID: h9kyos0

Pokemon has all the money it could ever need to do anything

They literally just don't care

ID: h9l8009

Pokemon needs its own Breath of the Wild, by which I mean a game in the franchise that intentionally pulls back from a lot of the more stale tropes of the series while returning to a more pure version of the core elements of it.

ID: h9k498u

Full price with almost none discount on the foresable future*

ID: h9kw5s6

None discount with left effort

ID: h9koub5

Well idk about you, the first thing i saw was those trees that weren't even fully rendered. I was like, jeez, that is some lazy tier development going on.

ID: h9kriaw

The first time I saw that screenshot, I thought there was some sort of loading issue. What they did was intentional, which is just wild to me.

ID: h9l25gm

I remember 7 years ago I had a bootleg Pokémon game on my android and it looked better than this. IT WAS MADE IN 2014. Is the image of that Pokémon game leaked, or was it featured by Nintendo?

ID: h9kxkpm

Not to mention the playermodels are so terrible they are borderline creepy. It literally looks like a fan-made game.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/19 16:50 ID: h9jwk4o

What would really improve the fidelity of this game are some post processing FX to draw attention away from the lack of draw distance.

See the volumetric fog in the BOTW pic? It's to hide the low LOD in the distance. Gamefreak could implement similar techniques. It's seriously not a difficult concept.

Using low-poly models to improve real-time loading of assets is fine, but there are techniques you can use to not draw attention to it. It's just lazy, and that's what's really wrong here.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/19 19:19 ID: h9ki1u2

Im a 3D artist and could probs whip this out in a few days, alone. Sad.

ID: h9l0mzd

I'm on a game dev course in uni and i suck at modelling, yet i could literally whip this up given a few weeks i reckon

ID: h9kzmfq

Yeah thats ridiculous, like, they pay exstra for bad graphics? There's no way they couldn't get better models for trees for example, or those buildings... Damn I can make better then this and I consider myself a total begginer.

ID: h9l7h96

It's like they used a 512x512 displacement map on a plane with 1200 polys.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/19 18:24 ID: h9ka7hq

I don't understand, is Pokémon Arceus a next gen game that comes after sword & shield or is it like a mini-project?

ID: h9kep39

Next game is BDSP, after that is this. Could be a new type of main series game the way digimon does story and world games.

ID: h9klolp

Mini project, it’s considered a side game.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/19 20:38 ID: h9ktvek

Biggest media franchise of all time.

Game Freak has been coasting on easy street for 20 years and it shows, they should've let a different dev handle this.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/19 17:27 ID: h9k1xji

It's impressive in a way how bad it looks. I'm glad they're finally doing an open world 3d pokemon game, but damn.

ID: h9latxh

Honestly if they’re gonna out out a shit game I’d rather just not have one at all. Save the disappointment and all that

10 : Anonymous2021/08/19 18:57 ID: h9kex5c

Jurassic Park theme on recorder

ID: h9l8cf0


11 : Anonymous2021/08/19 18:17 ID: h9k9466

They are trying to churn them out as fast as possible to make money as fast as possible. Just don't buy it, but the masses will still buy it

ID: h9l0fkt

It's like FIFA for the Pokémon fans... And they will never learn.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/19 17:48 ID: h9k52fp

Gameplay wise, it's the one Pokemon game we have been waiting for, but they totally butchered it in my opinion with the visuals.

ID: h9kqux1

The gameplay looks like the concept people have been asking for, the question still remains does it actually play well.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/19 20:35 ID: h9ktd1o

Games don't have to be super realistic and can definitely go for a more stylish look, but it seems like the "early 2000s RPG" is not the style people wanted.

ID: h9ldzu2

It’s not that we didn’t want it, it’s just that Pokémon Coloseum, XD, and Battle Revolution had already made them… you know… back in the early-mid 2000’s.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/19 22:15 ID: h9l7qsa

That Pokémon screenshot does not scream “the most popular franchise of all time” to me. There's no excuse for this, they should have a gigantic budget to make this look better than every other Switch game.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/19 18:41 ID: h9kcjje

Hopefully with the reviews it's getting they will change it up.

ID: h9kd5n4

Don't even bother, IGN gave 9/10 to SWSH defining it the best Pokémon game ever, it won't work.

ID: h9l7sl4

The game is fairly old and uninspired, in addition, it isn't exactly the pinnacle of gameplay either. On the visual front too, its severely lacking when you compare it to its contemporaries.

9 out of 10, it has a little something for everyone

ID: h9kirt6

I don’t hate Sword and Shield, it’s an imperfect experience that I still find enjoyment in but I would never call it the best.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/19 18:01 ID: h9k6vp3

Is that an empty Valheim island on the bottom?

17 : Anonymous2021/08/19 20:14 ID: h9kq9pd

It's pathetic how low they set the bar knowing people will buy whatever they put out regardless

18 : Anonymous2021/08/19 22:10 ID: h9l733e

Why does genshin impact look better tho

19 : Anonymous2021/08/19 23:05 ID: h9legz4

GF needs to be held accountable by Nintendo. They don’t deserve to be at the lead of the highest grossing franchise anymore

20 : Anonymous2021/08/19 16:48 ID: h9jwawb

Gamefreak be like: gwafiks


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