32 years old company vs 9 people

1 : Anonymous2021/08/19 04:21 ID: p77r3k
32 years old company vs 9 people
2 : Anonymous2021/08/19 07:04 ID: h9i7pp6

I don't see no god damn hedges. False advertising.

ID: h9imx9v

They are still growing, chill.

ID: h9itcb2

Hedgegrow 2.

EDIT: Holy shit this blew up like a hand grenade.

ID: h9iivzf

seems like you saw

OVER the hedge

ID: h9irt8l

I'm rockin' the suburbs!

3 : Anonymous2021/08/19 06:13 ID: h9i3ua5

That is fucking roblox WHAT? holy fuck

ID: h9id1a6

If you download roblox studio, you can enable quite accurate shadows, and can setup other light sources that can cast shadows too... if you got the skill, you can make roblox look really good

ID: h9igw4v

I don’t know why but I imagined there’s a slider for shadow quality that goes between “Random Bullshit” and “Quite Accurate”.

ID: h9i5y25

I only ever heard the name of that game and never looked into it, and I always just imagined it had Minecraft graphics.

ID: h9i6rbl

For the most part, it does. But there are talented developers too.

ID: h9imjji

It's not a game so much as it is a platform to publish your own games

ID: h9ihgu6

It's not a game tho it's a building platform

ID: h9ijynz

It's basically G-Mod on super crack. You can do crazy amounts of stuff with it.

ID: h9io0gx

I only see snippets of my kids playing it, but it looks like lower quality minecraft with almost but not enough to be legally infringing lego characters.

For the most part it seems pretty dumb, but it's free, easy to access, has variety, and allows them to easily play together and with friends. I know when I was in my teens, flash games were starting to get popular and they weren't much better. Hard to complain. I still have my gaming PC and large library of "real" games when they want to play something with substance.

ID: h9ik97b

Because that's the default theme of it. But it can look pretty good, it just requires an amount of time spent on development that most people aren't willing to put in.

There's a handful of games that have stood the test of time, but most burn out after 2-6 weeks, so it's all about low development "cost" (time and effort, not money), high income (through pay2win microtransactions) viral games which results in a lack of any desire to make games look good.

Source: used to develop games on roblox.

ID: h9illty

Roblox is like every other game engine it’s a game engine, just simplified. If you can make it in unity you can probably make it in roblox.

ID: h9iqrsc

I don't blame Roblox for doing what they did.

But I remember playing Roblox close to 15 years ago. And it was a simple game that was essentially Lego online.

I had so much fun playing and making games.

I can't recall the amount of hours I played in "Miked's Ultimate Paintball".

It was such a simple yet unbelievably imaginative game for young kids.

ID: h9ip5ue

Fucking hell I haven't touched Roblox since I was like 11 and I swear it just looked like Lego

ID: h9idwkc

Yeah me too i was like that at first but behind some childish game and really bad one you have escape from tarkov like game zombie mode from Call of Duty, some horror games like phasmophobia

4 : Anonymous2021/08/19 04:38 ID: h9hvq5p

Highest-grossing media franchise in the world btw.

ID: h9idn90


I didn't realize Roblox was that popular.

Edit: /s

ID: h9iekg5

Gaming companies are working with 17-or-so self-made millionaire devs on how to create Roblox games bc of how lucrative Roblox is.

They went public this year at a 30 Billion dollar valuation.

That is more than the majority of game companies.

ID: h9ikibw

I think you are joking but some people are taking you seriously, so just to be clear, the highest grossing franchise in the world is Pokémon, not Roblox.

ID: h9i2bqz

We made it the highest grossing franchise in the world and we deserve better

ID: h9i7mhb

and we deserve better

Not if we keep giving them money for making shit.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/19 06:46 ID: h9i6eko

Last time I seen Roblox it looked like Lego people mixed with Bratz dolls.

ID: h9ihp9h

It still is like that. But behind all the dirt are some really amazing gems. There's a game called rise of nations where it's like Hearts of Iron IV with about 20 people in one lobby. I actually prefer it over the game it was based on solely due to the multiplayer experience.

There's also a COD zombies remake and so many more.

ID: h9ik3qc

Project Lazarus is fucking great!

6 : Anonymous2021/08/19 04:32 ID: h9hv7wo

What’s it called when they hold back on features and improvements to make a sequel?... Pokemon devs have turned it into a form of subliminal sadism.

ID: h9icb4q

Return on investment - they need investments low and return high as possible. People funding it don't care about games. People making it don't care about franchise. Managers making decisions don't know how games are made yet they still make the decisions. In the end we get what we get and yes, shiteaters will eat that shit and ask for more.

ID: h9ijshk

Sure, but when EA or Ubisoft does the exact same thing by releasing the same recycled gamed with extremely incremental updates they're crucified here. Not saying they shouldn't be, but why let anything tangentially related to Nintendo get away with "business decisions" that make sense to them, but are absolutely horrible to us?

7 : Anonymous2021/08/19 09:17 ID: h9igwx1

That's roblox...?

Thats not what I remember back in the day when I was a kid haha

ID: h9iodnv

yeah Roblox has changed, and i think for the better. easy to learn coding language and a platform where millions can look and try your content at no charge to you? constantly updating engine that works around currently existing code to make nothing have to be recoded but still fix many bugs and make things run better? hundreds of thousands of premade models and the tools to make your own using just blender and not having to change file types? its a fucking dream for people starting coding, and its cool from a players perspective too.

ID: h9ivrvp

I use some Roblox games as aim trainers for apex and cod they are that good!

ID: h9j5720

Roblox is basically the most accessible way for someone to get into game development, it has a simple to learn programming languages, tons of pre made assets, and the ability to host and spread your game without you needing to pay very much

you can even make money off your game if it gets big enough

8 : Anonymous2021/08/19 10:21 ID: h9ilfva

Where TF are all the billions in profit from Pokemon going? Not into the games that's for fucking sure.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/19 04:51 ID: h9hwzhw

It's not even the graphics that's the issue though. It's the laziness. Like how can the company look at this; a bunch of reused assets and think "yeah, that's exactly how I wanted it to look"?

They just know idiots will dump money into it because it's Pokémon and they don't have to try.

ID: h9i3up6

Profit motive is the strongest motive

ID: h9hxjjn

People complained about the animations of sword and shield and by looking at these graphics, idont think we will see a improvment.

ID: h9i63oe

Sun and Moon is kinda where I started looking at everything they've released a lot more critically. Whoever thought releasing that game on 3DS where every totem fight would drop the FPS to 2 is a trash person. Sword and Shield was alright till you got 5 hours in an realized the world was so small and lacked anything to do other than sit in the Wild Area and chase random gigantamax pokemon.

ID: h9if3m4

Reusing assets isn't a big deal. If they were up to par with current generation releases in the first place...

10 : Anonymous2021/08/19 07:36 ID: h9ia1vr

On the roblox game making engine

ID: h9j94a6

which has stock assets that everyone can use, and guess what the trees are

11 : Anonymous2021/08/19 05:38 ID: h9i12cg

It’s hard for me to grasp how people can defend this. This is just not the level of quality that a $60 game from a AAA studio should be. And no it’s not just that the graphics are not realistic. Go look at New Pokemon Snap - that game looks absolutely gorgeous and it uses the same cartoonish art style as every other Pokémon game. That is the level of quality we should expect

ID: h9ifdgs

New snap truly tickles the imagination. I see this trailer and just see how expressionless all the Pokemon are. All they are are just stat sticks that bash each other til the game is over. New Snap on the other hand is a journey of discovery in a world full of interesting animals. There are so much you can do to interact with them in interesting ways, and the fact that it's your job to simply document Pokemon being funny to cool to weird is just perfect. I keep thinking it's criminal it's sorta gone overlooked, but that's not entirely true. I've spent quite a bit of time on the game and am still in the 100k rankings for some of the categories lmao

Also holy shit the free update was just top notch

ID: h9ikuuh

That's bc Snap was made by a different company.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/19 09:19 ID: h9ih22e

I find it interesting that this is the footage they decide to show…well at least they’re being honest

13 : Anonymous2021/08/19 09:48 ID: h9ij242

The guy modeling the guns is in my guild on a game. He just showed me this and some stuff a few weeks ago. It was crazy to me then to see so much go into roblox and what you can do with it. Now its crazy again to see it on the front page!

14 : Anonymous2021/08/19 04:51 ID: h9hwzgl

This can’t be fucking real, can it?

15 : Anonymous2021/08/19 11:05 ID: h9ioy6a

I feel like they should have fixed the tree thing after all the complaints from sword and shield


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