This picture reminded me of something

1 : Anonymous2021/08/23 11:39 ID: p9y19s
This picture reminded me of something
2 : Anonymous2021/08/23 12:31 ID: ha0wp7n

A Dragon! I saw a dragon!!!

Not again mother you've said that 7 times now.

ID: ha2wyau

"There he is, General Tallius, the military governor, and it looks like the Talmor are with him."

3 : Anonymous2021/08/23 12:02 ID: ha0ttpe

What? That once again I'll build a beautiful mage that will somehow evolve itself in to a stealth bowman?

ID: ha0v0lm

Lmao stealth bowman ftw

4 : Anonymous2021/08/23 12:05 ID: ha0u4j6

When Skyrim is released again I remember to redownload oblivion instead

5 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:12 ID: ha11eo0

But with fishing this time!

ID: ha17kt3

Fishing plus 499 more mods. Dont know which ones as I dont think they listed them all but still more than fishing.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:14 ID: ha11lmx

Pro tips: avoid killing chickens. And don't mess with giants.

ID: ha1h2rp

Nostalgy I remembered when I started playing the game trying to punch the shit out of a giant with my bare hands only to get bonked the shit out of my noob ass

ID: ha1lw3s

Lol. My noob asshead made me kill a chicken with the first weapon I found in the first town. Lasted 10 minutes in the game.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/23 19:06 ID: ha2f7g1

I’m ashamed to say, I’ve never played Skyrim. Never played GTA 5 either.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:53 ID: ha16fd0

Honestly I can't wait! You have to replay Skyrim once every couple years or so, around fall time is great. Such a nostalgic experience

9 : Anonymous2021/08/23 11:55 ID: ha0t331

if you say so ?

10 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:33 ID: ha1sqy5

Stop buying this shit

11 : Anonymous2021/08/23 12:30 ID: ha0wmnp

If it looks like this I'll get it:

ID: ha27249

It won't. It'll look mostly the same with a bunch of creation club stuff bundled.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/23 12:38 ID: ha0xjfq


13 : Anonymous2021/08/23 15:08 ID: ha1gmgf

I heard that in this version Knee shots are instant kills.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:00 ID: ha1nye1

I’d fucking pay for it too, I’d like to think that I wouldn’t, but I know that I will.


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