Made me laugh back then

1 : Anonymous2021/08/26 11:37 ID: pbxpwa
Made me laugh back then
2 : Anonymous2021/08/26 13:18 ID: haf5rw0

I actually wonder how Russian feel playing game and movie like these which is basically calling Russian as "dirty communist" and always as the bad guy

ID: hafmnwr

What always did bother me is that the "Russian" guy in movies is universally some Czech dude with clearly not a Russian name who cant speak Russian at all (just makes *angry Russian sounds*)

ID: hag9wiq

And in every movie no one wears a hat in the middle of Siberia. In the winter! Fuck!

ID: hageum6

And you can reverse that - Czech stuff looks like 40 years back in deep times of USSR and people have Polish or Russia names. Just why they do this to our nations

ID: hagfm8g

Germans are usually Americans that memorized the script.

ID: hah52qm

That’s pretty universal in all movies : French captain of the starship Enterprise or German terrorist ? Use an English actor ! 🙂

ID: hah5syc

Lol, i can handle being the bad guy but i do wanna be the right bad guy

ID: haf88nw

We have a word for the such movies/games. It's klukva — something that contains a compilation of stereotypes about Russians. I'd say mostly people here make fun of such things. The Russian guy in a gas mask from previous COD who tried to kill a little girl became a local meme, for example. I personally almost always skip such content. It's not that hard if you're not a FPS fan.

ID: hafgo0r

IIRC in the original MW trilogy they at least tried to not demonize Russia too much, what with the bad guys in the original MW being Russian rebels and the Government being friendly, and in MW2/MW3 Russia was tricked into attacking the US by Makorov who proceeded to effectively coup Russia in MW3, and the second to last mission involved rescuing the Russian President so it was more like Russia was the victim…. But in the new MW they made them freaking bond villains. Throughout the game, and especially the scene you just mentioned, I was constantly wondering if Putin fucked the wife of Infinity Ward’s CEO or something because that game hated Russia.

ID: hagt8xy

Did you ever play Command and Conquer Generals? That's the one that Steam won't put up because it goes TOO far with the stereotypes especially terrorism (this is a rumor). But Red Alert series is chill and probably hilarious to actual Russians. I think Generals' sterotypes were excellent, I think sometimes instead of responding, the Russian builder unit would just cough. Nice touch.

edit: "Ow, ok I will work" -Slave, GLA

ID: hagx3bl

Russians turn their stereotype into an amusing meme

That's actually kind of awesome

ID: hagz7oy

As the MCU blew up to worldwide popularity, I always wondered if the rest of the world outside of America cared about Captain America or thought he was silly.

ID: hah64w8

Am British. I liked the character but thought the look was cheesy, but that seemed like kind of the point. Cap has the feel of a very loyal bulldog dressed up like a golden retriever.

ID: hahecvu

I like the goody two shoes Captain America much to the disdain of my friends. Grew up watching foreign heroes so I don't give much thought to it.

ID: hagaz1x

It’s amazing to me that Russia is still cast as communist in anything taking place post-90s. America has been in an ongoing identity crisis post-Cold War, constantly looking for a new enemy to use to justify its need for perpetual conflict lol.

ID: hagmo3f

Right, it's an auth right dictatorship now, not communist

ID: hagzfb5

Just like batman in the lego movie…

ID: hah77qw

It depends on how story is handled overall. If the story is good and the bad Russian guy has enough personality to elevate him above a walking sack of stereotypes, then it's a pass. If Russians who play FPS had it their way, a lot of high-ranking Russians would be dead anyways, we know we aren't perfect.

But if the game generalizes the entire Russia/USSR as the enemy or makes no effort to keep people from making this conclusion, then it's bad.

Good example - CoD Black Ops. The historical context is made right. You have Reznov and his stories to draw the line between good and bad Russian guys. He even directly states that Kremlin (a synonim for Russian government) has no idea what bad guys are planning.

Bad example - Iron Harvest, a recent RTS game, set in alt version of 1920s. Formally, all bad Russians take orders from an independent secret organization. However, barely any good Russians are shown, making nearly every Russian soldier and character you see a bad guy. The Rusviet campaign itself just drags you along the main villain without giving you any valuable info or background/lore. Compared to Polania (Poland) and Saxony (Germany) stories it is very bad. Also, IRL 1900-1920 were very volatile for Russia. Two wars, three revolutions and a civil war. In IH universe it also seems to be the case, but the game doesn't even try to explain the details.

ID: hahboqt

Germans know that feeling

ID: hagswdc

A Romanian Soviet cold-war propaganda series called Comrade Detective flips it the other way on Americans and it's kind of funny, dubbed by Channing Tatum, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Nick Offerman and a few others.

I think it's still on Amazon Prime for anyone interested, it's a cool piece of film history anyways.

ID: hah37gg

Sorry to break it to you, but that was part of the joke. It's an American production made in the 2010's, though it does actually use Romanian actors and is filmed in Romania.

ID: hah7raf

Comrade Detective

film? dont you mean serie? i just search for it in amazon

ID: hah9g2p

Remember when Call of Duty had a campaign where you play as the soviets during WWII? These days it's straight up anti-Russian propaganda and the latest Modern Warfare is the worst offender. Although Russians still laugh it off.

I'm just disappointed that Cold War didn't have any decent story from the soviet side. It had so much potential and yet they made another "American soldiers infiltrate KGB" flick

3 : Anonymous2021/08/26 11:40 ID: haeuv9i

As an American, what seems to be the reference that your referring to?

ID: haev2e1

Хуй is dick/cock. Most rude word in Russian language.

ID: haev5zq

I wouldn't say it is the most rude word in Russian

ID: hafg6au

Lol that’s great! Alright thanks for clearing that up for me!

ID: hagh8dn

I’m sorry, but why am I reading these comments in a Russian accent in my head

I can’t stop it

ID: haeuz12

it meens dick haha.

ID: haev4b5

People write this on fences or just on the walls pretty often. And as previously said, it means dick

4 : Anonymous2021/08/26 16:46 ID: hafzsh1

Russians in order to mock someone for saying something just remove words' first couple of letters and replace them with this word "huj". For example policija is hujicija. And it is funny everytime.

ID: hagab90

You are right, HuyanUsesMeAsAnObject

ID: hagr616

Haha good one huythemouse

5 : Anonymous2021/08/26 13:16 ID: haf5j2e

It is more of an ideomatic construct when this word is written on a fence, because it is the most common ofensive word you can see written literally everywhere possible. There is also Russian proverb "The writing on the fence says "hui", but I checked it and it turned out to be wooden" that means "Don't trust it blindly before you know it for sure".

ID: hag3mgg

That's not a proverb. That's a joke.

Приходит мужик в мясной магазин и спрашивает:

У вас мясо есть?


Как это нет, у вас же на магазине написано "Мясо".

Ну и что, у меня на заборе "хуй" написано, а там дрова лежат.

ID: hafa2zc

Also "first we write ХУЙ than we build fence around this word".

6 : Anonymous2021/08/26 12:34 ID: haf0i7t

As a Slovak who never played Call of Duty Modern Warfare, this made me laugh - have the same word, chuj! 😀

7 : Anonymous2021/08/26 16:32 ID: hafxn5l

“I only speak English! Quick to the comments!!”

ID: hag4vo6

keeps looking... No answers found...

ID: hagtb9w

It means ‘dick’.

ID: hagus76

Oh I know I went to the comments and found out what it meant before posting that

8 : Anonymous2021/08/26 16:29 ID: hafx75g

Blyat isn’t really that offensive is it? I’ve heard it used freely more publicly that someone saying xui- like a “pasholti naxui blyat” but people take a wrong turn driving and be like blyat I missed my turn - also I’m not Russian, I’m Armenian and just sayin what I’ve seen round me. Lots of Russian friends as well.

ID: hah4fxj

Blyat isn’t really that offensive is it?

Depends. If you call someone a blayd', that's very offensive. If you use blyat as exclamation, it's about as offensive as a regular comma in a sentence.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/26 15:34 ID: hafoyky

I was 10 when MW came out. I was afraid to play the game when my parents were at home after I saw this, heh. I thought there would be something else like that

10 : Anonymous2021/08/26 18:51 ID: hagit5e

Well actually almost every fence or wall irl has this word so adding in to the game makes it even more realistic.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/26 15:21 ID: hafn1tu

Who here is old enough to remember "ХУЙ" on a phone booth in Police Academy ?

12 : Anonymous2021/08/26 21:29 ID: hah67df

Google translate says хуй = dick

13 : Anonymous2021/08/26 21:34 ID: hah6xmy

My knowledge of the Russian language is limited to blyat and suka from watching Russian dash cam videos.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/26 21:39 ID: hah7n2y

Хуй is dick in Russian, it’s a very bad word.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/26 22:06 ID: hahbbry

As a bulgarian, i can relate


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