do you remember ‘dune 2000’?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/25 19:55 ID: pbizss
do you remember 'dune 2000'?
2 : Anonymous2021/08/25 19:58 ID: hac1l3w

Used to play the heck out of this game. This is one that would be a prime candidate for a new or remastered version.

ID: hac4h3d

Dune 2000 was actually a remake/remaster of sorts of Dune II which came out in 1992

ID: hacanj3

There is an HD version (if you count that as a "remaster") at

ID: had3vdc


I loved Dune 2.

ID: had10gf

Oh fuck I played dune II as well. And Dune.

ID: hae3gxn

Dune 2 I played the stuffing out of. Iirc it predated command & conquer in the RTS genre.

You couldn't do things like group select your units, as that as a concept hadn't been invented yet.


ID: hadeg0t

Yep and Dune 2 invented the modern RTS genre.

ID: hacd7hz

There were a couple posts on this sub asking what games we'd most like to see remastered with today's graphics and what not and I said Dune 2000 on both those posts. Such a good game.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/25 21:23 ID: hacecyg

I sure do, super fun game before Starcraft dominated that genre for a while.

Anyone play Dune 1, the RPG? You were Paul Atreides, and you explored the planet visiting various Fremen troops and recruiting them to your cause. You need to get them harvesting spice for you to fund your ventures, eventually you can get them trained in Ecology or Military trades as well, to take on the Harkonnen forces.

It's really an enjoyable game, likely could be found online somewhere.

ID: hactcro

It was cool because you'd also fund ecology to transform parts of the planet into green but that would ruin spice production from that area as a trade off

ID: hacrco0

It's a very fun game, and the fact that it was super accurate to the books was a nice touch

4 : Anonymous2021/08/25 19:57 ID: hac1jug

the sandworms made it for me. it actually makes advancing through the open grounds with your troops scary. always loved the game over c&c at the time

ID: had334j

Ever play Total Annihilation? Was one of my favorite RTS, along with Dune

ID: had9phx

Supreme commander FA is one of my favorites right now 🙂

ID: hadggtq

Played so much online TA it was my favourite RTS over c&c, Warcraft and Starcraft

ID: hack07k

In Emperor they could swallow up an entire army

5 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:42 ID: hac88xc

I’m really hoping the movie does well and revitalizes and interest in the dune universe and we get some games or something.

Crusader kings or total war but in the dune universe.

ID: had0ql4

Fuck yeah

ID: hadnp0l

Wow that's a fantastic idea, crusader kings dune. The theme could work quite well considering Dune's universe feels like the Holy Roman Empire

6 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:24 ID: hac5m29

On this planet, you will die.

ID: had5qlu

Fun Fact: House Atreides mentat Noree Moneo is played by John Rhys-Davies famously known as the actor who portrayed Gimli in LOTR.

ID: haccoei

We have seen it.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:20 ID: hac4y73

Nope. But "Emperor: battle for Dune" I remember fondly.

ID: haca18g

My dad still plays emperor and dune 2000 to this day. He won't ever stop playing them I reckon.

ID: haccu86

Sounds like your dad has good taste.

ID: hacnr5k

What a game that was. I miss old westwoodstudios

ID: hactukl


8 : Anonymous2021/08/25 21:37 ID: hacg9u6

I have a friend who, for some odd reason, had this as is favorite childhood game and never played any C&Cs. It was a bizarre conversation

"Oh man. Westwood! I remember them! They made Dune 2000! That game was my childhood."

"Yeah! Did you like the C&C games too?"

"The what?"

9 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:23 ID: hac5dy9

Dune 2 was great - but once you’d played Command and Conquer, the Dune 2 UI felt so bad it was virtually unplayable. Dune 2000 fixing that was so, so great.

ID: hacjxea

Kids these days with their damn drag select! When I was a lad we moved every vehicle individually!

A "fun" quirk of Dune 2 I remember was how vehicles all moved at 3x speed if they weren't visible on the screen.

ID: hadgp3o

Wait, what? So I wasn't wrong?!?! I always thought units moved slower when I'm looking at them but chalked up as same as watching water boiling.

ID: hadn817

Decades of my mind have just been broken. Thanks.

ID: haclqmq

Dune II laid the groundwork for both Dune 2000 and C&C. When C&C came out people called it Dune III.

ID: hac8zq9

Yeah I loved the game back in the day, but damn it does not hold up. Too many quality-of-life improvements in the genre that they hadn't thought of yet back when they made that game.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:59 ID: hacawcd

Played more hours of Dune 2 than 2000, but both were really good.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:00 ID: hac1ygw

Oh man. 33. My dad played the hell out of these games, I toyed around with em too but no where near his level.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/25 22:02 ID: hacjtxo

Never played the remake, but fond memories of Dune 2.

Harkonnen were so OP… why would I bother with spawning a few Fremen when I can spam Nukes?

ID: hacks96

What's cool about the Harkonnens was that their announcer guy is Frank Klepacki, the guy who made all the music.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/25 22:47 ID: hacpz3t

the Insidious Ordos…

ID: hadz8w7

The evil Harkonnen

14 : Anonymous2021/08/25 23:09 ID: hact05k

“Wormsign detected”

15 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:48 ID: hac973e

Love me some sonic tanks.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:56 ID: hacae95

I'm reading the book, watching the new Dune's trailers once in a while and played a few matches on dune2000. Don't even get me started, the hype is real!

17 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:32 ID: hac6syf

played the original dune2.... my little brother got it as a present and i had to test ( just a little 10 min test ) to see what the heck it was, could not stop playing it untill i played trought it, i think it was my first game in this genre and i was totally sold and loved it... i have to say my brother hated it and did not play it or even test it because he was a week without hes sega :,)....

ID: hacgu65

That soundtrack

18 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:38 ID: hac7r6h

Tell me you are old, without telling me – I love Dune ❤️.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:18 ID: hac4qpl

Dune 2 was awesome, dune 2000 felt more like red alert in dune world

20 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:18 ID: hac4qkw

21 : Anonymous2021/08/25 20:42 ID: hac89d7

I somehow never touched Dune 2000, despite speedrunning Dune 2 and holding the WR for it... (on Genesis)

I just never found it in a legal way. (And yes, I see someone put a link to the game, so I'll have fun... next week, for now it's study time)

22 : Anonymous2021/08/25 21:10 ID: hacceal

I never knew you could just shoot the spice zits to make them bloom, so I always sacrificed a unit to go walk over them.


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