How many of you know you can ride fish in SotC?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/26 18:40 ID: pc5ojg
How many of you know you can ride fish in SotC?
2 : Anonymous2021/08/26 18:55 ID: hagjd4f

You can also catch onto the birds that fly around too

3 : Anonymous2021/08/26 20:02 ID: hagtgbi

I didn’t even know there were fish in the game

4 : Anonymous2021/08/26 18:48 ID: hagicc8

What's SotC?

ID: hagiqyf

Shadow of the Collossus.

ID: hagpn9z

Salmon of the Colossus

ID: hagiw6a

Thank you

ID: hah6ku1

Star of the Craft

ID: hagiqwo

Shadow of the colossus

ID: hagiuk3

Thank you

ID: hagurox

Salmon of the Carp

5 : Anonymous2021/08/26 20:07 ID: hagu47t

Gotta love finding out new shit about a game that’s been around that long

6 : Anonymous2021/08/26 18:44 ID: haghv75

What the hell?

7 : Anonymous2021/08/26 21:03 ID: hah2j27

Is there fish only in the remake? I don't remember seeing fish in the original

8 : Anonymous2021/08/26 22:36 ID: hahfhm9

I don’t know what “SotC” is

ID: hahk8mm

Shadow of the colossus

9 : Anonymous2021/08/26 20:32 ID: hagxy60


Salmon or the Carp?

ID: hah5kbe

Can't wait for Trout dlc

10 : Anonymous2021/08/26 19:15 ID: hagme6s

I dont even know what a SotC is.

ID: hagsbu9

Shadow of the Colossus.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/26 20:21 ID: hagwa0w


12 : Anonymous2021/08/26 21:29 ID: hah67q1

This game is on sale right now for less than ten bucks on PSN store. The remake.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/26 22:34 ID: hahf4nf

Silence of the Clams

ID: hahk8nr

i love u

14 : Anonymous2021/08/26 20:07 ID: hagu7c4

Posts an abbreviated title in a general gaming sun ffs you’re so cool bro

ID: hah9lmp

Nothing new under the sun

15 : Anonymous2021/08/26 20:33 ID: hagy0j8

There's fish?

ID: hah3rcy

And why are they so big?

16 : Anonymous2021/08/26 21:33 ID: hah6p7a

Yeah, there's an achievement for interacting with all the animals

17 : Anonymous2021/08/26 21:53 ID: hah9k4z

Scottie of the Cottie

18 : Anonymous2021/08/26 22:45 ID: hahgmx4

only assholes use acronyms without using the full name first.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/26 20:28 ID: hagx9y1

I didn't even know there were fish on this game

20 : Anonymous2021/08/26 21:07 ID: hah3000

Where fish at

21 : Anonymous2021/08/26 22:27 ID: hahe9mj


22 : Anonymous2021/08/26 23:09 ID: hahjril

I didnt even know there were fish...


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