Posting memes featuring the Red9 until i get bored, fourth week.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/30 14:05 ID: peirew
Posting memes featuring the Red9 until i get bored, fourth week.
2 : Anonymous2021/08/30 14:51 ID: haxo318

Yes let's get more appreciation for the red 9. One of my friends was repping the black tail "But dude it fires as fast as your trigger finger". Yeah well my video game trigger finger isn't lightning Justin.. and I want that sexy Red

ID: haxyrb3

You don't need quick trigger finger, when you have semi auto pistol with shotgun level of power.

ID: hazf276

My favorite gun in RE4 is the Red9. My brother's is the Blacktail. So, familiar story.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/30 14:42 ID: haxmwin

I don’t mean to flex or anything but I guess you could say, I own one

ID: haxv68m

I also got one, it's out of commision unfortunately but at least i got to have it on display.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/30 14:26 ID: haxkogb

Im not crazy when I look at this gun and can only see Han Solo’s blaster am I?

ID: haxldkj

Han's blaster is modeled after the Mauser C96.

ID: hayhi2w

It is, technically. It’s the real life equivalent.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/30 21:10 ID: haz6upe

I have always used this gun, I have never used any other gun besides this one, excluding the starter gun, the Red9 is my favorite gun in the whole saga, and the most fun is starting a new run using a complete save file, and sow terror and death by using it in the first chapters, when it is fully enhanced

this, and the chicago typewriter and the P.R.L 412 (I finished a game using only this one, it's the ultimate easy mode)

6 : Anonymous2021/08/30 22:08 ID: hazevy7

The fully upgraded Red9 does make the world a better place. So does its son, the fully upgraded V61 Custom.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/30 19:05 ID: hayose8

Okay, so.. I never use this weapon. It is completely useless in my opinion. It is too bulky and slow. The firepower is great after you invest a ton of money into the upgrades, but that is so unnecessary and it requires you to hoard treasure and grind kills for money drops. The upgrades in RE4 are honestly not that helpful and I never waste time collecting money, there is no actual incentive for you to do so. You don't really need upgrades for most of the game since the vanilla semi-auto rifle can kill Ganados with 1 headshot, and most of the enemies are just Ganados anyway. The TMP is 100% broken even without upgrades, it has way more utility against groups of Ganados than the fully upgraded Red9 does. Whenever you fight something tanky that requires more firepower than a Ganado, like a boss, just buy a RPG. Why invest 100k+ gold into a powerful weapon when you can just instant kill a roadblock with a 30k rocket launcher every single time?

The reload animation is cool, but I don't understand the insane love for the Red9 lol. It has literally become a widespread meme but I think it is the 3rd worst weapon in the game.

ID: hazfgp2

Clearly you have no appreciation for a truly boss weapon. If I was the Duke and I was asked to describe the Red9, I would say: "That waistline...yes!"

ID: hazpqvq

Lol it is definitely the coolest looking gun and it makes you feel like a badass while using it, I will give it that, but I guess I focus on the optimal stuff too much. I don't like grinding for upgrades when I don't need them!

ID: haz1xpv

Most speedrunners use Tail for handling and rate, others Punisher for that x5 piercing.

The Red9 is the choice of an avid gun collector: maybe you're a knife demon?

ID: hazp9id

That first statement is simply not true. Every real RE4 speedrunner uses the semi-auto rifle and TMP once they reach the Castle. Those are the main weapons you use for most of the game and they don't require a single upgrade to be useful throughout the entirety of RE4. Unlike the Red9 which demands a ton of upgrades and a stock to be useful. The semi-auto rifle and TMP are all you need and they totally outclass every other loadout if you want to play RE4 quickly and effectively.

I guess I like the default handgun because you start with it, it is the only handgun I use frequently because the game forces you to rely on it during the intro. But I sell it and get the TMP instead. Lol.


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