AC4 was the best game in the series IMO.

1 : Anonymous2021/09/02 04:29 ID: pgaon4
AC4 was the best game in the series IMO.
2 : Anonymous2021/09/02 05:51 ID: hba85dn

Edward Kenway was in Blackflag. Connor was AC3

3 : Anonymous2021/09/02 04:33 ID: hba0ztn

But did you drink rum and dress like a pirate tho

ID: hba1ez1

I live in Tampa we love being Buccaneers!

ID: hba1lsf


4 : Anonymous2021/09/02 06:18 ID: hbaaaxu

AC4 was the best game in the series IMO.

*Image of Connor Ratonhnhaké:ton from AC3*

ID: hbah142

Short-term memory loss my friend doctors can't explain it!

ID: hbaxa4n

It's called carbon monoxide poisoning.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/02 04:53 ID: hba2y1l

Connor was AC3

ID: hba34hy

Sorry.. you're right! Dont forget kids marijuana effects memory loss..

ID: hbaakxt


ID: hba550k

At AC4 was a boaty game too.

ID: hbavt6e

Don't go blaming the pot.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/02 11:19 ID: hbawawl

but that's... AC3...

ID: hbbj5mc

Surprised at how few people noticed that. They just saw ships and were like "yeah AC4!"

7 : Anonymous2021/09/02 11:59 ID: hbb08rv

Ac4 set the basis but honestly rogue was ac4 with more well refined controls story was a bit better then 4 as well since you actually play as assassin instead of chump who killed and looted the clothes off some other chump who should not have died to the chump you play as

ID: hbbm5tu

I would agree with you, but Rogue looked noticeably worse than 4 and had a ridiculous amount of padding. I remember finishing that and only having explored like 2/3 of the games world because the rest was just pointless collectibles. a good foreshadow of things to come.

ID: hbc0lwb

Rogue only came out on 360 and PS3, which is why it looked worse.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/02 05:46 ID: hba7pei

I will forever be salty that we never got his captain costume as an actual outfit outside of the naval battles. It looks so good on him!

ID: hbap7tr

I think we got it in the remastered

ID: hbaxe4k

Yeah, you do. Because all DLC content was unlocked for remaster. It was a pre order exclusive DLC.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/02 06:45 ID: hbaceqj

Was it the best AC game? Hell no, I get AC fans were dissapointed.

Was it a great game? Hell yes. I think the gameplay was so interesting with the naval battles and fleet system. Kinda wish they went more in that direction. Still can’t believe they didn’t take Black Flag as a basis for a singleplayer game, and that the multiplayer one is having big issues. Maybe first do a singleplayer one, then figure out the multiplayer version?

ID: hbafarc

I was so excited when I heard they are making a standalone Black Flag basically...only to immediately lose all interest when I heard they are going for the same sort of gameplay as other naval games where it's PvP on sight and I abhor that..I didn't even get Sea of Thieves cus as fun as it poked it still had that PvP aspect that I can't deal with.

ID: hbakluw

SoT is an awesome game (got Pirate Legend in the first year), but the PvP is really annoying. While in theory it’s fine, in practice you’re being chased for 2 hours if you just want to do some PvE content or grinding. People are bored, come online just to do PvP and the PvE players are left dealing with them. Not trying to nag, obviously that’s the game and if you play it you need to deal with it. It’s just a shame, the gameplay was really fun to lay back with your friends and just sail around, beat up some skellies, occasional hectic Kraken and Megalodon fights and gather loot. Gathering a ship full of loot and then handing it was satisfying AF. Just wish they made a different (standalone) PvE version.

I avoid forced PvP MMO’s for the same reason.

ID: hbaq8kw

If a fantastic game that I adore, but not a great assassin's creed game because, well you're barely an assassin in it.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/02 09:24 ID: hbangxz

Leave her Johnny, leave her.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/02 14:13 ID: hbbgvdw

Edward had been working on ships for years by the time the game started. The fuck you talking bout OP?

12 : Anonymous2021/09/02 06:29 ID: hbab8n5

Brings back memories

13 : Anonymous2021/09/02 10:48 ID: hbatlem

thats AC3 not AC4 but i love both so its alright

14 : Anonymous2021/09/02 12:28 ID: hbb3ca8

I also like Armored Core 4

15 : Anonymous2021/09/02 07:22 ID: hbaf7e2

Honestly AC3 ruined the series for me, the lack of vertically and less crowds made it kinda lame for me especially going from Constantinople and florence/Rome to the wilds in colonial America.

ID: hbbk8ay

I had fun with AC3 but it was definitely lacking in some aspects coming from AC2, brotherhood, revelations. Then I got black flags and could barely get through 1/3 of the game. I guess it's nice people are enjoying the games now but I don't think I'll be buying another AC game anytime soon

ID: hbbnhox

Ubisoft lost their game director during production of AC:B if I remember correctly, and it took some time for them to find their footing again after that. AC:R adds nothing new. AC3 moves the same gameplay to a more popular era and adds the naval combat that was designed for a standalone game but doesn't really add anything to the core. Black Flag makes the naval game more important because it played great. After that they had to stop coasting and do something new, and tried with Unity but with none of the talent left. It was a disaster, so they had to go back to the drawing board. In my opinion, Origins is a lot closer to the first two games and the concepts work a lot better before the invention of gunpowder, but the story is getting repetetive.

ID: hbboli3

Although the nature was beautiful, it was hard to remember anything specific. All of it I can remember is this one outlook tree that was copied like 4 times across the map 😀

16 : Anonymous2021/09/02 07:00 ID: hbadjv0

Hahaha wasn't conner from AC3? Coooome on OP...

17 : Anonymous2021/09/02 12:51 ID: hbb5znf

Probably just natural skill since his bad ass Grandfather was a Pirate

ID: hbbjgy6

Man I would love for Edward to have met his bad ass grandson. Maybe in some weird ISU memory machine

18 : Anonymous2021/09/02 13:01 ID: hbb79o4

Serious question. I missed this game. Never played it. Played AC1 and 2 then took a break until Odyssey. Is it solid?

ID: hbb8nlt

I kinda did the same as you, but after playing Black Flag.

Yes. It's a fun game in its own right, that sort of has Assasin's Creed crowbarred into it.

ID: hbbiaw1

It's really good. IMO AC Unity is also very good.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/02 13:56 ID: hbbehf9

AC 2 is the gold standard of the series.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/02 16:04 ID: hbbwtak

Nowadays: your ganna need a masters degree, 4 years experience, ..... Pays $15/hour.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/02 18:03 ID: hbcerrg

Literally replaying it rn, AC4 is the best

22 : Anonymous2021/09/02 11:13 ID: hbavqh0

"Armored Core 4" is what I read and I was very disappointed when I clicked that little link.

ID: hbbhyle

AC in gaming has been Assassin's Creed for years now.

ID: hbbixym

Um. Yeah.

But I've been gaming for 30 years now and I dont pay attention to boring games that are almost exact replicas of all of the games before (In that series).

Assassin's Creed is a cool game and all but I'm an adult and so I recognized the abbreviation for Armored Core... Which was WAY fucking better than Assassin's Creed.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/02 14:03 ID: hbbfez3

Flack Blag was the only AssCreed I've ever managed to finish. Loved that game

24 : Anonymous2021/09/02 04:59 ID: hba3h2n

Honestly hadn't been great ever since then

ID: hbaj6t4

Nah, ac origins was great. Not ac4 peak, but still great. Oddessy was a step down, Valhalla a step back up, it's messy but that's how the franchise has been forever.

ID: hban5f3

The 3 last game are good games but imo they don't belong to the AC franchise

ID: hbawshz

Haha valhalla was so bad imo. Odyssey and origin were amazing.


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