4 The Players

1 : Anonymous2021/09/02 14:45 ID: pgjb93
4 The Players
2 : Anonymous2021/09/02 14:49 ID: hbblzh1

I'm sure this will be a civilized comment section

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ID: hbcieez

Who throws a shoe?

ID: hbcl1xu

What are we doing here?

ID: hbc2fhm

I only came here for the rational discussion that is surely taking place.

ID: hbcenfw

Speak ”friend” and enter.

ID: hbc82rs

Ron Howard voice : "It wasn't".

ID: hbce2hc

The man with the PC flair sits back and watches console players kill each other.

ID: hbch24d

That's me

ID: hbcu1l6

I know plenty of PC players that would kill for a graphics card instead.

ID: hbc6r58

popcorn with da GamingTM flavoring

3 : Anonymous2021/09/02 15:02 ID: hbbntnh

PC, you can pay $60 now, or $12 in a year for the game with all the DLC.

In 2 years you'll get it for free on Epic.

ID: hbd7d6f

Steam: ten dollars when it goes on sale. Forget you ever bought it.

ID: hbdbggm

Holy shit, I forgot I bought Earth Defense Force 5!

ID: hbdch8w

I wish. Any game I've kept my eye on hasn't been below 30 in the last 5 years. Steam sales are a shell of their former selves.

ID: hbcqcrd

Literally this i bought 2 years ago Warhammer 2 in a bundle with almost all dlcs for 45€. Total cost without the bundle over 120€.

You also are forgetting Xbox game pass coming to PC and almost all Xbox exclusives being day 1 on it (Forza, Halo.....) meanwhile PS.....

ID: hbdae70

I’ll pay $1.49 five years from now during a steam sale, and I might play the game (but probably not) sometime in the next ten years.

ID: hbcirjt

My entire epic games library is the free game of the week. Most if not all have the executable file in the folder so I don't even need to open the launcher for the games.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/02 16:01 ID: hbbwc0r

I own both PS5 and Xbox Series X and you gotta love the gamepass. Xbox is my main console.

However i still spent the money on all the Ps5 exclusives since they are that damn good

ID: hbccp7d

Pretty impressive you actually managed to buy both

ID: hbcehrn

My thought exactly. Though I was lucky, I was in Dubai a few weeks ago and their shelves were overflowing with both consoles. It blew my mind a little bit. I already had a PS5 but I picked up a Series X before I left. With the exchange rate it cost me an extra 80 bucks or something. I guess that’s not a country where people need to scalp for extra cash.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/02 15:22 ID: hbbqp9q

Jokes on you, my microwave is a lot better than any of your freezers and ovens

ID: hbccopl

Oh, your microwave can run Doom? Well my rice cooker can run Crysis.

ID: hbccy8c

But popcorn 3 ultimate is a microwave exclusive

ID: hbcukwq

I’m all about that Dishwasher bro. What can I say I’m a romantic.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/02 16:01 ID: hbbweot

I'm an Xbox player at the core, but I bought a PS5 for the exclusives. Not matter your preference, Ghost of Tsushima and Spiderman were fantastic.

ID: hbcr8tl

Horizon Forbidden West might be the reason I get a PS5.

ID: hbd15jw

Isn’t it also releasing on the PS4?

7 : Anonymous2021/09/02 16:32 ID: hbc14rn

Nintendo is worse bro

ID: hbc7sek

Mario kart is still $60 how many years later

ID: hbc8uke

Hell, check out the DS store. Games are still full price there.

ID: hbcw4iu

My theory is because no one bought a Wii U. It's been selling millions upon millions of copies year after year since release. Most game sales taper off after the launch day, but as of right now, Mario Kart 8 is the highest selling game on the Switch. That's over Animal Crossing, over Smash and Pokemon.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/02 15:02 ID: hbbnryy

The best console is the one you enjoy playing. Have fun!

ID: hbbqxfs

While this is 100% true, it shouldn't be used as an excuse to invalidate criticism which might lead to positive change.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/02 16:01 ID: hbbwcn6

To be fair though, most games published by Sony has gotten free PS5 upgrades. ( if you own the PS4 version) Sony leaves it up to the developers ultimately. But I do hate that some developers choose to take advantage of this and charge you money to unlock the functions of your own console to play their games better. Take Tony Hawk Pro Skater for example. They charge $10 for their PS5 version (if you own the PS4 version) just to unlock 60fps. Damn near borderline extortion.

But as far as Xbox Gamepass or Playstation Now goes I like to own my games, simple as that. Right now I own about 220 top AAA games and I don't have to pay anyone a DIME every month for basically a 2nd subscription to the same company.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/02 17:04 ID: hbc5xvs

OP chose only games with paid upgrades. And Ghost of Tsushima base game has a free PS5 upgrade. Director's Cut adds only dualsense compatibility and lip sync for japanese voices.

OP forgot all games with free upgrades: Ratchet and Clank, Last of Us Part 2, Horizon, Days Gone, God of War, Nioh 2, Sackboy, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Bugsnax... So almost all Sony games have a free upgrade, OP is just dishonest here.

ID: hbc7j7u

Yakuza: LAD too

ID: hbc8vhb

You forgot about the DLC expansion that comes with the directors cut.

ID: hbckxvg

He also included a picture of Horizon: Forbidden West , which is it’s own new game, and hasn’t even come out yet.

ID: hbc7hy8

Heh, labial sync…

ID: hbd6wpg

The Director's Cut for Ghost of Tsushima has a whole expansion in it you know.

ID: hbchmh8

Crash 4 as well

ID: hbd4ckk

Also ignoring that most of the Yearly titles like sports games and Call of Duty are also all $70 on both of the new generation consoles.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/02 16:39 ID: hbc284t

Nintendo: We make you pay 60 dollars for a Remake of a ten year old game. There's also Metroid Dread coming

12 : Anonymous2021/09/02 16:24 ID: hbbzthf

When you have all consoles the wars go completely away... Xbox does need some new IP's though.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/02 17:48 ID: hbccoxp

My upgrades didn't cost money?

14 : Anonymous2021/09/02 17:18 ID: hbc80oh

This is just false lol I have had quite a few games upgrade to ps5 for free and it is the game company that chooses not PlayStation

15 : Anonymous2021/09/02 20:02 ID: hbcwr1o

Ummmm, GoT, Horizon, GoW, Ratchet & Clank and The Last of Us Part 2 received free PS5 upgrades.

ID: hbdh24v

Days Gone too.


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