Wattson and Crypto mains waiting for their buffs:

1 : Anonymous2021/09/22 12:57 ID: pt6zmd
Wattson and Crypto mains waiting for their buffs:
2 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:35 ID: hduc9in

Crypto mains? Don't make stuff up.

ID: hdudtev

There’s a few of us, more like two of us tho.

ID: hduf2pj

I’m the second one

ID: hdv0oxm

Maybe you cryptos and us ramparts should join forces. Together, we can make a normal sized community!

ID: hdut2y9

The crypto mains are a family!

ID: hdun9ci

We are just under the radar

ID: hdvjcf2

Off the grid

ID: hduq4ur

Crypto main here. Being able to retrieve dead teammates banners with the drone is the best thing ever

ID: hdv74gp

I got into him because of that and running solo ranks. Dont have to risk my ass for rush player

ID: hdvjlm4

Every time my team wipes and I run off and deploy my drone, I make sure to say "Time for a pro gamer move" before pulling off a clutch banner respawn run.

ID: hduk4lv

Literally 99% of Crypto mains say he doesn't need a buff.

ID: hdumnvq

It's true. Crypto is in such a good spot he's just not for everyone

ID: hdur04z

You obviously haven’t been to the cryptomains subreddit lmao

ID: hduniqg

Because he doesn’t lmao. He just needs people to think when they use him, he’s a legend that’s more intricate like Wattson (people will disagree with me about the Wattson thing, but it’s my opinion)

3 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:06 ID: hdu8obd

Why must you hurt me like this

ID: hdualjd

They aren't wrong.

ID: hduhnat

Don't worry, you will get overbuffed for your heirloom.

HAHA, just kidding. More wattson nerfs.

At least, that is how I assume it will go.

ID: hduvw7v

I'm expecting a hitbox nerf and a 2 second cooldown on her tac

4 : Anonymous2021/09/22 15:52 ID: hduvfa1

Buff? Lol. After seeing latest pylon bugs we Wattsons are worried to not get nerfed further.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:24 ID: hduasnr

It’s funny because it’s true

6 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:56 ID: hdueybs

While I understand people want something, Wattson has it worse than Crypto. He's completely fine to play as he is right now, don't really understand why so many people push the idea that he needs something urgently.

ID: hdufdet

Crypto is also meta in EU competitively. Teams wouldn’t play crypto for money if he was bad. He requires a significant investment and a full team on comms to work. People only think he needs a buff since most ransoms on apex don’t use comms which hurts cryptos viability a lot or they’re jacking off in the drone too much while his team dies

ID: hdufkf5

Yeah I really love crypto and he can be strong in a good team. I only want to press-hold the ability button to put the drone out without going into drone mode.

ID: hdugkg0

QOL change, yeah. 2 other things I'd do are reverse that teammates gets stunned, of course it has some reason to be there, but it's harder to coordinate with 2 people I don't know so that they won't get stunned (it can be annoying to get hit by it). Not a must in my eyes but I also don't think that it's too strong.

And as a passive, simply that he can look at banners for 2s or so and then the banners show the nearby squads like in the drone (dissapears when looking away). It just makes the process easier because going into the drone every 20 seconds can be annoying. No new ability, just changing an existing ability.

ID: hduuh8e

Holding the ability button does put out the drone without you going into drone view though

ID: hdv9ft5

Not related to Crypto, but i dont know why Wattson keeps getting fucked by bugs for the past couple of seasons.

First it was her fences not being able to stun, then it was her pylon not being able to eat Horizon's ult, both which are fixed as of now. But recently, her pylon's not able to consistently eat ordinances as before, its CURRENTly bugged. (Get it?)

Its one thing for her to be underpowered but it sucks even more that bugs makes her worse to play.

ID: hduifmq

Crypto doesn't need more power, but he would greatly benefit from some QoL changes/improvements. Imho he's the hardest to properly play legend, for everything is tied to his drone and using it locks you down. Especially trying to use his abilities in combat is a tough balancing act between actually helping or being useless.

Wattson has a totally different issue. Her whole kit is passive (denying access and use of ordnances) in nature and it's hard to force the power of her abilities onto the enemy. Rampart has the same issue, tho mobile Sheila improved her kit a bit.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:47 ID: hdudou0

Sad electricity noises

8 : Anonymous2021/09/22 13:51 ID: hduebnz

Yeah Respawn made it clear that characters will only get buffed during heirloom events to maximize profits... Revenant, now Rampart...

ID: hdumr4l

Except (As a former rev main) they really just nerfed half his kit while making the rest the way it should’ve been all along. Rampart jumped a run or two up the tier list.

ID: hduvsgl

Rampart was always strong IMO. Sheila is just so much better now, and the Rampage is a perfect fit with the barriers. But before, we had the Spitfire, and that was good enough.

ID: hdvep4k

Honestly this is the craziest take. Revenant has gotten multiple nerfs along with his passive buff when he got his heirloom. Rampart has been getting buffs since her release. There are no instances within the last two years the game has been out that suggests that they even think about buffing along with an heirloom release. I’m not even gonna talk about the caustic heirloom release too.

ID: hdv6tvh

coughs in Caustic

9 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:02 ID: hdufqqf

I'm going to say Crypto ain't really in need of a buff.
This split I solo queued to Diamond mostly playing Crypto and Rampart. If a disabled gamer can make Crypto work well enough to solo queue to diamond without any grinding and after only messing about with him a bit last season, he can't be that weak. He's perfectly viable. Could just use some QoL improvements.

ID: hduq2ay

shh let them buff crypto.. one day..

ID: hdv1kg7

Rp farming is much easier with crypto. If your drone sees an enemy and your team knocks, you get rp for it. If your team dies then you just hide and run away

ID: hdv3xgy

Super easy to EVO too. But I didn't find him deficient as a gun at all. Quite a few of the matches I was getting the most knocks, not just assists. One thing I did a lot of was defensive EMP. Sit on a deathbox, EMP right on top of myself and armor swap. I'd be full armor against a team rushing us at half shields and right there to get in on the action.
His resetability is really nice for ranks though. So many matches where one guy dies, his duo partner does the yolo banner thing and dies too. With Crypto we could run and reset. In the match that pushed me over to Diamond, I had FOUR respawns as my two Plat4 teammates kept getting killed. We still won at the end. I was running a Kraber and Lstar tbf so kind of OP but still.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:59 ID: hdunoxk

They don’t need a buff, they need a rework

11 : Anonymous2021/09/22 15:41 ID: hdutu62

As a crypto main, I’m fine with where crypto is now. Only thing I would like to see is maybe an “off the grid” passive where he can’t be tracked on enemy scans, but the scanner is informed that there is a crypto around that “hacked” their scan.

I think in a meta where everyone is tired of getting scanned constantly, it could really help boost his pick rate.

ID: hdvo6ox

That passive isn’t happening, respawn already confirmed they don’t want it for multiple reasons.

ID: hduzglf

Yep, crypto is so solid if you know how to run him.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:02 ID: hduwvum

Crypto needs a rework not a buff. A shame because he’s probably the most cool character on the game with imo the best skin in the game (The Hired Gun)

ID: hdv4knb

Fucking love that skin, too bad i never get to use it if i wanna stay competitive

ID: hdvo7t1

What you mean? Its pure black making it one of the best skins for try harding.

ID: hdvo8az

He doesn’t though lol.

ID: hdvs44h

Agreed he’s strong af if you know how to use him correctly and that’s not even considering his ability to grab banners and respawn teammates with the drone which is a must have for ranked (if you know how to use him correctly)

13 : Anonymous2021/09/22 14:57 ID: hdundot

The only reason people want crypto buffs is because characters such as seer make him seem less useful

14 : Anonymous2021/09/22 15:09 ID: hdup5ko

Crypto can insta scan beacons, pick up banners and respawn teammates all with his drone. He’s fine

15 : Anonymous2021/09/22 16:59 ID: hdv5cvm

Crypto doesn't need buff.


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