New Gran Turismo 7 4K Screenshots of Pre-Order Bonus Cars – GTPlanet

1 : Anonymous2021/09/22 20:53 ID: ptg7nm
New Gran Turismo 7 4K Screenshots of Pre-Order Bonus Cars – GTPlanet
2 : Anonymous2021/09/22 22:21 ID: hdw664v

General question, I played a lot of gt sport. Never got really good or anything but I was having fun. Would getting a steering wheel add anything to my enjoyment and/or make me better or is it too extra?

ID: hdw7m9i

GT Sport was my first real experience with a racing game. I decided to try a wheel. I bought a T300 or whatever and a foldable racing chair. It was a significantly better experience with the wheel. I felt like I was actually driving. My time spent on it spilled over into real life, as I would sometimes drive through my city feeling as if I was still in a racing car. There is absolutely no replacement for the resistance and force feedback on a wheel controller.

My room at the time made using the setup a little cumbersome and I felt weird spending around $700 total on gear just for one game, so I returned all the wheel stuff and just used a controller. I played for a few weeks after that but then never touched the game again. I blame not using the wheel on that, despite the controller feel being decent.

I am definitely considering a wheel, but these folks claim the controller will be just as good due to haptics. We will see.

ID: hdw9jyi

I bought my PS5 for HFW and GT7. 2022 is gonna be insane. I’m not a pre-ordered but I am a sucker for game soundtracks so shortly before release of each, I’m gonna pay for pre-ordering both at deluxe price because I’d spend the difference nearly on soundtracks otherwise anyway and who’s knows when they’ll be otherwise available. I’m stoked to play this game. I might even get a wheel. Always loved the series and never got a wheel. I have the space finally that it might make sense to get one.

ID: hdwb2we

A steering wheel with force feedback will 100% increase your enjoyment. Being able to get more of a feel for the car as it starts to slide is something you can’t really replicate on a controller

ID: hdwhr2g

I used a racing wheel for Xbox 360 for Forza 2 back in the day. It was an incredible experience. However, it's a money sink, because you can always find more immersion with more gear these days.

I'm planning to get a proper stand for the wheel and gear shifter and peddles so I can enjoy it properly again. I look forward to adding VR to this also, that's something they haven't talked too much about.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/22 21:08 ID: hdw0u6p

Those shots of the track are incredible. Other than the people in the crowd, you legitimately can't tell if it's real or not.

ID: hdw2mwk

Which generation will introduce realistic crowds, lol

ID: hdw5ww4

Or crashes, or aerodynamics

ID: hdw7g1p

I've never actually seen cars/tracks like that to know what it looks like in real life lol. Though I do notice some of the lack of symmetrical objects, as though a real person did work on the road or that it's degrading over time.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/22 21:12 ID: hdw17cg

This game looks really fine....not surprising though, I am playing GT sports every now and then and it still looks pretty realistic even after 4 years since release

5 : Anonymous2021/09/22 21:18 ID: hdw1mik

The games not even out yet and there’s bonus cars? Why not include them in the finished game…

ID: hdw2cht

Maybe those cars would still be unlockable in the game but people who pre order it would be able to use them from get go

ID: hdw35vq

I'm going to assume the stealth car won't be unlockable but the others will surely be in the game. One is a classic and the other is being heavily promoted in the trailer.

ID: hdw1ul1

It's rare when a game doesn't do this these days

ID: hdwedyh


6 : Anonymous2021/09/22 23:32 ID: hdwfhkv

Great screenshots !! I’m really excited about GT7.
THAT foldable sim cockpit showing as an ad in the link looks awesome. I searched for it on Amazon and is $900, was tempted to buy the Logitech for GT Sport and now I’m itching again lol


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