Apex Legends “Escape” Season 11 Update – Discussion & Support Megathread

1 : Anonymous2021/11/02 16:56 ID: ql8oqm

Hey legends, the "Escape" (Season 11) update is upon us!

This thread serves to consolidate player feedback and issues with the newly released "Escape" 11.0 patch.

As always, please post any bugs or issues that have come up with this current patch so that Respawn can help out!

Information that's helpful when reporting bugs:

What platform are you playing on? Which skin were you using? What were you doing leading up to the issue? Can you reproduce it? What are the steps? PC players - provide hardware specs, OS version, and GPU driver version. Did your game crash? What error did you get? Please include "apex_crash.txt" from your "Documents" folder. If possible, it’s great if you can capture the bug and submit that with your report.
2 : Anonymous2021/11/02 20:30 ID: hj22fr2

This is a list of links to comments made by Respawn developers in this thread:

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Storm Point is really fun, there’s a lot of verticality which made for awesome plays

From my July 30th internal playtest notes:

Vertical movement.
This map seems like the "tallest" of any map. Characters with a lot of vertical mobility - horizon, valk, revenant - all seem like they are ...

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Was a bug. Fixed.

Comment by RobotHavGunz:


Comment by RobotHavGunz:

when you give a mouse a kill leader

this is gold. take my nessie (snek) award in honor of this brilliance.

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Should self-correct next time you hit the lobby. If your client is having connectivity issues with Marketplace, it may take a bit of time as it needs to connect to a separate service (unrelated to gameplay). But as soon as that happens, it should self correct. No one was getting rewards, and everyon...

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Not sure. Asking.

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Sent to level team to ask.

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Yup. It's a bug. They are looking into it. Thank you.

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Arena predator badge SHOULD animate if you held rank both splits, same as BR.

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Yeah, I remembered that as I wrote that. We're looking now to see if we set the badges up to be looking for a split which, as you rightly reminded me, doesn't exist.

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Speaking entirely theoretically as I have no knowledge of non-official things like this, someone who was absolutely and definitely not me might have possibly addressed this issue. Not that I'd know because it definitely wasn't me who worked on fixing this very non-official non-feature.

Seriously, t...

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Yup. Confirmed that's the bug. It was looking for a split where none existed. We're fixing, but it will need to be a proper patch before we can fix it. Thanks for raising the issue. We'll get this sorted!

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Nothing I'm aware of, but I can field it with the gameplay team.

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Yes. Bugged currently, which we realized thanks to another poster here. Broken currently because they are looking for a split, but S10 didn't have one. We'll get it fixed, but needs a full update so not for a bit. But we WILL fix.

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Have raised the issue with people who can actually tell if anything has changed. Me, I'd be like, "well, I'm missing targets... but then again, I always miss targets..."

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

I just got my first kill this season with a peacekeeper and it somehow still counted as care package weapon kill. No other bugs to report, thank you and the team for this smooth season!

Will address with Weapons team. Thx.

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

So this is the "bug" we were trying to fix. They are meant to only be for one season. So to fix the bug of not getting grants - a more major bug - we turned them back on for previous seasons. But we will be disabling them in a future update as the patch notes stated. This is except for folks who hav...

Comment by RobotHavGunz:

Yup. We already have this fixed locally. Will take some time to get it out though.

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

^ is correct

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3 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:00 ID: hj160y9


e: I beat it btw.

ID: hj1jhs3

Worth it. Just replayed this over the weekend.

ID: hj164s2

Best mission

ID: hj1m76d

The feels

4 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:07 ID: hj172sy

my only problem is not having a pre-install on xbox.... the update is 72 gb and i have 10mbps internet

ID: hj1g3st

Don't feel too bad, I have 100mbps internet and it's only downloading at 7-9 Mbps. Painfully slow

ID: hj1hjy9

Same, i have 200 and once it got halfway there it dropped to 4. Ran a speed test and it’s not on my end

ID: hj1j5nq

I'm downloading at 500KB/s

5 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:35 ID: hj1b9ld

The lack of banners on the new map make it hard to detect squads as Crypto

ID: hj1bh93

Another nerf for Crypto smh

ID: hj1sfop

Don't worry, he'll probably get a buff in season 18

ID: hj1l55g

Lol for real, I’m struggling rn

6 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:32 ID: hj1avs3

• Light or Heavy ammo doesn’t make a difference on the CAR SMG

• Ash is really fun

• Storm Point is really fun, there’s a lot of verticality which made for awesome plays

• Gravity cannons are weird

ID: hj22b70

Storm Point is really fun, there’s a lot of verticality which made for awesome plays

From my July 30th internal playtest notes:

Vertical movement.This map seems like the "tallest" of any map. Characters with a lot of vertical mobility - horizon, valk, revenant - all seem like they are super well suited to this map. I played Valk mostly, but also horizon one game, and appreciated the mobility even more than on other maps.

I love Ash, but as with Revenant, I am somewhat intimidated to play her. I am not very good so I always feel like I'm letting her down. Like, who is this pitiful human attempting to play as me... The anxiety is real.

ID: hj23qsz

I will try and do her justice in your name. together we can see what happens when you give a mouse a kill leader

ID: hj1jab2

Tell me more! Can't play for a whole week

7 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:04 ID: hj16jpd

Wow the update actually rolled out on Xbox on time. That’s so crazy.

ID: hj1e0gl

Too bad it’s 72 gigs

ID: hj1hp32

Really??! I left my Xbox on in my hotel room just so it would download while I was gone at work. Those big updates take soo long when I’m in a hotel. But I only had 66.6 gb free I thought it would be enough. Boooooooo

8 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:34 ID: hj1b3sy

Played 3 games and the new map is fucking huge! No lag at all. PS5

9 : Anonymous2021/11/02 16:58 ID: hj15ncv

I'm here to overreact

ID: hj161ad

I'm here to react to people overreacting to your overreaction.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:19 ID: hj18w9r

I can’t believe that the servers are actually working.

ID: hj19owb

Don't jinx it!

11 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:02 ID: hj169pv

updating on steam. restart steam if you don’t see it

only 9.15GB

12 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:45 ID: hj1crh7

anybody else’s download speed on xbox get nuked? i’m at 3.4 mbps when i’m normally at like 200+

ID: hj1d7yd

Yup. It’ll spike up to 600+ for a few seconds and then drop to 11 or less the rest of the time.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:00 ID: hj1613c


14 : Anonymous2021/11/02 16:58 ID: hj15p1v

POV: you are waiting for "is anyone else not logging in?" comments

ID: hj18814

The stress is real

ID: hj18q9u

I have multiple streams open while my game updates, no issues as of now, everyone logged in successfully

15 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:35 ID: hj1b8vt

So I'm trying to understand the difference in install sizes here.

PlayStation: 43GB Xbox: 72GB Origin: 18GB Steam: 9GB

Wildly different for all platforms. My initial thinking is the way the systems compress and roll out updates? Something like Xbox just downloads the update flat out and installs it all at the same time where as something like steam might download, unpack, and then install it.

Any thoughts?

16 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:48 ID: hj1da8y

I am playing like shit. Please buff me

17 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:00 ID: hj15yrl

So here we go. How big is the update on xbox?

ID: hj16623

71GB for me

18 : Anonymous2021/11/02 16:59 ID: hj15t7w

Alright time for the ultimate cliffhanger of: will the servers work?

ID: hj1amge

Surprisingly pretty smooth so far.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:46 ID: hj1cz1b

I got to update my game a day early on ps4, AND the servers are working? Amazing.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/02 20:57 ID: hj26n2q

map is just gigantic i played 3 games and spent 10 min running arround finding nobody till 3th ring... i mean i like it it runs so smooth but its missing redeploy baloons... canons are not enough for this monstrosity

21 : Anonymous2021/11/02 19:02 ID: hj1op6t

My initial thoughts: non movement characters are going to have a harder time on this map. There is so much open space that odten is really hard to avoid

22 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:16 ID: hj18ct1

Love how they increased the time it takes for ammo to Respawn in the Firing Range, massive buff

Edit: meant to say decreased*. Ammo spawns much quicker now

ID: hj1dna5

increase or decrease? you mean it shows up faster? then it would be decrease

23 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:02 ID: hj169ut

PS4 here. Connected after a few tries.

24 : Anonymous2021/11/02 18:16 ID: hj1hiq0

So it doesn't seem like the CAR is a noob crutch like it sounded like it was going to be, tiny mag and feels a lot like a RE

ID: hj1jw2g

Honestly I feel like the CAR is so mid and so similar to other weapons that they could’ve not added the gun at all and instead just added the light/heavy swap feature as a hop up.

25 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:10 ID: hj17iyn

This is strange is working on ps4, did I change to an alternate reality?

ID: hj1czw9

I just walked outside and it's snowing with the sun out and shining.

Basically normal Midwest weather, I guess the servers actually held for once.

26 : Anonymous2021/11/02 17:31 ID: hj1an4f

Anyone else not get their S10 Diamond divetrail?

ID: hj22jsf



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