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1 : Anonymous2021/11/01 18:00 ID: qkjq0r
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2 : Anonymous2021/11/02 09:36 ID: hizqgaw

Is there a comprehensive list of which version of each game to play and where. I want to play all of them. Rn I've completed ffxv(ps5, inc everything), ffxiii (pc), FF 1 and 2 (pixel remaster). I'm playing FFXIV ARR on ps5 and ffV on pc. I wanna check out 7Remake and 8remastered on my ps5. But I'm confused about the rest and would like some help.

ID: hj0yea1

AustinSV on youtube has some videos talking about which versions to play and where. Most of them will depend on what hardware you have and some are redudant. I know, for example that FF VI should be played with the GBA but with the enchanced audio patch. FF IX can be played on the psp/ps vita or switch for portability and FF X the newer ports are better (PS4/Switch). FF XII is only available in the PS2, PS4 and Switch if im not mistaken.

EDIT: Just check the wiki in this post. The Version differences for each game has what you are looking for.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/02 18:14 ID: hj1h6np

Anybody have any info about the supposed Final Fantasy Tactics remake? FFT is right up there with VII and X as the pinnacle of Final Fantasy, IMO.

ID: hjaehtw

It was in the GeForce Now leak and it showed up on the website Instant Gaming with a release date of "2023".

That's all.the information that exists, as far as I know.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/02 16:28 ID: hj11633

Why are some people going crazy about the FF Pixel versions when they look worst than most previous game versions? Am I missing something here?

ID: hj1drkv

They look nicer and have better sound quality. I think they look nicer, anyway.

ID: hjdin6m

It's a combination of the music, and the fact that for once in the series' history, all 6 2D titles are being updated and released in a homogenous manner, on the same platforms.

ID: hj2hi6y

The looks are debatable IMO, but they have a lot of quality of life. Maps make dungeon traversal so much easie

, better menus for equipment than PSP (for IV, at lest), showing what stats went up after battles in II to help guide you to what's going right/wrong (and removing stats goign down), auto-depositing equipment in your inventory when someone leaves in IV, no inventory limit...

Oh, and the music's nice, too!

ID: hj4euwo

the redone music is stellar.. and for games like FF5-6 which never did get remastered music within the game itself, its something to be excited over.

its also another way to play the original games. the previous iterations of 5 and 6 out on iOS/steam were aesthetic sins.

ID: hj1gfrc

Beyond the looks and the remastered sound... It's kind of nice to have the ability to play 1 through 6 (eventually) on Steam, at a reasonable price point and with achievements. Yes, emulation is a thing, and it would be nice to have some of the bonus content from those previous versions. But it's nice to have a legal, easy option to play the games without having to dust off my SNES or PSP.

Also! I think saying that people are "going crazy" about them is overselling things a bit. I think the general reaction has been "oh, how nice" as opposed to some fervor.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/02 16:11 ID: hj0ym0l

So, yesterday I played the first blitzball game. I thought it was dull and hard but I won first try. With curiosity I went online and found out its almost impossible to win the game. Is this true? Am I some kind of god? lolol Can't wait to get the blitzball games trophy (its gonna be a dull grind lol)

ID: hj18zwn

Congrats on your win.

It is not impossible though, and there are pretty much fool proof strategies to complete it. The difficulty lies in people not usually understanding how to play the first time through, or use the advantages they have against a team with notably better stats.

ID: hjdixkc

I've played through FFX a bunch of times, and only won that first story tournament on the most recent attempt. Surprised me too. I think it was due to a combination of cheesing, and making sure I had acquired the Jecht Shot beforehand (had missed it on earlier playthroughs).

6 : Anonymous2021/11/01 20:30 ID: hixdwoz

In FF12 IZV for the Switch, I am having trouble getting to the White Mosse hunt. The only part of the waterways I can access is level control and that does not connect to the rest of the map. Please help.

ID: hj2i0xd

Depending on which switches are pressed, different parts of the waterways will be accessible. The map won't be accurate here, so you may need to trial and error your way through.

For wwhat it's worth, you don't really need to understand how the waterway floodgates work until you want Cu Chulainn, and if you're hunting White Mousse, you're not there yet.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/02 12:07 ID: hj02mdl

FF VIII remastered or FF VII?? I would play them on an iPad pro with ps4 controller. Waiting your opinion 😉

ID: hj0icjo

I'd recommend 7 first, because it's a more conventional RPG, and it has more of a cultural footprint. I really like 8 as well, but it does some quirky stuff with the combat system, and the plot and characters can be far more hit-or-miss with people than 7.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/02 22:01 ID: hj2gonu

How do damage ranges work in the original Final Fantasy? The Piscodemons in Marsh Cave are being annoying, since some turns they'll deal ~25 damage a hit, and then other ones they'll deal 74 and wipe out a party member that should have been safe. Playing Pixel Remaster, BTW.

ID: hj5tcr5

It is likely still a variation on the same damage formula, although it wouldn't surprise me if they "fixed" it so that all of the bugs are now fixed. Regardless, that shouldn't effect the piscodemon damage, who have 30 attack power and one or two hits per round. That would suggest a damage range of 0 to 60, minus the receiving character's defense. If you're *positive* that they hit for 74, it suggests that they added in a "random" number or critical hit element to it. (I don't know if anyone has really dug into the damage formulas for the PR yet.)

ID: hjacnmm

The biggest thing that swings damage is the number of hits. A second hit doubles the damage they do.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/03 06:42 ID: hj4aif1

is the ship mini game not in the FF1 pixel remaster?

ID: hj4rji2

It is but does not reward anything

10 : Anonymous2021/11/04 12:27 ID: hj9v4g1


ID: hja7ujd

8 should, i think that is how my son plays it. I would imagine 9 does also on the switch as it does on PS4 at least.

ID: hjatn9w

Just keep in mind 8 has level scaling so the higher levels you get the harder the actual game gets yes it's stupid

11 : Anonymous2021/11/05 15:33 ID: hjfcv3g

I just installed Final Fantasy 13 on the pc and the pre rendered cutscenes are missing, there are subtitles, but other than that nothing, not even audio. Anyone know how to fix this issue?

ID: hjfdwvl

If you're on Steam I'd first try to verify the integrity of your game files.

Right-click game in your library -> Properties... -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game files...

12 : Anonymous2021/11/05 19:01 ID: hjg9g96

So I’ve almost completed the bestiary for ff1, save chaos and the 8 forms of Chronodia, any tips for her 8 battles? Also should I focus on getting my party to level 99 first? (Party is currently at 91)

13 : Anonymous2021/11/05 20:31 ID: hjgntbl

Which game would you recommend I start with? The options I've narrowed it down to are: I, since it's the very first one; VII, since the PS1 was one of the "current" platforms by the time I was born; or X, since the PS2 was the first PS to come out AFTER I was born.

ID: hjgxtun

I'd go with X since it's a solid game and one of the most universally liked FF's and easy to get into thanks to more modern graphics and voice acting. The others are decent choices too, if they happen to interest you more. I has very little story compared to later FF's, and VII has very rough graphics if you don't mod it. I also personally like X more than VII but that's just a subjective opinion.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/05 23:36 ID: hjhfy3e

Which FF should I play to get that iconic Final Fantasy Job system experience?

I'm doing some research for a creative project of mine and I'm looking to get immersed in the Job system - specifically one where you switch Jobs. I'm aware of Final Fantasy III, V, Tactics and XII: The Zodiac Age. Is there another I should be looking at? And of these, which is the most popular, or which do you think does it best?

I have Steam and Xbox Pass on PC. I own a Switch. I'm eyeing FF V Pixel Remaster.


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