I want to thank Respawn for this. Because of this, I didn’t have to play Arena so far.

1 : Anonymous2021/11/06 13:20 ID: qo03ya
I want to thank Respawn for this. Because of this, I didn't have to play Arena so far.
2 : Anonymous2021/11/06 14:36 ID: hjjzm79

I like it but not if the game forces me to. I agree

ID: hjlii80

There are characters I REALLY hate playing in arenas. I can't make good use of their q and I rarely buy ults so I mainly pick my character based around a good passive and a helpful q that I would esalyl only use once in a short engagement. I know this is a me issue but I hate when I would get one like "play crypto in arenas twice." dude... No. That's awful, please no.

ID: hjlpwpe

At least his ult is useful. Loba's can just block 1 door for a second lol

3 : Anonymous2021/11/06 17:14 ID: hjklle0

I cannot stand that weeklies are sometimes locked to a specific mode. I’m never playing arenas. I have 10 start challenges I’ll never complete

ID: hjlj32e

Last season i did not play arenas much and was able to complete the pass by around rampart heirloom. I think its best to just ignore the arenas challenges we hate.

ID: hjlq9q9

They did increase the challenges from 8 to 11 for 3 arena challenges when arenas came out so atleast it'll be almost similar progression even if you completely ignore them.

ID: hjlgx2c

Why don't you like arenas?

ID: hjlh3jq

because its boring and repetitive. i play BR because i like the rng & how every game is completely different. arenas is the opposite of that

4 : Anonymous2021/11/06 13:46 ID: hjjsx8t

There are still arena only challenges in the game, yesterday my three star challenge was “Get 15 kills in arenas.”

ID: hjka1jw

On the bright side, you can reroll challenges for a low Legend Tokens fee and force the challenge to be a BR challenge instead.

ID: hjkhekz

Your first reroll is for free as well

ID: hjkb72h

Yes it is nice, and I give them credit for that. Some can’t use that though. I honestly don’t mind arenas but I like the idea of challenges pushing players to try new characters and strategies rather than forcing them into a mode they don’t enjoy.

ID: hjkgnev

I have to get 10k with lmgs for 10 stars

ID: hjksh5p

Yo be fair that's a weekly

ID: hjl76yh

dude my 10 star weekly is "do 10000 damage in arenas "....

ID: hjln69j

You also have 12 weeks to do it.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/06 15:10 ID: hjk480h

Although I like the arenas personally, I do despise locking challenges to the specific modes. I can understand challenges which are based on mode-exclusive mechanics like reviving teammates or buying stuff in arenas. Even then those challenges are usually for what, two stars? You're not loosing on god knows how big amount of progress. However, having to get X amount of knockdowns with not only specific weapon types but also in specific modes just feels excessive.

ID: hjkgvvz

40 smg knocks

ID: hjkhzlq

I hate sniper knocks, personally. At least SMGs are used at close range, where most of Apex fights are resolved

ID: hjlfa6k

I was going to grind out the like 6 weeks of challenges I’d missed at the end of last season so I could hit one 100, but when I got to about 90 the rest of the challenges were all to get obnoxiously large numbers in Arenas. I just quit right then and there, no subpar Volt legendary is worth 5 hours of Arenas.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/06 14:40 ID: hjk03rl

i don't care about what i need to do in BR just don't force me to play the arena mode!

ID: hjk700a

they never forced it down your throat and locked br just so you could only play arenas (which is the definition of forced); y'all are just overblowing it

ID: hjk90ws

If you wanted to participate in the last few minor events, yes, you were forced.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/06 14:11 ID: hjjw8ny

It seems like they’re only giving one arena challenge a day which is great

8 : Anonymous2021/11/06 18:07 ID: hjkt1fi

Just reset it

9 : Anonymous2021/11/06 21:08 ID: hjlhqzu

I only play arenas really

10 : Anonymous2021/11/06 16:22 ID: hjke6ld

I’d still appreciate it if we could not get the daily to play with a legend not owned. But I like this change.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/06 14:39 ID: hjjzyrh

Why do people dislike arenas so much? Personally I think it’s a great way to warm up if not regularly playing it, it offers fast and fair action without all the boring build up that BR has.

I still think this is a great decision for those who dislike having to play one game mode over the other though

ID: hjk95i5

Matches take really long, and I'm really bad at them. I think I lost every single arenas placement match except one game where it was a 3v1. Also there's no epic adventure feels like there are when you and your squad are fighting their way through the vast battlefield

ID: hjks60j

I can't stand warming up in actual matches. The stakes in arenas feels a lot more real because you have to see those rounds through, unlike battle royale where you can die on drop and just forget about it. In arenas, you kinda want to win a lot more since it's 3v3 and not the usual 60.

The matchmaking in arenas as a whole is terrible. Your team consists of two new players but the enemy team got level 700 players who do nothing but play arenas. There's "I know I'm not a good player but I know we can clutch a few rounds", and then there's getting absolutely demolished in arenas back to back.

Respawn needs to give players the option to have those weekly battle pass challenges be either be just for battle royale, just arenas, or both. It sucks that they put decent rewards behind arena challenges. I'd rather slog through "deal 2000 headshot damage with sniper rifles in battle royale" than "kill 60 enemies with SMGs in arenas" for 10 stars.

ID: hjk0hmj

It's ok sometimes but getting matched with a two premade both lvl 1 EVERYTIME is annoying

ID: hjk0kz2

I’ve never had that issue, that sucks

ID: hjl5ksv

this applies to br as well though

ID: hjk3kqm

You can balance having a bad team in BR by finding better stuff or by playing safe but when you get two bad teammates in the arena it's just a horrible expereience.

ID: hjk7we2

Oh yea I can see how that would make for a pretty bad time, arenas is much more fun when you are equally matched

ID: hjkdtrg

I feel the opposite. In Arenas, I can get the gun I want, with my teammates not hoarding ammo, the sight I want, and we're in a fight immediately and don't need to drop in either a shit location or too far from the fun. As in Arenas, my teammates can screws it up Waaaaaaay less for me than BR.

In BR can be a shit drop, no gun on drop, teammate hogging all the ammo, all the shields, no gun I like can be found, rotation is shit. etc

In arenas I can get the luck based shit out of the way and it's just my performance, teammates can do whatever they want.

If it's bad matchmaking, it's over fast enough and at least I get to fights. SO I had "3 bad drops" in a row, which would be the BR equivalent.

ID: hjkb2xa

I play 2-5 games every session before I jump into BR and I absolutely love it but I feel like it's different since I play to practice and warm up and not to win? If I end up with 2 shitty teammates I won't mind because I'm getting some free 1v3 practice and if we lose after I down 2 of them every game I feel like that's a victory for me, but if you actually care about winning it's got to be super frustrating.

ID: hjkooz6

Even though the combat in this game is probably the highlight for me, I don't enjoy arenas because I feel like it takes away from the unpredictability of BR. In BR you don't know what guns you'll get, where you'll land, where and when you'll encounter enemies, what legends they'll be playing, what guns they'll have, etc.

In arenas you fight the same people in the same places with the same guns for like 7 rounds until someone wins. Every fight has the enemies always playing the same legends, you're fighting in the same 2-3 spots, and you always know what weapons you'll have. You're probably using the same guns every round after round 3, and your enemies probably are too. Theres no adaptation, no element of surprise, you buy an R-99 and a 30-30 or whatever and then go fight the same enemies in the same place using the same strategies until the match is over.

Also, playing against people significantly bette

than you sucks and gets drawn out. In BR if I fight a 3 stack of people way better than me, I get wiped tf out and that's it. In arenas if I go up against the same players I get wiped out, and then wiped out, and then wiped out three times in a row. I don't stand a chance in hell because they'll have access to whatever weapons and items they want every time, and we'll be fighting in the same place. Every fight is on their terms so I just have to suck it up and lose 3 rounds.

ID: hjlau4s

It's group think up to a degree. I only really see arenas hated on in this sub. Whenever i play with mates we always have an arenas sesh and barely do br because we rage at the third parties and getting bad loot off drop lol. I personally really enjoy it, and the maps are great.

12 : Anonymous2021/11/06 19:23 ID: hjl3j6s

Same for me, but the opposite, I love arena and hate Battle Royal

13 : Anonymous2021/11/06 17:27 ID: hjknhtp

I personally have never played BR again since arenas went out, just a preference, never liked BR

14 : Anonymous2021/11/06 17:42 ID: hjkpmgx

Arenas not bad

15 : Anonymous2021/11/06 13:26 ID: hjjqis4

I mean, you could also reroll these anyway

ID: hjjt7dr

Only once and the next one would cost you 200 legend tokens.. last season I used to always get 2 arena ones so if I had to spend 200 dailly I would be almost broke.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/06 18:23 ID: hjkv9ke

and me battle royal..

17 : Anonymous2021/11/06 18:27 ID: hjkvuw6

My final challenge is ALWAYS arena based. I don't like arenas. Stop trying to force me into it.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/06 16:35 ID: hjkfyto

I dislike that they lock shit behind BR, I prefer fighting a lot so areas is where I spend most of my time playing.

I’m already being forced to play a set champion for this, I don’t want to spend 30 minutes fucking around on a beach just to have 3 fights.

Like even if I win the game it’s a loss because it doesn’t go on cryptos win counter.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/06 17:16 ID: hjklunk

Don't like arenas and at this point I just play the game for fun and stress relief. My wallet and my brain can't handle these shitty recolored overpriced, overglorified on reddit, cosmetics that do nothing to the games performance.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/06 15:40 ID: hjk8ewz

Arena sucks. For real they're stupid to put that game mode that is not even fun.

ID: hjkto1e

Respawn should be hold accountable for releasing a game mode

has not fun playing


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