Free Talk Weekend | December 03 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/12/03 10:00 ID: r7vrpa

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2 : Anonymous2021/12/03 17:04 ID: hn362jr

I’ll never get over how mirage decoy footsteps work 100% of the time and prowlers basically do as well but actual player audio is terrible…

3 : Anonymous2021/12/03 14:56 ID: hn2n3sq

Man, the game broke my heart last night. Was playing in ranked, plat 4 and had a super nice Lifeline teammate who asked me to be their friend. Then, literally 2 seconds later, my game crashes with "code shoe" and I wasn't able to load back in + got a 10 minute timeout.

I tried to find the Lifeline via the friend search without success. HarleyQX1 or HarleyXQ1, if you are out there, I'm sorry! I didn't leave on purpose, I would've liked to be your friend 🙁

ID: hn33ohu


4 : Anonymous2021/12/03 15:33 ID: hn2seb8

I think we really need a rotating LTM Playlist. ShottySnipers, Winter Express, a mode where literally everything is gold, and more. Most BRs have something along those lines and it would definitely help people have more fun imo

ID: hn3368w

We needed rotating LTMs like years ago ... there's no reason for this game not to have it. Would allow players to warm-up and play with friends that may not be that experienced at the game and not be placed in higher tier EBMM lobbies. Just turn stats off on them same thing with Solo mode.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/03 10:11 ID: hn1v9gd

Between the SBMM and there being no level progression increase for 2 years, I'm finding it difficult to keep logging on. Constantly thrown into super sweaty lobbies for what? My irl friends who are worse than me don't wanna play because they ALSO get thrown into my lobbies. So I'm pretty much stuck solo queuing with people who somehow are less than lvl 100 but then everyone dropping on the map has diamond trails and up. I really wish you guys would do away with your SBMM, it's pretty much taken all enjoyment out of the game for me.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/03 12:33 ID: hn26h31

So are just ignoring the fact that they made a purchasable dive emote for ash instead of having it in battle pass?

Man respawn is really in low effort max profit mode this season.

ID: hn2npwr

Yeah, sucks. Whenever I play Ash and my team does emotes, I feel like the child across the street that's not allowed to play with the other kids outside, haha.

ID: hn2on5u

Insert squidward meme template.

ID: hn2suya

Fr ash literally has nothing In her own fucking battle pass. I don't count her season trackers because they're free and everyone else gets them. And I don't count her music track because every new season/legend has a music track.

ID: hn2t1i7

They did it on purpose they knew exactly what they were doing. The battle pass I gonna get worse by the season and people will be forced to buy stuff. They are in low effort maximum milking mode now.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/03 12:58 ID: hn28wox

Matchmaking is at an absolute all time low. When I log off, my mood is lower than when I started. I’m seriously afraid this might be the beginning of the end of Apex for me, I don’t want it to be but they’re really forcing my hand.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/03 16:21 ID: hn2zkk2

What's going on with console players blasting music or chatting when they queue into a match. Like has anyone heard of the mute button? 80% of the games I join i have to mute someone on the squad because they're just playing music or watching something full blast and I can't hear anything else.

ID: hn3276u

The assortment of sounds you hear on console can be lovely. For example:

Loud music, usually rap Smoke detectors beeping Crying children, children playing nearby Wife/girlfriend yelling at them, your teammate yelling back Heavy breathing Bottom of the ocean/walking around Mars noises Smoking weed/ripping a bong/coughing their lungs out Actually trying to give comms Little kids talking while you can hear parents in the background making dinner or some shit A duo queue who talk to each other and are toxic towards you for no reason right off the bat
9 : Anonymous2021/12/03 10:11 ID: hn1v9he

BUFF my favourite legend, NERF everyone else!

10 : Anonymous2021/12/03 12:10 ID: hn24cgi

Does anyone knows when a DEV said there will be rewards for level 500 players ?

ID: hn2x0rw

Your reward is red coins that you already have hundreds of thousands of and can't spend on anything! Enjoy and thanks for playing!

ID: hn26jy1

I am level 500 since at least 5seasons. Nothing is happening till a few more seasons.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/03 11:11 ID: hn1zljg

Oh man solo ranked is fucking cancer. I went from plat 3 to plat 4 4800 rp this season three fucking times. I feel I get better, more kills, better shots but my teams keep getting worse and worse. Like fucking monkeys playing the fucking game. No way I'm getting to diamond.

ID: hn2d5jz

The devs stated all playlists have a shared mmr system based on recent stats. Basically, you doing better will get you worse teammates. The more you improve the worse it gets.

If you want better teammates in ranked go dive off the map 5 times in pubs to lower your mmr then play a ranked game.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/03 16:22 ID: hn2zplh

Sucks about the upcoming LAN cancellation. Was really looking forward to that. Obviously it was expected but still disappointing.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/03 18:29 ID: hn3j1cy

anybody else getting a lot of games with packet loss and the inability to leave while you spectate a veryyy skippy/stuttery person

14 : Anonymous2021/12/03 15:06 ID: hn2oiqh

The more time I spend in apex, the more I realise that the whole premise of "this is a team based game, so adding a solo mode is unhealthy" is naive. Stubbornly so.

People are different, people have different definitions of what they consider fun. Some like hot dropping, some like being a bit more passive and taking their time. Some enjoy full sending stupidly and relying on their raw mechanics to somehow succeed, while some enjoy a more tactical approach.

No side has any right to decide whether the other side deserves to play this game. Furthermore, the current "no-fill" is a very poor attempt to fill this void, or difference in playstyles.

I'm not sure about the entire population but I wouldn't mind slightly higher que times for an actual solos mode.

ID: hn2u8tc

Lol there’s no teamwork at all on this game unless you’re a pre made squad

ID: hn2yg41

i think they should rethink the "solo" mode.

im sure they are afraid of diluting the playerbase (thats why the map rotations are not optional, you take the map that its on rotation and thats it).

so i think they should make it as some sort of mini royale of some sort:


ONLY 25 Players Per Match.


this way they dont dilute the playerbase, and also make those solos easier to find each other.

ID: hn33th4

There's many ways they could add a "Solo" mode. The ideas you listed would all work the reason they haven't has to do with their Matchmaking ... how it works to take a Good player and place them with Bad players to try and "balance" gameplay. Most said good players would just do Solo mode unless they have a squad on and the Bad players wouldn't have anyone to carry them and make their experience that much worse and in turn stop playing the game (i.e stop spending money on the game).

ID: hn31zkn

is it finally starting to get through?? 😀

15 : Anonymous2021/12/03 15:44 ID: hn2tzg8

I don’t like this map. Ppl come out of nowhere Ong

16 : Anonymous2021/12/03 17:14 ID: hn37lr8

It’s easy to spot out Mirage from his decoys. The decoys float walk on the surface when they move around versus Mirage who actually walks on the surface which is a dead giveaway.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/03 20:11 ID: hn3yac5

Chad Grenier just announced on Twitter he has left Respawn as well, following the same move made by Ryan Rigney.

Guys and gals, this is really not a good sign. All the top dogs are running.

18 : Anonymous2021/12/03 20:24 ID: hn409g1

I wish pro Apex mixed up their maps. It’s pretty old watching nothing but a specific version of worlds edge all the time.

19 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:13 ID: hn2adxd

Ash moaning in your jump ship? It's me I'm the Ash spamming the moaning quip in the jump ship.

ID: hn2hrd0

And I'm the Valk spamming, "OH SO SORRYYYY" while your Ash is moaning.

ID: hn2s0bm

I've found moaning quips for ash, Valk, loba, gibby(my favorite), fuse, and more. When I'm with friends I'll use fuse to say it's about to get a little loud fellas and we just go apeshit in the dropship lol

ID: hn2i9gi

And I'm Fuse spamming "ha ha ha ha"

ID: hn3d897

Who is Ash talking about when she says she'll be gloating? And how did they approve that strange moan? It's so awkward lol

ID: hn3hmke

Who is Ash talking about when she says she'll be gloating?

If this is serious robot Ash is the dominant "personality" who's gonna be gloating lol

20 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:27 ID: hn2c07w

Is there any confirmation or info if the Winter Express will stay longer than the event? It seems weird and kinda sad that Winter Express is not playable during the holidays

21 : Anonymous2021/12/03 15:52 ID: hn2v5gy

Another ranked match where I get code:leaf then get an abandonment penalty when trying to reconnect. 10 seasons respawn I’ve faithfully bought the season pass and some skins to keep having server issues. This is my last season.

22 : Anonymous2021/12/03 17:24 ID: hn393px

The reconnect feature is a blessing in BR, but in arenas a disconnected teammate still counts as on your team, because of reconnect. Makes it to where you can't leave an arena game without penalty, even though you have a disconnected teammate. Very frustrating system for a game that has this many server issues/people who outright quit midgame.

23 : Anonymous2021/12/03 17:59 ID: hn3en6p

Anyone else getting high ping? even on the closet server I'm at 72ms when normally it's 28

24 : Anonymous2021/12/03 22:04 ID: hn4digp

They really should add all maps in the rotation, it's a real shame having 4 maps and only playing 2 this season.

25 : Anonymous2021/12/03 10:16 ID: hn1vke4

Remember it’s a game guys. Can be frustrating at times but just move on to the next match and think about what you could’ve done better. No need to beat yourself up or random teammates up after a loss.

26 : Anonymous2021/12/03 15:35 ID: hn2so6t

Pubs is not fun because you’ll usually not get a full squad, the servers in pubs feel worse, when a teammate get hit one time they’ll run behind a corner to DC.

Ranked has its problems too. There’s nothing fun about Apex anymore.

27 : Anonymous2021/12/03 12:47 ID: hn27qgr

Wattson heirloom is a disaster. What the hell is even that?

28 : Anonymous2021/12/03 10:10 ID: hn1v60k

Still going to harp on about every legend getting a bludgeon or blade and Wattson is getting a high tech forehead thermometer

29 : Anonymous2021/12/03 13:01 ID: hn294nc

Reminder that the new event’s LTM, while amazing, is still recycled. The last proper new LTM we had was in April Season 8.

30 : Anonymous2021/12/03 15:56 ID: hn2vqm7

I would like to know why in arenas I only get +10 even when on a win streak and as kill leader with most kills and most damage but when I ask the people I play with they get +30 and in the same rank?! At this point if it continues for the rest of the split I’m over arenas and will actually now go out my way to screenshot and show how much I get to make a whole essay to send cause y’all are a different type of breed with your lame ass matchmaking for arenas! Also the No regs this season have been STUPID for the love of god please do some maintenance on your servers or better yet ask for some new ones

31 : Anonymous2021/12/03 17:10 ID: hn36zby

If you are Octane and find a gold backpack, WHY DONT YOU GIVE IT TO MIRAGE??


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