Legend Monday: Horizon | December 27 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/12/27 08:00 ID: rpic80

Welcome to Legend Monday! This discussion thread focuses specifically on a randomly chosen legend.

Today's Legend discussion is focused around: Horizon!

Discuss what you like or dislike about this Legend; how it compares to others; playstyle tips and techniques; or anything else that you think would be of value to discuss regarding Horizon.

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2 : Anonymous2021/12/27 08:25 ID: hq4jzs1


I definitely think horizons space walk is really great. Being able to fall into a slide and strafe with more ease is really amazing. Her passive is really a buff to you if you're already good at movement, as it just makes tap strafes, wall bounces, punch boosts and bunny hopping such a joy. A horizon with good base movement is seriously scary on its own, ignoring her other abilities.


While her tactical isn't as strong as it used to be, i think it's in a good spot right now. I believe what sets a good horizon apart from a bad horizon is mastering when to use it. It's very easily punishable in combat if you don't know what you're doing. It has a lot of surprising uses, like blocking off doors, popping heals while escaping, even strafing into it for a speed jump instead of going all the way up it. You can also throw it down quickly in front of you and bounce backwards to create space in a fight. It's an ability that has a lot of potential for mastery. I also think this is why she's not as popular as she once was, because her gravity lift used to be both more powerful and more forgiving with the way you could strafe in it and stay at the top of it.


Her N.E.W.T is more of a last ditch effort tool than an initiater. It might be an unpopular opinion but personally I think her ultimate is actually quite weak. Most people have learnt to play around it quite well, and when her lift got buffed her ult pull got nerfed which really made it a lot worse imo. This ability is so frustrating to use. You hit the perfect black hole, throw all your grenades, and somehow the enemy has escaped and you didn't get a single shot in. I think the strongest way to use it is more unconventional, throwing it in relative close quarters and relying on gunplay. Using it to create space for the team when ressing or healing is also guaranteed some value. I think we're seriously past the nade throwing combo prime, with people catching onto the way horizons generally play, and the nerf in mind.


Horizon is a high skill ceiling, high skill floor legend. In order for her to be good you already have to have above average movement, situational awareness and timing. She's generally outclassed by valkyrie, who has swept into the meta and stolen her spot. I think that she's honestly perfectly balanced. With that said, a good horizon dominates, and she is definitely one of the most fun and we'll thought out legends respawn has released. Everything just flows together so nicely, and her character design is really nice as well. I'd probably put her in B+ tier. B tier for the average Joe, A tier for good players with her ultimate mostly being somewhat lacking, and with Valkyrie being the more meta pick.

ID: hq4o13l

I find her the hardest legend to 1v1 against. Now it doesnt help that I play at 3/3 so she literally floats up faster than I can aim (up close, that is). I also dont play Valk and path, who are the other legends best at matching her verticality.

Though valk contributes more to the team which is why she is much more popular competitively, she is easier for me to fight than horizon.

As for pathy, he can be really annoying to deal with if he is played properly but a lot of the time his big hitbox is a detriment, whereas horizon is at least pretty skinny.

ID: hq4p6f2

I think Valkyrie is stronger but she doesn't appeal to me because her jets ruin base movement, everytime I try to do anything with bunny hopping i rocket boost. I also use scroll wheel to wall bounce, which again activates jetts. Her movement isn't fast, she kinda clunky, but she always has verticality.

ID: hq4rcca

Getting those perfect newt tosses that pull a whole team together still feels great, but it's the ult that feels most like you need a follow-up plan - a caustic or gibby or fuse lined up to actually do something with the black hole before it loses its painfully loose grasp on its prey.

ID: hq4uw4y

I swear her ultimate and me thinking I'm going to nade the enemy team to death just ends up getting me killed most the time. I've sometimes pulled it off inside buildings, but you gotta question whether it's just a little win more and the nade storm would've won on its own, without risking the very long animation time where you can't shoot.

ID: hq4rd7c

As a horizon main you speak facts!

ID: hq5dqv3

Valk is the better pick assuming high skill levels. This, and Valk's far superior ult, makes her a prime candidate for ranked/comp levels of play.

However, when it comes to the lower levels I would argue Horizon and her abilities will save your life more than Valk. An average Valk just gets beamed when trying to jetpack. But even an average Horizon can grav lift to safety if they strafe while going up her lift in most scenarios (and you don't even need to go up to the top).

3 : Anonymous2021/12/27 15:00 ID: hq5hqix

Horizons little giggle when her passive activates on a landing makes my heart melt, 10/10 legend

4 : Anonymous2021/12/27 14:20 ID: hq5cwuj

My favorite legend to play.

Her passive is so valuable that I feel like I'm playing a different movement game when I am forced to pick another legend. Especially on Storm Point with the gravity cannons. (This is probably also what Rev mains feel without their increased climb passive.)

Her tactical is what makes or breaks Horizon. Overpowered in Season 7 and 8, her nerfs in Season 9 made the gravity lift slow and her ascent easily predictable. With her Season 10 buffs, the gravity lift is now balanced. Horizon mains can use it as a crucial repositioning tool, while providing opportunities for enemies to beam them if they stay up there too long or don't strafe.

Her ultimate is...somewhat disappointing. Once a force to be reckoned with, its nerfs removed a lot of suction power akin to an old vacuum long past its heyday. Good enemies will destroy your ult quickly, but even average ones will walk out of it without too much difficulty. Use it as an ambush tool instead of a reactionary one. Nonetheless, if you like to throw nades with a Scottish instead of an Australian accent, her ultimate is right up your alley. (Just save some thermites if you carry a Rampage.)

Sidenote: If you play Arenas, I wouldn't run Horizon. Her tactical is her strongest point, and now that BR-inspired maps are gone, it has limited uses on Arena maps with low verticality. Bangalore or Wraith will provide better use cases, with the smoke being a valuable tool to cover flanks and Wraith...well, she's Wraith.

ID: hq5p66x

all good, but imo her tactical lifting speed is still too slow.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/27 16:03 ID: hq5q62r

Horizon is in a really good place right now. Her passive is good and her ult while not a terror, has its uses if you have a squad with good comms and teamwork.

Her tactical is easily the best part of her kit. Nobody else in the game has a tactical that can reposition their teammates, and that’s huge when you think about how everybody else does it in the form of an ultimate

6 : Anonymous2021/12/27 09:52 ID: hq4q7yv

I think I get dunked on by sweaty Horizons more than other legend tbh

ID: hq4rvpu

Lol same lowkey. Every time a good horizon uses their tactical and lands on me I just get fucked

ID: hq6lpfg

It’s between her or pathfinder for me tbh.

ID: hq6uxk6

Pathfinders in the Memoir Noir skin are terrifying.

ID: hq60gpd

Good horizons know how to get high and behind you to force you to acknowledge either them or their teammates pushing from a different angle. Obviously really good players always gonna be monsters, but damn a sweaty horizon feels so hopeless to fight sometimes lol

7 : Anonymous2021/12/27 18:02 ID: hq67ish

She's fun as hell to play, in a really good spot right now. The devs did a good job making her fun again after the insane nerf they gave her. Probably one of the top few most fun legends to play (IMO), right up there with Path, Octane and Valkyrie.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/27 10:05 ID: hq4r5mh

Horizon was absolutely the moment I went from liking Apex to being proper obsessed wi it, and so much of it is down to her passive. Respawn shooters are so much about freedom of movement - and while she's no Octane, not havin to catch yer breath every time you drop more than a few feet makes gliding yerself across the map an absolute joy.

That I get to do so as a floating neurodivergent scottish lass wi the same hair, the same accent, the same anxious fidgets as myself doesn't hurt 😉

ID: hq5e7y6

Octane is all about fast, horizontal movement with bursts of verticality (jump pad). It's a different style of play, mostly geared towards vacuuming all the loot from under your teammates' noses /s

However, Octane pays a price for that speed: HP loss and he still gets staggered while falling from high places. A lot of Octanes are the first to die because they stim way too much.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/27 08:39 ID: hq4l1r1

She is Scottish ! When I heard the next legend was going to be Scottish I was happy . Having someone in a game that’s from my hometown was perfect . The only thing that confuses me tho is that Wattson loves Nessie ? Like I want some voice lines between Horizon and Wattson about this I think it would be fun for us Scottish legends .Horizons voice lines should have more Scottish words like Bonnie ,Bairn ,Dour ,Tattie, Haver .They can be used on many other legends as well .Like ‘Caustic quit being so Dour’ ‘Am looking for me Bairn newtie anyone seen him’ ‘that was a bonnie wee kill there laddie’ maybe one day ….. I love the ‘Nova agent’ banner pose (suppose to be James Bond. James Bond having some Scottish ties which I thought was cool . One thing I wish was changed was when Horizon hits the ground from a height she says ‘another soft landing ‘ I really wish she said ‘ another happy landing , so that it could be linked to Star Wars ep 3 when obi wan (Ewan Mac Gregor ) - ‘Scottish’ says the line after they crash saving the chancellor it would just be a sweet nod to it or even the line ‘it’s over I have the high ground ‘. Or a voice line ‘Oi Suzy’ then does a finisher like Mac tavish did in Cod at Chernobyl (I just want to tie games together lol ) .

ID: hq51032

Feels like maybe you don't play her that much, she has loads of voice lines with Scottish phrases. I guess the difficulty is that a lot of Scottish words are regional, so perhaps she's not from the same region you are, or at least the voice actor.

Included in her voice lines are words like Yaldi, Blether, dinnae fash yersel, bampot, I ken, jobbie, peely-wally, canny, etc. She uses "wee" in like a quarter of the lines, it's pretty accurate.

ID: hq5eqch

eejit, numpty, bampot...all classics

ID: hq6b31b

I know she uses a lot of Scottish words and I would say your right about the region . Maybe it’s just that but other words would be cool that’s all .

10 : Anonymous2021/12/27 11:15 ID: hq4w2m1

Horizon has been my second after valk for about two seasons now . Her passive and tac are completely balanced Rn, how they should have been on launch. Her ult on the other hand is almost entirely useless,because it almost always gets shot out,and since they changed how it pulls you in,after the initial pull you can just ignore it by holding in a corner.I think either a health buff to newt or reverting/tweaking the pull would make her a little more viable.

ID: hq5bgyl

Yeah, she would be perfect with a little ult buff. I'd be satisfied with a cooldown reduction, even. If Fuse can use his motherlode every 2 minutes, 3 minutes for a glorified Ash tactical that doesn't even do damage and is destructible is too much.

ID: hq5hbto

Couldn't agree more. I'm generally not in favor of "just in case" balance changes, i think when they buffed her lift they should've left her ult alone and seen things play out. Nerfing one mechanic because you're buffing another mechanic on an underpowered legend is such a weird move.

11 : Anonymous2021/12/27 11:45 ID: hq4ychv

Horizon is good and fun to play.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/27 15:52 ID: hq5om9h

Sorry to be the negative egg here, but I hate her voicelines...

ID: hq64k9l

I would like her a lot more if I understood what she was saying. Like Dinnae fash yourself? Fucking what does that even mean

ID: hq6nen7

As a scottish person I can tell you 85% of what comes out of her mouth is pure tosh

13 : Anonymous2021/12/27 21:39 ID: hq73c68

I know crypto is technically on deck for the next heirloom but I would buy the fuck out of a Horizon heirloom. Take my money

14 : Anonymous2021/12/27 10:58 ID: hq4uvts

Passive is so much fun. I will play as her literally just for the passive

15 : Anonymous2021/12/27 14:08 ID: hq5blk9

my solo queue legend of choice - love not being beholden to someone else to get some mobility and at the same time no pressure to actually help the team out unless it's to get to a high spot.

also more people fall for the black hole ult now that ppl aren't really playing horizon - ppl always get confused by the range of the thing, try and practice throwing it juuuust at the edge of the diameter where you'd suck em in and it always hits em.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/27 15:22 ID: hq5klmn

Horizon would be fun to play if she was in a different shooter that had decent servers, netcode, maps, matchmaking and functional audio.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/27 22:52 ID: hq7doyl

Stop leaving the second you’re downed you cowards

18 : Anonymous2021/12/27 18:09 ID: hq68jkx

buff newt to be indestructible and she's well balanced

19 : Anonymous2021/12/27 18:19 ID: hq6a25l

reduce her tactical cool down or increase her straffe speed in the q

ID: hq76xix

i would put it like reduce cooldown or make lifting speed (when going up that is) fast as before. It is still too slow.

Strafing on top of a beam was always a cheap move, amazing it took two seasons to fix just that. After this though, long cooldown is not really justified.

20 : Anonymous2021/12/27 10:22 ID: hq4scb9

No one talks about this but she is so cancer in arena, you can't hold a single place without some horizon shooting you off angle 50 meters in the sky.

ID: hq4vx8z

I don't actually see her that much.

ID: hq5bzzx

i think ppl play her most on that stupidly big arena map encore. there's a lot of high up head glitches there so being able to shoot ppl off em is nice.


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