the new labs meta – zero counterplay

1 : Anonymous2021/12/26 00:51 ID: rolhrx
the new labs meta - zero counterplay
2 : Anonymous2021/12/26 02:31 ID: hpzdj9k

Basically a GL but only goes as far as you can toss it

ID: hpzj6ki

It's not balanced by price or rarity like the GL tho. GL usually goes for 500K+ (at least when they were sellable) and eats either your primary or secondary slot, while impact nades cost 10-15K and bring with them no added risk. You can even have them in your ass.

Impacts should be way more expensive to balance them out, or simply not be purchasable.

ID: hpzx0nd

You can actually hotkey things in your rig, so it doesn’t need to take up a primary or secondary slot. Making a 3 slot shotty and putting it in my rig as a breached shotty is sometimes fun to do as I just tap one of my numbered hot keys switch then switch back to the primary. Gl works same way.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/26 03:03 ID: hpzgzu7

in before holding Grenades' takes stamina.....

ID: hpzjw1w

runs out of stamina

-Drops grenade-

ID: hpzqqnh


ID: hq01orl

Oh shit im so out of breath, might as well drop this live grenade at my feet

ID: hpzlzgq

It probably should by the logic of aim stamina.

4 : Anonymous2021/12/26 03:15 ID: hpzibxu

Love the snowball fight event.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/26 02:21 ID: hpzcgj4

can't wait till next wipe when where complaining about RPGs in streets

ID: hq0ftv0

REEEEEEEE BTR is SO fucking overpowered! It can even merk you around a corner just from the shrapnel of its ammo! Nerf pls Nikita!

6 : Anonymous2021/12/26 05:57 ID: hpzyc7z

+Grenader will be easy af this wipe

+Don’t need to worry about aim when ratting this wipe

-The receiving end…

ID: hq0o1a4

I got grenadier done with instant nades in 5 factory raids. They're OP as hell.

ID: hq0ql3f

I've never finished Grenadier so fast in all my thousands of hours playing this game. These grenades are absolutely fucking stupid.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/26 05:38 ID: hpzwot5

They should just make it canon that we used up all the grenades and now they’re super rare. Have to get them off raiders/bosses/make them significantly more expensive from vendors.

ID: hq0347b

Yep. Such a blatant oversight to restrict the best armor, ammo, even weapons to barter only and no flea but leave this dogshit in.

ID: hq1o52y

It makes sense to make to have a new item be super common if you feel it might be a bit too OP. We are beta testers. This nade is moderately cheap and the gave us all a bunch of nades for Christmas specifically so we can test them and help bsg gather data

ID: hq1o7i0

It’s new so I think they want people to test it so they can balance it and get data on it’s use. Restricting it would only limit its testing purposes. Hopefully they see how OP it is

8 : Anonymous2021/12/26 01:03 ID: hpz3v2p

Yeah it's laughable now, went to labs today with a Rig meds and 10 impacts... Went out with nearly 100 kg loot. Players can do nothing about impacts.

ID: hpzo7w2

I killed myself with an impact. Lol

ID: hpzz6ks

You must kill the lobby including yourself

ID: hq07zk5

Wait till they give AI impact grenades.

ID: hq0psmd

They already did, I’ve been killed by scav boss minions with these

ID: hpz4r9x

In before some nerd come in and says "jUsT rUn AwAy" or "yOu CaN hEaR It" or "iTs ReAlIsM dUdE"

ID: hpzv5bi

"iTs ReAlIsM dUdE"

As we all know, high end special forces are all running around with pin-pulled grenades instead of guns. Truly the height of realism.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/26 05:03 ID: hpztgvv

Amazing how there’s always people in these threads defending impact grenades or other insta kill cheeses.

Remember the clip of lvndmark wiping the squad at resort and the entire thread was filled with people saying “jUsT lEArn sPaCING” as he kills 5 people 10 feet away through a 5 foot concrete wall.

ID: hq0mogy

If I had to pick between the mosin meta, the GL meta, the KS-23 meta, and the Impact grenade meta, I'd definitely pick the mosin. Mosin meta definitely had the easiest counterplay. The guy with the mosin had to at least aim, and if you were a giga-chad back in the day you would never die to a mosin. Damn man, now I miss those days. Might be time to put this game to rest. Who knows what the next one-shot no counterplay cheese is going to be.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/26 07:04 ID: hq03qr7

Every encounter with impact grenades I've had so far is not really fun gameplay wise. In theory it's nice to have a lot of 'realistic' grenade types to play around with, but in terms of balance it doesn't seem ... interesting. Bringing in 10 nades and sitting in a corner with the pin pulled as soon as you hear a sound doesn't sound healthy, but all too effective for the plethora of people looking to cheese or play chaos.

ID: hq0mffp

Only experience I've had with an impact nade so far was a rat camping D-2 on Reserve. Peeking the last door and tried to yeet an impact at me as I opened the door prior, but he hit the wall next to him and killed himself.

Psybin_Eater will forever make me laugh (I'm keeping his dog tag forever)

ID: hq0m5ty

The problem is that impact grenades don't work the same way they work in real life.
The fuze lets the grenade detonate after 1.8 seconds, not earlier.
So if you yeet that thing 3 meters in front of you (let's say that takes 0.3 seconds) it would roll around for 1.5 seconds and then explode.
If it's in the air for 2 seconds it would explode on impact.
In Tarkov the grenade explodes 0.3 seconds after impact, doesn't matter how far you have thrown it.
BSG could change that "air time" to kind of balance that grenade (I know most stuff is not balanced, but the grenades are just completely broken).
They should implement stamina drain for holding grenades in a throwing position asap.
Make them FIR only. No flea market (not sure if they are available on the market).

ID: hq0y4rs

Impact grenades need a decent impact to trigger. It wouldn't trigger from rolling around, so it is likely it would take the full ~4 seconds to detonate

ID: hq0nmv2

I can assure you they will “balance” this by adding that delay. I’m guessing the fact it doesn’t delay that long is actually unintended.

ID: hq114he

If you hit the ground prior to the arming fuze of 1,8s it would lay arround for 4 seconds and not go off after 1,8

11 : Anonymous2021/12/26 06:15 ID: hpzzunj

Impact grenades were a horrible addition to the game.

If they insist on keeping them, they should not be purchasable on the market, nor from a trader. Find only. No craft.

ID: hq0asu0

Hard agree on this. There's not really an effective counterplay. I'm not saying everything should be balanced, but this has basically no downside for the user. Just make them fir only and super rare at that.

12 : Anonymous2021/12/26 04:34 ID: hpzqmnr

just wait for some streamers to die to it so it can be addressed

ID: hpzv0nn

Lmao LVNDMARK was pissed about it last night. He nearly wiped out a 4/5 man squad and the last dude got him with an impact.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/26 07:13 ID: hq04exc

Something like this happened to me a D-2 today. Nothing I could do...

14 : Anonymous2021/12/26 15:41 ID: hq18b9i

Love it how they what realism and slow/tactical gameplay but then add shit like this only to nerf it into unusability

15 : Anonymous2021/12/26 07:23 ID: hq0555s

I haven't played Labs in 2 wipes, it's just not as fun anymore.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/26 11:20 ID: hq0kkui

Let’s be real, we all saw this coming.

I’ve been referring to them as “lethal softball” ever since they were announced for this reason. It was obviously going to turn out this way since you can carry a ton of them and armor has no effect on blasts.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/26 09:35 ID: hq0dt52

I think these should be very rare to find and not sold by any traders.

18 : Anonymous2021/12/26 04:28 ID: hpzq35i

Honestly grenades are so low skill and they're insta kill no matter what armour, if armour penetrating ammo is rare then why aren't grenades?

19 : Anonymous2021/12/26 01:16 ID: hpz5935

Ngl boys, the only way to combat the impact grenade is charge the guy throwing it. Assuming it's 1v1 you kill him 75% of the time. Once the grenade is out, and the pin is pulled you've kinda committed. You can put a grenade away after that but it's slow AF. So essentially, charging the guys the only thing I've gotten to work. And even then it doesn't work all the time. But essentially he can panic to put the grenade away, or aim lower, thus possibly killing himself as well.

ID: hpz67il

but when you charge wont he just throw it at u and u explode?

ID: hpz71tb

Yeah. And given the radius of impacts your best bet is a trade. You’re not making it out alive unless you’re in the open and they overthrow.

You’re dead either way in a confined area as shown in the clip

ID: hpzmelw

This requires you to know that there's a guy ready to throw it in the first place. In situations like this video, you don't know that unless you have rada


ID: hpzbh69

You can’t always know when someone is holding a grenade to throw and you can never know what grenade they’re throwing. It’s 0 counterplay

ID: hpzcwoh

The problem is that you can now pull the pin on the grenade and hold it before throwing. Not only that, but you can pull the pin and continue sprinting along like nothing is wrong.

This allows people to load up into maps like factory and sit in a corner waiting for somebody to walk past. And if they are noticed, they can still move around like normal

The point is, a hand grenade should not be more powerful than the grenade launcher. I feel like the only way to balance it would be to make it not a one shot like other games with impact nades do.

ID: hpzi7hm

You always could you just had to hotbar it


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