Game and Update Discussion | January 4th, 2022

1 : Anonymous2022/01/04 08:00 ID: rvp5l9

Welcome to the Tuesday Game and Update Discussion thread! This thread is your place for specific discussion on any recent development updates and general thoughts on the state of the game.

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2 : Anonymous2022/01/04 08:44 ID: hr6wtcv

When are they going to fix the audio!? I remember a Dev looking to invite people for some testing around audio. It was a while ago and we don’t have any update on this.

The fundamentals being broken for so long is infuriating.

ID: hr76mfq

Definitely one of the biggest pet peeves in this game

ID: hr86qmq

Never. My understanding is that the age-old game engine Apex uses simply cannot handle audio to the level they're trying to get to with Apex and it'll never be fixed.

Personally I'd settle for less audio clutter. I don't want to hear redundant voice-lines every 12 seconds that are 300% louder than my enemy's footsteps/gunfire etc... I don't need to hear a whooshing explosion as a Replicator enters the atmosphere 350m away across the map... I feel like if they removed some of the clutter it'd be a far better experience even without actual fixes to the issues.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/04 10:48 ID: hr76782

Ash basically makes 0 audio.

4 : Anonymous2022/01/04 13:10 ID: hr7j6s5

The season started on november 2nd, over two months ago.

Since that update the Sentinel and Rampage charging behaviour was changed with no apparent reason (as it worked perfectly fine before), but with it came a lot of bugs and even unresolved exploits.

On PC you can have an infinetly charged Rampage (even after 'fixes'); and on any platform, if you use autosprint you are kinda screwed in your mobility since any push forward cancels the charging animation.

Not to mention, the animation and timer no longer matches the actual charging completion, instead the weapon will take between 0.3 to 1 full second to actually charge, cause some accidental cancelations of the charge.

Is Been over two months, just revert the change.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/04 09:12 ID: hr6yye0

They should add more rewards for ranked. A charm, badge and a trail that will last for a season? No cuz they deserv more. Literally hitting diamond is really hard but masters and predator is just another level.

For example:

If you like the season 5 dive trail then get it. You grind for it and keep it til season 9 cuz they will get the same trail there too. Then just re grind in season 9 and then in season 14 etc… so make em last for atleast 4 seasons cuz it’s the dive trails that we grind ranked for.

And have other rewards. Let’s say u reach diamond u can get a diamond skin for ur favourite weapon and legend. Then more ppl will grind for ranked!!

What do y’all think?

ID: hr73fs8

I agree trails should last more than 1 season. I prefer permanent because the season 2 + 3 are already permanent. But... otherwise I think a trail lasting for 3 seasons is fair.

ID: hr76v3j

They could just make it fade out across seasons, like having it bright with an effect for the first season after you achieve it, until it slowly fades down to basically the regular trail, but slightly different after 3 or 4. That way the incentive to grind each season remains.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/04 08:54 ID: hr6xld9

I want to see more legend balance changes. Seems the devs only want to change one legend at a time in no significant way unless it's a nerf. I like a more hands on approach where weak and underplayed legends get significant buffs and reworks, and there are frequent shifts in the meta. Legend changes help keep the game fresh just as much, if not more, than any new legend. Everyone wants their main to have a place in the spotlight, and be encouraged to try new legends and not just play the same thing over and over again.

Personally also very tired of the Gibraltar and Bloodhound infinite S tier status.

ID: hr71uc0

they are stretching this on purpose because they need interesting changes and content for every new season to keep us playing

ID: hr73yah

But clearly I'm of the opinion that the current rate really isn't so interesting.

I think what's really going on is they're scared to make drastic changes, and i think they very much underestimate how exciting drastic changes is to a playerbase. It's why fortnite has managed to stay relevant, there's always new content. Balance changes are one of the fastest ways to make a game feel refreshing.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/04 20:59 ID: hr9g634

Apex needs some life brought into it, and not in the form of $20+ skins every single week. Skins are not content. Collection events are not content. Re-using the same LTM 3 years in a row is not content.

Forcing players to play on 2 maps for an entire season is bullshit.

This game NEEDS content, it is so stale and predictable; and showcasing only 2 maps at a time just reinforces the staleness.

8 : Anonymous2022/01/04 11:42 ID: hr7anwj

Another thread where some of us complain about things that we already know Respawn doesn't care about and will not fix in the foreseeable future and others try to defend them as if they're not a million dollar studio led by a billion dollar parent company.

ID: hr7jeow

People love selling their anus to corporations.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/04 17:34 ID: hr8k693

PS4; can we FINALLY report people?

10 : Anonymous2022/01/04 12:15 ID: hr7dl69

Do you guys also not have the 'Sun Kissed' EVA skin in your inventory, the one you get after picking up 45 chests. Finished it a couple days ago but doesn't seem to appear in my list of skins

ID: hr7ekz2

It's either a bug, or everyone will just get the final rewards once the story concludes in a couple of weeks.

11 : Anonymous2022/01/04 14:28 ID: hr7snkx

We’ve had the same 4 arenas maps all season. They used to rotate quite often. What gives?

12 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:11 ID: hr8z6h1

There's an issue where when selecting the new Bangalore skin, the animation goes white and kicks the team

13 : Anonymous2022/01/04 14:43 ID: hr7umw8

Respoon wher audio?

14 : Anonymous2022/01/04 20:53 ID: hr9f768

Apex needs fresh content badly. Even the popular streamers are getting tired of the ranked system and the content. Hopefully that’s enough for respawn to get the message and add anything other than skins only.

Still love the game to death despite its problems but I’m finding myself playing other games more than I was the previous seasons.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/04 21:41 ID: hr9mr9p

Anyone lagging out constantly? Haven’t happened for a while but all of a sudden it does it again

16 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:26 ID: hr91m23

Any chance of the other maps coming back before the end of the season. I think I speak for a lot of people when I WE and Storm Point day after day is getting dull.

17 : Anonymous2022/01/04 20:45 ID: hr9e156

Current bugs I encountered:

Damage feedback audio is bugged. Example: I got shot 4 times with Wingman, but I only heard twice. This happened multiple times. Maybe the enemy had a high ping or something, I don't know.

I finished the treasure packs, but I didn't get the final rewards: Eva skin, and a pack.

Return to lobby button takes forever to return. Loading and loading.

18 : Anonymous2022/01/04 21:23 ID: hr9jyr6

Thermited rampage has silly DPS. Not even op shits just silly at this point. Just make the bullets sound like a clown horn at this point.

19 : Anonymous2022/01/04 22:07 ID: hr9qvhf

Do knockdown shields just not work anymore orr...?

20 : Anonymous2022/01/04 20:05 ID: hr97lp6

was there even an update?

ID: hr994oq

Nope just a cash grab from what I can see

21 : Anonymous2022/01/04 21:09 ID: hr9hpnq

Arenas matchmaking seriously needs an update, constantly being put with silver teammates when I'm Diamond. Absolutely wild.

22 : Anonymous2022/01/04 16:41 ID: hr8bvnm

can someone enlighten me why complaints about the manipulative matchmaking or non existent effort from the devs vanish within an hour of gaining traction on the front page, but there’s a cringelord 100x duplicate post about fragment on the front page literally every single time i come to the sub? seems as tho not all duplicate posts are created equal, weird asf

ID: hr8kzwv

Honestly complaining about sbmm was the wave in 2020, you still see it here and there but most people know there is no point in doing so

ID: hr8mkc8

you rarely see it cuz the posts get locked almost immediately, killing the discussion. go look at any of these free talk threads and those complaints are at least as prevalent as the ones about fragment. only one is allowed to fester on the front page endlessly tho

23 : Anonymous2022/01/04 10:07 ID: hr732l0

Still requesting it... more end-of-match stats for Arenas please!

24 : Anonymous2022/01/04 11:57 ID: hr7bxwz

Supposedly we were going to get a load of extra content like LTMs this season, so hopefully something gets announced soon, maybe once the next SFTO comes along.

25 : Anonymous2022/01/04 14:21 ID: hr7rrzq

Anybody else running a wingman as a secondary? I main Wattson rn, but when I was gibby it was always a AR and sniper, now it’s a AR and either a wingman or a shotgun. I guess it makes sense since Wattson is more close quarters defending.

26 : Anonymous2022/01/04 21:22 ID: hr9juzu

I got hugh like rubberbanding or what it calls, i take one step forward then its feels like i go two steps back its a pain to walk. Only happends two times today and yesterday aswell. anyone know why or have the same?

27 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:03 ID: hr8y0sw

So.. are people really not talking about that whack ass short bringing in even weaker cosmetics with no gameplay changes or even a mode to play..? And the featured store items.. fucking yikes man.

28 : Anonymous2022/01/04 12:44 ID: hr7ggal

I'd like to see more rewards for ranked. NEW exclusive finishers and permanent sky dive trails again. Make it worth it to reach the higher ranks and give us incentive. Season long sky dive trails? After the GRIND and agony it is to reach anything past platinum? Nu uh bub, that ain't it. Yeah we don't NEED new finishers, but we also don't need more sky dive emotes for existing characters or more gun charms. Just let us earn something fairly like the early seasons.

ID: hr7tqqx

These days I play Ranked only for the slightly more balanced matchmaking. I wish I could play in Plat forever, it feels like the most balanced for me as I always solo queue. Diamond and above is where shit gets real because 90% of them are premades who snort G-fuel for breakfast.

ID: hr7jdgi

Even just some crafting materials. a poor man can dream

29 : Anonymous2022/01/04 13:39 ID: hr7mglg

Had a teammate that was way too nice last night… almost felt unreal. He was the only one with a mic but I could hear him and he almost guided us to victory while giving us the stuff in the loot vault and when we died, he even said it’s alright instead of saying I’m trash go back to training. Felt like a dream

ID: hr7pwia

You should've reported him for something. Being nice is not good for Apex!

But yeah, I've had few of those people too. I usually keep people muted (in casual games) when landing battles are going on. Because the rager idiots are going to rage when they insta die. But then I release the coms, because people who survive the first round of battle/don't quit after getting knocked the first time, are the people you want to be around. Ofc that might still include some whiners, but... it's easy to mute them again in that case.

All that aside, I've also had the weird thing, that the nice people have usually always been really good too. Which is not the picture I would've gotten from watching them Twitch streamers raging about casuals not being as good as they're (yeah shiv just play nofill or stfu).

ID: hr7oop0

Now that's a real Apex Legend

30 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:40 ID: hr93sjf

So the speculation about a town takeover and LTM with the new Bangalore skin was wrong and all we got was skins. This game is SO stale right now there is going to be a huge player decline this year if this is an indication of the way things are going.

31 : Anonymous2022/01/04 10:12 ID: hr73glf

What time is the update?

32 : Anonymous2022/01/04 20:45 ID: hr9dz5a

This game is becoming SUPER DUPER stale. It certainly lit the gaming world on fire, but after completing the last pass for the first time in ages, I am falling asleep big time here. Decent new map, but the time slog of this game, and the premades dominating ever facet are just too much. They need better balance, better audio, servers, and a mode without premades to bring me back. Good luck.

33 : Anonymous2022/01/04 19:16 ID: hr9005j

Two weeks without a patch? Just more skins lmao.

34 : Anonymous2022/01/04 16:12 ID: hr87hhc

Idk man, I was having a blast during winter express. Fraggin out, no sbmm(to my knowledge), teammates being good or bad didn’t matter, fast heals, and overall just had a great time.

And now we are back. Slow heals. Slow teammates. Slow ring closings. Everything just feels... like poop. I’m getting slapped in every single fight. I feel like a bot with training wheels.

I hate it. This game needs a permanent deathmatch mode of some kind.

And F arenas. Lol

ID: hr8mhyt

I also enjoy Winter Express and miss it. But I also like Arenas!

35 : Anonymous2022/01/04 14:33 ID: hr7t9mn

yo respawn,could you maybe change the hamster? hes dieing rght now on SG server


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