Game Informer: Cover Reveal – Deathloop

1 : Anonymous2021/03/08 17:04 ID: m0kb8e
Game Informer: Cover Reveal – Deathloop
2 : Anonymous2021/03/08 18:06 ID: gq8icb0

I love to style of the cover and the style of the trailers they've shown off as well for the game, but I'm still so unsure about what the gameplay is actually like. I look forward to reading the write-up about it in this issue.

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Well it looks to be the exact same type of gameplay as dishonoured tye difference being You restart from the beginning when you die and there are guns

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I'm really hoping it's like Arkane Studio's excellent Prey DLC, Mooncrash, which has a similar restart mechanic where you unlock more powers and characters as you run. I don't know if you can even call it a roguelite, but I get the impression Deathloop will borrow the same mechanics: short game length + permadeath with unlockable upgrades (similar to Rogue Story).

I'm also hyped for Returnal, which looks similar.

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Have you seen the video where a dev explains it?

You’re on an island and have to take out 8 targets to break out of a time loop where everyone on the island is trapped in, and each time you go through a district on the island time progresses. You go through and try to take them out by observing patterns, finding intel, and trying to take them all out on one single day using guns and abilities. They can move through each district with each time you also move, so they won’t always be at the same spot when you move back to the same district.

Essentially you’re finding the most efficient way to take them all out before the day ends (or you die) and if you don’t do it you start over again.

Oh, and while you do this there’s another assassin going after you, which could be controlled by an AI or a player.

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I'm still so unsure about what the gameplay is actually like.

The moment-to-moment gameplay is similar to Dishonored, but with a bigger emphasis on guns.

You are stuck in a time loop that resets at the end of the day or if you die. You keep any weapons, upgrades, or abilities you found during the loop. You beat the game by killing 8 targets (called Visionaries) in a single loop. Each target (except one, who we'll come back to later) has a fixed schedule that they follow over the course of the loop, but you can manipulate that schedule in order to kill your targets more easily. For example: One target is a scientist who spends the whole day celebrating the success of an experiment he conducted that morning. But if you sabotage the experiment, he will instead attend a party being hosted by another one of your targets, letting you take out both at once.

There is one complication meant to stop things from getting too repetitive: One of your targets is a rival assassin, who's goal is to kill you. She will vary her tactics with each loop, preventing you from getting too complacent. If you're playing online, she may even be controlled by a human player.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 19:00 ID: gq8pvfm

Because every post about Deathloop has people saying "I just don't know what the game actually is":

- Dishonored-like combat except you don't feel bad for getting in combat

- Likely some Prey: Mooncrash roguelike elements (play it if you haven't)

- Groundhog day time loop set up

- 8 targets to kill that have their own schedules and move around to different levels and do unique things at different times

- Further complicated (made cool) by the fact that the things you do will affect what the targets do and where they go

- One of the targets is a hit woman like you who serves as the rival/nemesis/Mr. X/pursuer (apparently she can be controlled by another player ala dark souls invasions; thx


- Ultimately it's a stealth/action puzzle on finding a path to hit all 8 targets in 1 day

- Game length and replayability are a big question for me but Arkane always has great puzzles and amazing level/game design, so I'm expecting there to be a lot of satisfyingly-different strategies to mess around with.

Like all Arkane games it will likely be the best of it's class and highly underappreciated; hopefully the console controls are better than Dishonored 2.

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Thank you, tired of this circle jerk "but what is the gameplay" they've shown more than enough for people to get an idea of what the game is, if you look for it after seeing the initial trailers. It's not like no man's sky where even the dev interviews were vague

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God I hope the console controls are better, playing Dishonored 2 on Xbox feels like ass.

30fps and a distinct input delay do the game no favours, which is a shame because the one playthrough I did was enjoyable, but I can't bring myself to go back to it, which as someone who's played the first game through probably 10+ times, is heartbreaking.

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Above is correct, also Outer Wilds is very worth playing too.

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Wouldn't be surprised for a late game twist. The biggest question for me is how the second character plays and impacts the game.

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Honestly I’ve never seen a game get this much coverage and still have people saying “I have no idea what this game is” in every discussion. I’m not sure who to blame for that, or if it’s just because the game seems to have a lot of moving pieces or what, but it is really weird.

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It also has a dark souls invasion mechanic in which the hitwoman can be controlled by another human player. They’ve done kind of a bad job explaining this game cause it seems really cool once you do some research.

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One of my most anticipated. Good rundown, thanks!

4 : Anonymous2021/03/08 18:57 ID: gq8pg7m

When does this release?

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May 21, 2021


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