The revive cards make this game much more fun to watch and play in general

1 : Anonymous2019/02/05 09:58 ID: ancnsd

Self explanatory title. Watching other BRs, the streamer dying and having to watch him spectate is one of the less interesting parts of the game. Giving the team a chance and letting the last man clutch it out and kill the other team or stealthily avoid the enemies and get your cards, take them to a revive station, and continuing the game as if nothing happened is a mechanic BRs really needed. It keeps the pacing of matches more entertaining and more exciting in general. Just a well thought out mechanic overall from in terms of watching and playing and I thought I'd give them a little praise for it.

2 : Anonymous2019/02/05 12:51 ID: efsism7

I like it a lot. It really adds something extra to the game. No more die and, "oh well, guess I'll quit out of the match." I feel more invested in my squad, whether it's my card they've got or if I'm trying to bring a squadmate back.

It would be nice if you respawned with something, but I'm happy to drop the lesser of my two guns and a health pack to help them get back into the fight.

It's also really nice that it doesn't matter who picked up their card. If your squad mate grabbed the downed player's card, you can still handle the respawn if you get to the beacon first.

ID: eft3ip6

How do you drop items manually and look through your backpack?

ID: eft3oko

There’s also now less incentive to “confirm kills” which was really lame in other BRs

ID: eg12ksq

lifeline is amazing for getting people back into the fight with some armor and heals

3 : Anonymous2019/02/05 10:16 ID: efsck34


ID: efsiju8

Way better than watching that one guy scum loot and play like a total puss for a year while everyone else is dead, for sure.

ID: efsv1bw

What needs to be tweaked?

ID: efsud7r

You do get a chance to revive them while they are downed but when they die you need to get the cards. It makes perfect sense I think and works perfectly.

ID: eft2d06

Can't they just start another game?

4 : Anonymous2019/02/05 10:00 ID: efsc1dd

What happens when you revive? You get your loot back or you start from zero?

ID: efsc1r5

You lose all your loot

ID: efsngv5

Yup, but there's typically three chests around the respawn beacon it seems, so you get a chance to rearm a bit as long as they haven't been looted yet.

5 : Anonymous2019/02/05 15:21 ID: efssth9

I expect it'll take a little time for people to adjust to the mechanic. I've had many randoms just quit the match after they go down instead of seeing if we can get them revived.

ID: eft0piz

Haha I honestly did it out of habit a few times, only to realize after clicking ‘exit’ I could have been respawned lol

ID: eft2esd

I've never been revived at the station, no not much point hanging around.

6 : Anonymous2019/02/05 10:01 ID: efsc2nv

The only downside is that you spawn with nothing, a p2020 with a single clip would have been enough

ID: efsndqx

There are usually crates placed around the spawn points

ID: efsniu5

There's chests near the respawn beacons, so unless they've been looted already, you get a chance to get at least a pistol.

ID: efsph4c

the one and only time i was respawned i dropped straight down into a crossfire between enemy teams haha, maybe they should give you a pistol like blackouts downed but not out

ID: efv824m


7 : Anonymous2019/02/05 16:00 ID: efsw2eq

I have to agree, the revive mechanic is so welcome. I love PuBG, but getting an unlucky death or even outgunned by a better player within early into a match means I'm gonna be bored for a little while or alt tab and not be involved.

8 : Anonymous2019/02/05 14:41 ID: efspnfl

I reckon it'd be really cool if downed players could still ping whilst viewing teammates so no matter what state you're in you can still do something.

ID: efsvcco

You can ping the revive station I don't know about anything else tho

9 : Anonymous2019/02/05 18:41 ID: eft9qwh

I used to hate seeing squadmates go down early in other BR games - it was always this awkward discussion of whether they wanted us to back out and regroup, or depressingly watch us for 20 minutes.

I love this new mechanic in Apex Legends. The feeling of never quite being out of the action is so engaging.

10 : Anonymous2019/02/06 09:11 ID: efuyhnd

I'm not very good, but I got two cards from my random allies, downed 2 from the squad and high tailed it outta there, coulda made a big balls play for the third but I'm not very good. Got them rezzed, saved a guy with lifeline shield and we lasted pretty much tl the end. Still lost but it made it exciting.

11 : Anonymous2019/02/06 16:08 ID: efvkcys

I only have the one victory but it came from a round where I died very early and my two random squad mates managed to get me to the revive beacon. It felt great to help them get the win in the final stages.

I am not usually a fan of playing with random people but in Apex it feels great. Loving the game so far

12 : Anonymous2019/02/05 17:15 ID: eft2bdy

I don't like it, it feels like my kills have been stolen from me, and makes taking on groups when your team is dead futile because they'll just kill you and revive each other.


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