Ineptitude is the true killer (OC)

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:43 ID: lzz8h6
Ineptitude is the true killer (OC)
2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:14 ID: gq51bwr

tightens gas fist harder

ID: gq5d9ku

"Tell me where the respawn devs are."

ID: gq5yrx5

“I don’t consider death cruel, but life..”

ID: gq6jfo4

Fist: “harder daddy”

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 00:28 ID: gq5pjse

He’s gonna pummel the devs to the ground like his finisher... three strikes yoir our respawn.... and your past three

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:20 ID: gq526rx

It was good while it lasted

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:44 ID: gq5dzzs

Everyone is getting finished.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/08 01:53 ID: gq5yr7e

“I don’t consider death cruel, but life..”

7 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:24 ID: gq52tej

Hardcore mode unlocked. Y o u c a n ' t g o b a c k.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:07 ID: gq66r2w

I must've missed the memo. What about Caustic got nerfed to the ground?

ID: gq68xru

Gas no longer scales from 6-12 damage over time, only a flat 5 damage. Ultimate went from 2.5 minutes to 3.5 minutes for reasons. Patch is Tuesday IIRC.

All of which does nothing to fix the issues people cry about with Caustic in final rings and makes him a whole lot shittier the rest of the match, but I'm sure it's fine. /s

9 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:39 ID: gq6a2qg

cries Nox gas

10 : Anonymous2021/03/08 05:46 ID: gq6lpf4

Lmao Horizon’s reaction to her nerf thinkin it would affect her in any way

11 : Anonymous2021/03/08 06:34 ID: gq6pa6c

Honestly, give back the vision blur to his gas and make his ult deal more damage than his tactical and he's fine again. 5 dmg flat to his tactical, 6 -> 12 to his ult.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/08 04:58 ID: gq6hqza

This happened with Wraith and Pathfinder before. New legend nerf, new crybabies whining about it for weeks. We'll get over it at some point.

ID: gq6jx24

Wraiths not dogshit tho...

13 : Anonymous2021/03/08 01:36 ID: gq5wyk9

I respect path and wraith mains at least they didn't cry about the nerf and moved on hoping for it to get better meanwhile caustic mains just keep crying honestly this is well deserved fuck caustic

ID: gq635i2

Taking away what makes him a good defence is what’s upsetting unlike path and wraith who’s abilities are still usable but require more skill and time

ID: gq5yt69

You wanna know why we’re upset? It’s because they literally took away caustics purpose. What’s the point of having his ability’s and utility if it can literally be out healed.

ID: gq674sa

All Path and Wraith mains do is cry

ID: gq6pg2e

I respect path and wraith mains at least they didn't cry about the nerf

LMFAO you can't be serious

ID: gq6jy7o

Cause wraiths so bad rn right wait she isn’t fucking dumbass


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