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1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:44 ID: lzud08

Hello Apex University, I have uncovered a very important detail in customizing your advanced look controls to your liking. When enabling Advanced Look Controls on Apex Legends, many may think that it overrides all previous settings but I have found by testing multiple times that it does not override the few basic settings that make all the difference in your ALC.

Your previous look sensitivity, ADS sensitivity, response curve and dead zone (none,small,large) have a huge impact on how your ALC feels.

It all makes sense when you put it together! Let me explain a little more.

If you are running a 6 look sensitivity with a 5 ADS, classic response and small dead zone

Once enabling ALC you are customizing these settings to your preference, say you turn response curve all the way down in your ALC settings, you will have a classic sensitivity with a touch of linear.

I would explain this more in detail on a YouTube video if you all are interested where I can explain this better, I am very knowledgeable with ALC as I have spent months learning all about it.

Thank you!

2 : Anonymous2021/03/08 01:33 ID: gq5wm3n

This is simply not true... if that were the case then why would these settings be locked if ALC is enabled? This is so easy to debunk- turn the non ALC look and ads sens to 1/1 then enable ALC. It has ZERO effect on the ALC. Now turn the non settings to 8/8. again, no effect on ALC. If you want more definite proof, simply see the dead zone setting. Set it "large" but then turn your ALC dead zone to 0. You will see that ALC settings override it no matter what.

Please stop propagating false information

ID: gq5wtlw

My guy, how about you try it yourself? I know I am correct. Test it yourself.

ID: gq5xl9e

Why are you so fast to debunk something you haven’t tested, imagine lmao

3 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:44 ID: gq6alvv


ID: gq6ank4

hrmmm true, i think it might be.


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