i really wished it to be Caustic :(

1 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:17 ID: m4i4jv
i really wished it to be Caustic 🙁
2 : Anonymous2021/03/14 01:28 ID: gquu908

Caustic getting absolutely fucked over in his own event. Neato

ID: gquuntj

Meh it was expected since streamers were bitching about it

ID: gqvjzg2

They are still saying he's OP.

Turns out they complain about everything.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/14 00:38 ID: gqup7ah

Shut up Maggie.

ID: gqv7le1

Shut up...Mag.

ID: gqvc6es

She sounds like the PHD that ran my old lab who was South African and one of the most vile and evil people I’ve ever met. Hearing her voice brings unmentionable rage within me. The girl after me who took my place tried to kill herself. So yeah Maggie is a villain I wanna 3v1.

ID: gqutrtf

Why are people so mad at Maggie, she's got actual villain motivations. Considering her perspective, she's going easy on Fuse.

ID: gqv425h

She has the same voice lines, over, and over, and over.

ID: gquwto5

She's just annoying imo

ID: gqv5z3f

She just talks ALLL THE FUCKING TIME, muted dialogue because of her

ID: gqvai5w

It's weird to me that her idea of trying to get back at Fuse and the Syndicate is to ... be their announcer for the apex games. I get that she is hacking the ring and making it dangerous to encourage everyone else to go after Fuse but why is she telling us what round it is or when the champ squad is killed? Her lines don't make much sense outside of 'cuz video game' , and the robotic announcer filter really doesn't work for the human inflection. I think they needed to have more lines as well because you can't even get through a game without her repeating dialogue.

It really doesn't help her that people absolutely hate this event because of the ruleset, bugs, etc. , as well.

ID: gqux60t

its like that friend that talks you every day and hour just to play roblox but you deny that invitation.

ID: gqv8tve

Many voice lines that play throughout the match and seem to be very loud. The only thing louder are the people who run in and out OF THE FLARE LIKE IT'S THE FUNNIEST THING IN THE FUCKING WORLD >:C

ID: gqvajm2

hopefully fuse kills her LOL

ID: gqv62hw

For a fiction character it is greater a sin to be annoying than to be extensively evil

4 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:24 ID: gquhgag

Can't stand her. Trying to be funny, when just not lol. Who even is she? Piss off Maggie.

ID: gquhsjl

She is supposed to be Fuse's friend, but I agree she isn't close funny

ID: gqvbo9x

ah yes friends. friends just casually stealing other friends arms lmaooo

ID: gqvd0wq

Full context:

After the IMC left, the Mercenary Syndicate took over a lot of the Outlands. Salvo had historically been an independent planet, ruled by their warlord. The previous warlord rejected the Syndicate but the new warlord embraced them. Salvo is now a Syndicate planet, under the Syndicate's control.

Maggie was best friends with Fuse ever since they were kids. However, she is a nationalist ("planetist"?) while he is not. As kids, they found a grenade from a dead Salvonian freedom fighter; Maggie lectured Fuse about the freedom fighters but Fuse didn't give a shit about them and took the grenade.

They passed the grenade back and forth whenever they "one-upped" the other as a symbol of their friendship/rivalry. However, Fuse was clearly more interested in the Bonecage, Salvo's bloodsport. (When Fuse and Maggie robbed a bank, he stole a Bonecage championship belt which sounded the alarm and jeopardized their heist. When Maggie ended a deal and caused a bar fight, Fuse wasn't even looking at her; he was watching the Bonecage on TV.)

Maggie must've realized the Bonecage was where Fuse's heart was at and the two became somewhat distant.

When Salvo joined Syndicate Space, Maggie saw it as a betrayal while Fuse saw it as opportunity. The Apex Games is the biggest bloodsport in the Outlands and it is run by the Syndicate. Fuse decided to join the Apex Games. Maggie was furious because, not only is he OK with the Syndicate taking over their home, he is also willing to be a source of their entertainment; a Syndicate dog. She detonated the grenade, ending their friendship and blowing off Fuse's arm.

When Fuse joined the Games, Maggie hijacked his ship and detonated explosives throughout Kings Canyon. And now, she has taken over the Apex Games. I guess the Syndicate is just allowing it to happen?

ID: gqvfzba

I have not been able to understand or follow any of the storylines of Apex since the beginning. But at least now I understand this one.

ID: gqupvnn

This video will tell you who she is.

ID: gquto20

I was convinced I was gonna get rick rolled here.

ID: gqvbumx

So she’s just a crazy person?

5 : Anonymous2021/03/14 01:13 ID: gqusphp

What is even her motivation? She’s mad at Fuse for being in the Apex Games, so now she’s trying to kill him because she couldn’t kill him and mutilate him further after taking his arm?

ID: gqutkbr

She feels betrayed because Salvo lost its independence to the Syndicate, and Fuse joined the Apex games, a game hosted by Syndicate worlds. She had always wanted to become someone important on Salvo with Fuse but lost that chance that day, and she emotionally blames Fuse. Fuse always liked fighting, even on Salvo he just fought all the time instead of moving toward becoming a big warlord. She hated that he was leaving her when she had lost everything, at her time of need. So she's trying to take what he likes away from him, his ability to fight. That way they will only have eachother, after both losing everything.

ID: gquxe6e

So she's trying to take what he likes away from him, his ability to fight.

TFW losing an arm just gave him a Grenade fucking launcher... what lose of ability to fight... she is just enhancing him.

ID: gqvdyt1

So shes a jaded ex

6 : Anonymous2021/03/14 04:05 ID: gqv9kq7

I wouldnt be able to focus on anything with Gas Daddy whispering sweet nothings in my ears the entire game

ID: gqv9yxs

That's why I wanted him to be the announcer 😉

ID: gqvasqi

Fair enough

7 : Anonymous2021/03/14 00:24 ID: gqunnhp

I want Droz And Davis (or the entirety of the 6-4) to be announcers, it would be great lol

ID: gqv6dlu

They're Mirage's canonical uncles so bring 'em in

ID: gqux90m

you see... that would be comedy gold...

that everyone would stop fighting trying to hear all the funny things.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/13 23:26 ID: gquhntn

Fuck Caustic, I want Revenant to be announcer forever

ID: gquhzye

I agree but it's Cauatic's event not Rev

ID: gquicia

Lmao, a caustic event that mainly focuses on fuse lore

ID: gqui2zr

I don’t care, give me daddy’s voice

ID: gqur837

Lowkey. Him or mirage. Wish we could change it. Wish.

ID: gqusoqr

They could even sell announcer packs if they somehow ran out of their billion dollars.

ID: gqurbga

Like in Mortal Kombat where you can choose announcer voice

9 : Anonymous2021/03/14 01:30 ID: gquug8j

Maggie sounds like someone trying to sound like a grandma. What a grating voice.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/14 05:30 ID: gqvgmzh

Everyone: complaining about Maggie

Me: "Can you stop playing the triple fire ring sounds FOR 5 FUCKING MINUTES?"

11 : Anonymous2021/03/14 03:12 ID: gqv4kzd

I’d rather have Ash as an announcer, but I’m seriously hoping Maggie doesn’t become a legend in the future, I’d rather see a Titanfall related character like Blisk turn up

ID: gqvbrwa

She's dead in comics, she's going nowhere

12 : Anonymous2021/03/14 05:59 ID: gqviudg

I like Maggie announcing tbh, I mean it’s better than them just leaving it default, and it’s a cool teaser.

Just wish the annoying double voice bug would fuck off & maybe if she had more into lines (feel like you hear them all after 3 games). Other than that I like it

13 : Anonymous2021/03/14 03:37 ID: gqv6xsn

There really should be a cosmetic or whatever that allows you to change who's the announcer

14 : Anonymous2021/03/14 04:30 ID: gqvbped

Maggie is the Australian aunt that no one likes

ID: gqvc3e9


15 : Anonymous2021/03/14 03:51 ID: gqv88ku

Wheres Caustic?

16 : Anonymous2021/03/14 04:38 ID: gqvcevo

Fucking Mad Maggie. She isnt even right about here reason for being here


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