Account Issues Megathread

1 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:44 ID: mkt3a9

Hey legends!

We've noticed a large uptick in posts, both here and on Discord, about users who are having issues with their accounts being reset.

In an effort to show how widespread the issue is, we're creating this megathread so anyone who is having issues can post about it. That being said, however, we will not be removing threads outside of this megathread given how serious this issue is. This post is simply to help figure out what the root cause may be.

Information that's helpful when reporting bugs related to this:

What platform are you playing on? What were you doing leading up to the issue? What items did you lose, what account level were you, etc.? When did this happen to you?

What we know:

EA knows there's a problem and is actively looking into it (keep up to date here) The problem seems to mostly affect PlayStation users Official Acknowledgment of issues from Respawn We're investigating reports of some players losing unlocks after changing the email associated with their EA account. A similar bug is affecting account progress for PS4 players. We’ve asked support teams to escalate these reports. Will report back with updates! Some clairifcation on the fact that there's 2 separate issues right now: To clarify: The PS4 account progress bug is a similar but separate issue, and doesn't appear to be connected to the email/account-linking issue. We're looking into it!

Please remember: We are not Respawn or EA, so we cannot provide support for this issue. Please contact support if you have any questions.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/05 20:04 ID: gthok9t

I’m assuming now is not the time to login

ID: gthuun8

Doesn't really matter, if EA decides they want to unlink and relink the account themselves (which they've done to tons of people already) logging into the game or not would make no difference, the items will be gone.

ID: gthx2cz

I'm so scared to log in honestly. Especially cuz I'm on ps4.

ID: gthzp3i

Don't I logged in and boom all my stats were gone and my level kept my cosmetics though

3 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:46 ID: gthm4rb

Just logged in and lost all my level progress and stats. I still have all my skins, my heirloom and legends unlocked. What the hell Edit I’m on PS4

ID: gthplky

Same I'm level 1 and battle pass is gone! I have all the battle pass skins unlocked but the badge is gone...

It's making me do training again. I lost my season rank I'm copper again. Also on PS4.

ID: gthslq8

Same but xbox, though I was only copper 2 to be fair

ID: gthpm2c

Do you get packs again? Id actually accept that lmfao

ID: gthpvtm

I don’t know. I don’t even want to get in a match right now. I saw one comment that said they couldn’t even progress.

ID: gthpysl

Nope, it says you got them but since you already have the cobtent you get nothing

ID: gthsw8m

Don’t. I heard on another post a few weeks ago that if you open the packs, you’re accepting the gift and won’t get shit back.

ID: gthnmqg


ID: gthns7c

Im in the exact same boat on ps4 as well

ID: gthoh29

I just now got on and it’s the same story

ID: gthqzfo

Reset back to level 1 and battle pass reset also. Have skins and cosmetics. I’m on PS4

ID: gthp0r0

Exact same situation

ID: gthpov4

In the same situation

ID: gthu691

I'm the exact same I just logged on ps4 and my level of over 400 was reset to 1 I was on bp level 74 but thats back to 1 aswell and all my weekly challenges were reset to me not having them completed however with all this I still have all my legends and all my items I've unlocked including all the bp items up until level 74 oh and all my stats were reset to 0 as if I've never played a game

ID: gthopiq

me too n i’m on ps5

ID: gthpsj4

Yep me too

ID: gthq4el


4 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:46 ID: gthm3bu

I’m on ps4 and I was level 225 or so, and my account has been reset to level 1. But I still have all of my cosmetics and heirloom.

Also now when I level up from 1 I receive no Apex packs

And I was playing this morning and everything was normal, then I signed on after lunch and that’s when it reset. I’m in Canada as well in case that matters

5 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:47 ID: gthmb9p

In order of your questions:


Literally nothing

Lost all stats, badges, trails, ranked and battle pass progress

As soon as I logged in around 3 pm EST

ID: gthnmzm


6 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:47 ID: gthmb35

I logged in today on my PS4 account (not my main, my main is Xbox but I ran out of Live) and my account is completely BROKEN. I'm back to level 1, but I still own the legend I unlocked (Octane) and all unlocks. Battle Pass is back to level one as well. It's even more odd that when I level up, I don't receive the rewards. It has really put a sour taste in my mouth, and I can't play anymore.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:48 ID: gthmfaq

PS5 level 500, got all cometics back but no more badges I just lost them and all my levels, season pass too (it was already completed

8 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:47 ID: gthmb3r

EAs aware of the issue now.

ID: gthr48v

“Displaying incorrectly” as if people didn’t get completely reset for whatever reason. Glad I haven’t logged on today even though I’m on Xbox, I’m gunna lay low for a while. This game causes me too much stress for the amount of time I put into it (maybe 4-10 hours a week)

ID: gthrznv

If its a display problem no one got reset. Only time will tell though.

ID: gthr40j

For EA: I play on Switch Xbox and pc, but nothing happened to me, it just seems like playstation got fully screwed over today.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:52 ID: gthmz1t

I spoke to EA support nd according to them all our lost data is still saved however a bug is doing something idk what exactly but they’re trying to fix it and said it’s likely that none of the data we accumulate now will carry over once the problem is fixed

10 : Anonymous2021/04/05 20:45 ID: gthtvck

I wonder if they were seeing the complaints about people linking their accounts to EA and losing everything, tried to sneak in a fix, and made it worse.

ID: gti14xe

"If everyone is screwed, no one is" -EA Syndrome

ID: gthu2m5

That was my suspicion.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:48 ID: gthmegz

PS4. Just logged on today. My Battle pass progress has reset and lost the Battle Pass itself. My skins and Legends are all here. It's now asking me to buy the BattlePass again.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:49 ID: gthmhuc

ps4 didn’t lose the cosmetics I bought neither the heirlooms, lost my 500 levels 7k lifetime kills and over a million damage, lost my badges and the battlepass levels

13 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:46 ID: gthm3z6

PS4 (ID: DroneOfFat). Lost no cosmetics or characters, but lost my 500 levels, 7k+ lifetime kills, 1M+ damage, all badges and such since I started in Season 6. Happened about a half an hour ago. (3PM~ EST).

ID: gthmjpa

Basically same

ID: gthn96f

Same but on PS5. Started my account on ps4 2 years ago

14 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:48 ID: gthmdgu

I think it’s only PS4, but I’m not sure. The only screenshots of this I’ve seen were just PS4.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/05 20:32 ID: gths65u

EA is just trying to be fair, after those players with multiple heirlooms lost everything they figured it'd be easier if we all just started over for a sense of pride and accomplishment.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:49 ID: gthmizs

Should I just stay off the game?

ID: gthn545

I don’t think it matters at this point lol

ID: gthnjir

Spoke with Customer Support over the phone, they said anything you obtain now would be null and void. Personally wouldn't risk it though, just wait until it's sorted.

ID: gtibr1u

By "anything you obtain now would be null and void" sounds like they're going to try and revert to a previous state. Maybe a backup or something from a couple of days ago.

So anyone who leveled a reset level 1 account to 10 and opened boxed for example, would be refresh back to level 500 with all their cosmetics but not whatever they opened in those reset levels 1-10... heres hoping anyway.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:49 ID: gthmhhr

I’m on ps4, didn’t lose cosmetics but lost levels and badges and it started over my season 8 battle pass. I just logged in.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:49 ID: gthmjp3

My wifes account just got reset on ps4. She was level 95. Everything she has worked toward is gone. All we did was log off about an hour ago and logged back in and everything is gone.

19 : Anonymous2021/04/05 20:14 ID: gthpsuz

What the fuck is this??? I’m definitely not logging on after seeing how many people this is happening to

20 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:49 ID: gthmi9k


Playing another game, came back and all was gone...

Lost all Progression, KD, Battlepass levels and Normal levels, and Rank Progression. Was level 500 back to lvl 2 now..

- Maybe an hour and a half ago?
21 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:55 ID: gthndby

Based on these comments the issue appears to only be on the PS4/PS5.


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