Legend Monday: Wattson | April 05 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:00 ID: mkj05m

Welcome to Legend Monday! This discussion thread focuses specifically on a randomly chosen legend.

Today's Legend discussion is focused around: Wattson!

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2 : Anonymous2021/04/05 18:38 ID: gthd8j9

That's a happy fence.

That's a sad fence.

That's an angry fence.

That's a silly fence.

That's a fence in serious need of a cooldown reduction.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:15 ID: gtg23px

Idk about you guys, but I never see her in ranked anymore or these tourneys that are on Twitch. She is non existent...

ID: gtg7902

but the devs think she is good for some reason, like her win rate

4 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:56 ID: gth7q3v

Tactical cooldown seems a bit much sometimes

5 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:23 ID: gtg2ugc

I tried to like Wattson. But Im just not effective enough with her fences. The ult was better when it didnt break.

I have found Rampart much more effective in holding an area. Faster time to recharge tac and you cant shoot out a wall from outside a door like the pylons

6 : Anonymous2021/04/05 13:15 ID: gtg817z

Increase the distance she can place her fences. Now she can play a bit more aggressively rather than being restricted to being a camper.

ID: gtg9pbq

I really like this idea. Even an extra 25% to the length would vastly increase the viability of her tactical.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:31 ID: gtg3mso

Probably the posterchild for why relying exclusively on data for buffs and nerfs is a bad idea.

She's not much fun to play, not very effective compared to Rampart and especially Caustic, never picked in pro play, never played in ranked, and her playstyle doesn't fit pubs.

Regardless, she is one of the best aesthetically-designed characters in the game and has a small but dedicated fanbase who mains her in spite of her downsides.

Wattson doesn't have any crutch abilities and basically relies on fundamentals to be successful which means that maining her will make you a very solid player. That combined with her extremely low pickrate means that it's easy to see her winrate get inflated whereas more useful characters like Octane and Caustic will create bad habits and appeal to worse players to keep their win rate lower. A Wattson main on either of these characters would likely perform much better.

ID: gth6ah3

Very well-said. I used Wattson quite a bit last season, notched over 1k kills and 50+ wins with her. It wasn't until this season when I started using other legends like Bloodhound, Gibby, Wraith, etc. that I realized how oppressively underpowered she is. My K/D also received quite a boost playing other Legends.

She's still my favorite character from a lore perspective, but I haven't played a single game with her all season because I know I could provide so much more support to my teammates playing almost any other character.

ID: gtgadxu

I think you put it best. Her abilities are simply not good for public games and her niche in competitive is pretty much gone.

Compared to the other defensive characters like Rampart and Casutic she also comes up short. Both in the fact she only starts with 4 nodes which is only 2-4 fences depending on how you can connect them and in terms of offensive capability.

The biggest drawback is her lack of offensive ability with her legend. Caustic can throw barrels and shoot them off in close quarters and play around them pretty easily, Rampart can plant some walls in chokes and around corners very easily. Wattson has none of that. You can do that trick where you place a node on the outside of the door, close it and plant the other node inside in order to shock someone trying to bust your door but thats about it.

ID: gtgfp6q

I'm starting to get the sense that Respawn just struggles with balancing defensive based legends.

Rampart-walls are nice but break too easily and her ult is extremely situational

Gibby-has been one of the most changed legends because Respawn can't seem to find a good balance for him.

Caustic-huge amount of backlash for the recent nerfs when he was the same for multiple seasons in a row.

And then Wattson which OP and you summed up.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:38 ID: gthl2jk

Since it feels like there's more and more legends that can come from above, maybe it'd be nice is the highest electric wire on each post wasn't limited to connecting to just 2 other post and instead could connect to as any posts that's in range with line of sight. That way it'd create a sort of electric ceiling.

Here's some images that hopefully do a better job of showcasing what I'm talking about. Worth noting that even the tallest legends don't reach the height of the highest rung of the fences, so it's not like if an enemy gets inside the ring they'd have to crouch to avoid constantly getting zapped in the head. Although I think it would restrict them from jumping while boxed inside which I honestly see as a plus.

Ideally this would act as a simple deterrent from legends trying to simply bounce over the fences and into a boxed off area. I think the nice part is that the ceiling density is directly tied to the number of fences placed. Wattson normally only carries 4 at a time so a hastily constructed box with only 4 posts would be like swiss cheese and an enemy could reasonably still mange to come in from above without hitting a beam. But an entrenched Wattson who's able to take the time to properly set up 5+ posts would start to get some serious coverage.

Ideally this wouldn't work too well against enemies who have the high ground (like actually standing on higher ground) since they'd be able to use their vantage point to shoot some of the fences before choosing to drop down and instead would mostly foil legends who quickly flinging themselves airborne via mobility abilities (horizon's grav lift, octane's jump pad, maybe a pathfinder zipline or grapple) since they probably wouldn't be able to shoot out the fences fast enough before landing. That way a careful executed approach can still work relatively easily, but chucking oneself would be more dangerous.

As of right now a landlocked squad always needs to destroy at least 1 fence to get in safely. And I have zero problem with enemies blowing a hole in my fences and then exploiting that vulnerability but it feels pretty bad when a squad easily bypasses your defense without destroy a single fence by going from above. Hopefully this would mean that aerial squads need to put in that slight bit of effort to break in just like landlocked squads and it would increase the parity between the two approaches. The aerial approach would still obviously be better for a plethora of reasons but would be reigned in a bit.

oh and lastly I just want to say that the ceiling should still be treated like any of the other walls in that in even if there's 8 interconnected posts creating a ceiling of like 15+ arcs you'd still only take the regular amount of damage instead of some crazy amount scaled to the number of arcs and that much like how an entire wall deactivates if one stands between the posts, an ally standing up in the ceiling would cause the entire thing to turn off till they stop obstructing it. So this wouldn't increase damage output or anything, just cover an approach that's typically wide open.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:10 ID: gth1kiy

Shield regen buff to 1 HP a second (or even .75/s) would be really nice. Right now it feels like it doesn’t do anything. I don’t feel incentivized to let my shields recharge that extra 10-25hp when I have a shield cell to use. Even when I don’t have any shields it’s too slow to mean anything in a fight unless you completely disengage for nearly a minute.

ID: gth5sao

I loved the idea of shield regen as well but it’s just too damn slow. It doesn’t help Watson’s offensive game all that much which is what I was hoping it would. Maybe switch to to a shield steal mechanic. Like if you down someone it gives you a certain amount of shield determined from damage done on that opponent. It couldn’t be a real time steal because that would be crazy op but it would be awesome to see like 25-50% shield steal after downing an enemy. Do 50 damage get 25% shield. It would help you push towards enemies knowing you get a little bump.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/05 18:33 ID: gthclea

The main problems with wattson are

• 58 second tactical cooldown.

28 second for node A +28 seconds for node B = 1 fence.

• 2 and a half minute Ultimate cooldown on a character designed literally around her ultimate.

• Any weapon pretty much one clips Pylon making it extremely vernable if not placed behind cover out of line of sight.

(250 hp on an extremely large target)

• you can spend 7 seconds applying an ult accelerant to get your Ult, but that's IF you find them.

• The range [5m] of her being able to place her node is also extremely short for something that she's been seen, and should be able to toss a little bit further.

• yay for the (though it's slow) shield regen, however it also exposes that the ult should regen shields quicker [to the equivalent of Wattson's new shield regen combo with Ult]

She doesn't need a rework, or any thing new.

She needs help with her cooldowns. And a make her ult actually work as intended, instead of swallowing friendly abilities and nades, of which has been broken since release, making her more of a liability to other legends when paired with* her, which hits my favorite legend combo, Bangalore + wattson.

That's not mentioning being an easy target, and taking more damage while being slowed by weapon fire. A horrible combination.

ID: gthochh

Wattsons Ult being neutral is the biggest cockblock of the match for me. Shit deletes anything.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/05 16:05 ID: gtgswe3

i love wattson. however, what i dont love is having to try to maneuver around random objects and debris inside of rooms to try to place fences. instead of being able to place nodes in either corner, i end up having to place them farther back in order to avoid this type of thing, but then the nodes are a little more exposed, and they become easier to shoot out from the other side.

also, i wish theyd rerelease the vaporwave recolor. its been almost a year and a half iirc

12 : Anonymous2021/04/05 21:01 ID: gthvz5b

i love her but i feel she could maybe be better if she got shields back as fast as octane does with health

13 : Anonymous2021/04/05 20:56 ID: gthve6d

Wattson one of the underrated legends.

In my experiences:

Even when you pick a Wattson and put fences in areas to secure them, people go outside into danger. Even when you put an Interceptor to avoid incoming artillery people don't stay close to it. Hell, people don't even come close to you replenish their shields.

ID: gti9dc4

I think it takes too long to replenish shields with her ult. It should be boosted up a little bit more- not a lot just enough to make it actually enticing to sit by it.

ID: gthvmov

lol half of the comments here aren't even related to Wattson.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/05 21:42 ID: gti15b4

I only got into Apex because Wattson stole my heart.

Meta or not, I will forever simp my favorite electrician.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:01 ID: gtg0ucs

I like how people are still discovering new tricks with her fences 🙂

16 : Anonymous2021/04/05 15:33 ID: gtgoqj0


quick tip for new players, always fence your backside to cover yourself from 3rd parties(especially good to fence the ends of a zipline you just took)

Try to make fences as long as possible(with the nodes further away from the door entrance to make them harder to destroy) _ the devs make this hard though by placing random desk/other objects to stop you from doing a clean fence

17 : Anonymous2021/04/05 14:55 ID: gtgjqzn

The problem with her fences is you have no problem seeing them, therefore you can avoid them, and can usually shoot them out easily. It's not like you're going to put it someplace where someone will accidentally run into it like Caustic's traps. I've never played her but she has never given me problems.

If they wanted to buff her I'd make her fences less visible. They're spotlights. "Look, I'm hiding here! Come kill me!"

18 : Anonymous2021/04/05 16:18 ID: gtgumsw

Please buff my main :<

19 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:21 ID: gtg2q49

Bring back unlimited ultimate please :(. She also needs a buff against crypto. Makes very little sense that crypto drone can fly within range of something that is supposed to zap projectiles

ID: gtg4g7y

Never thought about it this way. But yes it makes sense it would destroy his drone too

20 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:41 ID: gtg4k3i

I'm a Wattson main, despite her flaws. I'm happy she is getting low profile removed but I would really like the ability to place fences without having to equip them first. Look at most of the other legends, a quick tap of the ability button and it's deployed. Why do I have to equip it then click to place when Caustic can throw his down with one press?

I would like to see something similar to Loba's, where you can hold the button to get an idea of where it's going to go and release to place. Experienced players can tap it quickly to drop a fence without having to do this.

As for the fences "linking up", it would automatically link up to the previous fence you placed, and you can manually link fences together using the alternative ability button (Same button that lets you control Mirage decoys, or remove Rampart fences).

Doing these actions would only put your weapon away for a brief moment, pretty much the same as Caustic.

ID: gtg8col

Because Wattsons tactical works differently than all the other ones you mentioned. How would you create a fence of 3 or more poles with a system like you imagined? Because you can't control where the poles are put if you hold down a button and drag. For simple two point fences this would work sure, but then you have to figure out a control scheme for bigger fences

21 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:11 ID: gtg1rqi

I honestly think she's fun to play for whatever reason, but I do think she could use a buff.

22 : Anonymous2021/04/05 18:02 ID: gth8klx

Her Pylon should not neutralize friendly nades. That feature makes it so useless and I just don't wanna deploy a Pylon knowing it'll kill valuable friendly nades.

Also, her nodes are a little easy to kill, very easy to casually destroy one mid combat so fast.

ID: gthczmv

It is annoying because as a bangalore main I can’t use my smoke around the pylon, let say team is rushing them when I want to throw a smoke on my team when they took too much damage or the enemy team I can’t because of the pylon because it automatically destroy the smoke and I have to wait for the cool-down to end.

23 : Anonymous2021/04/05 14:25 ID: gtgg0uv

With Horizon/Octane being meta I think she needs more, everyone just jumps over her fences now.

I think one of the buffs I want the most is to her is keep the CD of her fences at 30 seconds but make it so you regen 2 nodes at a time so you can place 1 more fence. Caustic can have 2 barrels up by the time I get 1 complete fence up.

Another good buff would let her ult have 2 charges (or 3 since you can place 3) because one of the most annoying things about Wattson is knowing you have ult without an ult accel but you are holding it, this buff would let you place an ult and have another ult ready for when you push or have to move AND remove the feeling of you wasting time your ult could be down. One ult accel would give you full charges of your ult (You can only hold 1 now).

24 : Anonymous2021/04/05 13:01 ID: gtg6kaa

Wattson is in a bad state. She sees next to zero play in pro league, where her play style should especially excel, she has the lowest pick rate of any legend at 1.1%, the meta is continually moving away from her being viable with the addition of more movement legends, like horizon (fences are not an obstacle if you’re 50 ft in the air) and it just becomes a not fun experience. I’ve been yelled at for picking her in ranked and honestly I don’t even want to play her sometimes because it genuinely feels like I’m trolling my team. I actually love this legend though and I have the most fun playing her because I have to think about my defence (ha get it?), but I just wish she was more viable.

ID: gtg7pcx

Lol tbf horizon is a counter to every defense character in game including caustic. That’s so annoying

25 : Anonymous2021/04/05 15:23 ID: gtgnabc

I wish people would learn how to play her. You dont need to put up mindless fences in the middle of a gun fight, please shoot your gun 🙂

i like her and look forward to the removal of LP, her pickrate will never go super high unless she gets something that makes her oppressive, attacking or well rounded legends will always pull higher numbers than a legend whos kit is made for strict zoning.

ID: gtgt346

please shoot your gun

I think this is the number one issue most new players have with the game - using legend abilities when they should be attacking.

Abilities should flavor your attack and defense strategy, not replace them entirely.

26 : Anonymous2021/04/05 16:03 ID: gtgspwh

Devs be like, but muh win rate!! :B

27 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:35 ID: gth4wy0

Right now she’s kinda meh, maybe the fence should only turn on when someone tries to go through them? Most of the time if someone sees a fence on a doorway they’re fairly easy to get rid of unlike a caustic trap so making them harder to see for enemies would be nice.

28 : Anonymous2021/04/06 00:14 ID: gtijafk

Wattson's heirloom should be Mjolnir

29 : Anonymous2021/04/05 13:54 ID: gtgcdtk

I love Wattson and will main her until the game goes offline!

But seriously, I think her new passive is nice but not that good. One thing it does for me now personally is it allows me to not run shield cells at all anymore, freeing up space for more ult accels and grenades.

I only run batts and use her ult, and I've been having a lot more success than in season 7 with her.

30 : Anonymous2021/04/05 22:38 ID: gti7yx7

Fences need a damage buff and since it is electricity, instead of hitting people who DIRECTLY walk into the fences it should hit people who go near the fences, because like real life, electricity JUMPS. The ult is great, just wish you could pick it up.

ID: gtidxdq

i hate it when people run into fences freely because they don't afraid of the damage they get. what's the point of having the fences?

31 : Anonymous2021/04/05 22:18 ID: gti5lz4

Remove low profile from Wattson. Even Octane does not have low profile.

Love Wattson, one of the coolest characters yet incredibly underpowered.

32 : Anonymous2021/04/05 13:13 ID: gtg7w0b

I only play Wattson. I love it when she's teamed with Crypto, Octane and Loba. A lot of newbie Octane's expect her to flank with them in very risky positions, but it's an immediate downfall if she does because she has no escape abilities like Octane and Wraith. She also gets 5% more damage. So, I only flank from a good position and appreciate teammates who use their escape abilities well.

I have a lot of people DC-ing on me cause they get knocked down and doubt if I've been helping. I'm very annoyed when they chat expletives on me but more annoyed when they DC and don't see Wattson killing it with advanced positioning and ultimately getting higher damage than them. Not everyone knows how to play Wattson, but if she isn't dying fast, you can trust the player knows what they're doing with her.

33 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:42 ID: gth5vgj

Have a friend who Is a Wattson main she Is a God at It and no doubt It you know how to use her she can be really OP especially her ult but If you don’t then she can suck the most, so it really just depends on how you play her.

34 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:30 ID: gthk0sb

Probably the most fun legend to use that I almost never win with. Deflecting air strikes & Horizon's Black Hole makes my dick throb. She's also absolutely adorable, and I love spamming puns.

35 : Anonymous2021/04/05 21:09 ID: gthx3dq

My main and I love her =)

36 : Anonymous2021/04/05 21:16 ID: gthxvim

Been playing lots of Siege lately, playing Apex again is like snorting cocaine when all you've been doing is smoking weed.


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