Anybody agree?

1 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:20 ID: mkjdrp
Anybody agree?
2 : Anonymous2021/04/05 13:59 ID: gtgcyeb

The Shop in the game is really bad

ID: gtgzcwz

I’ll compare the shop to Fortnites shop, that shop is freaking awesome. Cool skins like every couple weeks, so many freaking choices and it’s all moderately priced. I’m fine dropping $20 on a bomb ass skin, in apex a bomb ass skin is rare...

And heck I don’t even play Fortnite, my little brother does and the amount of times he gasps at their shop is insurmountable. Our shop is drab really

ID: gth33c9

The fortnite shop is beyond amazing lol, daily reset. Every month we get a new crew pack(subscription) also a $5 pack which usually gives you more than what you're paying for. Also every season we get 1 or 2 packs that include 3 skins for $25!!! Instead of $20-$50 for a dam single skin like apex, reskins don't cost you anything sometimes.

They just go directly into your skin as an edit style instead of having to pay in game currency for the reskin, not all the time this happens but I'd say it happens a fair bit. Sometimes the shop is very massive, like 10+ skins and 4+ rows of just skins although it doesn't happen often only during something big.

Meanwhile in apex they still have yet to release so many of the reskins and everything is behind a big paywall. I remember seeing the Halloween bloodhound reskin being $50?

I'm not sure why they just can't run daily shop resets, if they're that often players are more than likely to get the skin another time if they don't make it one day instead of waiting months on end.

ID: gti0len

Also in Fortnite it’s 3rd person so I can actually enjoy the skin.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/05 15:38 ID: gtgpev8

Incoming news: we are broken! We need your support in order to fix the game!

proceeds to introduce another event

ID: gtgpj79

Please, gib mony we very poor

4 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:47 ID: gtg5568

Tbh I don’t see why some people buy cosmetics it’s like 20 dollars for a skin lol

ID: gtgnjma

No Cost is too great for DRIP.

ID: gtgsu4i

IMO if I'm getting the game free and the updates are regular and I like the game studio, I don't mind buying a 20$ skin like Pathfinders Rambo Bundle. I cant speak for those that spend upwards of 100$+ dollars, especially with how poorly EA handles accounts being reset with all payed cosmetics lost.

ID: gth87gj

I don't even think that by the game being free that it should in some way justify $20 dollars for a skin.

These skins should be worth $4.99, at best.

ID: gth59d7

People need to stop thinking the games problems are exclusively caused by EA. For the majority of problems existent in the game, the game studio is at fault. They are developing the game, not EA.

ID: gtgxl8a

Some People spend 20$ on alcohol thats gone the next day. Others spend 20$ on a video game they like playing every day.

ID: gth8egz

a cocktail at a nice place is $15, not hard to justify paying the same for some dope skin

ID: gtg9cgz

I see what you mean but if you play a lot then paying an extra 20 dollars ain’t that bad thing every couple of seasons imo (on top of the bp)

ID: gtgcgpc

Exactly. Buying one game for 30 dollars and playing it for about 100 hours and then dropping it is the same thing as playing Apex for more than 1000 hours and dropping 10 dollars into it every now and then. It all makes sense as long as you love it and keep playing.

ID: gtg9xgu

That's what I tell myself Everytime the DotA battle pass comes Out. RIP my wallet for starting Apex Legends!

ID: gtguet7

I think I paid that for Original Titanfall with all the DLC...
oh how far respawn have fallen...

5 : Anonymous2021/04/05 18:03 ID: gth8ntw

Thankfully I find most of the skins in this game super ugly so I've rarely felt the temptation to purchase anything.

I'd honestly be open to buying more stuff if the prices weren't absurd. $3-5 for a skin wouldn't be too bad. But I'm not going to spend $15-20 on a skin, when I can get a full game on Steam for fewer.

ID: gthm1lx

My friend bought a 20$ wingman skin in season 0 and right when the offer went away in the store they nerfed it to hell. Vowed to never give them a dime.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:37 ID: gtg48nz

Some of us already refrain from buying cosmetics. They got my ten bucks for the battle pass and that's all they're getting lol

ID: gtgqswr

vote with your dollar

ID: gtgv5d0

I did.

I've not paid for anything Apex. No campaign so no long term reason to invest.
Eventually the servers will go down. Respawn will shut.

But you'll still be able to play Titanfall 2s campaign.

So there no point paying naything for games like this. They never last.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/05 13:43 ID: gtgb60x

Lol you guys are buying cosmetics?

ID: gth1ogq

I am lv 204 and been playing since season 0 and I ain’t ever planning to buy anything

ID: gthaphp

Yeah idk why anyone would want cosmetics other than gun skins, you can't see yourself in game, and most all of them only appear for 5 seconds pregame

8 : Anonymous2021/04/05 18:02 ID: gth8h1p

Agree with you but it will never happen. People need them different coloured hands.

ID: gth8m85

Remember the BH skin with no hand texture? THAT was the best one

9 : Anonymous2021/04/05 14:19 ID: gtgfc3k

Started playing a week ago. I hope the servers are not always like this. For the foreseeable future it's a free game for me.

ID: gtgguvt

The servers have been like this since day 1.

ID: gtgiata

Existence is pain I guess

ID: gth9mge

Remember when people were like "look how much money they're making, there's no way the servers will stay this way!"

Wonder where all those fellas went.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:38 ID: gth5blm

what if I told you none of us should have bought cosmetics in the first place. You can get errased, or banned for nothing while aim botters run free and pred lobbies get ddosed. Titanfall 1 is completely unplayable and the same asshole destroying that game has moved on to titanfall 2. Don't pay money to live service games, especially ones from EA

ID: gth96y6

Hear, hear!

11 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:26 ID: gth3pok

Tbh I’ve never bought anything from the shop with real money and I’ve played since launch. I’ve always been aware that ea does these cheap scams with players

12 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:43 ID: gth5z04

Crafting materials

ID: gth8t60

Modern problems require modern solutions

13 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:39 ID: gth5j77

Remember when everyone hated EA and didn't want to give them any business? Pepperidge farm remembers

14 : Anonymous2021/04/05 18:51 ID: gthevzk

If playing Dead by Daylight taught me anything, it's that people are absolutely going to keep buying skins regardless of how unplayably buggy the game is...

15 : Anonymous2021/04/05 22:35 ID: gti7nsm

While you're all complaining I've spent like 20 dollars on it and played for maybe 4-500 hours, having a blast.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/05 12:28 ID: gtg3c9j

I left the game because of servers:3

17 : Anonymous2021/04/05 13:06 ID: gtg758f

The whales and youtubers/streamers are the reason why it wont make a difference and ea/respawn know this

18 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:24 ID: gth3gwr

You’d need to get this to twitch streamers with massive followings if you’d want that to work. I understand buying a $20 bundle on a FTP game, but it’s getting to a point where respawn is causing players to take hundreds or thousand dollar losses and basically saying go screw yourself. When people are willingly dropping that much money per event to get heirlooms and all collection cosmetics they don’t see the need to fix anything until it affects someone in a game at respawn (I.e. that dev who basically pushed for caustic to be nerfed because he was butthurt).

Edit: not to mention though if we boycott cosmetics the developers and company also take a loss monetarily, maybe it’ll push for them to fix shit.

19 : Anonymous2021/04/05 18:01 ID: gth8cmg

Can this sub learn how to resize text first

20 : Anonymous2021/04/05 14:50 ID: gtgj232

I used to have the mindset of don’t spend money on a free game. But now I think of it as a way to support a game I love. I play ~10 hours a week so they deserve some money from me. Plus I want them to have a reason to keep developing content and updates. If the game stops making money they won’t be able to afford to keep working on it.

ID: gtguoph

Your mindset isn't wrong in general but it is wrong for Apex and especially a company like EA. The fact that their profits are so far above their target is what enables them to neglect the game. Ironically they would make the game better and update it more with LESS support because they'd have reason to draw people in. You are lining the pockets of very rich people who know Apex is already a cash cow and will be for the foreseeable future.

ID: gth15mw

Exactly! I’ll gladly pay for a small game company if they’ve made an awesome game, it’s incentive to make it better. But Apex is massive, EA are one of the top dogs in the industry, Respawn are massive as well. No reason to pay money on Apex, why would I spend money on it when I have to wait 30+ minutes just to get past the login screen?

ID: gtgrl3z

Most of the reddit hive mind is not physically able to understand this.

21 : Anonymous2021/04/05 14:54 ID: gtgjkj9

do what you want with your money

change my mind

22 : Anonymous2021/04/05 13:31 ID: gtg9td0

I wish. Too many people I'm sure are like my buddy. Constantly bash them on social media about fixing issuses, yet throws 100 bucks on every event that comes out

ID: gtgczed

That sounds less like salt and more like an addiction tbh


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