A quick guide to using Bloodhound’s passive effectively

1 : Anonymous2019/02/25 19:15 ID: aup1mp

Hi guys. I’m a Bloodhound main on PS4, and I haven’t seen much discussion about Bloodhound’s passive. I believe it is incredibly strong, especially for newer players, and if utilized correctly will help you find yourself in favorable fights more often than not (which can be difficult for newer players). There is a TL;DR at the bottom for those of you who want to know what I’m rambling about before committing to reading this wall of text.

First, let me explain what I mean by favorable fight. There are 3(ish) types of fights in Apex. The first is when neither team has much of an advantage. This can be because both teams see each other at about the same time and neither has superior positioning, or because the team that sees another team doesn’t utilize the advantage of surprise/set up correctly for a favorable fight. The second is when another team scoped your team out and sets up for a fight in a way that gives them an advantage. This often happens when you are distracted with looting buildings and deathboxes. It becomes very difficult to win this type of fight if the other team is good. The last is when you come upon another unsuspecting team and set up an advantageous fight, giving yourself favorable positioning and the element of surprise. The best players on Twitch have this advantage often, and it wins them fights. The best way to secure this advantage often is to move quickly so you’re given a lot of opportunity to stumble upon unsuspecting teams and so that other teams aren’t coming up behind you while you move slowly. For more information on how to set up a favorable fight, and how to take advantage of an unsuspecting enemy team, check out the guide that /

made here.

First I’ll cover what exactly Bloodhound’s passive does. Enemies will leave traces behind when they move through an area. Footsteps, bullet casings, and other things will leave behind little badges on the ground that last for one minute. When coming to an area that an enemy has been in in the last minute, Bloodhound will see these markings in the form of a little badge (not unlike the size and shape of a ping). This badge will have an icon depending on what happened (footsteps, bullet casings, etc), and an outline that depicts how long ago the action occurred. A dark red, full outline indicates that the action occurred within the past few seconds, and a dull, almost empty outline indicates that the action occurred almost a minute ago. The badge disappears after one minute. If you hover your crosshair over the badge it will tell you exactly how long ago it was created, but you can use the outline bar to get a quick estimation.

If you want to set up advantageous fights, you will loot quickly, and then move quickly from area to area looking for enemies to fight. Unfortunately, moving quickly makes it difficult to effectively recon a new area you enter to determine if enemies are present. If you run into a new zone with no idea if a team is there and they see you, you lose all advantage you have. If you slow down to scope out the area to be sure no one is ahead, you give other enemies the opportunity to come up behind you, giving them the advantage. Fortunately, you are playing Bloodhound, and when entering an area you often get a nice big icon when an enemy has been where you are recently. There are two scenarios when entering a new zone playing Bloodhound.

The first scenario: you enter an area and see markings that an enemy has been through recently. Now you need to make some guesses as to whether the enemy is still around, where they are, and where they are going. If the tracks are fresh, immediately let your team know and set up an advantageous fight. Look at where the tracks lead and look for signs of life in buildings. Move slowly and quietly into a position that is favorable, and pick a target to focus. If the tracks are old or the area is small, the enemy probably passed through quickly and is now moved on. Make a guess as to where they might be heading and keep your eyes open for more tracks so you can find them and get the drop on them. If the zone is a larger than average zone (cascades, skull town, etc) then even minute old tracks don’t mean that the enemy isn’t still around. Start moving slower and look for signs that an enemy is still present. The more games you play, the more intuitive you will be when guessing where enemies are and where they are heading. Skilled players are great at this even when not playing Bloodhound. With time, you will be able to use this passive to direct your team effectively, and set them up for success before a fight even starts. As with most things in this game, communication is key to being effective. You can know exactly where the enemy is, but it won’t help you much if you don’t let your team know and they barge into a new area with no clue. You can ping passive badges you find, and using voice will allow you to tell your team your findings in detail.

The second scenario is when you enter a new area and don’t see any tracks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that enemies aren’t present, it just means that they didn’t recently pass through where you are standing. Similar to if you see old tracks, you need to answer some questions. Would it make sense for an enemy to have entered this area from a different direction? Is the area large enough that they could have come this way and still be around? Are there signs of looting or fighting in this area? Don’t think that just because you are playing Bloodhound you can never stumble upon somebody unsuspectingly.

Hopefully, by paying attention to Bloodhound’s passive, you can start to get more kills by setting up favorable fights for you and your team. With time, it should become intuitive to know whether enemies are around both playing Bloodhound and using other heroes. Bloodhound might not have the best passive in the game, but I believe it is a great passive to help newer players learn how to do well in Apex. Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions or comments!

TL;DR: Bloodhound’s passive allows for mobile players to quickly understand if enemies are ahead. This can be used to set up favorable fights, which greatly expands your chance to get kills and survive longer. Not only does this make Bloodhound a valuable legend to play, it teaches you when/where to expect enemies no matter what legend you play.

2 : Anonymous2019/03/02 10:26 ID: ehmbaum

The biggest thing is getting third partied in this game. Bloodhound can track how recent people have been in your location so you have an idea of where they may be, but one you get in that fight that's it. You've gotta prepare for someone to come right to that fight. I would think using smoke and teleport out would be a good combo to get out of the middle of the 2 groups.

3 : Anonymous2019/03/06 18:23 ID: ehxm21i

noone ever talks about the crows... I'd consider those to be part of his passive too.

ID: ehxql2e

I have yet to find a definitive answer of what exactly the crows mark. The best I can figure is that they indicate an area an enemy has passed through, but it doesn't always seem to be the case.

4 : Anonymous2019/02/25 19:37 ID: eh9ksf6

Bloodhound is one of the EASIEST classes to replace.

His Q is literally counterproductive letting the enemy know they've been found and actually tracing it back to you ( the bloodhound).

His ult is even more useless because the only real thing is does is give a 25% speedboost. Yes, It makes things grey and enemies red. I understand this. The thing is, The only time most people use it for is to see through smoke and you know what else does that? Digital threats. Get a side arm that can use them and you're basically a bloodhound.

His passive is a joke too. 1 minute behind people? While you're busy looking for tracks running around you're literally stumbling into a team blindly. "Could they be around the corner? " oops they spotted you because you got that close while running.

I just think bloodhound is super lack luster for what he could be.

His alt can be good. but 25% speed and grey scale seems boring compared to other legends.

ID: eh9locy

His Q isn't great, and I rarely use it, but I disagree about his ult and his passive.

The speedboost on his ult is great, especially on console where aim isn't nearly as good. You can also use it to flank or chase down kills. It can also be used as an escape if necessary. It's especially good in hectic fights with more than two teams because it's difficult to track someone moving that fast with a lot going on. Besides that, I find it more fun to use than any other ability in the game besides maybe Pathfinders grapple.

And his passive allows you to move through areas quickly, which gives you a huge advantage in this game. I understand if you're a top tier player, you don't need it to understand where enemies will be, and if you have godlike aim, it doesn't matter if you don't know where enemies are because you can outgun them. But that being said 95% of players don't fit this category.

Combine that with the fact that you can make the same argument about literally every hero, since none of their kits are all that crazy. This is a game that's about gun play and positioning way more than hero skills. It's not overwatch, and the abilities just give it some flair. Sometimes an ability gives you an edge, but it won't win you a fight most of the time.

Regardless of all of that, this isn't a guide saying he's the best, it's just explaining how to get the most out of one of his abilities that gets overlooked.

ID: eh9zgmq

Im a bloodhound main with 1500+ kills and i think that bloodhound is perfect the way he is. You just gotta learn how to properly use him. I cant imagine a bloodhound with 30%+ run speed in a smoke just running around melting your team.


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