Great news for Xbox players!

1 : Anonymous2021/04/21 15:25 ID: mvi2s1
Great news for Xbox players!
2 : Anonymous2021/04/21 15:36 ID: gvc1c22

They're also going to allow you to join a party without Gold too so that's an added bonus

ID: gvc3vfl

Imagine if they forced you to SOLO. Lmao

ID: gvcklus

Since match making is broke you essentially play solo 4 out of 5 games anyway.

ID: gvcnipp

WDYM you get solo qued even tho you have fill on percent of the time

ID: gvcm6c9

Free to play games actually free to play on Xbox now

ID: gvc6bpn

You couldn't join a chat party without gold? That's rough, never knew you were so restricted without gold on Xbox.

ID: gvc8agr

fortunately it was only 60$ a year, which is not little but its not over charging. You also got free games every month and discounts but it was still a shady practice, pretty much forcing you to buy gold. luckily they are moving away from stuff like that and being more about the consumers or whatever.

ID: gvd1b7o

Hugeee, my Xbox just ran out and I did the 1 dollar trial because they wouldn’t let me join a party lol. Now I don’t have to renew at all

ID: gvctfv0

So why does Gold even exist?

ID: gvd5si2

I think games that are not free still need gold for online

ID: gvddo6j

To pay for server upkeep for parties and to return a profit from their loss leading strategies

3 : Anonymous2021/04/21 15:41 ID: gvc1zns

About time! I hate that F2P games still require gold

ID: gvc5frw

Honestly it’s disappointing xbox still needs gold to play other games like CoD or TF. I was looking forward to them phasing it out, and having GP as their cash cow :/

ID: gvc72co

They are slowly ridding of gold. they are gonna make it the "xbox network" or whatever and its gonna be free. the perks of gold will be included in gamepass for the monthly free games and discounts.

ID: gvcfpby

Not anymore, they just announced it

ID: gvcbidk

That's insane. I thought this was a super common practice. I'll pick up apex for a few months and go without subbing to PS and grab some packs instead. Jeez xbox wtf?!?!?

ID: gvccixe

They said they were gonna change it soon

4 : Anonymous2021/04/21 16:35 ID: gvc9otr

Good for you guys. My playstation has been little more than an Apex machine for the last couple years. Who knows if I would have stuck around if there was a bill to play the game.

ID: gvcadon

Wait... Do you not need to pay on PS4 to play apex?

ID: gvcalow

Nope, F2P games like Apex don't require Playstation Plus. You do need it for multiplayer "paid" games like a Battlefield and such though

5 : Anonymous2021/04/21 16:22 ID: gvc7sr5

Love the picture they chose for a game with no local multiplayer

ID: gvcdbl7

Maybe they got two xbox's at the same time.

Or dude's just given a controller that's not connected, like a younger sibling lmao.

ID: gvcog3u

I'm not sure which of these I want to believe because they're both hilarious.

ID: gvcojak

Plus she's smiling, huge lie !

ID: gvcvsts

It's a wraith player ditching her teammates, about to drop the round all together.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/21 16:52 ID: gvcc33y

So I just found out I’ve been paying for PlayStation Plus purely for Apex when I didn’t need to... thanks to this post for saving me a few quid!

ID: gvcpa00

i bought 6 months of xbox live just for apex so now like half of it is just wasted hhh

ID: gvcwu1z

If you bought xbox live gold you can upgrade your remaining time to game pass ultimate for $1

ID: gvcnt42


ID: gvct8i6

You got some good games from it though!

ID: gvd09xq

I mean FF7 Remake is way more than a years subscription

ID: gvcu0bz

Have you not been claiming the free games?

ID: gvct8ms

......wait what?

7 : Anonymous2021/04/21 15:27 ID: gvc02br


8 : Anonymous2021/04/21 18:17 ID: gvcobq0

Wait you needed to pay to play Apex on Xbox?

9 : Anonymous2021/04/21 15:49 ID: gvc35si

wtf i just redeemed 3 months of xbox live gold yesterday lol

ID: gvcmffs

Play titanfall 2

ID: gvcnyzh

it is only like 10 bucks on amazon, i'll consider it

ID: gvcayli

Hate how ps3 xbox360 free online died with ps4 and xbox have live gold and psplus JUST to play online

ID: gvcbonn

Paying to play online is the primary reason why I don't understand playing multiplayer games on consoles.

ID: gvctbzb

360 was never free online. Xbox has required subscription since the original.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/21 15:30 ID: gvc0cq4


11 : Anonymous2021/04/21 16:46 ID: gvcbc41

Nice! I have a second Xbox in the bedroom for my wife so she can play apex with me. Now I won't have to pay for a live sub for her in addition to my game pass sub

12 : Anonymous2021/04/21 18:04 ID: gvcmdr1

That’s great but also how it should have always been. Online subscriptions are dumb af, especially if you need them to play free games.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/21 16:37 ID: gvc9ysf


14 : Anonymous2021/04/21 19:09 ID: gvcvonp

Breaking news: free game now free

15 : Anonymous2021/04/21 19:22 ID: gvcxezy

I do not own a xbox , i'm a ps4 gamer but i am happy for the xbox homies

16 : Anonymous2021/04/21 17:52 ID: gvcksxg

I just cancelled my subscription

17 : Anonymous2021/04/21 18:35 ID: gvcqrej

I always didn't get why would you have to pay multiplayer on xbox when on other platforms you could just play it if you buy the game

18 : Anonymous2021/04/21 19:31 ID: gvcyq03

Damn thats rough ps plus has been this way since its been on ps4, any game you can download free you can play for free online as well. I assumed Xbox was the same way but I guess this makes sense since you need gold to access Netflix too which is odd


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