Introduction to r/ApexLFG

1 : Anonymous2019/02/08 22:53 ID: aom648

Find other players to team up with in Apex Legends.

Either post your LFG ad with the right platform flair and region information or browse current ads over on new.

Read the rules here.

Edit: Platform flairs for users are now available and self assignable.

2 : Anonymous2019/02/17 04:51 ID: egn78d0

Do you guys have a discord?

ID: ei17ahz

Sorry for the late answer but yes, we have a Discord.

3 : Anonymous2019/02/12 17:01 ID: egbeozi

Wiki seems to be disabled for the rules.

ID: ei4wh1e

Thanks for the report, wiki is now up.

4 : Anonymous2019/07/21 09:56 ID: eud5skm

Hi, Join me or inv me for Rank

PSN: Armin-BarFii

#ps4 #ranked

5 : Anonymous2019/07/27 19:06 ID: ev72ges

Hey! I'm looking for some good teammates. I'm pretty lit 😉 add Boomsca on Ps4.

6 : Anonymous2019/08/07 03:34 ID: ew5z1x5

Looking for new players with mics trying to learn the game and play ranked on pc. @stirleng


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