Had my whole team desperately distracting the enemy while I tried to pull this off…

1 : Anonymous2021/06/07 15:05 ID: nueqtp
Had my whole team desperately distracting the enemy while I tried to pull this off...
2 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:05 ID: h0x826i

Rampart's appropriate reaction is just the extra cherry on top here.

ID: h0x8ld9

Going into Sudden Death, absolutely. Enemy team truly got a sudden death.

ID: h0yeehm

Lol hi twil

ID: h0yrq2v

BRRRR ping ping ping BRRRRR pop pop Best day evahhhh!!!!

ID: h0xm4x6

Tbh Rampart has some of the best writing/voice acting in the game

I've been a Rampart main since they removed Caustic from the game, and hot damn between how fun her character is and how powerful her kit is when used correctly, she's quickly become my favorite

Glad to see more posts like this on the sub, if only for more people to see how satisfying she can be to play when used correctly

ID: h0xodoi

"Removed Caustic" made me choke. Not on the gas cause its essentially just an air freshener at the moment

ID: h0xmx3g

No please, I like it when they think rampart is still useless.

Makes getting sheila kills easier.

ID: h0y7qfl


I can’t tell if my tears are from laughing or crying right now.

because it sure as hell isn’t from caustic traps

ID: h0xqnc3

"How's your mom?"

The best and most toxic line out of any videogames I've played

ID: h0xtaed

Anjali Bhimani is a fucking gem, man.

She did Symmetra for Overwatch too, and she and Carolina Ravassa (sombra) have some great irl content together.

ID: h0xq04c

If you put a good Wattson with a good Rampart you have nearly an unbreakable portable fortress lol. It's a blast.

ID: h0y1cec

Let’s keep this about Rampart please

3 : Anonymous2021/06/07 15:30 ID: h0x3727

If this were me, my aim would be flying across the screen like that Crypto drone.

ID: h0xqrad

bruh even aimed low first so they wouldn't see the red laser aiming at 'em. #wasted

ID: h0xtacr

Probably that and to tighten up the spread of the bullets.

ID: h0y2km0

It has that??? I know u can see it whole aiming but never saw it aimed at me

ID: h0y5y1x

If this were me, I would be aiming at them but for some reason only 1 in 5 shots will actually make contact.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/07 15:41 ID: h0x4saa

Say hello to Sheila, mates!

ID: h0xmgsx

Hello to Sheila, mates!

ID: h0xn1ds

to Sheila, mates!

ID: h0xuyst

Jesus Christ man marks this NSFW. Think of the children

ID: h0xtc9p

Couple of dead plonkas!

5 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:05 ID: h0x81ss

If you can’t third party with Sheila, make your own third party

ID: h0xw9fm

Haha, kinda just like the video, it's a very high risk reward strategy. If other team pushed they would have had a three v two or a two v one.

Props to the other two on ramparts team that held the other team while rampart repositioned, the unspoken heros of the video.

But there is nothing like plopping Sheila down and melting an unwitting party. This was very well done with just two squads!

6 : Anonymous2021/06/07 15:13 ID: h0x0rsn

That‘s f***ing satisfying to watch! Pretty play!

ID: h0x21y5

Incredibly satisfying

7 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:26 ID: h0xb6ff

That little freeze/stutter at the start, I see you fellow Xbox player!

GG, that squad got lit up!

ID: h0xm9fw

Except for me it’s whenever I get in a fight

ID: h0xnlss

Yep, more often than not I get that lag spike as soon as I'm engaging with a map element or, more often than not, an enemy. It's the worst.

ID: h0xo6zm

so so so so so frustrating. having to guess where the fuck everyone is going to be after the stutter is over. and I swear the more that's going on (i.e. the worse the scenario for this to happen) the longer the stutter takes.

ID: h0xx5zr

It happens to me legit everytime i go to loot a deathbox. Quick shield swaps are impossible

ID: h0xmv95

hell yes. I will upvote every comment about the stutter until it gets fixed. This shit is terrible right now.

ID: h0xnad8

Playstation has the same issue. Respawn/EA keep dropping the ball on that one.

ID: h0y450u

Oh my GOSH I thought it was just me! I kept complaining to my friends that almost every time we'd start to get in a fight there's this huge lag spike (mine often happen 2 or 3 times and then it's fine for a while) and they didn't know what I was talking about. Glad to know it's not just me. This never used to happen idk why it is now.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/07 17:13 ID: h0xhtzp

Gohan: “Why didn’t you…DODGE?!

ID: h0xn8vh

Piccolo: “Why didn’t you…DODGE?!


ID: h0y9qwc

well looks like im watching all of dbz abridged again

9 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:09 ID: h0x8pni

Massive brain

10 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:58 ID: h0xfp7g

Best bloody day ever with you are the champions

11 : Anonymous2021/06/07 17:27 ID: h0xjygy

Rampart is so underrated and fun to play. She's turned into a Top 3 legend in my rotation.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/07 17:05 ID: h0xgqil

Hats off to the crypto !

13 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:13 ID: h0x9880

the fact she said it on queue makes this clip 10x better

14 : Anonymous2021/06/07 15:32 ID: h0x3ibh


15 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:46 ID: h0xe1ps

That team must have been terrified lol

16 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:35 ID: h0xcc84

Shooting some plonkers!

17 : Anonymous2021/06/07 17:00 ID: h0xg31x

I think we all play competitive video games for moments like this.

18 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:18 ID: h0xa0ng

I remeber one time, the enemy time was hiding in a house, half of the house was in the circle, and the ring was gonna close on them and put the whole house on the storm, my teammates attacked and died, but i stayed with sheila, aiming at the door.

When the ring started to close, i could just feel the fear on them as they opened the door and tried running, one tried to go from behind the house, i knocked, one went in front, i knocked, and the other i did enough damage, just for the storm to finish him of.

And that's how i clutched, the W.

ID: h0xo79k

I've had a couple wins like that with Rampart and it feels soooooo fucking good. Kinda makes up for the other times when I get fucked because I'm out in the open and not set up before I get blown away by a sentinel or something lol.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:59 ID: h0xfwoj

sheila is cracked af

20 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:10 ID: h0x8tgl

Big brain time


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