The new generation of graphics – RDNA 2 (SapphireNation article)

1 : Anonymous2021/06/07 11:01 ID: nu9mog
The new generation of graphics - RDNA 2 (SapphireNation article)
2 : Anonymous2021/06/07 14:52 ID: h0wxv2a

The RX 6700 XT Pulse is a sensible and fast product!

Got a good laugh out of this one. AIB prices for RDNA 2 cards are total dogshit. Nothing sensible about it whatsoever.

[Yeah, I know complaining about prices is beating a dead horse, but this article saying that it's "sensible" is just flagrant and unnecessary]

ID: h0x5as2

Yep, most of the price inflation is happening at the AIB and distributor stages of the supply chain.

E.g. the 2080 / 5700 XT / 2070 Super etc. had:

The plain stock card with stock cooler, at MSRP An "OC" version with a $20-100 markup An "elite" version with a $100-200 markup Some liquid cooled uber binned version with a $200-400 markup

Now, we just get, let's say with the 6800 XT / 3080:

The plain stock card, at MSRP, which you can't buy An "OC" version, with a $500-700 markup An "elite" version for an $700-1000 markup A liquid cooled version for a $1000-1500 markup

It's ridiculous. The chips are there, it's just AIBs have raised prices on every SKU except the unicorn stock model they white label, that are made by Sapphire (IIRC).

ID: h0yqxdy

Honestly the old cards were better then that. You were looking at 100 dollar premium at most (only 200 on the 2080 and 2080 ti)

ID: h0yggis

just to point out, the only AIB that has "sensible" pricing (at least in US) rn is EVGA, a 3080 ftw3 Ultra is 889 up from 809, for example. if you are lucky enough to get this in a MC or BB, its a good catch. Its funny how on release the ftw3 was deemed "bad value" yet its the only "flagship gpu" under 1k

ID: h0y8lxu

You people confuse retail pricing vs scalper pricing. Its not Sapphires fault scalpers are buying their products at the "sensible pricing" and then reselling for exorbitant prices.... the cards are 100% priced fairly and sensibly, its the scalpers you are mad at....

ID: h0yh10y

the cards are 100% priced fairly and sensibly, its the scalpers you are mad at....

Scalpers are terrible, but the MSRP for these cards are downright horrendous.

Let's take a look at the retailers/etailers where we can buy Sapphire products according to

In the US, we can buy from


Consumers can't purchase directly from those first 5, so I'll focus on the last 3.

The only prices listed on Amazon are sold by 3rd party sellers (scalpers), so that's a no-go.

Microcenter has it listed for a ""reasonable"" $849.99

And finally Newegg doesn't have the PULSE model listed.

So yeah, the only price listed from an authorized retailer is a whole $370 above the reference MSRP of $479.99. Nearly the price of a second GPU. Thanks, Sapphire.

And if you want to insist that prices are magically better in your Microcenter, please share with the class. We'd love to see it.

ID: h0ybhfn

i think you have no idea what the retail prices are. def sensible for a 6700 red devil to be 900 USD.

yep sensible.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/07 16:45 ID: h0xdsul

Anyone know why AMD cards are priced higher than Nvidia right now? 6700 XT is about the price of 3080s right now even with less demand for AMD cards.

ID: h0xe8iz

This is the opposite of what it is like in Bulgaria. 6700 XTs are lower price than 3060 Tis, 6900 XTs are equal in price to 3070s.

No idea why where you live it is the other way around.

ID: h0xffmn

I live in the US and Microcenter sells 6700 XTs for around 900-1060 USD, whereas they sell RTX 3070s for 650-750 USD and RTX 3080 for 1000-1150 USD.

ID: h0xgprx

Because AMD lets them. nVidia is more strict about them. From the podcast "Moore's law is dead", AMD is happier maintaining good AIB relationship and not enforcing limits. So, AMD AIB prices have pretty gone close to scalper prices. So, nVidia has a huge difference between retail and scalper prices.

ID: h0xoquq

Oh ok. I knew AIB's were the one's responsible for the pricing. But I didn't know why'd they be pricing RX 6000 series so much higher than RTX 3000 series cards. Now I know - thanks.

ID: h0y8pdw

Those aren't official prices. Most likely you are looking at 3d party sellers who are essentially scalpers, who bought the official stock and are now "reselling" for profit.... typical scalping.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/07 22:43 ID: h0yrnhb

6000 series is going to fail if these insane price hikes keep up


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