DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two Teaser trailer on 03.15.2021

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:54 ID: lzwzsj
DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two Teaser trailer on 03.15.2021
2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:25 ID: gq4uagz

Ancient Gods kicked my ass. I need to finish the last section. I gave up after how many attempts at the final slayer gate, and shortly after there was one more section that just stonewalled me. Then I got into playing some other things.

IMO, there's a few too many super heavies they throw at you in a few areas. Some of the arenas are great, but when it throws 2 Archviles and a Doom Hunter at you after 2 already difficult waves (one of the Blood Swamp areas had this), it gets exhausting to have to redo those same 3 waves.

ID: gq55ne5

Not sure when you started playing, but the original Slayer Gate in the Holt was apparently too easy so they made it probably one of the most difficult encounters in possibly all FPS only to turn it down a notch later.

Could be worth trying it again now. I suffered through the hard one until I got it but looking back on it I can't say it wasn't fun.

edit: I was wrong. The nerf is coming with DLC2.

ID: gq5k1ft

The Holt slayer gate was originally too easy. It was the easiest slayer gate in the entire game, including the base game. So they patched it to make it harder. Way fucking harder.

ID: gq5zhj0

I felt the same way about it. I don't think there's enough variation, it's just one hard enemy after another and it's tiring

ID: gq8bbu3

Just wait til the final encounter. It’s miserable.

ID: gq650qr

They have to up the ante in DLC or it'll just be more of the same. You can always lower the difficulty.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:30 ID: gq4md86

Doom Eternal is one of my favorite shooters ever, and I liked it more than 2016, but holy god the first part of the dlc was so nigh-unmanageably hard it made my blood boil. I beat it, but by the end I wasn’t even 100%ing the levels and just wanted to reach the conclusion.

ID: gq51i53

I had this experience, and chalked it up to being rusty. The whole difficulty scale of both modern Doom games works because the player is gradually challenged more and more until you become a twitch reflex god by the end. It doesn't work anymore if you pick the game up again a year later, all those reflexes are lost. The DLC should've ramped us back up again IMHO.

ID: gq4n3tp

I'm running on UV and I'm stuck on blood swamps lol. Still super fun but I totally agree.

ID: gq4rcgk

Straight up, I cannot finish the DLC. I got to the point in the Blood Swamp where you have to shoot that moving cube that opens so you shoot the eye, while enemies are spawning everywhere. The first part was annoying as sin, and the second had be threatening to rage quit.....but the second the 'third' stage came along and it throws in a second cube, I bailed.

Ancient Gods is hard as fuck, but that part just had be go, even on the easiest difficulty, "Nope...I'm not good enough for this...holy fuck I'm out.", and then just watched the rest on YouTube. Literally haven't done that for a solid decade.

ID: gq545t1

I felt frustrated with Part One in a way I never did with the base game. I think it was the Blood Swamps level where it started wearing thin on me and then when they introduced l the spirit enemies I started losing interest altogether and then eventually quit at the second last boss.

I'll be damned if I'm gonna turn the difficulty down to Hurt me Plenty!

ID: gq4vyg0

As someone who completed it in Ultra-Nightmare, even the most annoying parts were loads of adrenaline-fueled action.

ID: gq5r4fn

Is it easier after a little while? I'm struggling in the first part lol

ID: gq5uiaw

My problem with the DLC was that I was pretty rusty after not having played Eternal much since release so jumping into difficult encounters was a real pain.

ID: gq4xh4d

That's the main reason putting me off buying the DLC at all, frankly.

I don't play DOOM for some high octane bullshit ass difficulty, and when I do it's because I've chosen that difficulty and not had it thrusted on me by force.

Maybe it's not as bad as I'm thinking but when all you hear is how mega hard a game is compared to the original well, why would I wanna suffer through that? I wanna rip and tear, not be fucking ripped and torn.

ID: gq5rtr0

I just switched it down a few difficulty levels for the last boss. Some of the fights got so unreal I couldn’t face the boss.

ID: gq5zn4m

I played through the main campaign on normal but I couldn't finish the DLC on easy. I'm not very good though

ID: gq6uknv

Doom Eternal has been one of my go to games to warm up for online FPS games so I never really experienced that issue. Still wasn't the best idea to start the DLC on Nightmare immediately.

ID: gq88nw8

Oh it wasn't just me? I gave up lol I loved the main game and found it challenging but not overly, DLC dropped and I was like "I'm not willing to practice to get back to where I was" thinking I'd just gotten worse during the break.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:45 ID: gq4ojq5

Still working my way through the first one, though the quality is still top-tier. Doom Eternal is just such an exhausting game to play that I need frequent breaks from it though. Its both mentally and physically exhausting, and the only game i can think of where my hands got sore just from doing movement on the keyboard.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:25 ID: gq4lmg9

Weird that Eternal is getting mixed reception in this thread. For me, it's the pinnacle of the series. The levels are fun, the sounds and score are great, the variety of enemies is immense, and I love juggling your arsenal to deal with different threats and different finishers to replenish different resources. Perhaps some bosses were weaker than others, or some enemies more tedious than challenging, but I still find it to be an awesome experience.

ID: gq55aak

I think it's because there is one big gameplay mechanic that if you don't like almost ruins the game(the combat dance) for you like weapon durability in Zelda BOTW.

Which also wasn't in doom 2016

I love eternal and it very much fixed my issues with doom 2016 which was level variety, the only minor downgrade personally was I did like the darker more realistic tone 2016 and the enimie design is more grotesque.

ID: gq4o6hb

It got mixed reception at release.

It's a polarizing game, and a big part of that is it isn't the game people were expecting after 2016. I loved Doom 2016, but eternal was just such a departure in terms of tone.

Honestly, the game play wasn't even the biggest issue for me.

ID: gq4q5m6

I don't care, I'm happy someone is brave enough to try new things in a sequel rather than make "same game reskinned". I for one loved Eternal much much more than the 2016 Doom, but to each his own.

ID: gq50z90

I loved the gameplay and visuals, but I think it would've benefited from a story that was simpler and grounded in the world of Doom 2016. They added a ton of high fantasy and convoluted lore to the point where I wondered if I was supposed to have read some Doom comic books before playing. I did not understand the stakes by the end of the game, making it less than satisfying to finish.

ID: gq4pkcd

When I see most of the criticism for Eternal, it really seems like the "issues" with the game would be solved by simply lowering the difficulty. Eternal's core gameplay has more depth and demands much more of the player on higher difficulties. People were used to breezing through 2016 without having to think as much, but you can lower the difficulty in Eternal and not have to think much anyway.

ID: gq4p9k9

I liked Eternal but they flushed anything interesting about the story that 2016 set up straight down the toilet.

ID: gq4q6mx

I think it was okay. It went way too high fantasy story focused though, compared to 2016 where the story wasn’t blown in your face every 3 seconds. It also tried way too hard to be funny all the time, and the jokes almost never landed for me

ID: gq4t4ca

Yeah this is strange to me, did people actually prefer 2016 to eternal? Eternal was a fucking masterpiece imo. The best Doom has ever been. It was one of the most fluid and fun fps games I’ve ever played

ID: gq5x6ga

I just miss the old level design of the classic series, it feels like Eternal has very little exploration and at worst sometimes it just feels like arenas attached to arenas, so it's missing a major appeal of Doom that 1/2/64/wads have for me.

ID: gq4zqb9

I think the big complaints about this game come down to:

A more cartoony aesthetic than 2016 Some enemy design issues (screw you, marauder) slower, Puzzle-like combat vs 2016’s pure intensity combat

I really liked eternal, it’s a great game, it’s just not the sequel I expected or wanted.

ID: gq4uyc4

2016 has the asethetic nailed down. It's perfect. Eternal is great in every way except they tried to make it an arcade experience with glossy neon pickups. Ruins the immersion 2016 had in spades. I have to maintain a head-canon that the Doomslayer is hallucinating aspects of his god-like power in order to satisfy my personal "it must make sense" meter.

ID: gq51hpp

It's this sub, it didn't seem to fit like 2016 did for a lot of people. I find Eternal to be fantastic and it obviously did well commercially and crtically. So don't take this subs negativity towards it as much of an indicator of the general public .

ID: gq4mext

Same. I really enjoyed Eternals a lot. The Ep 1 dlc was a bit tiresome since it unfortunately fell in the typical dlc format of throwing every single enemy archetype at you at every step of the way. Though, Im still looking forward to future releases.

ID: gq5w4gb

I was really excited for Eternal and then after 2 or 3 hours I stopped playing it. It's just a completely different game and isn't something I wanted to play. Doom 2016 had the little Gore Nests here and there and Eternal is just Gore Nest after Gore Nest broken up by jump puzzles.

It's nice that people liked it, but 2016 was fun because it wasn't trying too many new things where Eternal is all new things. It's less Doom than it's part DMC/horde shooter, part I wanna be the guy, and part duke nukem forever. I could probably force myself to play it but for me (obviously not for many people) it feels like a bike with square wheels.

ID: gq4oapr

I thought it was ok. I think the decision to make switching weapons constantly essentially mandatory was a mistake.

I say keep all the stuff about different enemies being weaker to different weapons and some are better in different situations and all that. It should be strongly encouraged to switch a lot in order to play at max efficiency.

But it shouldn't be required. If I want to blast around with 2 or 3 of my favorite weapons I would expect it to not be the best way to play but at least viable. In this one if you aren't cycling through the entire wheel you won't make it through the mid to later encounters.

It took something that was a super fun next to mindless shooter aka rip and tear and that's about it, to one where my position, ammo, cool downs, what enemies are there, just so many things have to be juggled and it became exhausting.

ID: gq583im

Weird that Eternal is getting mixed reception in this thread

Eternal brings out the stupidest hot takes from people. It basically boils down to people refusing to get good and adapt thus denying themselves the ability to have fun. Eternal is just flat out an objective improvement over 2016 in every way except the bosses but you have to learn the game to get there. I'm so glad they doubled down in the DLC.

ID: gq4pia5

The base game is amazing and a hell of a lot of fun. I get why people don't like it over 2016, but I personally found it one of the best games of the year.

The dlc, though, was awful. I enjoyed the first level. It wasn't amazing, but it was definitely solid.

The 2nd level, though, was what killed it for me. Not only did it introduce the ghost enemy that you had to kill with the microwave beam, said ghost would possess dudes and make them nastier and tougher.

it also had a bunch of bombs that would explode and release a gas that slowed you down and disabled your dash. And they would grow back.

And there was a stupid fog that made it impossible to see anything that wasn't already ripping you a new asshole.

And there were buff totems.

And you had to deal with these all at once on several occasions.

It was just a clusterfuck of obstacles that, on their own, would have been fun. But this was just the devs saying "fuck you" and it killed any desire I had to finish DLC 1 or buy DLC 2.

ID: gq4wy24

The story and cutsscenes annoyed me more than anything. I love story based games, but I don't play doom for the damn story lol. I entirely agree the combat was amazing. Couldn't just blast your way through with the super shotgun like you could in doom 2016

ID: gq50l4l

Yeah, personally, it's one of my favorite games of all time. The thing is, it has a really steep learning curve, so I suppose I can see why people aren't into it, but once you've more or less mastered the mechanics, you feel like an unstoppable force of destruction. I can't get enough of it.

ID: gq4rgzu

I agree. It's dethroned Doom 2 as the best one.

ID: gq6wshu

Eternal felt like a first person platform instead of the run and gun old school shooter that is D2016. I've tried getting through eternal multiple times but it's just not scratching the same itch.

ID: gq7aqyv

Something about it doesn't draw me in and I can't quite place the reason. I love 2016 and have played through it a few times but I've gotten half way through Eternal twice now and both times just lost interest.

ID: gq6lrx8

Eternal is one of the best games ever made.

ID: gq513dt

Doom Eternal filtered a lot of people who aren't willing to engage with the mechanics but are also too insecure to turn the difficulty down

ID: gq4q95l

Yeah, doom 2016 feels like a peashooter compared to eternal

ID: gq5kq4c

It's an incredible game but the bad parts are so bad. The Doomslayer is awful enemy design, there is nothing fun about fighting them.

ID: gq695wf

People’s issue with Eternal stems purely on the fact that the game has a “correct” way to play.

ID: gq4ntof


ID: gq5if48

It's because people think "power fantasy" can only mean point at monsters and hold fire button. Eternal said hold up and took fps arena action and pushed it into the modern age by actually using game design and gameplay. Was too much for people that wanted a simpler experience (even though they could play on the easiest for that)

ID: gq5fj6d

Not just you. This was a way better game.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:18 ID: gq4ko8p

Even though I loved Doom Eternal, it's a game that really burns you out. Never got around to trying Ancient Gods but I wonder if it's worth jumping back into Eternal for it.

ID: gq4uxbg

Never got around to trying Ancient Gods but I wonder if it's worth jumping back into Eternal for it.

It's a major difficulty jump, so just beware. The levels start out assuming you are already pretty proficient at the game, and I found it to be far harder than anything the base game throws at you. It's also very stingy on BFG ammo and there's no crucible, so there's fewer "oh shit" options if you get overwhelmed. There's also a lot more difficult arena fights where you are fighting off multiple waves that consist of multiple super heavies, and dying at any point means you simply restart the entire thing again.

ID: gq4kzmj

See Eternal is an anomaly for me. I love basically every doom game, played the originals to death, played 2016 at least 4x.

From the very start I couldn't get into Eternal, after about, I want to say the half way point, I just gave up. I wasn't having fun. For the most part, I'm not sure why?

ID: gq4lm4f

Man god DAMN that's exactly what I've been thinking when I tried to play AG1. I've lasted three encounters I think.

I came to the conclusion that they shot themselves in the foot with the "grind the same levels over and over and over and over again for seasonal rewards". I probably know where every single enemy is located in the later levels because you need to grind specific enemies with specific weapons. I should have just stopped playing altogether after beating the game. Now I just groan when I think about getting back into it.

ID: gq6zc68

I had to take mental breaks because the game turned into 4D underwater anti-matter chess and i needed to stop and give myself time to breathe

ID: gq4no2s

I started Ancient Gods, and the first level has to be the best Doom level I ever played.... but after that, it just falls off, I still haven't finished and have no desire to go back. It becomes uninspired and sort of just annoying, because it's seems to throw out skill and logic in gameplay, just mid-sized arenas with tons of enemies(and often multiple Marauders at once.. ugh) and you just find yourself just holding down Shoot and that's it, there's no tactics in positioning and switching weapons, you just shoot. It's painfully repetitive and exhausting. The hilariously limited max ammo you can carry also becomes a bigger pain in the ass.

It was fun in the base game because you actually had arenas that rewarded you for tactical positioning and gave you different enemy variations to have you switch weapons, but this expansion just throws everything at you all at once. Feels like a quickly made fan-mod with a big budget.

ID: gq4o5hm

The combat that “burns you out” is a pace I love and wish more games achieved. Sometimes I like being able to have 4 options at any time to defeat my enemy. The custom weapons allows you to have a counter to every enemy minus the Marauder.

What burns you out about it exactly?

ID: gq58air

Ancient Gods 1 is honestly 3 levels of REALLY hard encounters for 5 minutes of story that already got spoiled in the trailers. The DLC really goes out of its way to be as difficult as possible.

ID: gq4o7ma

Complete opposite for me as a non fps fan this doom kept me coming back for more it’s takes away so much stress it’s amazing.

ID: gq5c0gh

Really? Doom 2016 made me burn out by the last third, while I had nothing but fun the entire time for Eternal. I can't play 2016 again because it's way too slow for me.

ID: gq5i0ir

I burned out of Doom 2016 before I even finished the campaign. Didn't come back to finish it for two years. The gameplay was just too shallow, halfway through the campaign you had seen everything it had to offer and it became boring. It didn't help that the environments were basically all the same as well (Mars base, Mars surface, and hell, and the latter two look nearly identical).

Doom Eternal I have been playing all year. I've beaten it five times now, twice on Ultra Nightmare, I've beaten the DLC on Ultra Nightmare, and I'm still finding new tricks and getting better. I'd literally be playing it right now, except that the W key on my keyboard broke, lol.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:15 ID: gq4suei

I'm curious how the next dlc is balanced. The second half of dlc1 was just stupidly ridiculous on controller, imo

ID: gq5oix8

The game director has said that this DLC will have a much more balanced pace, he acknowledged that there is a significant difficulty spike in the second half of DLC 1 that they will retroactively have a look at, but he feels better about DLC 2 overall. So that's a positive sign.

ID: gq52av4

Even on PC that bridge fight on Ultra Violence made me string more curses together than I ever had before. Absolute bullshit it was.

ID: gq7vfph

Honestly idk how anyone could beat the highest difficulty of Eternal on a controller. You have to move so fucking much.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/08 05:58 ID: gq6mnvv

Oh my goodness, please tell me I am not the only one who is getting tired of teasers of teaser trailers. Just drop the trailer on 3/15 and surprise us all.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:36 ID: gq4n8z6

I really hope part 2 is less... spiteful than the first part.

The Ancient Gods felt spiteful to an almost embarrassing degree. It's like they took criticism of the base game to heart in the most blatantly backwards way possible.

People don't like how awkward Marauders are to fight due to how they switch between attacks so fast that it looks like an animation error? Make em faster with totems, two at once, or powered up with our totally amazing enemy, the ghost.

Levels way too long? Fuck you, these levels are the longest in the game, with the second being so absurdly long that you stop having fun at like, the 30% mark.

Goo and tentacles are terrible additions that slow down the game? Second level is a swamp and has mega tentacles that just eat ammo and are almost literally just walls to waste your time.

Game balance is... finnicky and rough? Fuck you, here's massive difficulty spikes, trials that are way too hard for no reason, spamming super-heavy enemies, everything we can do to make the game more awkward.

Microwave beam is useless? "What, you want balance? fuck you!" Introduces nothing to make the microwave beam better, instead focusing on... introducing a terrible enemy that requires you to use the beam in some weird shitty Ghostbusters reference.

Coming from someone who has** beaten Doom Eternal multiple times on the hardest difficulty**, and has basically every challenge skin unlocked let me tell you, the ancient gods is poorly balanced, and anything above MAYBE one difficulty above normal is just completely unfun and a waste of time.

ID: gq5zzzm

I have thought that same things in my rage at this game. Specifically the plasma-beam. I beat the main game on nightmare and TAG all on nightmare except for the final boss.

ID: gq8ouex

Thank you for summarizing everything I hate about Doom Eternal in one post. Don't forget the cartoony artstyle, heavy focus on story, needless platforming, 17 different cooldown timers, enemies that can only be defeated with specific weapons shooting specific weakpoints, and overly videogamey 1ups and rotating Mario fireballs.

ID: gq5oa49

Sounds like you need to get good.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:42 ID: gq4o2ps

This is ridiculous teaser image for the teaser trailer which will be followed by a trailer and then by probably by a launch trailer, come on already this is insane.

ID: gq59pmf

“Yes We’ve had teasers! But what about second teasers?”

ID: gq5ksev

Yeah at this point idc anymore just call me when the game is out.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:56 ID: gq4yr5b

The base game is wonderful, but my god is the dlc such absolute BS. It is filled with artificial/lazy difficult spikes. Specifically, the Spirit and the increased usage of tentacles.

The spirit only has ONE method to answer it (microwave), which runs counter to the design of pretty much every other demon in the game. Also, it is super basic: damage buff, defense buff. It is remarkably similar to how BGS games (Skyrim, Fallout 4) treat different difficulty modes: "harder" is not changes to AI, or spawn rates. No, it is only enemies dealing more damage, and taking less damage. BS.

My god, the tentacle placements utter BS. What incredible game design. It is literally trail and error. walk in, and get one-shot by a tentacle with no warning. Some of these don't even have the tentacle hole-in-the-ground to foreshadow them!

Some people will lump the eye turrets in with these other two, but IMO, the eye turrets are frustrating yet fair. Their is a proper window in which to counter them. The same cannot be said for Spirits and Tentacles.

The DLC really is just filled with lazy game design choices to artificially increase the difficulty. What a bummer since I really did love the base game, and the Ancient Gods part 1 just left a sour taste in my mouth that sadly has tainted my perception of the game as a whole as well. I hope that ID will be able to see actual feedback, but the fanbase tries it's damnedest to insulate from any/all criticism.

ID: gq5kktq

Possessed demons actually don't have a damage buff, they have a speed buff which effects both their movement and rate of fire. But the main thing is that they can't be faltered or frozen. This makes them unique among tanky threats in the game, as you can't simply chain falters on them to negate their presence. They essentially act as a sort of mini-boss for each encounter where they appear.

ID: gq540gq

I do agree there are some frustrating parts of the DLC. Though I will say that the spirit does also drastically increase their speed and you can't destroy their weak points. It's a bit more than just a simple damage/health increase.

And yeah, tentacles are a pain, but there are ways to deal with them. Dashing backwards if you're not in purple slime, chaingun shield, chainsawing them, or just shooting them as they pop up if your aim is good. It's definitely not just trial and error.

ID: gq7flk0

Pretty much my feelings. I know it's easy for people to jump the argument to "Too hard for you?" but difficulty is not just a simple scale of Easy<->Hard. Ancient Gods Part 1 was kinda just focusing on the really frustrating elements of being hard, a really big one being the drop in player creativity (for instance having so many weak point ballista bosses. The turrets alone I wouldn't have complained much over)

ID: gq5onzn

Hugo Martin has said that the issues they've received feedback for from DLC 1 have been retweaked for DLC 2. DLC 2 is said to have a much better pace and fewer jarring difficulty spikes, while also still building up to the challenge.

ID: gq8bxh5

I think the reason that they leaned into the Microwave Beam so much is because it was utterly useless in the base game. I think it was smart to give it purpose, but I agree there should be another one or two ways to dispatch them, even if they are less efficient.

ID: gq6z7qf

About the fanbase: I haven’t been there in a while but when Eternal came out it was painful to watch the Doom subreddit turn from a largely positive sub into a shitty Git Gud/”Casuals and movie games are ruining gaming” sub for which Eternal is the messiah sent by Hugo Martin to save video games (particulary after TLOU 2 won GOTY)

12 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:39 ID: gq54yw2


Assuming that's 'evil doom slayer', he's a lot bigger than I was expecting. It also looks like he stole your crucible? I'm also seeing a bunch of friendly characters including the guy with the purple hammer, who perhaps is the 'Betrayer'?

ID: gq5jc5f

Looks like Davoth does have the demonic crucible from 2016. Makes sense, it's his after all.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:51 ID: gq5eswi

The first dlc had some questionable design choices. I really hope they stop with the bullshit encounters.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:40 ID: gq4ntc3

Middle feel to this. There is no way im not going to play it, but I think its probably going to be very freakishly hard to play on nightmare like ive been doing for main campaign and old gods 1. It took so long for me to get through the insanity of the current dlc levels. I was happy i did, but i can certainly feel why people would get burned by it as i almost threw in the towel completely during some sections because the weapon/mod swapping got turned up to 11 during the dlc.

ID: gq5k49t

I think Hugo Martin said it's not going to be harder than TAG1.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:12 ID: gq59koy

Part 1 was such a brazen middle finger to people that said the base game was too hard that I kinda love and respect it.

I'm hyped to see how part 2 breaks my keyboard and my spirit.

ID: gq5yp64

This oppressive 'I wanna be the guy' stuff has never appealed to me. I'm glad people liked Eternal but seeing people talk about why they liked it only validates my decision to uninstall it and never go back.

Only wish I didn't buy it on GMG so I could have gotten a refund.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:43 ID: gq4obn5

Looks like this and the store page that was up briefly confirms the leak was correct and sentinel hammer will be a thing.

Here are some images from the page:

ID: gq551oa

Chaingunners are back, and now with shields. Mein gott.

Also nice to see some neat looking Earth levels and demonic Urdak.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/08 00:47 ID: gq5rls1

They’ll send in a possessed marauder. I can handle marauders fine now. But those possessed enemies gave me real trouble in part 1.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/08 08:39 ID: gq6xgtr

What ever happened to the PS5 specific upgraded version? It was announced in Octobe

, but nothing has been said since

19 : Anonymous2021/03/08 17:38 ID: gq8e87s

What's with this trend of putting out teasers for teasers, which in itself are occasionally just teasers for trailers. It's happening recently for both movies and games. Just drop the trailer

20 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:14 ID: gq4ssr1

All I ask is that they don't have any of those garbage ass fog arenas in this part.

Soured my whole experience when I got to that part in Part One. They were absolute garbage. Loved the original game and most parts of Part One tho

Edit: To whoever downvoted this please tell me how making an arena that you can't see shit in with a possessed arachnatron is a fun and challenging way to increase difficulty as opposed to creating artificial difficulty.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:21 ID: gq52cc6

Man this looks so good but this game just makes me really motion sick. I don't know what it is about this game in particular, I played through Doom 2016 fine and I was looking forward to Eternal so much I got it on day 1 and I was nauseous after like 30 minutes of playing.

ID: gq88ppz

Turn off weapon bob maybe?

22 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:37 ID: gq5cylg

Modern Doom has been such a mixed bag for me. I couldn’t stand 2016 after the first few hours because combat boiled down to maybe 2 weapons and a single strategy while the exploration was awful.

Doom Eternal was one of my GOTYs for 2020 and I put about 80 hours in. Finished it on UN, did 100% and even tried to platinum it by playing the terrible multiplayer. It perfectly meshed together what few parts of 2016 worked and the great parts of the classic games while finally giving Doom some decent platforming and movement. (Before anyone says doom never had platforming, please go play the originals and 64. There’s plenty of it, just without a jump button.)

Then the DLC came out and it’s like they just forgot what made Eternal and the classic games so good. The new enemy Spirit is 100% awful because it completely changes enemy weaknesses (which the game DOES NOT tel you), it increases their animation and projectile speed to absurd levels, always spawn in with the highest priority targets and can only be killed with a weapon that forces you to stand almost completely still. Then the final boss comes and it is legitimately a 1/5 experience. I would rather chew glass and down it with straight rubbing alcohol mixed with salt than ever, EVER play that fight again.

They added things just for the sake of difficulty and it was no longer a cohesive, flowing combat masterpiece but instead became a boring, frustrating exercise in bullet sponges and looking at datamimed enemy data to find the new strategies. The other new enemies were great additions but whoever sat there and thought the spirits were SO fun that they needed to be a central part of the final boss fight needs their head examined.

I really hope this one captures the feeling of Eternal better because I will not be purchasing it right off the bat like last time.

Edit: Also, the music was nowhere near as good or memorable. Andrew did a great job on his contribution but the rest was sorely lacking and it really feels like a huge part of the identity of the series left with Mick.

ID: gq8cvtf

I actually agree. The final boss was complete ass. The fact that the big enemies just kept on coming and basically insta-spawned when you killed one of them was super annoying. The DLC started out solid but slowly became a nuisance. 2/5 of it pissed me off, but I did love the story that was being told.

Also agree about the score. I know the new guy did his best, but I can’t remember a single track from the DLC. It’s a shame Mick Gordon was such a tool and got himself fired.

Here’s to hoping they ditch Spirits altogether.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:07 ID: gq66q43

I really enjoyed Doom: a Turtle, but it ultimately had too many frustrating elements for me to recommend it. Almost everything I heard about the DLC was that it was just too infuriating, even to veteran players. I'm still interested in checking it out, but it's curious to me this kind of reception is somewhat consistent.

ID: gq6pefq

I wouldn't put much thought into those complaints. Veteran players complain because they made it harder, but they're playing on Nightmare, that's the WHOLE point of that difficulty. Doom developers have always ramped up the difficulty in response to the community.

For everyone else, playing on a lower difficulty is just as fun.

ID: gq6wy8q

Veteran players overwhelmingly love it because it takes what made Doom Eternal great up to 11. This thread is not representative of Doom veterans, go see what /

thinks of it.

24 : Anonymous2021/03/08 02:01 ID: gq5zp0o

I'm in the process of finishing Eternal now (pretty close to the end I'm pretty sure) -- how crucial is it to play the DLC/is it worth it? I'm normally not a "buy/play the DLC" guy unless it's REALLY good or a game I'm SUPER invested in, and while I'm LOVING Eternal, I'm not necessarily invested enough to insta-buy the DLC.

ID: gq64t8u

If you like the challenge Eternal has, you’ll enjoy the first DLC. It’s also just more Doom Eternal, if you find yourself wanting more after you complete the base game.

ID: gq6x3pm

If you enjoy the combat in Doom Eternal you will love the DLC. The story isn't necessary, Doom Eternal doesn't leave any loose threads when you finish it, but it's a nice addition and I'm excited to see what happens in the second DLC.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/08 13:46 ID: gq7jcec

Am I the only one that feels the Dark Lord is wasted as a character if he gets killed in this dlc?

Last dlc introduced him, the big bad of the Doom universe, and the next one is gonna just kill him off? Hope that doesnt happen.

A full game could be made from the concept of an all out war between the unified Sentinels led by the Slayer and the armies of Hell reinvigorated by the return of their god.

ID: gq8cftg

This is the end of the “reboot” story. It only makes sense that the Dark Lord be vanquished. After this they’re going to start fresh again.

26 : Anonymous2021/03/08 14:14 ID: gq7mhst

Any update on next gen optimizations?

27 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:49 ID: gq4xt76

Lots of different opinions around Doom Eternal

Imo, if you don't like hard games and can't be bothered to attempt a nightmare difficulty run, I don't think the game was made for you.

For me and I think many others, nightmare difficulty enforces that 'git gud' mentality, and I'm pretty sure that's what the game wants from you, because completing the harder missions after mastering the combat loop feels EXTREMELY rewarding. You're constantly analyzing the battlefield planning out your next move, because if your not paying attention you gonna accidentally dash into a baddie and get obliterated.

it's the same feeling as Dark Souls, but for a First Person Shooter, which for me personally is amazing because it had the balls to say, "you have to master the core mechanics of the game to enjoy this" instead of catering to the casual audience like almost every other single player FPS. No other FPS demands your attention like Doom Eternal does.

ID: gq5o136

I can appreciate Eternal's gameplay the same way I appreciate Dark Souls gameplay. I don't personally like either one because I rarely have enough patience to take the time to "git gud" at a game, but a lot of people clearly love that gameplay style.

The problem is that, like you said, the game isn't made for me. But I loved 2016 and bought Eternal expecting more of that, then was disappointed with what I got.

ID: gq6ppp4

No. You don't need to play nightmare to enjoy the game. That's just complete nonsense.

ID: gq5o320

I am happy they aren't listening to people who think using one gun for the entire game on the hardest difficulty is varied gameplay. I hope for the next game there are no extra lives and crucible type on weapons on nightmare difficulty. I want the movement speed to be even faster.

ID: gq5omhx

This is absolutely the case, and a lot of people are missing that point. Excellent thoughts.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/08 08:52 ID: gq6y8so

People saying the first DLC was too hard have to understand that once you master the gameplay loop you are practically untouchable, they need to up the difficulty somehow. Although the last boss was lazy

29 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:15 ID: gq4sxhr

Normally level one of a game just pulls you in. Eternal never did that for me. Level after level just felt like boring generic environments. It’s a sequel but doesn’t feel like one. The gameplay feels like it’s for a certain crowd who isn’t normally good at shooters so to them they feel like they are doing something. It just feels like I’m playing a single player horde mode. I hope the next game moves away from this style and changes it up but I know that won’t be the case.

ID: gq52nfg

You mean that an arena shooter feels like horde mode? No shit

30 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:02 ID: gq4r1p5

I'm hyped as hell for this since I thought Doom 2016 was boring and massively oversold in terms of basically everything it did. Doom Eternal feels much more like Doom should feel like after the two missteps that were Doom 3 and 2016. Doom 3 and 2016 were both mind-numbingly slow games that focused on story too much, and while Eternal still had those story bits I much prefer the over the top goofiness over taking itself too seriously.

ID: gq558de

You are literally the only person I've ever seen to describe 2016 as slow.

ID: gq55qyl

Funny how you say how DOOM 2016 focuses too much on the story while i feel that exact way about Eternal.

Doom 2016 was a parody of games telling a serious story, with The Slayer just punching whatever Hayden was telling him was some super important thing that shouldn't be punched and moving on. The Slayer doesn't care, he wants to kill Demons.

Eternal had too much lore and story. The Khan Makyr, the Night Sentinels and even making this Slayer the same as the original. It's all so over the top and way too complex. They threw out everything that made 2016's story work.

31 : Anonymous2021/03/08 03:10 ID: gq671g0

Man I play doom eternal with overdrive rune and quake con on. Am I crazy? It can be exhausting sure but man. Idk if you bind jump the mouse wheel it’s like Reflex cpma movement feeling but easy

32 : Anonymous2021/03/08 13:02 ID: gq7exug

God I love The Ancient Gods 1. Yes, it pushes the games systems so far they're barely working in a few places, but it's so refreshing to see a developer that is confident in their system, pushes it to it's limit and it still ends up being fun.

I'm not saying it's wrong to listen to criticism, but the amount of people going ham on this game because it's simply not 100% what they wanted is insane. I'm glad ID Software was confident in their product and released a DLC that pushes the very essence of the base game. I hope they stick to their guns with the second part.

33 : Anonymous2021/03/08 04:03 ID: gq6ckyc

I'm currently playing through Doom Eternal with a trainer giving me things like full ammo, all perks etc, because I HATE modern games reliance on things like skill trees, 'levelling up', or rules about "do X to get Y to fuel Z" etc. I just want to rip & tear, damn it! And I thought that's what Doom was bringing back, but then it turns out it wants to force me to use my brain like all these other modern FPSs. "You have to do glory kills to get shield points, but then to get ammo you need to use the chain saw, and but to get fuel for that you need to use a grappling hook, which you need to upgrade by solving this complex equation....." F that!

ID: gq6p6lr

Most of what you said is just false, if you're good enough, the only thing you need to do in DE is shoot.


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