DF Retro: Dinosaur Planet – Inside Rare’s Lost N64 Game + Star Fox Adventures Comparisons!

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:22 ID: lzrltw
DF Retro: Dinosaur Planet - Inside Rare's Lost N64 Game + Star Fox Adventures Comparisons!
2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:42 ID: gq3sguf

Cool to see how this game changed throughout development. I never even knew it was supposed to be an n64 game, but I did know about the change towards star fox later down the line

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:09 ID: gq3vjfv

Its somewhat amusing to see how much Krystal's look changed. The original saber model was also discovered and he basically looks like a grey Fox. I'm kinda surprised he didn't show it in the video. You don't even need to use a gameshark code.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:55 ID: gq3nj7m

This entire saga is such a cool story, seeing Dinosaur Planet's early build and the history behind it. This really looked to be a very ambitious project for the developers. It's such a wild "what could've been" situation, seeing the similarities and differences between the final Star Fox Adventures release and the original Dinosaur Planet builds. As someone who played Star Fox Adventures as a kid, it's pretty fascinating.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:16 ID: gq4kdkb

What work is being done by the community to make more of the N64 game accessible/playable? They obviously don't have the source code so fans "finishing" the game themselves seems really unlikely but what exactly can we expect for the future playability of the game? Can the crashes be mitigated? Does it seem likely that someone could release a modified version of the game that lets you experience most of whats in the leaked rom or does it seem like much of its content will only be accessible by warping via cheat codes?

ID: gq5j2ao

There is a discord group that is forcing their way through using emulators. Abusing stuff such as save states and what is basically cheat codes to skip/avoid crashes.

ID: gq647f0

One thing seems to be there's a lot of triggers that would fail to fire, so far it seems almost all the content is "in there" but certain things don't occu

because a trigger wasn't enabled or has some oddly esoteric trigger.

So I imagine step one is to figure out why certain triggers say "don't open door X" or don't "load area Y".

It could be done but we're looking at like years of work of what could be a series of guess and checks.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:33 ID: gq4e3o2

Impressive how good the GameCube game still looks. It's almost like not much has changed in game graphics from back then except just doing the same thing but better.

ID: gq57jer

What's crazier to me is that even if the game ran at 30fps it would be one of the best looking GCN games - but it does it all at 60! SFA and Metroid Prime are insane pieces of tech, top of the line visuals with silky smooth 60fps framerates. Even Nintendo's in-house teams only managed 30fps for their top tier titles (Wind Waker and Mario Sunshine).

ID: gq4yi1r

The GameCube was a beast

ID: gq5hlxh

Star Fox Advetnures looks like a Switch game no joke

ID: gq7b3jn

I so, so wish I could at least have a peek at what Rare would have looked like on the Gamecube and beyond if they were never bought by MS. A proper Banjo sequel, Donkey Kong Racing, a DK64 sequel, and Sabreman were just among the immediately cancelled titles.

Rare's output during the 64 era was absolutely insane, so I wouldn't have expected nearly as many games, but still more than what would have ended up happening at MS I think. Their gamecube potential was immense. You KNOW they would have made something absolutely crazy on the Wii or even Wii U too.

ID: gq4k8kw

It looks so good. Wouldn't be out of place as a Wii U title 10 years later.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:36 ID: gq4egpu

It's a damn shame how so many bits of gaming history like this are condemned to rot on old hard drives until the data eventually gets lost to time, never to be examined or documented unless it's lucky enough for someone to acquire it through less than legal means.

ID: gq7a0j6

Part of me wants to believe these devs "leak" these things on purpose for that very reason

8 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:20 ID: gq4tjoe

I've really been enjoying the renewed interest in this whole saga. I know Star Fox Adventures was pretty reviled when it first came out but I loved it, I'd love to see a remaster or even a sequel. I think Star Fox could use a shake up too after Zero's mediocre reception.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/08 11:35 ID: gq781q9

I remember being really excited for Dinosaur Planet when I read about it in Nintendo Power as a kid. Then I learned it was retooled as Star Fox Adventures, and I completely lost interest, lol. oof. While the Gamecube version looks a lot better from a technical perspective, I really wish they could have kept Krystal and Sabre as main characters you could switch between.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/07 21:05 ID: gq5006w

Is it really "lost" if they developed into that Gamecube game?

ID: gq5jh6g

Star Fox Adventures is superficially the same and shares a lot of content and beats, but has a radically different overall story, a number of different characters, and so on. Think of something like Superman II Donner Cut or Justice League Snyder Cut. Dinosaur Planet is much darker, and much more in line with things like The Dark Crystal and Don Bluth films. There are faint traces in Star fox Adventures, but most of it is gone.


Here you can see major characters and major story stuff that is completely gone in SFA. If you squint really hard at SFA, you can see some of this stuff implied, but the chief antagonist of DP was turned into an inexplicable dungeon boss who comes out of nowhere in SFA. The central story conflict between Kamerians and the Krazoa is completely gone in SFA. The reason why the characters are doing the things they're doing is either chopped down or left completely unexplained. SFA's plot is rushed and major pieces of it don't make sense because they flipped and rearranged and recontextualized and outright dropped plot points and characters from DP.


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