Free Talk Weekend | June 11 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/06/11 11:59 ID: nxe9hs

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2 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:49 ID: h1f6ldp

Have the devs ever spoken out about the matchmaking? Explained how it works etc

ID: h1f6uo8

No and they never will, I can promise that

ID: h1f8mp4

Lol, Respawn/EA’s SBMM strategy is patented. It’s like the Krabby Patty formula.

ID: h1f93n7

they don't know

3 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:15 ID: h1f1vss

not kidding my game just started with 14 squads and 21 people.. wtf is this shit

4 : Anonymous2021/06/11 20:12 ID: h1fyfgr

Life as an Apex solo queuer:

When I’m playing pubs and die to sweaty predato

three stacks, I’m always wondering why they aren’t playing ranked instead.

When I’m playing ranked and my clueless teammates want to constantly drop at Fragment, I’m always wondering why they aren’t playing pubs instead.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:02 ID: h1f8d3z

I'm so hyped for Battlefield 2042, I hope it's going to be a great game. It'll be nice to play a great shooter with a great solo playing experience.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/11 13:02 ID: h1eckwz

Matchmaking in arena is awful, matchmaking in battleroyal is worse. Queueing alone against 3 in arenas and if you leave you getting 10 minutes penalty is even worse and I dont want to talk about servers, broken nofill and audio anymore.

ID: h1fm6t9

Unpopular opinion, but they need to at least remove the matchmaking penalty from Arenas pubs when ranked is released. If you get two bot teammates going against a 3-stack you already know the end result.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/11 21:49 ID: h1gatr5

so can we all finally admit to ourselves that our love of this game is slowly killing us. The constant bullshit was frustrating at first but after two years of this SLOWLY GETTING WORSE i've realized i'm in an abusive relationship. I love apex but damn if apex doesn't beat me like some house bitch

8 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:29 ID: h1f3rma

I haven't played the game in about a week, and I'm not sure if I'm even going to bother coming back to grind out the rest of the battle pass at this point. The only thing I really want is Valk's dive emote, but I don't think it's worth the frustration of dealing with the matchmaking.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:06 ID: h1f8x4l

I seriously can't remember the last time I had a full squad in trios that wasn't premade. Whether I solo queue or play with a buddy, matchmaking has been absolute buttcheeks.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/11 13:29 ID: h1efs0p

Servers have been bad for the last 24 hours. I’m constantly getting DCed or dealing with packet lost, if these things don’t get addressed then this game is heading in a bad direction

11 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:42 ID: h1f5lbx

Getting abandon penalties for finished game again, but now in Ranked instead of Arenas. Asinine.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/11 19:26 ID: h1fs1vw

->Everyone wants TDM ->Respawn gives arenas instead

Third arenas flash event with subpar rewards

13 : Anonymous2021/06/11 12:46 ID: h1eataa

Matchmaking has hit another all time low imo. Arenas is the worst and absolutely not a fun experience when you solo q.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:05 ID: h1f8uao

I hate playin ranked with randoms and being the only one playing like it’s a ranked match lol

15 : Anonymous2021/06/11 12:42 ID: h1eagu6

Also, why the fuck are players with shitty internet given the advantage in a fight. They lag all over the place and your bullets fly through them while they teleport behind you and kill you.

ID: h1eyh3e

But Respawn's server guy said the servers were amazing and that they gave the advantage too players with better connections! Are you implying that entire blog post was a bunch of bullshit?

yes, it was a bunch of bullshit

ID: h1fpe7o

It was pretty sad to read, because it's obvious that Respawn's server guy is really just a middle-man/PR guy. Respawn's games all use Unity's servers (Multiplay). I can understand why they used their service for Titanfall 1 because it was their first game and they needed something cheap, but they really need to move on by this point. Unity/Multiplay aren't gonna upgrade their servers tick rate as their service is tailored to indies or AA devs that don't want to pay AWS or Google prices.

This Multiplay conference talk from 2019 has given me so much speculation as to what's happening under the hood of Apex (especially matchmaking). It's a very technical talk though. Maybe I can tldw later

ID: h1eovxp

They need a ping/latency cap on servers. So sick of this as well. Seeing a lot more frequently.

ID: h1f0bqp

THIS!!! This seasons rank split was the worst ever. You have a bunch of Asian players being forced to play on NA servers because of how bad cheating is on Asian servers SO you have players with 300-500 ping warping all over the map and you can't hit them.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/11 12:11 ID: h1e78gn

coming back and wow sbmm is still trash, servers still trash, still hackers. Lol

17 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:02 ID: h1fgoe8

how does someone who has 86 damage in game, trackers showing with 93 games played and 72 kills on current character, proceed to call their teammates trash unironically. i’d swear i was being trolled if they weren’t so serious

18 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:05 ID: h1fgzpg

These flash events have created a new problem where in the arenas I have people joining my game just to sit at the spawn and not play so they can just get the matches played/rounds won challenges without actually participating at all. And it’s getting worse it used to be like 2 matches a day that this would happen to me and now it’s almost every other game there’s just somebody sitting in the spawn waiting to get killed by the ring when it comes in.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:49 ID: h1fn21g

is duos fill broken?

20 : Anonymous2021/06/11 12:07 ID: h1e6x6o

I’m at the point in my solo queue career where I’d rather be short one player than have another random octane main in my squad

21 : Anonymous2021/06/11 12:35 ID: h1e9ndr

Loot distribution is really bad this season

22 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:15 ID: h1fidj5

Why cant the devs actually fix the game

23 : Anonymous2021/06/11 12:24 ID: h1e8lvw

A random on my team quit in arenas quit after round 1, I finished the game and I got an abandon penalty...

The fuck? loooool

Aside from that, I've been trying new guns and mixing it up and trying to keep arenas fresh while I suffer through this flash event, its made fights a little more enjoyable but I think I prefer BR to this mode. Only flash events are worth playing it for, in my opinion.

24 : Anonymous2021/06/11 15:43 ID: h1exhbb

Cross progression at this june 29? At season 10? At 2022? Whats the ETA on cross progression?

ID: h1exu6i

Devs didn’t give a date just said they’d work on it

ID: h1eybq7

They said back in april "a little while longer" until cross progression is coming. I just want to know what "a little while longer means".

25 : Anonymous2021/06/11 20:51 ID: h1g3jji

Bro I've played 8 games out of maybe 15 today so far and didnt get a teammate in trios. Wut. The. Fuck.

26 : Anonymous2021/06/11 12:16 ID: h1e7q59
27 : Anonymous2021/06/11 12:57 ID: h1ec1nf

Respawn removes the leaver penalty because it's bugged and giving everyone penalties, then re-adds it with the exact same bug and just ignores it?

Hopefully all the idiots who think they're going on a 100 winstreak if the randoms just stayed are enjoying themselves.

No wonder matchmaking fill has stayed bugged for 3 months, they're completely incapable of just admitting they made the game worse and reverting it.

ID: h1er4ba

Worst devs ever.

28 : Anonymous2021/06/11 13:59 ID: h1ejf3o

Man I remember having some issue past season as well but now they're every damn game: from people leaving early, AFKers, cheaters, network problems.. I'm trying to get friends to play the game but everytime we play something bad happens

29 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:16 ID: h1f216x

I'm on PS5 and I have noticed that during pubs it will notify me that I will have a matchmaking delay when I leave and in ranked it doesn't notify me that I will have a delay

30 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:11 ID: h1f9n7p

i'm not sure if I'm allowed to tag Klein on reddit but I want to know how he feels about rampart as a character? I also wanted to ask him how he felt about all of the defensive legends in their current state?

ID: h1fa5ya

Wait for the next AMA, he doesn't answer random questions in these threads

31 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:46 ID: h1fefue

I've seen a few posts about Xbox stuttering in fights. If possible, install the game on an SSD instead of the internal storage and that will resolve it. Not an ideal fix, but it's something

32 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:34 ID: h1fkwdv

Why do we still get only ONE team mate in Ranked??


33 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:46 ID: h1fmnkg

why whenever you win a game in arena then leave you get a matchmaking delay?

34 : Anonymous2021/06/11 19:16 ID: h1fqmge

Winning a game of ranked and having the servers magically shit the bed so it doesn’t count right after is not fun. With all the server issues I do not understand how the fuck so many people enjoy the game when they refuse to fix it. Getting sick of the shit.

35 : Anonymous2021/06/11 19:33 ID: h1fszbq

Do BloodHound ults not make sound for anyone else anymore? I keep getting ran up on by glowing eyes bloodhound without a sound.

36 : Anonymous2021/06/11 20:00 ID: h1fwqfq


37 : Anonymous2021/06/11 22:57 ID: h1giqkw

Diamond 4 might legitimately have the worst players in the game.

This game needs to overhaul the ranked system or make it so you can be demoted out of your rank. There's way too many players that sit at the bottom of Diamond and the bottom of Masters and play terribly because they have nothing to lose.

38 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:42 ID: h1f5kpk

I’m sick and tired of randoms wanting to land Fragment every single game. Especially in ranked.

It’s one thing if you wanna do it in pubs. Land, grab a blue sniper mag and a P2020, maybe punch out one knock and then die. Go ahead.

But when my solo queue randoms wanna hot drop Fragment practically every game it drives me insane. I’m currently going through platinum II and my randoms are always either plat IV (probably hardstuck because they hot drop every game) or fucking gold. They land at Fragment and maybe get one knock (more often zero knocks) and then die. Congrats on the quick -36.

Instead of wanting to land somewhere safe or even with one other squad to get some KP with an actual chance of living, these fart eaters would rather die instantly and repeat this endless cycle of being hardstuck and idiotic until the ranked split occurs.

I solo queued to diamond last split for the first time actually dedicating my time to grinding ranked. My teammates wanted to land at Estates or Hammond Labs waterfall every now and then but compared to Fragment it was much less frequent.

To all my fellow ranked solo queuers dealing with this same issue, stay strong, comrades. Your RP depends on your survival. If your teammates want to be idiots, run away.

ID: h1fcfc9

What these fools don't understand is that even if they get a kill or two on drop, it's worthless in platinum and beyond. Placement and late game kills give far more RP, without the loot RNG that decides who wins a hotdrop and the immediate 3rd and 4th parties at Fragment.

If my team drops fragment, I always separate and do my own match from now on, because this split has been my breaking point. I'll inform them of this during character selection, so they can make their decision. Even a rat match with -4RP or so is better than the -36 you suffer because of suicidal teammates.


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