People say it’s the ddos attacks. People say it’s the smurfs or the servers. But these are the type of people that really ruin the game

1 : Anonymous2021/06/25 15:31 ID: o7q0rk
People say it’s the ddos attacks. People say it’s the smurfs or the servers. But these are the type of people that really ruin the game
2 : Anonymous2021/06/25 15:39 ID: h3083uu

It's so annoying! Like why do you even play? It's just a waste of time for everyone. He's gonna drop, die quickly because he has no one and the other teammates are at a disadvantage going forward

ID: h30rop0

Guna sound like a boring adult here, but it's just good old fashion immaturity.

Either they didn't like OPs banner, happens to me even with 3k and 1k season 8 kills on LL.. (as we know it's not possible to win a game without 4k and 20 bomb).

Or, they've had a few bad games and now behaving like this because in their mind they're getting one back at the game, failing to realise of course that the game or OP dont care about their feelings.

It's just the in game equivalent to a typically tantrum of a 10 year old.

ID: h30v2xw

Or it's reverse boosting with added assholery

ID: h3181gd

Most likely they're trying to "reset" their SBMM or whatever it is apex uses. Idk why they didnt just no fill queue if that was their intent though

ID: h30y8gz

The worst is when a solo does that in ranked.

ID: h3109b8

How often does that happen? I get a splitter like once in 15-20 matches and usually it's 200m or less. In unranked though almost every match has solo drops or at least instaleavers.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/25 17:00 ID: h30j17z

Last night

Solo queue plat lobby

Pick last and get jump master

Random fills have mic symbols, say nothing, ping nothing.

I ping a PoI

Random fills: nothing

I jump toward PoI

One of the random fills breaks off, lands solo on other side of the map and starts cussing me out while it sounded like they were eating their microphone.

Like you had plenty of time to have an opinion... But no you just need to be like that.

ID: h30ta1t

Reminds me of the time I had some guy ripping into me for being shit before the game had even started..

Apparently I was trying to trick people I was good with my pathfinder trackers. Stuff like zip distance. Stuff that shows time played more then a skill level.

But totally blank banners.. that's somehow not the same? lol

I remember I was a new player and took it kind of to heart.. douch bag.

Funny thing is I do what he accused me of now for the fun of it. Like I'll just have the badge for owning 100 plus legendary items. People see that badge as a good player badge but it far from the reality lol

ID: h30ym4m

I like players like that, gives me a chance to clutch the first fight and embarrass them.

And I agree, most badges and trackers are worthless. Not a lot that can't be boosted or just farmed with lot of time.

Only thing I give much weight to is an ungodly amount of season wins for the current season. I've got over 1k lifetime wins, not a lot, but definitely more than a fair number of newer or casual players. Then I get that random horizon with like 467 Season 9 wins at week 7 and it's like this person is so cracked out that they are dropping my 9 seasons worth of wins in like 2 seasons...

ID: h30u8uv

I don’t judge anyone by their badges or trackers unless it’s my teammate with 4 digit kills or tons of wins. And then I assume they’ll carry because I suck and I do my best to provide support. I mostly run blank trackers because none of them have impressive stats so why show them.

ID: h311mov

I once had two randoms, who were queuing together, flame me for picking a shitty drop. We landed warm and arrived first... I got knocked and saw them on the map running away with no gear... in a pubs game.

Some people really aren't content with just playing the game.

ID: h31ffco

It really sucks I have the mic symbol pop up because I play with my headset but my mic part of it is broken so I feel like an ass.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/25 16:47 ID: h30h9xq

Options > squad > mute pings

But seriously this happens to me on almost a daily basis. Like why tf enter a game if youre just gonna suicide? And then the last 2 or 3 teams are colluding lol

ID: h31fdpi

Theres a guy on YouTube posting a "bot lobby method" and it's basically just manipulating the matchmaking until you end up loading into a lobby where people are sub level 100. Drop off map, leave, rinse-repeat for about 10-20 games until you find a lobby where teammates and champions are low-level. They waste 15 minutes at a time doing this, get into one (or two games if they just happen to die off spawn in the next one) just to have a chance at a 20 kill game, only to have to start it all over again if they fail, better yet, everyone is doing it, so you're just going to fight other people trying to reverse smurf. Its dumb as shit. Just play the game.

ID: h30xeye


5 : Anonymous2021/06/25 16:52 ID: h30hv99

If you spam ping banners. I will let you time out, every time. Even if it's free to grab.

ID: h30st48

I don't encounter as many people as I used who do this. Probably the difference to a newer player and above average banner.

But good on you, whether they realise it or not all they're doing is pressuring you into their fuck up. Then you all lose. Instead of waiting for a situation you can be realistically saved.

ID: h30u8d6

Literally happened last night. 2 teams fighting infront of the hammond pill crates, my two teammates jump in between them and get themselves pinched and instantly thirsted. Immediately start spam pinging as I'm still on top of the waterfall with only a long bow and a PK. I get on mic, tell them to stop or I'm leaving them. Then I down one, get the thirst and they still didnt stop. So i muted the ping and left em there. By the time I died and got to banner screen...... they both had legitimately zero damage... fuck rank frustrates me sometimes

ID: h31804m

I don’t let them time out. I grab it and don’t rez

ID: h319wp1

That’s just wrong…I love it and will be doing that now!

ID: h319su1

I try to ping the banner when I think it’s helpful. The acknowledgment is super nice to hear back as well.

ID: h31w0r6

Yeah big difference between pinging the banner and spam pinging it. I got no issue with a single "hey don't forget I'm over here, pick me up please." The second it starts happening constantly, I'm suddenly less interested in doing so.

ID: h3185nu

Stand next to it as it times out, just so they know.

ID: h30swec

A man of culture. This is not sarcasm.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/25 17:03 ID: h30jepj

I had a match yesterday. Wasn't like this but it still pissed me off. We were at WE. They both passed on jumpmaster to me. Being tired of dropping on fragment I decide to drop at epicenter. They start pinging fragment and end up breaking off to drop on fragment and get knocked instantly leaving me to try to rescue them. Of course with no weapon I knocked one guy before dying. Why give me JM if you're gonna drop where you want anyway?!

ID: h30uliz

Epicenter is sooooo close to frag it's stupid to not just land with JM..... if my randoms ping frag I usually land us epi anyways as it's easier to loot and push frag than to land frag in the chaos

7 : Anonymous2021/06/25 15:55 ID: h30a6af

I would've just left the game right after they started spaming their banners

ID: h30bc5z

Yeah, it’s just annoying. This is happening frequently to me now with this and with harvester. I’ve also had it happen a few times where my team flies of Olympus

ID: h30jrmy

Don't forget that you can mute their pings.

ID: h30bgmu

How did they die so quick tho? Did they just fly off the Map?

ID: h311zw5

I would have left immediately.
It's not ranked, better to alt-tab for a minute and get a new game.

ID: h313pjr

Nah fuck that, don’t give them what they want.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/25 18:24 ID: h30u26g

Lmao i literally dont get it though. What's their objective? To solely get a reaction out of you? You can mute their pings. It's fucking casuals too, just what???

ID: h318pal

play 12 games as legend that sucks to get a BP level. Can't think of a faster way.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/25 16:20 ID: h30dl1f

Doing this is dumb, but the absolute worst time I have playing is when my team lands on the outer edge of the map near no one else and we spend 10 minutes looting, moving towards the ring, finally get into a fight, and they both go down in 30 seconds without knocking anyone. Will pick hot drops over that any day

ID: h30f8oc

My partner almost exclusively does hot drops. I also enjoy them, its such a thrill whether I die in 2 seconds or survive

ID: h30ha3f

This might be a solo queue hot take but hot drops in ranked when the split just starts or generally when you’re below your normal rank (silve

/plat/etc) are some of the most fun you can have. Team is almost guaranteed to be full, instant action, (mostly) challenging but not overpoweringly difficult opponents who can help you improve your skills, less downward rp pressure and teammates who don’t leave the instant they’re downed so clutches pay off a lot more

10 : Anonymous2021/06/25 17:15 ID: h30kzcw

It happens to me everytime, like, "uh the random is drop leader let's leave him alone" Why not just ping where are you guys going? I hate this

11 : Anonymous2021/06/25 17:45 ID: h30ox9v

The audacity of these motherfuckers to jump off map and spam ping, smh.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/25 19:05 ID: h30zenu

Whenever this happens, I would go to squad and mute their mics and pings.. But ffs they should add a permanent button to mute for some people like me.. Sometimes too annoying.. People spaming shit all around

13 : Anonymous2021/06/25 19:25 ID: h312108

Not trying to be rude or anything but please for the love of god go into video settings and change your fov (field of view), set it somewhere between 90 and 110

14 : Anonymous2021/06/25 18:31 ID: h30v01m

So why did they jump off the map?

15 : Anonymous2021/06/25 19:30 ID: h312k26

at least its pubs

16 : Anonymous2021/06/25 19:55 ID: h315u6k

Well, are we all going to message them on Playstation?

17 : Anonymous2021/06/25 20:15 ID: h318gx3

whenever that happens to me and they spam ping their banners i just mute their pings

18 : Anonymous2021/06/25 20:29 ID: h31abc8

Reverse boosting, it seems to be happening more frequently recently.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/25 21:31 ID: h31huzw

Then he has audacity to spam ping

20 : Anonymous2021/06/25 22:35 ID: h31pe2n

you can mute thoses people and report them, even if it does nothing.

but thats random teamates for you, thats the game we all play sometimes.

you can try ranked for people that wanna throw a bit less often.

21 : Anonymous2021/06/25 18:38 ID: h30vwlx

Ban them

ID: h3130mk

Already reported them! Thanks for the reminder, though


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