Drought Palace is fucking awesome

1 : Anonymous2021/06/25 15:18 ID: o7prur

(Spoilers kinda) So DP is by far my favourite expo. It literally makes you feel like your invading a the literally castle of this race. And the 5 bosses that show up honestly couldn’t be more intimidating and actually provide a good challenge your first couple times through. The only thing I would change is the monster part at the end. Kinda ruins the vibe that the rest of the expo gives off. A cool king style boss or something similar so it feels like your invading his throne room would’ve been pretty cool. Still an amazing expo though. Just wanted to show some appreciation to my face expo

2 : Anonymous2021/06/25 16:23 ID: h30e1rv

Has my favourite cutscene of the entire game. Backstreet Warlords are back.

ID: h30i31m

Paxstreet Boys*

ID: h30jzmt

You won the sub today.

ID: h30m0ui

Hahaha! Excellent!

3 : Anonymous2021/06/25 15:21 ID: h305mnr

Ikr. I like this, Frontline and Paxian Homestead.

But DP feels so good. I feel like I'm killing Gwar just before the final boss lol.

ID: h305unr

Exactly, I would love Paxian and Frontline a lot more if they weren’t such a pain to solo on Ct15. DP is very doable and can actually be done pretty quick if you know your stuff.

ID: h305zwl

Low key hate Frontline,unless i m playing with Pyro lol

ID: h3090np


ID: h30n7ia

Pretty nice with dev too. An absolute pain in the ass for my rounds guys tho.

ID: h31ml8f

Frontline is my favorite exp. I was really looking forward to more of the desperate super powered war the beginning part of the game had.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/25 15:53 ID: h309x3u

Oh hell yes, I love fighting the Paxstreet Boys 😀

Never know what they're going to do, since they are all Elite Captains and get random Skills every time.

Sometimes one of them gets that annoying Sanctuary, I think it's called, which makes enemies get that greenish shield and be invulnerable for a bit, and they spam the hell out of it. You have to kill one that does it, which can be tricky. Very annoying for a Tech, easy to drop Rounds if not careful.

Or sometimes they just start opening those purple portals everywhere and if you get sucked into one things can go to shit pretty quickly XD

So many things can happen in that fight, it's always fun and challenging.

And have you been to the cavern to the right of the pod in final area? There's water down below and particle and reflection effects are really amazing there. Graphics team did such a good job but many players miss it, because they only care about loot.

ID: h30aygz

Ok well now I want my shift to end so I can go look at that. And yes you literally outlined every reason why I love the fight

ID: h30c3wu

The most annoying is the stupid sniper will get Phoenix Aura and then run and hide like a Rifleman on the other side of the map.

ID: h30i4xh

Oh yes Phoenix aura the bane of my existence

5 : Anonymous2021/06/25 15:55 ID: h30a7fu

100% Agree with you.. There shouldn't be any monsters in this one. It's a very fun run.

ID: h30b20o

I feel like it’s underrated too because it’s not one of the fastest or easiest ones

6 : Anonymous2021/06/25 17:27 ID: h30mlwr

If you want to laugh OP watch this:

But Yeah Drought Palace is easily one of the top designed expeditions in the game. its also one of the hardest. The water in that area "you know where" is probably my favorite part. Its beautiful. many times i wanted to post about it but never did.

I agree about the end fight with the monsters. There should have been another large group of the previous fight in the last boss fight rather then monsters. None the less it was still goo.

ID: h30n4bi

Just such a big ramp up throughout the expo to have 2 basic monster bosses was a little bit of a let down but killing them is still fun. And I have not seen this so called magic water yet but I will ASAP

ID: h30p2xw

The water is when you're running to fight the 5 Elite boss. its that turquoise colored water.

Right after you complete the pillar room.

You literally cant miss it bc you run right through it. IF you look around up too its just such an amazing designed area.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/25 18:40 ID: h30w499

Love taking on Guar in this one 🙂

8 : Anonymous2021/06/25 19:52 ID: h315i7r

Did this for the first time ever today, tier 7 was my max. Wiped them in 15 seconds, because Pyro and Moloch's mod... But yeah the scenery and cinematic was really nice.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/25 20:04 ID: h316zzu

Totally agree. I always thought those 2 zones should be swapped if not taking the monsters out. Maybe you go through their cages where they captured the monsters… or they release the monsters on you before you get to them.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/25 21:20 ID: h31glwq

That Avengers unite cut scene at the end is soo bloody awesome

11 : Anonymous2021/06/25 21:40 ID: h31iye8

I wish the power rangers were the final boss and not some random monster.


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