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1 : Anonymous2021/02/06 05:16 ID: ldqmcz

Apex University Discord

Welcome everyone,

First the mod team would like to thank everyone for being part of this community and providing content and tips to other players, we know that there is a lot more that could be wished from the staffs side and we are currently trying to improve things day by day. Now here we are at 160k members which is amazing, we never expected the sub to grow that big when we started it, so once again thank you all for that!

Since the beginning of this community the subreddit has naturally been and will continue to be the focal point of our efforts while our discord server started out as a way for the mod team to efficiently communicate about the subreddit, however over time as it became more active and we started putting more attention into making it a stronger extension of the sub and would therefor like to once again invite everyone to partake and explain a bit about what you can expect of the space both now and going forward:

- 1on1 coaching

- Group finding channel

- Subreddit & Discord suggestions (easier for the mod team to have a discussion about the direction of the sub compared to over at Reddit)

- Self-promotion channel & stream your games

- Meta & strat chats

- Off-topic and space to flex your gains

We are furthermore in the process of preparing some challenges in the discord, possibly with some smaller prizes. More to come on that in the future.

If you are looking for any of that we ask you all to join our discord xbox/ps4/computer, we welcome everyone! We hope to see you in our ever-growing community on discord.

2 : Anonymous2021/02/06 11:50 ID: gm82645


3 : Anonymous2021/02/14 01:14 ID: gnbuusz

Does anyone have the code. That link will not work for me

ID: gnc6qzr

Didn’t work for me either.

ID: gncgf9q

Fixed sorry

4 : Anonymous2021/02/27 04:47 ID: goy218c

Link doesn’t work and doesn’t bring me to anything

5 : Anonymous2021/02/27 19:23 ID: gp277ix



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