Thoughts on this?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/04 10:29 ID: oxpt81
Thoughts on this?
2 : Anonymous2021/08/04 14:49 ID: h7om26l

This is a list of links to comments made by Respawn developers in this thread:

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

While this is thematic, I am _Personally_ not a fan, because by existing, Cryto would be hard countering and introducing unreliability to another character's ability with no counterplay or action required by said player.

While I DO NOT WORK ON LEGENDS, I would love to hear discussions;

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

Helping the team resolve live emergent issues, and ramping up on Ranked....

(Please put down your pitchforks)

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

Being underpowered is no reason to put a poorly designed passive onto a character.

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

It's a matter of perspective; I've seen stuff.

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

Usually passive GIVES a character an ability to do something another character can not, which ADDS to the game, and would create rich, interesting gameplay opportunities.

What is being suggested is to REMOVE another a character's the ability, thus denying another character's ability, and returning...

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

Degenerate gameplay patterns.

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

Revenant's passive is not his silence?

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

He has to push the button in response to your button... He doesn't counter you simply by existing. Also, that's a tactic; Considerations are way different at that point 😛

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:


That's an Ultimate, not a Passive.

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

While this is thematic, I am _Personally_ not a fan, because by existing, Cryto would be hard countering and introducing unreliability to other characters' ability with no counterplay or action required by said player. That's lame and not interesting;

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

That's a tactic, not a passive...?

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

We know. I've been poking that ticket nonstop.

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

I don't understand all the desires for anti scan, feels like you are all just asking for a nerf on scanning?

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

I don't see why there couldn't be a legend that created an anti-scan AOE of some sort as an ability.

You would be correct on that assumption; We still need to consider if that would be degenerate in some way; and that the gameplay involving 'creating a fog of war' isn't just 'smokes' gameplay. But...

Comment by rspn_exgeniar:

Since you are suggesting changes to the drone, are we talking about the passive, or just adding anti-scan to the character in general? If we are talking about the latter (just adding anti-scan), we are starting a whole new discussion and the considerations and variables we need to discuss

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3 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:09 ID: h7o91vu

Mirage decoys are good for countering scans

-Mirage since Season 1

ID: h7ofptq

Valkyrie scans don't scan decoys. Idk about seer.

ID: h7oh94f

If a seer Q hits a decoy, it kills it, genuinely not sure if it marks it during that or not.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:58 ID: h7of45g

I like how Seer gets shown footsteps when nobody else can hear people walking right up to them

ID: h7pavd9

Conspiracy: footstep audio is unfixable and they are just gonna add recon legends until you don't need to hear footsteps anymore

ID: h7pc5sl

Lore: All the legends are actually deaf except seer since he just got here.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:37 ID: h7ochxt

Crypto should either have it that you can launch your drone in a straight line on autopilot (to assist with setting up EMP) or not have it pop up "Drone Detected" when he scans someone.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:57 ID: h7of1rw

a good buff to crypto would be to make it so that he can ping a place for the drone to move to instead of having to tap into it himself

ID: h7pbe2c

this idea is amazing

ID: h7pddmw

How exactly would you ping the air?

ID: h7pfn9m

ping the ground and then the drone stays level and goes to the ping location

ID: h7q0r0h

I Also hope they'd buff the drone's visibility... Or nerf it? Just make the drone less of a giant, loud, glowing watermelon, Or the lack of juking on the auto-drone's part will just get it killed every time.

They already get a massive fucking popup on their screen when the drone enters 30m, they don't need to make it EASIER to find Hack.

ID: h7q717k

I always thought a “Sentry Mode” passive would be good for crypto. That way you can throw out the drone at a certain height & then it’ll just follow you from that set distance. That would also make activating his ultimate a whole lot easier, convenient, & it wouldn’t take crypto out of the battle just to use it. Since your drone follows closely after you.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:57 ID: h7of02e

Crypto NEEDS some love after this seer release. How does this dude's first ability do everything under the sun while he has the shortest cd ultimate in the game. Meanwhile crypto has to leave the fight to use his abilities and cant even ult without his drone lol. Drone dies two times trying to ult? Seer can throw his ultimate two times in that time frame with no counterplay other than camping corner or running half a mile out of it.

I don't get how they leave crypto in his current state while thinking seer is balanced to release.

ID: h7owhlu

They know he’s not balanced. It’s all about upselling the season by introducing a new powerful legend to bring people back/and stick around.

It happens with EVERY game that releases like this. Such as rainbow six, for honor, call of duty weapons, etc.

ID: h7oxifg

ah for honor and the new heros that break ur back instantly

ID: h7p3ci7

For sure. Its just that in the past apex was notorious for releasing completely underpowered characters and buffing them later. They only started making them strong for the horizon release.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:53 ID: h7o76dk

Crypto should not be invisible to scans, but instead have a larger "glitch" effect instead of an outline when he is scanned.

ID: h7o9yfa

Maybe have the 'glitch' effect extend out a few yards, and anyone within that range is also obscured?

So a scan could identify that someone is there, but how many would be unknown if they were close enough together.

Given how many recon legends are in the game now, at least having an option to become harder to find would be nice. Yeah, I know that Seer's popularity will probably drop off if he gets a nerf, that everyone is rushing the new hotness, but it's not like Bloodhound was unpopular prior.

ID: h7oagbb

I think Crypto would become even more meta if they retain the drone banner grabs and then also make him invisible to the recons…

Making him harder to track would be probably the right compromise: “Crypto’s movement leaves an after image on scanning abilities and his tracks last half as long.” So basically Bloodhound only gets 30s to follow Crypto and the scans only reveal his initial location but won’t track movement. Seer’s ultimate would be like a bad stop motion animation as it updates position every few seconds but won’t be a spot on silhouette of Crypto himself, while his heartbeat sensor would still give away Crypto’s position… Any outlining type ability wouldn’t actually be an accurate position.

ID: h7og07s

Reminds me of the jammer device in COD

ID: h7oedmp

Or perhaps he gets scanned as normal for the character that scans him, but then the scan breaks, or is interrupted. Like, you'd basically get a still-shot of where crypto was. You scan him, you see him, but then that scan is gone and you won't know where crypto went.

ID: h7oftpw

Yes thats what I thinking, and they have code for that because its exactly how bloodhound's launch scan worked

ID: h7o9yo2

So like Vigil in Rainbow 6?

ID: h7oe5qo

Or maybe the scan would reveal him only when he is close? This would go in hia favour because usually he will sit a bit behind so he can use the drone safely.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:35 ID: h7oc5zc

I think we just need a legend that has the ability to cleanse scans from teammates.

Some kind of support with a tactical that can dispel debuffs (scans, silences, arc / bang ult / gibby ult stuns).

Wallhacks are a massive problem in apex all around right now, they need counterplay as a whole rather than just 1 character being immune to them.

ID: h7p66as

I feel like Watsons ult would be good as a scan jammer.

ID: h7px7e3

I had an idea for a legend a while back and this post made me do a mock-up.

ID: h7p454l

How about a legend that can create a “safe zone” that prevents your team from getting scanned? Balance it by keeping the zone relatively small and immobile, or by having it be a channeled ability that prevents you from being able to shoot. While we are at it, maybe buff Bangalore’s smoke so you can’t get scanned through it?

It’s becoming more and more useless to have a Bangalore on your team if you are just going to be scanned through her smoke every time.

ID: h7oo6fi

This is what I wholly support not making a recon character an ANTI recon legend. A different character who can affect certain abilities mostly visual can be very powerful

ID: h7p7yog

Could finally be a third support character that the game desperately needs.

ID: h7ov4if

This should be a survival item. If it was a character, that legend would be a must pick in every revenant meta or scan meta or whatever, and he would nerf everyone just by being good.

Legend abilities need to be countered by LOOT.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:15 ID: h7o9sr7

I don't think Respawn know what to do with Wattson and Crypto. It's glaringly obvious that both these legends need attention, yet they refuse to do anything about it. Either that or they have zero incentive to work on them because they're not popular legends amongst the active player base.

Its a damn shame.

ID: h7of7cq

I find crypto both really fun and strong, but I main him. They both need something fun to attract other players. I think Wattson is the least fun defensive legend, games are more stressful than anything.

ID: h7ogrjc

Wattson's skillset requires a unique style of gameplay in order to really unlock the full potential of her abilities. She's also a situational legend, meaning her abilities aren't versatile at face value. More importantly, they are limiting and generate low reward - I have no qualms passing through her fence when I'm pushing a Wattson simply because they don't present too much of a risk for me to reconsider. Alot of players, specifically those who are sweaty, share the same view.

All these factors make her an unpleasant legend to operate and/or have on a team.

Consequently, these are the same reasons why Octane is so popular.

ID: h7ofa9j

I personally think it's the latter They didn't know what to do with lifeline at first too With her drone shielding her when reviving then the drone shielding itself while it revives and she could continue shooting And now it revives but without a shield

They went trough more changes with her than with crypto and Watson combined I feel like

Why because the community actually likes to play her

11 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:15 ID: h7o9saw

This has passive idea has been circulating for a while and I don't give a shit.
Just give him anything at this point give him "Deploying the drone deals 1 DMG in a 3m radius around Crypto" fucking anything "There are no pieces of meat stuck between Crypto's teeth after eating steak."
With Seer there is legit no fucking reason to play Crypto anymore. I fucking love this legend but Respawn doesn't seem to give a shit about him and it's making me not want to play.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/04 17:05 ID: h7p5qqv

Why not make Cryptos passive immunity to scans whilst crouched and/or stationary? It would allow him to use his drone without the risk of being revealed and it wouldn't remove the ability to scan him during a firefight when he's moving.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:34 ID: h7oc2dy

I think rather than making him 100% undetectable, instead it should create a haze of what his location is. Kinda like how when you use active camo in halo, you see a bunch of fake enemies on your radar, with the real enemy being somewhere in that mess. Something like that would be great. Because it'd telegraph you that someone IS there, but you can't pin their exact location with scanning technology. And just to add a lil spice to it, make it where when other crypto drones look at an enemy crypto, his face and body become pixelated and distorted like in watchdogs when you look at yourself with a camera.

ID: h7og61k

But then only enemy crypto would always be distorted therefore it’s given that when ever anyone is distorted it’s crypto so that idea is kinda pointless.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:16 ID: h7o9uru

At first I was like "I love this idea!" But I do see the point being made about one legend completely countering another. Sooo how about crypto can be scanned but the scan doesn't last as long?

ID: h7oe1om

Bangalore countered by bloodhound and now sear. Watson and caustic countered by crypto. Everyone countered by revnant. Rampart and watson countered by fuse.

There are tons of hard counters in the game already so I dont really agree with that argument.

ID: h7odspf

Or maybe if you get scanned it only shows up and does your instantaneous position so they know you're there but they don't know where you went to.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/04 11:06 ID: h7nx2b8

I really like this. And to add maybe another passive someone suggested (since some legends have multiple passives why not?) is he can look up at banners and see how many squads are in the area without his drone. Crypto also being non detectable in seer ult would be pretty cool. God I hate the amount of seers rn

ID: h7o1ho3

Rather than making banners readable by Cypto just looking at them I think you should be able to leave your drone looking at the banner and if the number of enemies in the area change Crypto should announce it.

ID: h7odjgo

perhaps make it so the drone can follow you right above your shoulder and it makes it so you see what the drone would usually see, marking people and seeing the banner

16 : Anonymous2021/08/04 16:08 ID: h7oxd7x

The reason people are annoyed about scans is;








All have recon in their kit. They highlight enemies. That’s 7/18 legends, no wonder people are tired of getting scanned. Every legends doesn’t HAVE to be recon.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:35 ID: h7oc8qf

Generally I don’t like passives (or abilities in general) that are only applicable against specific legends. Every passive should be something that can be used in every single match regardless of who the enemy is playing. In a theoretical match where no one was using bloodhound, crypto, or seer, you as crypto would essentially not have a passive for the entire match and that’s not good design

So while I think there are probably better options that fit this rule, it’s better than his current passive so at least that’s an upgrade

18 : Anonymous2021/08/04 11:53 ID: h7o142x

I’ve thought about this and it should also mess with the banner if you’re killer leader. Feels weird to be such a stealthy cyber guy and then have your picture pasted on a giant banner.


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