Armageddon – Part 3 – “There Will Be No Armistice”

1 : Anonymous2021/02/17 10:37 ID: llrn8j
Armageddon - Part 3 - "There Will Be No Armistice"
2 : Anonymous2021/02/17 11:14 ID: gnr5l5s

Man I wanna see bloodhound do some cool shit

ID: gnr83w9

i was expecting bloodhound to not be affected by the gas since they have the respirator on under the mask.

ID: gnr7o1d

Don't we all

3 : Anonymous2021/02/17 11:01 ID: gnr4s3a

that arm tho lol

ID: gnst9ab

Which one?

4 : Anonymous2021/02/17 11:09 ID: gnr5a7f

I suppose Lifeline sees her relationship with her parents mirrored in Fuze and Maggie. She knows better than anyone that it's hard to stand up to the people you love. Maybe now she'll repect him a bit more because of that.

ID: gnsy7oa

I didn’t realize this at first, thanks

ID: gnzqumu

Honestly I would've thought that she would sympathize with Maggie more, after all, while Maggie has a cause to fight for, fuse is just there for the thrills, which mirrors her relationship with octane, in a way. It will definitely be interesting to see where this leads.

ID: gnru3af

Thank you Captain Obvious

5 : Anonymous2021/02/17 10:57 ID: gnr4ie1

It’ll be interesting to see if lifeline respects fixed even just that little bit more because of her flashback

6 : Anonymous2021/02/17 11:57 ID: gnr8hbx


ID: gnr97wh

Maybe this story will be the reason as to why blisk joins the Apex games next season (hopefully)

7 : Anonymous2021/02/17 11:27 ID: gnr6fh2

Lifeline is shocked! I think she will change her mind about this bragging/overconfident man.

Also, I just want to appreciate how well drawn Lifeline is.

8 : Anonymous2021/02/17 11:30 ID: gnr6lso

Am I the only one who finds Maggie's motives pretty weak?

ID: gnrgpfe

I don't. I think there are a few things people are missing here:

How popular Fuse already is. He has a huge public image and is extremely popular, and that public image fighting for Salvo's independence was their best asset. Him joining the games pretty much publicly said he sides or sympathizes with the other side (joining syndicate space). In fact, I believe Salvo officials and the Syndicate purposely got him into the Apex games at this exact moment to try and smooth over public perception of the union. This was no coincidence - they practically announced Salvo joining Syndicate Space and Fuse joining the games together in the same announcement. Fuse probably didn't care much about that but the games sounded appealing to him. Anyway, this has the potential to heavily affect public perception of Maggie's cause and affect how many people join or support it. Not only does this seriously hurt Maggie's cause, but having grown up with him fighting for the same things, this feels like a personal betrayal. From the video that introduced their relationship, it showed Maggie already had a growing hatred for and almost obsession with Fuse, out of what looked like jealousy for his success and popularity and their constant rivalry.

It makes sense that she would pressure him hard to return to their cause, both because of how much it would help the public image and support of it, as well as personal reasons and feelings towards Fuse.

ID: gnr9f4e

I might get hate for what I have to say, but usually apex stories aren't that great in terms of scenario and focus on drama with a hope twist at the end. Kind of clichés.

ID: gnrdohu

Yeah I'm a bit confused by her story. Fuse wanted to leave their home planet so now she's constantly trying to kill him? Doesn't seem like there's really a good reason for it.

Idk if I missed some crucial info along the way but I'm not seeing why this is the most important item on her To Do list... Or why it's even on her list at all

9 : Anonymous2021/02/17 17:35 ID: gnsb8xz

Just realized "Armageddon" is a pun on "arm".

ID: gnsoeg9

I get the feeling all of the titles are going to have the word “arm” in them

10 : Anonymous2021/02/17 18:00 ID: gnsf4i4

“You are not bound by Maggie’s wrongdoings.”

Bloodhound knows Fuze is honorable. He wanted a life beyond Salvo and he got it. And Fuze blowing up his arm shows he’s not going back to that old life.

11 : Anonymous2021/02/17 13:47 ID: gnrhv7t

So lifeline never actually forgave her parents

ID: gnrirz8

Why would she? They're awful, they profit off of war.

12 : Anonymous2021/02/17 12:45 ID: gnrc3vd

Poor kings canyon, going to be destroyed again

13 : Anonymous2021/02/17 17:14 ID: gns88a9

Mags sure loves fire. I think they are hinting at something.

14 : Anonymous2021/02/18 02:31 ID: gnua3l5

I hate how each panel counts as a “page”. Pages 21-26 felt like a waste

15 : Anonymous2021/02/17 21:08 ID: gnt4swx

I wonder what their plan is for holding things till the 30th. Maybe we'll see something affecting the arena itself in game?

ID: go8olm8

I'm not sure it's the 30th they're planning for specifically. It's just that that's when there's 4 weeks left of the season. The final comic of the season will be on the 20th April. That's also when the last set of weekly missions are released for S8, so I'm inclined to believe they split it up just so the comics bookend the season

16 : Anonymous2021/02/17 13:49 ID: gnri3dl

I barely see anyone even talking about these comics. Not that I blame you, they’re super short and anticlimactic. Kind of a joke tbh which sucks

17 : Anonymous2021/02/17 15:38 ID: gnruwt6

These comics feel forced now. Season 5 was good, season 6 eventually got there. The rest have been eh. Just because it was there last season doesn’t mean it has to be in every single season from now on.

ID: gnrz70c

Season 6 had such a satisfying conclusion with Mirage at the center of it all.

18 : Anonymous2021/02/18 00:24 ID: gntut56

I am once again asking for some character details

19 : Anonymous2021/02/18 01:16 ID: gnu0y3w

This story ( half ) was subpar. I don’t expect anything as engaging as the “broken ghost “ quests,but at least make it as lengthy. I didn’t have an issue with the comic route they took with season 6; I just wish for the content to be way better. Respawn can write great lore, we know they can; but they also make excellent cliff hangers. This particular story( current) does not leave me wanting more. Reguardadas of how the second half plays out, the first was just OK.

Side note: It would be awesome if they could combine the comic with animation as the finale. For instance they have 3 quests where the weekly lore is a comic or even the dialogue from the first season; then top it all off with a short ( could be even shorter than the trailers for all I care) animation . That would be worth a wait IMO

20 : Anonymous2021/02/18 00:33 ID: gntvvjj

Anyone know why the next chapter is March 30th?

21 : Anonymous2021/02/18 01:27 ID: gnu2a89

BH sexy


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