Rampant Cheating Discussion Megathread Day 2

1 : Anonymous2021/09/03 21:12 ID: phdzwt

Refreshing the megathread so it doesn't have so many comments they get buried. Please continue to discuss cheating and RMT in this thread. Videos and pictures are welcome as long as no names are visible.

Please note, to keep discussion on topic we will be removing any off topic comments.

if you want to complain about megathreads do it in the old one link any off topic comments in this mega and any going forward will be removed to keep discussion focused on the topic of cheating.

2 : Anonymous2021/09/04 03:59 ID: hbj4u5f

The people that say cheating is not a problem because "I only encountered 1 cheater in 1,000 raids" crack me up.

BSG themselves said they ban around a thousand cheaters per day. Per day. That's 30,000 cheaters a month. How many active players does this game even have? A million? That's 3% of them. And that's just the ones getting caught.

ID: hblgf5i

They hit 100k concurrent during this wipe, and don’t hackers just rebuy hacked accounts at a discount? All I’m saying is that 30% of that 30k are probably repeat offenders

3 : Anonymous2021/09/04 03:12 ID: hbizysz

I fucking hate this shit. People aren't just sweaty anymore, its so fucking crazy. Instantly running up to you and shooting you perfectly in the head and nowhere else on almost every death. This is just getting super painful and disheartening. I just wanna have fair ass fights, but nothing is because they ALWAYS know where am I, even if I do not fucking move.

If you cheat, I do not care who you are, are an absolutely terrible person. I hope your pillows are hot on both sides for the rest of your fucking lives.

ID: hbs116w

Wow that's cold blooded.

ID: hbsbv7p

I feel you, the problem is worse than ever before. Me and my buddy got killed 4 Times like this Weekend.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/04 04:36 ID: hbj8hn0

why cant they at least implement a replay or killcam feature so we can at least have the peace of mind to know if indeed we got killed by a shameless cheater? the omission of that, makes me think they are protecting the cheaters because if we knew how many there were we wouldnt play.

ID: hbtfv2w

A kill cam system postponed until raid timer reaches 00:00 would help but probably is difficult to implement.

However, I don't understand why BSG doesn't provide a raid report upon raid timer reaches 00:00. In this report you could see things like loot spawned on map, name of players that were in raid grouped by squad, who killed who, death time stamps, damage taken/inflicted value of loot picked up/extracted amongst others. With a tool like this it would help people discern wether they were killed by a hacker or not and give some peace of mind.

Along with it, a way to check raid history for a given player. With these tools, we could help them by reporting with much more criteria than now.

Why they don't provide this data is sus. I'm afraid the reason is we would confirm there is much more cheaters than acceptable, or maybe (wishful thinking) bsg hasn't thought about it.

Anyways, good raids for all!

5 : Anonymous2021/09/03 23:22 ID: hbi9bnz

My squad is done until this is fixed. It's just not fun in the current state. The last week has been worse than ever so many BLATANT cheaters, a few suspicious deaths.

ID: hbu1g15

I've been smashing it this wipe with a full time job and im at 800+ raids. In the first 6 weeks i only really had a handful of extremely blatant cheaters. The last 2 weeks has just been a total disaster. Last weekend i could count with 2 hands the amount of times i had extremely suspicious deaths and some of them were cold blooded hackers. Me and my boys are all fucking done.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/03 21:29 ID: hbhv7e1

I was once a huge skeptic that cheating was rampant... until I started wearing better gear.

ID: hbi309q

LOL . Im pretty sure i got downvoted for saying this early wipe. I got lucky off reshala guards and wore an altyn/slick at lvl 2-3 for 27 raids straight…

When they didnt have good ammo i was getting hit in the head at full sprint from 50m away. Crazy to me.

They have been around heavy since start of the wipe. I noticed it way more than others because of the high value kits i was running full time.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/03 21:30 ID: hbhvcfk

At least one cheater on factory today, wall banged my teammate across the map with BT. I was hidden closer to him at the time and he strafed around a corner and instakilled me faster than I'd ever seen, EOD account as well. Caught a frame or 2 of his super cheap ak running nothing else and a balaclava.

One idea I haven't seen mentioned yet, maybe it has been, is to have a trusted queue (similar to csgo). New accounts, players with tons of reports, and players from alternate regions/high ping would be placed in these servers.

The sad fact that I'm coming around to however is that the FPS genre is prone to cheating at a higher rate than a lot of other genres. If it isn't a spinbot or a blatant cheater, things like silent aim are an incredibly insidious tools that undermine any concept of fair play off lan.

ID: hbi0h2u

This is the first I've heard of trusted queue. The concept sounds interesting. I am curious as to what the barriers are to such a system

ID: hbi5ttt

Csgo uses it, instead of 6 cheaters per match you have 5.

ID: hbi19hs

csgo and gtao both use systems like that. GTAO isn't for cheaters, just toxic players but it's a similar concept

ID: hbinp9e

YUPPPPP, head eyes instantly every lobby.

I get that this is tarkov, and you will get headshot a lot.

But it’s every fucking game. It’s not normal.

ID: hbknd9v

I actually kept track for the first few weeks of wipe, deaths by headshots vs deaths by literally any other part of my body. Never ran great armor, class 4 at the most. 72 total deaths, 67 were headshots. An abnormal amount were just single taps with cheap ammo, not like someone spraying me down and the recoil pulled to my head.

ID: hbkoqnv

The sad fact that I'm coming around to however is that the FPS genre is prone to cheating at a higher rate than a lot of other genres.

It's more of a PC issue than console. Consoles aren't without their own cheating but it's far less common and more difficult, the reality is that for all the jokes about PC master-race, there is a huge plethora of cheap / questionable shit that is rampant in FPS games, even if you aren't talking about external software / hacks.

Tarkov is an excellent example. If you aren't using your graphic's cards control panel to improve your vision on night raids (Rat vision w/ gamma & brightness) then you're at a big disadvantage to everyone who is. There's also the huge spread of 'best visibility settings' guides that let you see people most clearly in various environments, so if you're not playing on the settings that give you best visibility you're at a big disadvantage to the people who are in a game where the first person to see the other is often the victor. This was a huge thing in PUBG too.

From a fairplay and equal-playing ground standpoint, consoles blow PCs out of the water and anyone who thinks otherwise is purely delusional. There's a massive burden of knowledge on people that shouldn't be there when playing games like this that have absolutely nothing to do with playing the actual game and everything to do with cheesing game settings to give yourself an edge.

I've been a PC gamer my entire life and I have no illusions that FPS on PC is just going to be an experience riddled with cheating & uneven playing fields.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/04 05:32 ID: hbjdhle

Seeing a guy and exchanging fire, only to get head,eyes'd isn't cheating.

Having someone blind-nade and prefire where you've been hiding for 4-5 minutes unmoving is a radar for sure.

Likewise when my 3-man got wiped out on what was the same magazine of enemy ammo within 4 seconds, despite being scattered in our positioning by multiple head-shots. That was DEFINITELY aimbot accuracy.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/04 09:31 ID: hbjuoub

How about verified accounts, photo ID, UB etc. Much like online poker

10 : Anonymous2021/09/03 21:47 ID: hbhxh1v

I think what everyone really wants from BSG is a statement about what they are doing currently and have been doing since the start of this wipe about cheating. No one wants to hear X people have been banned bullshit that we always get fed. Some communication about the issue would go a long way.

ID: hbjt72i

Absolutely. Their communication is inconsistent and generally poor. For serious issues, they would ideally be directly addressing the community and confronting the issues head-on.

Instead, we often get ill-thought out (possibly pre-filtered) questions by random streamers, who are all vying against each other for exclusives and want to stay on BSG's good side.

It is a sorry state of affairs.

Edit: There was a short roadmap announcement today. Thank you, BSG. Link:

/comments/phocq5/status_report_on_4_september_2021/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/phocq5/status_report_on_4_september_2021/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

11 : Anonymous2021/09/04 00:11 ID: hbif2bg

Played one game of reserve with a buddy laying down behind the marked room outside by the tires instantly naded teammate prefired. Closed it and walked away lol

ID: hbijg2m

I was on a scav run on reserve last night. the map was EMPTY and bodies everyone. Not a peep. I was in rb bk and heard someone coming. i had the door shut. this person prob weighed 80kilos or more from how slow they were walking and breathing heavy in game. their character was exhausted. i was like fuck ya im going to dome this mother fucker and be kitted up!. he walked down the stairs and opens the bunker door and does the "theres a scav" voice line or whatever it is. and i could hear them ads on me a few times. they just kept going and left me alone i slowly creeped out. i had a decent AKM with BP and could one or two tap him most likely. depending on what he was wearing. i started creeping up to the bunker door he closed behind him and he stopped and stood still. When i opened the door(still behind the wall didnt peak yet) he literally one tapped me through the walls.... I added him, he was a fucking lvl 1 standard account. was lvl 7 after the raid. he wiped the entire lobby.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/03 21:33 ID: hbhvr29

Are we not supposed to be angry at battleye?

ID: hbih75e

This isn’t battleeye’s fault, it needs to be handled with statistics by data scientists. Battleye’s purpose is to make it harder, BSG can easily catch people who blatantly aimbot.

From the statistics side, it should be easy for a data scientist to find the players who are blatantly cheating. Ie multiple hits full auto to the head, multiple times, every raid.

If battle eye didn’t exist, there would be no excuse for blatant cheaters over level 20.

ID: hbjvoqd

BattleEye looks for indicators of known cheats. BSG can also implement plugins to notify BattleEye that a player is cheating (eg. Because of logic traps). For the most part, client-side anti-cheat is a cat and mouse game, and there are many more mice than cats.

BSG has some fundamental issues with information security in their game. Their current model is that the servers send (or otherwise make available) far too much information to the game clients.

For example, all loot is known at the start of the match - not just that it exists, but where it is (including in safes, jackets etc.). And if a player is carrying a valuable item, a cheater will also know it. Often cheaters just run to the best loot and extract safely .. but not always..

The servers also send all player locations to every other player, along with info about that player. Combine that with aimbots and you have an awful experience for any other players. This will be much harder to fix than loot ESP but there are some easy wins that would make it less effective, as well as changes to game mechanics (eg. Low/high states with an enforced short delay before shooting, server introduced randomness depending on distance + aim time).

The awesome but hard fix: In the ideal world, you wouldn't know where another player or loot is there unless you have (or could be about to have) direct line of sight, as determined by the server. This probably requires a lot more information added to the maps, and an efficient algorithm. CSGO went this route, I believe. (Edit: Not CSGO.. Valorant with its Fog of War, though)

Edit: There is still significant work for BSG to do in order to fix these issues. If it were so easy, they would have done it already. They probably also have many more content developers and artists on staff than security aware/focused core developers. If they change something in the core, it could have ripple effects and may generate a lot more work for others. This is why you shouldn't leave information security until last!

ID: hbhwh23

People shouldn't get mad at sugar pills when their doctor gave them a placebo.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/03 23:51 ID: hbicrw6

I have played hard this wipe. Last four years I was in Europe and played mainly EU servers. I Only played Barenouis occasionally when my American friends were on.

This wipe I'm back in America. I queue St Louis, Chicago and Denver.

I have queued West coast servers twice when a buddy from Cali was on.

On West coast my three man squad was killed by a cheater immediately two raids in a row. Had one successful raid and the 4th I got killed off spawn.

Central servers I'd say we get a confirmed cheater 20% of raids. But that's very map dependent. Reserve, interchange and factory seem to be the worst and could be a higher rate...

Reserve is mostly spawn dependent. Dorms marked room side will be a PVP push anyways. Rook side marked is hit ot miss. If you run immediately underground for raiders, you could potentially encounter one here. Worst I had was dome spawn, as soon as we loaded we were taking fire from far away. We ran into dome, unlocked rooms and avoided windows. Bullets were still splashing the building. I low crawled past the windows and bullets we smacking the wall beside me. I think that was a one off event and a new or inexperienced cheater.

Woods and Shoreline it seems rarer except during the event. Shoreline was a crap shoot.

My thoughts on what BSG should do at a minimum.

Two Factor Auth

Clear comms to playerbase on cheaters. How many were banned, what at levels they were and what country the account was created. Level stats can be truncated to groups. I.e. 400 level 40-50 accounts.

Lock china into their own servers.

Suspect players with mass reports should be dropped into seperate servers until they have a chance to be reviewed.

items only accessible to vacuum cheaters should be hidden in every raid. As soon as that item is looted, flag or ban the account.

Encrypted data. Reduction of sniffers means reduction of radar hacks.

ID: hbl2mmq

There's one really important detail you're missing here:

Demand that Google stop advertising cheating/hacking websites.

It goes against their own ToS and almost always against the ToS of other products/services.

No one should be able to just google 'Tarkov Cheats' and get 60 different results.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/03 21:28 ID: hbhv4es

Headshot through a wall a few minutes ago on interchange by a TTV username.

Carry on, nothing to see here....

ID: hbhznxg

Most TTV names aren't streamers. They are either trying to get cheaters to avoid them or are cheaters themselves trying to be less suspicious.

ID: hbib3zs

It can also just be a bit of memery.

ID: hbjljjw

TTV names of streamers that don't exist. Seen it plenty from the "sus" people.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/04 00:04 ID: hbiecti

central US labs unplayable. Lvl 12 M855 head, top of head!

16 : Anonymous2021/09/04 01:52 ID: hbiqvkp

Few days ago was going resort. Came up as a dude with a blackjack and vector at the door to east wing goes in and gunfire erupts. Anyways. I start trailing in behind him hear him and some gunfire upstairs. Walk my way up there on 2nd and am waiting behind trash bags. Get some shots and end up in a standoff with like him and 2 others who weren't geared so I'm guessing he was sherpaing them. Anyways. Literally 15 minutes of them emoting and shit (there's a dude near to me stuck in his room who I was waiting out). I creep back silently (they couldn't see me) and go up the third checking for a push, suddenly I hear sprinting past me below. Come back down start fighting them get injured and retreat only to be run directly to by the team and mowed down by a low level guy.

Anyways my theory is chad-chadderton had radar and was carrying them. They sat there emoting and not moving yet when I slink away silently dude who's trapped suddenly decides to move and on top of that they beeline right to my retreat position after injuring me. Was kinda sus.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/06 09:40 ID: hbshwv3

BSG does not care about cheaters and I can prove it to you without a quote or a clip or anything from the devs all it takes is one single sentence. (Tarkov is available in multi account bundles that get cheaper the more accounts you buy.) If that doesn't scream "hey I know we did a banwave and you need more accounts here's a discount" idk what does.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/04 00:00 ID: hbiduxk

Ive been playing almost every day for the last 2 years, and I absolutely love this game, and I have over 3000 hours played. Even through the worst in june 2020 when cheating was at the previous peak, I still played. (Frustrated, but kept at it). The cheating for the last week is absolutely nuts. Empty keycard rooms on labs, kiba / ultra nearly empty, and a surge of wall banging head eyes. I hate saying a game is “unplayable” because it sounds dramatic, but man is this close. I did a sampling of server groups, and even midwest (Chicago / Dallas) which were my go to servers to avoid gamers seem infested, mostly with carry teams. Pls help BSG.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/04 02:40 ID: hbiwfjx

Me and my friend stopped playing tarkov because of all the cheaters but this week we randomly decided to do one single raid on reserve just to see how bad the game is:

We loaded in fully geared, ran approximately 10 steps and both got killed by a dude with a shotgun and slugs. Insta death. Our raid lasted an entire 23 seconds. Needless to say I uninstalled rightaway

20 : Anonymous2021/09/03 22:40 ID: hbi48o9

Imagine sitting in a desolate corner of Woods, in a thick brush, miles from any source of loot, afk dehydrating to get just a crumb of metabolism exp, and a standard account by something of the name BigTiddyCumBlast makes a B-line straight for you and murders you.

ID: hbiddmg

What servers? Think I’ve been killed by that dude

21 : Anonymous2021/09/04 03:38 ID: hbj2nmk

Suggestion: Give us a queue that only puts us up against people that have played more than one wipe. I'll wait 10 minutes + for every game if I have to, just to lower my chance of getting hacked on. It's killing this game and I don't want to quit.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/03 22:18 ID: hbi1fe3

It’s gotten to the point where it’s more common to be head/eyes than it is to be killed anywhere else on the body. I know some are legit but it’s so discouraging to be one tapped so often. Have never experienced a wipe like this one.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/04 04:44 ID: hbj974u

Interchange is becoming semi unplayable with the amount of losers who hack on it, this is getting ridiculous man. I just want to play tarkov and not get "head-eyes" by a dude going mach 9 around a corner.

24 : Anonymous2021/09/04 06:34 ID: hbjig2z

Think I'm about done for this wipe, and a few others coming up. This is ridiculous. I went to stronghold 2 raids back to back looking for rashala, instant headeyes by low levels with no gear rocking pp ammo. One of them I'm getting prefired well before The guy even knew where I was. If its not that, then I'm running into constant 2, 3, 4, and 5 man squads. Ive played this game nearly 1400 hours, almost all of them solo as the other friends already quit. This is by far the worst wipe i've seen not only for cheaters, but just in general for playability, mechanics, desync.... ehhh fuck it why even bother, new games can't come soon enough.

25 : Anonymous2021/09/04 13:06 ID: hbkbwco

Recently I think I’ve been running into teleport looters on interchange. I’ve spawned across the map from power station, ran and flipped it on, gone to kiba, unlocked it, to find basically scraps for loot and shit thrown all over the floor.

This has happened multiple times now. This wipe by far has the worst cheating AND desync issues to date.

26 : Anonymous2021/09/06 00:55 ID: hbr4sjp

conversation i had with a cheater

Was hiding in a corner of the shipping containers near OLI on interchange, waiting for the initial player rush to the mall, had to plant my gzhels near the stage outside for ragman. Rushed by player, who should have had no idea I was there. Died. Thought to myself, that was sus... Messaged the killer later, and they were very frank with me. Surprised at how openly someone would flaunt this. You would think admitting to cheating in the in-game chat would be a no-no.

27 : Anonymous2021/09/03 22:36 ID: hbi3ovg

We need to discourage new players from buying the game. Drastic action needs to happen in the fps world to deal with the cheating. A lot of action needs to come from the community. I think this is one way.

ID: hbj4zeh

I don’t think that would do much but kill FPS games and it’s not really a realistic option. Cheat developers look for any and every way to bypass current detection, wether or not you believe BSG is actively fighting against cheats, these cheat developers are actively working to bypass systems. I don’t know the solution but people need to realize that all those millions of rubs, all that gear, all the guns mean nothing when you cheat, it’s all pointless and easy to achieve a baby can click a mouse and get kills. RMT farmers will continue to farm until people stop looking for the easy way to basically ruin their own experiences let alone ours. I think a lot stems from people’s desire to be the best and see cheats as a means to that end, when in actuality it just makes them worse and pretty shit at games. It’s like seeing a cheater in a competitive game at platinum, you didn’t earn that, and what you want to flex to your friends your plat but turn off the hacks and you can’t even land an assist at that level. it’s just a lie and the really sad part is I’ve seen cheating videos and they’ll say how good they are, act like it only gives them a slight advantage, basically they will lie to themselves that somehow they’re still playing a competitive game. Hell some are even wanna be streamers hoping the gaming community will recognize them and tell them how good they are. It’s honestly really pathetic and these people should feel pathetic, maybe the answer is instead of raging at cheaters we just feel bad for them because how sad is your life you can’t handle dying in a video game

ID: hbj5urx

I agree. Pestily said it best: a cheater only needs to find one way to cheat, but an anti-cheat needs to forsee all the possible ways to cheat, not feasible. I think it gets even harder when games are developed on popular engines like Unity because hackers know how these systems work and how to exploit them.

I've stopped playing tarkov, because the cheating is so bad. We need to warn new players and if no one buys it and we boycott it, then the cheaters play against each other and maybe move to a new game. Apart from communities taking massive action together the only other option I see is to link your game profile to your personal identification. Like a BBB but for video games


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