Fuckboi Friday thread September 03, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/09/03 00:00 ID: pgtsuh

It's FRIDAY my cheeky Breekies!

Post all those Funny stories and hilarious clips here for us to judge!

Hilarious clips are allowed to be Memey but no Meme images are allowed as applicants / Comments.

In the future we plan on rewarding the top comment each week with something special, so stay tuned 😉


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2 : Anonymous2021/09/03 01:22 ID: hbe36ga

Early this morning I was running factory and I came across a level 40 who had that ks-20 using flash shells. He flashed me 4 times! Everytime I started getting my vision back he would do it again. He kept trying to vog me and fucking it up. I was able to head shot him with my kedder while I was flashed. I though I was dead forsure but he was biffing all his nades and I came outon top! This all took place in the stairwell and 2nd story metal walk way with the 2 green creates.
If you see this, I tried to add you. Dope fight. Gg

ID: hbh3l7l

That’s why you gotta take a kedr along with your ks23 and cripple the legs before you vog em.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/03 11:49 ID: hbfougt

A couple wipes ago, 2 of my friends joined me in a team of 3 cheap-ass-geared noob team in Customs. We spawned in the building near USEC and dashed straight to the PC room.

I was last, so as usual, first one opens up and clears, second one covers, third one looks behind and closes the door behind to start looting.

One of my friends was looking at the PC rigs, so I moved to the jackets inside the bathroom, but the other was looking at them, so I moved to the medbag, which casually, was also being looked at.

I paused for a sec before yelling "GUYS WE ARE 4!", my friends laughed "man learn to count at least". I looked at one of them and said "where are you?", there was silence. I asked "is this you?" and shot one of them in the leg. My friend immediately yelled "SHIT THE ENEMY" and shot me back. Then I had to repeat 3 times "It's me you dumb fuck, stop shooting me and answer when called" before he stopped trying to peek me. We laid down and started to heal.

Meanwhile, the other guy said "dude which one of you is QEQE-ing me". We answered "we are healing". He said "no I mean, who is doing QEQE at me, that's clearly a friendly".

Silence for a second. "SHOOT YOU IDIOT, THAT'S THE GUY!". And my friend was gunned down before saying "oooh... maybe it wasn't you". I ran in a dumped my whole 5.45 PS mag in that guy's chest, took several hits from him, managed to kill him, and said "I killed the guy that killed you, please cover the door so I can heal because..." I didn't finish my sentence, and my deaf friend once again shot me down and yelled "I GOT HIM!!!! Where are you guys?".

There was silence, we couldn't believe it, like he wasn't even listening, just minding his own business or something. We held silence and waited for him to find out the hard way, he picked my tag and said "bro this guy's name is just like yours, are you still healing?".

We burst in laughter for a straight 5 minutes, kicked him from the lobby and spent 30 minutes just talking about what just happened, we couldn't stop laughing.

That other guy had the time of his life I bet, stone cold until the end.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/03 18:19 ID: hbh5hqi

went on reserve scav run with a buddy for some easy raider loot, we spawn B building marked room. I head to check marked, and he walks off to the back of train station. Then gets shot at from inside of B building, then dude that shot jumps out the back window I communicate that to him and we try to box him in but my homeboy gets domed, I hear him reload and push him with my PS AK74u. 60 PS rounds and an SNB to the chest later I get his ass. I go to loot him grab his lvl 5 armor, kited SVD, then someone starts nading the whole area behind B building somehow I make it out of there and head to extract. Couldn't get the backpack that looked to be full and the rig that was also full. but it was deff worth avenging my homeboy.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/03 20:31 ID: hbhnfdf

What is the deal with the Twitch2020 Rivals Armband? I seem to understand that it's popular because it's so rare and it's a big flex and possibly easier for squads to ID their people due to the uniqueness and rarity. But there's an insane amount of GPUs being offered for them. Just so I'm reading and understanding the Flea Market correctly, when it says '149' for the graphics card in exchange for a Rivals armband, the trade is 1 armband for 149 GPUs right? Because it's not that the person has 149 GPUs available and you can barter 1 GPU for an Armband, right?

And how do people have that many GPU, and why? If you couldn't even use 149 GPU in your Bitcoin Farm why would someone even want to trade to get 149 GPU.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/03 00:23 ID: hbdvkvg

ID: hbfq97g

Hold yo fire bro

7 : Anonymous2021/09/03 02:50 ID: hbeeaph

How not to act after you got a kill. (Later in raid and assumed he was alone cause only heard one guy sprinting at me lol

ID: hbfvcrs

how do you play with those settings, its so dark!

ID: hbfxuc2

Idk i like to feel immersed idc if others have an advantage lol. I dont think the video does it justice though.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/03 04:49 ID: hbern2i

reaction to after dying to weapon misfunction for the sixth in a day :

Translation: I was just talking about how important it is to always do your tasks. /s

9 : Anonymous2021/09/03 05:03 ID: hbesxwa

I've been making some compilations on YouTube lately. Here is one of my shorter ones

10 : Anonymous2021/09/03 11:53 ID: hbfp8n5

Story time.

Me and my mates decided when we dont wanna quest and play seriously, to make guns of questionable value, basically meme guns.

Both of my friends have upwards of 20mil, I had 2.5 mil but I volunteered to create something fun.

Basically the idea was an MP153 with a 8shell mag loaded with magnum, shortest barrel I could find, pistol grip, OKP7 sight(nipple one) and 3 flashlights.

The gun had a shitton of recoil meaning you cant fire as fast as you want to because it would aim into the heavens.

We are loading into Customs, spawn on Crackhouse and I get a M2 Sword into the head..

Basically I couldnt even try the shotty that I built, big sad..my one friend died in the raid, the other one survived and killed a 3 guys, one of whom was in the marked room, dude got out with a mag case..fml..

11 : Anonymous2021/09/03 06:12 ID: hbez5xm

I feel like this belongs here.

(yes, it's me, it's not a random clip from the internet)

12 : Anonymous2021/09/03 00:47 ID: hbdyneb

boooo you suck!

13 : Anonymous2021/09/03 21:17 ID: hbhtlyl

doing grenadier in factory after getting forced to reset after getting railed by a gaming chair enthusiast.

I was on tilt ran back in with altyn and class 5 and shotty end of raid find the lone living pistoling...leg him he legs me i miss the vog....but since I was titled I didn't bring any pain meds and used my last round on him....he mele'd and killed me lol.

Fun side note scaving on customs is great if you know where to go

ID: hbi2zp5

Ok, I'll bite. Where do you go?

ID: hbi8guc

Usce stash house is normally un-looted or only half looted. Shleves in the back spawn all kinds of stuff 2 sets of lockers underneath spawn ammo pistols and attachments. That btc was on the sofa also tons of gold chains spawn there. 4-5 FP-100 filter spawns and a lot of water filters. also there is a moonshine spawn there.

There is the the building next to the extract behind the usce building that is barely looted as well. there is a a double water filter spawn there tech crate, grande box 2 jackets 2 pcs and 2 tool boxes and weapon boxes.

50/50 chance crack house is looted most times.

skelator if people see the bottom back room with jacks is looted they wont go up top and it normally not loot up there plus a total 7 or so sugar spawns in there alone.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/03 22:42 ID: hbi4fbg


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