Fence event mega! (cheater mega link inside)

1 : Anonymous2021/09/04 14:57 ID: pht27x

"So listen up, I'm only telling you this because we got along well, the past places with the stuff
- are no longer relevant. My people removed and stashed almost all the valuables.
So keep in mind, look for it elsewhere on the locations."

We have some reports that people with negative scav rep didn't receive the message.

For the duration of the event we are suspending the portion of RULE 2 regarding loot posts
Please use Imgur or your preferred image hosting site to link your findings in a text post, and if you could graciously do so, provide additional information of where you found things if it is necessary.

Current event is a chain of events that will eventually establish dynamic loot

/comments/phocq5/status_report_on_4_september_2021/hbk8tev/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/phocq5/status_report_on_4_september_2021/hbk8tev/

Update on the effort to combat cheaters

link to the cheater megathread

2 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:21 ID: hbl0lba

Are intel folders super valuable for this event or something because their price just shot up to 350k

ID: hbl18et

Lol my guess is everyone is realizing they can’t find intel in the normal spots and are panicking

ID: hbl1feu

Damn so gpu price must be absolutely insane rn then

3 : Anonymous2021/09/04 15:06 ID: hbkqfx8

Sounds like high tier loot spawns have moved or are random. Should be fun

ID: hbkslsn

I believe you are right. I’ve found level four and five helmets and vests in places I’ve never expected them.

Just a small example because I only did two runs after this message: Bastian helmet inside of a Sportbag

And (don’t know if that would count) a bible inside of a Jacket - never saw that.

ID: hbn0dvm

a bible

Do you mean the Ancient Book?

4 : Anonymous2021/09/05 02:21 ID: hbn44f9

Interchange was dog shit last night. Hit Kiba twice. All trash grips and rails was about it

5 : Anonymous2021/09/04 15:54 ID: hbkwwap

We have some reports that people with negative scav rep didn't receive the message.

I fucking love it.

ID: hblm3cw

Bruh I cant wait for events that reward / punish based on scav karma

ID: hblm58k

The salt will be glorious.

ID: hbl8g76

I had a rough scav run when I snagged some good shit off a dead PMC squad (Two Meta M4s and Pilgrims full of goodies) and I shot a player Scav who was shooting at me, AI went hostile and I killed 8 scavs onn my way to the heating pipe.

I regret it.

ID: hbl9y0u

That happened to me the other day but instead of fighting the ai scavs, I tried to run away. Got gunned down by my ai scav bros.

ID: hbmkegz

the lpt for that is to throw grenades. they will run away from them usually. Especially if you have flashes. You'll still be hostile to them, but if you don't kill any, it won't reduce your rep.

ID: hbpovln

I have my karma on neutral and didn't receive the message

6 : Anonymous2021/09/04 15:04 ID: hbkqa3n

Does event mean that all good loot is removed, or are loot locations moved away from the standard good locations, meaning you can find more high quality loot in previous lower quality loot places, like for example more gpus in PC's instead of techlight in interchange?

ID: hbkqhc9

/comments/phocq5/status_report_on_4_september_2021/hbkhyqi/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/phocq5/status_report_on_4_september_2021/hbkhyqi/

7 : Anonymous2021/09/04 20:04 ID: hblufm6

To me, it feels like they made just about every key in the game virtually worthless…

ID: hblvo8z

I have done 7 raids so far, customs and reserve, I am finding absolutely zero difference other than I am finding a retarded amount of condensed milk and an insane amount of common keys.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/05 02:44 ID: hbn6sgj

Been running interchange for hours. Almost no loot anywhere

9 : Anonymous2021/09/04 19:30 ID: hblpw1g

Interesting - I don't have much rep with Fence, positive 0.85 . I have not, as yet, gotten any message from him. Just logged on to check.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/04 19:37 ID: hblqv6c

Still have yet to see one person post a confirmed new loot addition/change besides just everything being nerfed

ID: hbnu0br

Literally. So many comments like "It hasn't been removed just moved!!" Like where to? No one is finding shit lmao

ID: hbowrl3

I was downvoted for saying it yesterday by people that clearly haven't played during the event. Has anyone actually found new spawns because from my experience everything spawns in the same places just nerfed into the ground.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/06 15:25 ID: hbtg3we

This event sucks to me. Waiting for it to end to return to raiding fully geared and not like a killa hunter.

Not worth spending anything on your loadout atm.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/04 19:10 ID: hbln9sg

I like how this event actually has an in game message telling an event is happening. Now just to decypher what it means.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/04 15:28 ID: hbktc8l

At first everyone thought it’s been moved to stashes but I don’t think that’s the case

14 : Anonymous2021/09/04 17:42 ID: hblbnk1

So far nothing seems to be different on reserve. Mil tech is still at the same spots, marked rooms still dog shit. etc

ID: hbnwbnt

I have not been able to find a single military tech in their usual spawns, or at all. I’ve been playing reserve only for the last 2 days. Also I feel like the marked rooms got even worse.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/04 15:15 ID: hbkrp0l

So Fence just sent me a message saying 61332c9ad65e4f47f310206d, dafuq does this mean? Anyone else get something weird like this?

ID: hbl0jjv

Looks like a cryptocurrency wallet adress lol fence bout to bless you with some bitcoin

ID: hbkutas

That's mosy likely a missing translation. I assume you're playing the game in a language other than english. If that's the case, just set your game to english and you'll be able to see the message quoted on this post.

ID: hbl09c4

I actually googled this today because this happened to me too. It's due to a misplaced tag for the script to call in the text. As others have said you will need to restart the game to fix it.

ID: hbktt12

Close down the game and re open it, it’s a bug

16 : Anonymous2021/09/06 01:56 ID: hbrc3qk

I've always hated the idea that to get loot you had to hope for a good spawn and then sprint to specific places. For me this change has no negatives for me as I refuse to play like that. It sounds like loot in the open is nerfed but loot in containers is buffed? I havnt really noticed a change myself

17 : Anonymous2021/09/06 16:54 ID: hbtsdek

Not sure what I feel about this event, it seems like loot that was already hard to find is now practically impossible. I feel like if everything stays this way the prices are going to get even higher for rare loots and it's gonna be even harder to make more money. I still haven't played a lot so... I'll still need some time to reflect on how this goes.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:26 ID: hbtws9j

Do we know what is actually happening in the event? It isn't clear anywhere. To me it seems nerfing of high loot locations and then dynamic loot in other locations

ID: hbtzs99

I don't think a whole lot of anything. The ONLY difference I've noticed is finding a wider variety of loot in jackets and duffles. But not better loot that's for sure.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/05 00:08 ID: hbmoulc

Fuck the nakeds and their GPUs. Try to survive in Tarkov now.

ID: hbponz6

Fuck the chads and their predictable loot runs too.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/04 19:00 ID: hbllwzl

Found a Bitcoin and a Golden chain on a random shelf, was a scav with zero armor and left a sweat trail all the way to extraction..

21 : Anonymous2021/09/04 15:33 ID: hbktzui

Hopefully we'll start to see less hatchet runners SJ6ing into techlight, texho and ras.

ID: hbkxvlp

If this is the end result of this event and eventually dynamic loot, then that would be fantastic.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:39 ID: hbl2z6g

I think most of the loot is in duffle bags from my recent scan run.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/06 18:21 ID: hbu4ffe

This event is terrible

24 : Anonymous2021/09/04 16:58 ID: hbl5n3t

With him saying they "stashed" it I wonder if hidden stashes are buffed

ID: hbn15az

I've been hitting stashes in every raid that I've been able to. They definitely don't seem to be buffed at all,

25 : Anonymous2021/09/05 02:17 ID: hbn3pw7

Okay so I am confused on one thing, is higher end loot not spawning in this event or is it spawning somewhere else

ID: hbo2ue2

Supposedly less everywhere. Eventually this will transition into another event that changes loot again. ( item locations )

26 : Anonymous2021/09/05 06:53 ID: hbnta4y

Any tips to get Chumming kills now players aren't rushing anywhere particular on Interchange?

27 : Anonymous2021/09/06 18:10 ID: hbu2wqi

People are saying the stashes are nerfed which I think is true, However I DID just pull a Hexgrid from one in shoreline


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