It’s honestly more annoying than anything really

1 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:08 ID: pj3mua
It’s honestly more annoying than anything really
2 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:23 ID: hbtwfvj

I would have to say it's important to have the choice or at least the illusion of choice to defend yourself.

A threat you know how to deal with is less imposing, and if a game does not give you an option other then hiding then you know how to deal with the threat in question intrinsically.

Alian isolation I think puts this best on display, giving you ample resources to defend yourself but are ultimately just a small roadblock to the main antagonist.

However sparce resources in of themselves don't make a game tense either. Even if you only barely have the supplies to deal with threats you still have the means. If the game fails to convince you that your supplies are precious it can still fall into the same trap. Which can be hard as players can have radically different playstyles.

ID: hbtxdk2

I really enjoyed alien isolation at first, and the alien showing up in a new area would always scare me, but it actually got annoying after awhile because I would die several times in certain areas and just get to the point that I was just angry at the alien

ID: hbtyrn1

Yeah XD.

Difficulty is an important balance too. The game needs to give a sense of being dangerous, but still be generally easy enough to finish in a couple of tries otherwise it loses the atmosphere and just becomes a puzzle.

Amnesia had an interesting mechanic where if an enemy killed you it would disappear, making each subsequent run easier, and they were semi randomly placed so it could be hard to notice if you didn't know about it.

ID: hbv22zy

Alian isolation I think puts this best on display, giving you ample resources to defend yourself

The one thing Alien Isolation is missing is CHASES. Without a chase it becomes non scary.

You get spotted you lose. Its a game of trial and error and frustration.

But if you could escape by RUNNING, suddenly that death screen isn't a forgone conclusion anymore. Thats why Outlast is just scarier. You get chased you get away you hide.

With Alien you can hide BEFORE you are seen or Use the flame thrower. This is teh problme with it being a full on stealth game. A perfect play through would me you would never be spotted by the alien. At whcih are you ever in danger? no then theres no reason to be scared.

ID: hbuzh59

Alien Isolation is great until you get the flamethrower. Then it gets too easy. Yeah, fuel is limited, but so little is required to scare the Alien off, that I ended up being a lot less careful after I got it, because I knew that I could just scare it off if I messed up. Killed a lot of suspense.

ID: hbv2pe7

Interesting, I could barly shake the thing off with the flamethrower. Even if he did run off he would be back in no time. I actually died in one instance, which was a shocking display of the games ai. The Alien stayed just out of range of the flamethrower, backing up if I moved closer and following me when I moved back. He played me by getting me to step under a vent then dashing to another one. Grabbing me from above before I could react.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:17 ID: hbtvim6

It depends on the person. I can easily play a game like Amnesia or Alien without getting really scared. Games like Dead Space or Resident Evil scare the hell out of me though. The guy I always game with has it the other way around. He's scared shitless playing Phasmophobia but plays Dead space without any fear.

ID: hbua22q

And here I am a nervous wreck playing either

ID: hbug600

i almost fainted the first time i was chased by the monster in amnesia when the game had just come out. i had a friend complete the game for me.

ID: hbuokx2

There's something about giving me enough control to move around and interact with objects (and even weapons to fight with) but giving me creepy atmosphere and enemies that may or may not die that just absolutely ruins me. Hell, I can't even watch horror games be played without my anxiety skyrocketing

ID: hbud4yq

Dead space was the first time I ever felt dread playing a game. Like primal fear.

ID: hbuh001

I prefer games like dead space or resident evil because they give you just enough power to fight back while still making you feel vulnerable, while games like amnesia don't give you any power to fight back.

ID: hbuemmv

My issue with the “hide & seek” games is that you’re completely screwed and defenceless right from the get-go and more often than not, it just causes frustration rather than tense horror. Certain games does this right however such as outlast but those are the outliers in my opinion. These types of games often punish you for not playing the game EXACTLY the way the game wants you to play it

Compare something like Silent Hill 2 or even Condemned to Friday night at Freddie’s for example.

For whatever reason, having a pistol with only half a mag left and having to face a malicious terror give me more chills than just hanging out inside a locker or underneath a desk and just waiting for it to pass by

ID: hbv4odk

The reason the pistol with half a mag is so much scarier is because of hope. You have a fighting chance but it's really dicey. The razor focus and tiny margins of error when dealing with inherently scary things just heightens the horror experience.

With hide and seek games you sort of resign yourself to the fact that you will get caught a few times.

ID: hbuj4fz

But Five nights at Freddy's doesn't fit into either category.

A good horror game is a good horror game, whether an individual specifically prefers either or doesn't matter. If you go into any game with the predisposition that you're probably not gonna like it then of course you're not going to.

ID: hbulnqp

I'm poker faced playing both

ID: hbuqqfs

Yeah, I really wish I could enjoy horror games like that but at least people find it impressive? Not really worth it.

ID: hbv09hl

I am the opposite. Amnesia is unmatched as a constipation cure for me, while I can prance through Dead Space and Resident Evil with no problem.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:41 ID: hbtyxtp

Neither, I think.

The horror and "scariness" comes much more from the art, sound design, and the player mood, than the combat system itself.

Plenty ammo turns the game into a shooter. No ammo brings the game to a puzzle. And scarce ammo just put the game in a in between a shooter and a puzzle (just like classic resident evil).

Some of the most scary games I ever played are Dead Space and Soma. Dead Space is shooting the limbs off of hordes of monsters, while Soma has absolutelly no combat.

The only common trait is the amazing art and sound.

Things are hard for the horror genre. You cant finish a FPS without shooting, or a puzzle game without thinking. But you can play a whole horror game with the wrong mood, and spoil the whole game.

ID: hbuelg8

Well said. The atmosphere plays a major part in creating a horror environment. E.g. FEAR. That's a heavy FPS, but it gave me quite a few scares.

ID: hbuvoi6

You're forgetting the uncertainty. Sure mood matters, but it's not that scary if there's only one choice you could make (have to shoot, have to hide) instead of multiple (shoot or preserve ammo with melee, fight or flee)

ID: hbv807x

"What is it?"

"Where is it?"

"How do I deal with it?"

"Am I safe?"

The only thing that should be solidly established is the thing is a threat. After that the more questions you leave unanswered, the better.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:25 ID: hbtwpbp

I found Alien: Isolation scary. I think that technically counts as a scare ammo game, but I don't think you could actually kill the alien.

ID: hbtx564

Alien: Isolation is perhaps the best example of sparse ammo in a horror game. You have just enough to get by

ID: hbuavbv

The Alien actually has a hidden health bar. It is just so durable and huge that you can't fight it. Use the flame thrower and it runs away...use conventional ammo and it will tank it as it rushes to one shot you.

ID: hbuchmd

I believe you cannot kill it, period, although the brilliance in that Game is something else:

The Alien actually has an adaptive AI, over time the same tricks become less effective against it. For example, if you try to distract it with Fake Noises, eventually it will just ignore them completely.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:39 ID: hbtymdi

PT is the scariest thing I've ever played and it had no way to defend yourself.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:30 ID: hbtxfwc

I enjoy both. the original Outlast totally rocked my shit, and so did the original Dead Space.

Hell, I've recently been revisiting Doom 3 in vr, and it is absolutely terrifying even with all the ammo.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:11 ID: hbtuptv

Quake Remastered Dimension of the Machine has entered the chat.

Did someone say scarce ammo?

ID: hbu0lfb

absolutely horrifying

ID: hbugtv6

I've just buy Quake remastered on my PS4 today. Time for me to cry like a teenager on this level.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:32 ID: hbtxogv

Forget that, the real lesson should be "stop putting save points so far away to create artificial tension." It works just fine, running from enemies, avoiding branching paths, and then finding the safe room comes as such a relief. But then I die for the first time and realize I'd have to replay the last 20 minutes already knowing where all the scares are, and instead of being scared or tense I just feel exhausted. Usually the second time it happens I'm done with the game entirely.

ID: hbujnjl


Nothing makes me drop a game faster than bring told I have to Redo near or over a half hour of gameplay.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:52 ID: hbu0ehv

Not to mention the jump scares with absolutely no purpose beside scaring you. Not progressing the story by pushing you through a door into an unknown new area but instead scaring you then getting back as if nothing happened. I personally only get annoyed, I know some people get scared and don't want to walk the next corner, I just get annoyed that the jump scare wasted my time.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/06 18:43 ID: hbu7hbq

I just prefer “horror” games where you can defend yourself. Feels more fun and interactive than having no weapon and every thing is a fetch quest. For reference, my favorite horror games so far at Resident Evil 7, Evil Within 1, and Evil Within 2. Evil Within 1 isn’t really scary, more of a thrilling RE4 like game with some cool tools. Evil Within 2 (haven’t finished the game yet) is poorly optimized on PC, that or my graphics card sucks. Probably both. I only got a GTX 1050ti. But Evil Within 2 is fun and most definitely scary. The areas are fun, enemies are scarier and more than threatening.

And Resident Evil 7 is plain ol fun

12 : Anonymous2021/09/06 19:41 ID: hbuf90b

It’s because you can actually run out of resources and perma-fuck yourself in the game.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/06 19:51 ID: hbugp4b

I'm a mix - I like the Fatal Frame games, which have their own type of ammo, but also games like Clock Tower, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, and Haunting Ground are scary as hell. I don't find Resident Evil games scary most of the time, but that's because they don't have that much of a horror atmosphere a lot of the time I think.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/06 20:07 ID: hbuivfp

can we all agree that cheap jumpscares are not quality horror?

ID: hbuqy0s

I agree with you for the most part, but there are certain times its ok.

Prey did it both well and both terribly. In one instance they have you stare at a small pixel on the screen and then jump scare you, and for that the developers can go fuck themselves.

But they also used Mimics throughout the game, including the first time you find a gun, so it really messes with you. You learn to distrust everything. You're afraid of stuff that isn't there, or you're just afraid of a chair or a bookshelf or whatever. It's done pretty well.

But fuck them for that bullshit jump scare.

ID: hbuki74

Nothing annoys me more in both game and movie then just abusing the human reflex against fast movement and loud noise.

It's not a scare it's a reflex.

ID: hbv040w

Yup. You could put on an episode of Sesame Street, but if theres a loud noise accompanied by a full screen of Elmo's face, youre still going to jump.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/06 18:23 ID: hbu4olh

Does Amnesia fit into that "hide and seek" category? Cause I found it very scary due to me not having any weapons.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/06 21:12 ID: hburh3s

Subnautica is the best blend of both, you have a knife and you can use it to kill stuff, but it sucks and it's kind of dangerous.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/06 20:42 ID: hbungnr

It depends on the person. For instance, I’ve never been that scared playing Resident Evil, but Five Nights at Freddy’s scared the hell out of me

18 : Anonymous2021/09/06 22:01 ID: hbuxwfb

Big disagree, when a game has scarce resources it automatically becomes a resource management game for me. Although non-lethal weapons with a recharge timer or something like that is fine imo. Like think along the lines of Amnesia, running away from something you can't see but you still hear footsteps thumping towards you.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:48 ID: hbtzvm4

It depends entirely. For me if I'm just shooting waves of enemies and managing ammo that isn't scary it's just violent.

Hide and seek with suspense is scary. Scary isn't jump scares or gore, its the suspense of oh fuck if this thing finds me im dead.

Look at fear IRL, you get scared when its late at night and you hear a noise, or when you see something in the distance but dont know what it is. If the thing in question is out in the open and you are shooting it, that isnt really fear. Maybe fear of running out of bullets, but it's a different fear.

It really depends on the person and we shouldn't have just one type of game, both types of fears need representation otherwise you'll get people like me that hate modern horror movies because they just aren't scary. It's just violent not scary

20 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:24 ID: hbtwimg

Idk I don't find either particularly scary & you know evil within did both and that was a decent game

21 : Anonymous2021/09/06 18:49 ID: hbu8a0i

Dead Space is scary but if I can shoot the monsters in the head to stun them its less scary.

Resident evil 7 was not that bad because I could just tap the family in the head to gain some leeway.

Amnesia is so fucking jnpredictable at times and I suck at run and hide gameplay. I panic so hard.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/06 19:13 ID: hbubhyp

Dead space 1 maybe dead space 2 and the evil within 2

23 : Anonymous2021/09/06 19:54 ID: hbuh2wn

I've heard it's quite a debate, but I really don't think so... I just think it's easier to fall into the trap of "you gotta spend your time hiding" when you are defenceless in a game.


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