Quality of support department (survey)

1 : Anonymous2021/09/07 12:29 ID: pjm3tx

Hello dear Redditors!

Recently, I was appointed to be a temporary lead of the BSG Support department. Since I have the time and opportunity, I want to ask you to help me analyze and improve Support service.

All I need is your feedback, and as I know you are really good at it 🙂

Here is a little survey -

You can rate your personal experience with Support there, and, if you will, add something to the reddit post too.

NOTE, I'm not an almighty person who can solve all of the issues of the game (but I wish I was)

2 : Anonymous2021/09/07 13:04 ID: hbxdao5

Not really your department, but Xsolla is fucked.

ID: hbxokwn

The Xsolla thing is what kept me from buying this game for over a year after I actually wanted it. Eventually I ended up buying it by buying my friend a game about the same price from steam and had him pay for the base game of Tarkov for me. I was pretty sure BSG and Xsolla were going to steal my identity.

Once I got in and started playing and started understanding the depth of the game and the passion BSG has for it, it was clear to me that EFT is obviously not a scam, but I'm sure BSG has lost sales just on people not wanting to do it, let alone the people who Xsolla just doesn't work for.

ID: hbycykj

tbh Xsolla is scuffed, but I did have a good interaction with them. I requested a refund for that game Dead Matter and got a refund within a week with an apology basically saying "sorry it didnt work out"

ID: hbxdwam

There is a reason whenever I buy robux for my kid my bank will block the transaction until I approve it and thats only for a $20 charge

They are definitely on some kind of list

ID: hc0ozr5

Yeah, that's a thing.

There's a list (I don't know if it's internal or external) which banks have regarding services where there are crazy reports of stolen credit cards being used.

For me in India, that's Steam. They just hate Steam.

ID: hbzuen2

XSolla is pretty terrible, but if you have PayPal available to use, isn't it still available as an option for paying BSG? Been a while since I've bought anything on their site, but I've read about other people here using PP as well somewhat recently.

ID: hc13ao9

xsolla was blocked by my bank pretty sure. tried like 3 times, payment just wouldn't go through. I could be wrong but I think I ended up paying with AmazonPay? I'm not totally sure, but if thats still an option I would do that or Paypal over xsolla.

ID: hbxfxdp

Yeah half the support tickets bsg gets are likely related to Xsolla being crap. They basically looked at all other e-commerce banking/transaction companies and borrowed the worst aspect of each to create Xsolla.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/07 12:56 ID: hbxcdw1

Great to see stuff like this (more interactions here). I see us (EFT players) as testers, so it's good to see more interactions between BSG, be it devs or support, and the community.
Keep up the great work!

ID: hbysmlw

I can only speak for myself saying I don't often post here, I do read though, and I enjoy discord as a social media more than Reddit for community interactions, anyhow, both my colleagues and myself read and consider your reactions.

Thanks for the kind words.

ID: hc19n18

I can't blame you for prefering other social media more than reddit. Never saw a more hostile nad toxic community than this subreddit. Idk how you can cope with some of those messages when reading through. Big respect for this!

ID: hbzmze1

There is a lot of good feedback on Reddit if you can filter out the nonsense. It’s a bit overwhelming though.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/07 13:24 ID: hbxflz0

I am just glad to see participation from someone with a tag "Battlestate Games Management Team Member". Regardless of the feedback you will get and subject matter at hand, keep up the community engagement 🙂

5 : Anonymous2021/09/07 15:51 ID: hbxzqab

Basically the support department just tells you to call someone else, xsolla, battleeye whoever. They don’t seem too concerned about resolving customer issues. Just kinda you bought the game so good luck

6 : Anonymous2021/09/07 18:34 ID: hbynipf

I had made a request to refund a copy of tarkov I bought on my debit card after buying it on my visa, waiting for my payment to process. (Witch I had to jump through hoops and read up on EFT forums, becuase Xsolla would but deposit the “less than $2” for me to confirm the amount, for HOURS, multiple attempts. I still haven’t gotten charged by them. I had to sign up for an Amazon pay account to even buy the damn game!!! Because of Xsolla’s BROKEN system.

They said I should see the refund in 10 days, typically less than.

11 Business days latter, I reopen my support ticket to ask, “it’s been awhile, am I still getting it?”

EFT support responded with “call your bank as refunds are delayed by them”

Called my bank, nothing pending, nothing waiting , nothing has been attempted.

So I tell EFT support that my bank says nothing is there.

They tell me to contact Xsolla to get my refund.

Why is it that I, the customer that bought a product off the main website, has to go in and start dealing with a third party for MY money back, that align with the refund terms and conditions. Xsolla has plagued a lot of potential buyers/players Trying to obtain/support the game.

I upgraded to EOD about a week after buying the standard edition, and was about $10 less than just buying EOD off the bat.

Yet when it comes to issuing refunds, you have to fight for your money back? Pathetic. I have yet to start trying to deal with Xsolla, just being busy in life. It’s been almost 4 weeks now, nothing refunded.

Yesterday they said “the duplicate transaction with canceled.

Your bank returns the funds to your card. The rate as witch the funds are retuned to your balance depends only on your bank.

For more information please contact Xsolla support

Thank you for contacting us”

I have called my bank, and they are not aware of anything. I am with one of or THE largest banks in Canada (Royal bank of Canada)

My bank has never got taken 3 weeks to refund a pending transaction. And if it’s in limbo, they can see it. Xsolla has not given the funds back to have the bank return them to my account, the bank has absolutely nothing on there end.

Spending hours on the phone to get confirmation that there is nothing pending / to make sure it’s not just sitting there.

Pretty pathetic, I was going to fill out a review of the support tickets, I still may.

I just feel like Xsolla is dragging you guys down HARD.

ID: hbypsth

Ticket id# 11820727, sorry for the few autocorrected words in there..

7 : Anonymous2021/09/07 13:13 ID: hbxeapv

Thank you for taking an interest in the feedback of this community!

8 : Anonymous2021/09/07 16:37 ID: hby6ewt

Heya, gonna post in russian about horrible quality of the support.

Саппорт часто отвечает что-то левое будто даже не читая репорт, поэтому я почти никогда ничего не репорчу.

Присылаешь им описание проблемы и скриншот, в ответ получаю стандартное сообщение о том, что опишите проблему и пришлите скриншот.

Присылаешь репорт бага, который в игре часто у многих - в ответ сообщение о том, что это проблема моего компа.

Присылаешь видео с багом или недоработкой - отвечают, что мы передавать разработчикам видео не будем, потому что оно не на ютуб залито, а сами мы его перезаливать куда нам надо не будем.

В общем, по существу проблемы почти никогда ничего не ответят, только ctrl+c стандартных фраз, хотя эти репорты нужны не мне, а БСГ

ID: hbypz8k

Completely off topic but as a Russian who's lived in Canada since 98 its astonishing how the Russian lexicon has evolved in the past two decades.... Саппорт, репорчу... Мне эти слова вообще не знакомы

ID: hc2vkdp

Haha im here since 95 and I completely relate to your point

9 : Anonymous2021/09/07 17:58 ID: hbyi8cd

Lose XSolla, it makes this game way to hard to buy, took me 3 days to figure it out.

ID: hc35w1c

I think it's at least partly because of excessive chargebacks and use of stolen CC numbers by cheaters, payment processors hate that and will eventually drop you. It's mainly cheaters who do it when caught, as well as COD players who quickly realise they can't play like a streamer after an hour. Instead of accepting their mistake they do an instant chargeback.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/08 04:10 ID: hc0r3wr

Bsg has a customer support department? Are you sure you aren't lost?

11 : Anonymous2021/09/07 13:01 ID: hbxcvas

When I first bought EFT last year it went on sale an hour after I bought it. I contacted support to see if maybe I could get a little discount if I upgraded to a different version since I missed the sale on the original game. I would of been happy with a no sorry we can't do that, but the guy basically told me to fuck off and that he didn't have to help me.

ID: hbxdoi6

Sorry to hear you had this experience.

And as part of feedback, to make it even more useful, I would need an ID of that ticket, please.

ID: hbxhsxg

Not OP, but I was basically told the same thing when I asked about a refund after playing 20 minutes. Ticket #11733392. I've since changed my mind, but will be posting some feedback at a later date about why I think the new player experience is so awful and potential fixes.

ID: hbxmmgq

Also not OP but this was me too. I'd purchased Tarkov, was enjoying it, thought hey, lemme upgrade to EoD, I like this. A few hours later Nikita's Giant Birthday Sale hits, and I'm out a huge chunk of cash for not waiting an hour or two. Customer support wasn't interested in hearing anything about it. REQUESTID#7432437# I filled out your survey but I thought I'd also post here. I also shared a few more thoughts there. If you're serious about reforming BSG's CS then I'm very happy to hear that someone is on the case because the takeaway from my experience is that BSG isn't going to help you if you contact them. Edit: And other gaming companies are very helpful. My experiences with GGG have been extremely good, even after the Tencent acquisition.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/07 13:42 ID: hbxhtba

Your account management is horrible. Pushing requests to xsolla or BattleEye so they solve them does not help your players. I made a contract with you when buying the game, not with BattleEye.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/07 13:11 ID: hbxe2kx

I don't really know how to answer this:

Write ticket ID number, which, in your personal opinion, shows the worst case of Support service *

And the one after about best. I have only had one ticket but the way the question is worded it sounds like you want any ticket number that represents best/worst. If the latter, I don't know how anyone can answer that because ticket #'s are tied to people directly, no?

ID: hbxeqo6


You are right, that tickets are tied to a unique user. So, you need to write down a ticket ID, that is tied to you - aka your own experience, your ticket ID, that was your personal best and worst interactions with Support. No need to seek tickets of other users.

ID: hbxewa6

I have only had one ticket and the question is a required question to have an answer. Should I just put N/A on the worst support ticket question and then put the ticket number of the only one I have on the best question?

14 : Anonymous2021/09/07 12:49 ID: hbxbk8r

Gotta be blunt here, bsg support relating to game purchases, accounts, bugs, account recoveries, etc is about as bad as I've ever experienced. Like i look forward to dealing with Comcast more than bsg tech supoort...

Have had a few good experiences but majority myself or people I know have had with bsg have been dismal. I still fondly remember last wipe when I logged in and $20m rubles was missing( nope, didn't list something, didn't accidentally delete it etc) and it took them 3 weeks to reply back to me that since this is beta, they can't be bothered to look into this or resolve it. Which is pretty demoralizing when it was 90% of my stash at the time.

That said, I'm really happy to see this post and wish you the best in improving the user experience relating to bsg support services.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/07 13:02 ID: hbxczwu

I keep sending requests to have you guys make me better at the game and you haven’t yet. Could you look into that.

ID: hbxda62

I know you are just trolling but I found it funny so have my upvote.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/07 16:10 ID: hby2hxq

Me and many others have had / still have the “file checksum” error that doesn’t let us update the game, forcing us to redownload the whole game every single time.

I’ve reported this issue and wasn’t taken seriously at all. The agent sent me community workarounds that were multiple years old and didn’t work anymore.

That’s all the help I got. Nothing useful after that. Troubleshooting in tarkov is basically just googling for other people having the same issue. Good luck getting actual help from BSG or them working on the issue instead of relying on the community.

The issue has been known for years and never addressed by the developers.

Same thing goes for the IPv4 / IPv6 dilemma. Why fix it when you can blame it on the ISPs that use IPv6 and don’t have native IPv4 anymore.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/07 13:06 ID: hbxdhgj

Submitted game breaking bug (see thru walls on 2 maps) 8 months ago. I see people using the spot in like 20% of the raids, one person with 2 PC's or just one friend telling the other info.

Resubmitted twice, I just want to know if someone saw the damn thing.

Seeing people do this made me think about the 200 other glitches people use to get an edge and quickly put a sour taste in my mouth about the game as a whole.

ID: hbxlm5l

Yeah honestly my only real "problem" with Tarkov Support is that it's pointless. They can either help me with account issues....or....that's it. Submitting bugs to them does nothing.

ID: hbzuwnn

The bugs get submitted to them and they forward them on to the devs. That's kinda how it works in a software project under active development...

ID: hbyx5g9

Why in God’s name should the support staff have the ability to change anything in-game??

18 : Anonymous2021/09/07 18:52 ID: hbyq42j

gonna be blunt /

The fact that there is ZERO ways to report blatant cheaters outside of the death screen is bullshit.
We used to be able to report them via the launcher, and that feature was REMOVED over a month ago. If there is a streamer blatantly cheating and showing his ESP we have not one single way outside of social media to bring BSG attention to it.
It really shows your cards when you have left us with nothing but the placebo button on the death screen to try and help combat this problem.
I'm sorry if this has nothing to do with your department, but we are all here just yelling into the void about this.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/07 23:39 ID: hbztz78

The cAptcha verification into the website to buy the game is busted unfortunately. I have a friend who'd want to play with me but unfortunately the integration is just broken for some people :(.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/09 00:11 ID: hc4gj76

Don't really have a way of answering these, I've submitted tickets as have friends of mine but never got a response.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/07 15:12 ID: hbxu1c7

I have never used BSG support before, but good luck

22 : Anonymous2021/09/07 15:26 ID: hbxw0wv

Thank you for taking the time to talk to the players and not just the streamers

23 : Anonymous2021/09/08 08:40 ID: hc1cgxy

Posted a game breaking g bug 4 mo ths ago uploaded a private video of how to recreate never got watched. Ticked got moved to closed video still has no views. Bug still ingame

24 : Anonymous2021/09/08 10:12 ID: hc1ijlb

I am generally satisfied with the support.

A suggestion for the future, if that is possible of course.

My customers like to get a response to incidents, if the information they gatherd contributed to the bugfix. It doesn't really bother to get the answer "was fixed in patch" 4 months after the initial report.

Thanks!" 🙂

25 : Anonymous2021/09/08 20:18 ID: hc3nzst

As one of the very few people who has actually, legitimately been falsely banned, AND had the luck to see it reverted, you guys can do a lot better with the whole sending people on a wild goose chase to get proper support thing. The best I got from support was "There's nothing we can do, ask BattlEye". Weeks later, BattlEye still has yet to respond. This is seemingly the current state of treatment everyone receives while trying to deal with a ban, or hell, sometimes any support at all.

While I did get unbanned in the end since I was one of about 50 something people affected by a bug, it seems it only happened since there was a streamer who'd been false banned along with the rest of us. I feel bad knowing there are a couple dozen people out there who won't ever get any special treatment or proper viewing into their case because they aren't popular enough, or aren't the type to make a fuss about it on social media. These people who've paid for the game, done absolutely NOTHING wrong, and have essentially seen their money stolen is a depressing thought. I was about ready to just buy another copy of the game rather than deal with support.

I'm afraid for myself knowing that it does indeed happen and isn't just hearsay from cheaters looking to garner some sympathy, and that me or a friend might not be so lucky next time. BSG support couldn't even tell me why I was banned, or if it was a global BattlEye ban or just Tarkov. I doubt they even looked into it until someone more popular came along and got their attention. I even went as far as to download Fortnite and leave it running overnight just to make sure I wasn't BattlEye HWID banned.

It was a stressful few days of friends accusing me of cheating and wondering what might've gotten me banned, if I'd be able to play R6 Siege or any other BattlEye game safely. And to rub salt in the wound, support wouldn't even throw me any compensation for lost insurance returns, time wasted, or otherwise. Just got a copy-pasted support message about how all items are temporary, wipes happen, etc. I wanna stay humble and say that I didn't really expect anything extra, but it seems the logical thing to do on behalf of the company in a case like this. Feels commonplace nowadays for companies running live service games to hand out memberships, items, merch, currency, boosters, etc. at times where players accounts are affected by an error on their side.

All that said, I am glad to be able to play the game again, but some serious improvements could be made towards making sure bans are correctly handed out and dealt with. Especially in the current buggy beta stages of the game where it can seemingly trip a false positive at any moment.

Quick edit: I mean no ill towards any of you all at BSG. I know you're all human and doing your best at your jobs. Not everyone understands that, so understand where they're coming from too when you have to deal with frustrated gamers who're down on their luck and at an inconvenience. Support currently feels extremely robotic, copy pasted, and impersonal. Improve on that if you can, not everything is at the fault of the user.

26 : Anonymous2021/09/08 21:56 ID: hc3zrvz

Im not sure why a survey is needed. Just read some subs and you know that the support needs improvement

27 : Anonymous2021/09/07 16:01 ID: hby1570

Just saying thanks! Great to see something like this.

Hope you can hold your chin up high as the wate

you tread might get thick some times.

ID: hby3h20

Hi, thanks for your kind words.

People need a way to share or unleash their frustration, it is a completely normal need of every human being. The important thing here, is to see what caused frustrations, take notes.

I hope to apply some more positive changes to Support service in anyway


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