Rampant Cheating Discussion Megathreads Day 5

1 : Anonymous2021/09/07 18:00 ID: pjsbqx

Refreshing the megathread so it doesn't have so many comments they get buried. Please continue to discuss cheating and RMT in this thread. Videos and pictures are welcome as long as no names are visible.

Please note, to keep discussion on topic we will be removing any off topic comments.

if you want to complain about megathreads do it in the old one link any off topic comments in this mega and any going forward will be removed to keep discussion focused on the topic of cheating.

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2 : Anonymous2021/09/07 18:55 ID: hbyqfb4

Attempting to kill Glukhar today for a quest and was shot through multiple floors of a building - users name was a cheating website, happened on NA East

ID: hc27bo7

This is the single largest difference in the cheaters this wipe vs previous wipes.

In previous wipes when I got killed by someone who was obviously cheating like 95% of the time it was a standard edition player with a gibberish name.

This wipe my last 2 blatant cheater deaths were both EOD players. One was named something like 1-800-HED-EYEZ and the other was INOULIKETHATDIK. Most of them have been people with inflammatory names of some sort.

Cheaters this wipe aren't even trying to hide it and are still somehow making it past level 40+ without getting banned.

ID: hc30h41

…was it me on interchange? My name is 1800-HEAD-EYES

3 : Anonymous2021/09/08 04:20 ID: hc0s5mf

When had cheating made anything better? I remember myself using a Minecraft hacking client and it only made it less fun on servers lmao

ID: hc2aedx

I was a pretty bad kid with my xray texture pack

ID: hc4ph94

Same haha. That’s the furthest i have ever gone in any game in terms of cheating.

ID: hc33im0

Bought RuneScape gold when I was 12. Ruined my favourite game of all time for myself. Ended up quitting like a month later.

I just have no idea what the appeal is for people to log on and cheat day after day. And then to move onto the next game, and the next.

There must be a viable solution to all this somewhere

ID: hc3dtqq

I had opposite experience with mmos. Bought credits for swtor. But I only played it for the story and they locked romance behind credit-playwall that I did not want to bother with.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/07 23:05 ID: hbzpkx4

During the sanitar Reshala event on shoreline my friend and I died to the same fucking cheater who head/eyes us instantly in front of resort and he was admin. He kills my friend and blindly throws half dozen grenades at me despite never seeing me. I have to stand up to dodge last grenade and head/eyes. Later that night we run into the same fucking guy, same result.

So last night in dorms, a week later, SAME FUCKING CHEATER. He instant runs at us all knowing our locations (3 of us this time) and instant head shots us this time with ap-20 and no sights. He has an EOD account. He’s in the lvl 50’s…holy shit how.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/08 02:37 ID: hc0glye

If you have Nvidia GPUs, turn on GeForce experience and record. If you get cheated, send the report, and clip it. Send clip to BSG. Does alot for fighting cheaters since most people just complain about getting cheated on but dont submit anything.

ID: hc1m7cs

I have several recordings of blatant cheaters, but haven't found where to send them. The forum thread where you could send videos before has been closed as well. Do you know where one can post such evidence?

6 : Anonymous2021/09/07 20:12 ID: hbz1r79


ID: hbzmhom

Yea that’s a blatant aimbot. Saw it happen to Lvndmark during the resort event.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/08 00:06 ID: hbzxdv5

This is obviously completely anecdotal, but I joined a 5 man yesterday in the official discord. One guy, level 26, was clearly cheating. Running around the map without a care in the world, just farming players. Then hit us with the innocuous ‘heyyyy have any of you guys ever considered buying cheats?’

To this, one of the others responded ‘when I get bored with this wipe then I’ll start cheating’.

And a 3rd chimes in that they cheated in MW and thought it would be fun here too.

I’m not saying that is real evidence of anything. But it really made me sad to hear it.

ID: hc1xoyp

I have had similar experience, multiple people I used to play with downloaded cheats for like 15$ a day...

They don’t even run two PC’s to go undetected and they have still yet to be banned...

Have reported them time and time again, and even when I tell them they could get banned they just say ‘i’ll just pay 40$ and get everything back in a couple of hours’.

ID: hc39882

They took the report cheater feature out of the launcher lol. This game is all types of fucked.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/08 04:44 ID: hc0ujst

Got killed by a lvl 12. He rushed me and my friend down from Bunker Hills to the Barracks Marked Room buildings. We were chilling out waiting for players to come to us so it was expected but what I didn't expect was the burst of precise rifle fire straight through a window at me. I was able to pop a few shots off before retreating. He bonked my friend through a gap in a door and then instantly tapped me afterwards. Funnily enough, I had killed him the previous raid and still have his dogtag. I killed him that raid after he threw multiple grenades in a building we were in and he was walking down the middle of the street while shooting at my friend through a window, I must've caught him off guard. Really sad cause this is like the 2nd cheater I've encountered all wipe.

ID: hc488lk

It's weird how sometimes obvious cheaters must have their shit turned because I've clapped a couple after dying to some obvious cheating.

As a 4 man on Factory in different areas of the map, all of us get headshot with a SVD, through walls, within about a 10 second period. I'm talking one of us at forklift spawn, one at gate 3, one near gate 0, etc. Search his name, and there's a couple of clips on Youtube of other players getting killed through walls by the same guy. Report, move on.

A week later I kill the same guy on Shoreline - he's running along the road full of loot, and a friend legs him and I chase him down and kill him. He doesn't turn around to look for who is shooting him, and just keeps running straight to extract. He's absolutely -stacked- with loot.

Super, super weird

9 : Anonymous2021/09/08 13:12 ID: hc1zc2t

Labs is still unplayable with blatant hackers shooting me through the floor... My larger issue is that if these people are literally rage hacking then how many people are "soft" hacking with just a radar and no aimbot?

10 : Anonymous2021/09/08 03:42 ID: hc0o0y8

found kiba opened twice with the power off today

ID: hc0r8sw

Hahaha wtf.

ID: hc2e8zs

They’ve looted players while alive and opened doors that can’t be opened I don’t see why this couldn’t happen.

ID: hc2pcop

everytime i see something sus like this I head straight to extract. theyve got loot radars so guaranteed a waste of time. if i beat one of them to good loot ill just get farmed for it.

ID: hc2lc8m

Damn i saw that shit too! Thought I was crazy!

11 : Anonymous2021/09/08 03:52 ID: hc0p7fs

Cheating fucking pricks out tonight. Customs - silent in a dense bush - spot on grenade throws and then head eyes thru a bush.

ID: hc7t3rc

I've had a bunch of blatant cheaters on Customs the past few days.

My friend and I like to snipe on Customs, we have a handful of really concealed spots people rarely check. Several raids in a row we both get head-eyes'd within a second of each other.

I've also had a few prefire me when I've been in the same spot for 10 minutes having made no noise.

Worst one was a guy spraying the entire map with BT, except his aimlock was dogshit and he couldn't hit me while I was prone. I saw tracers snapping to multiple players I had spotted earlier that were hiding in bushes before he snapped to me, probably 50+ rounds flew over me.

Looked like a star wars space battle.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/08 12:48 ID: hc1whpq

Went into woods with a 3 man, one on the outskirts side watching lumber, me by dickhead rock and another way back behind dickhead. I stupidly decided to gear up heavy trying to get schturman or tarkov 8 done.

My Guy by outskirts gets dropped and I near immediately after take a hard thorax hit my slick barely stopped. The two of us bolt all the way back to the river and we both get onetapped in the same burst. Never once saw or heard the guy and the same one killed the three of us.

I've got near 5,0000 hours in this game, I can tell a good player or a thermal, these kills not even trying to be legit.

Basically gonna sell my stash and run dogshit gear the rest of the wipe. zero point in running anything good.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/08 17:32 ID: hc2zs66


14 : Anonymous2021/09/07 18:14 ID: hbykmis

To non tech savvy people out there: there is software probably included with your graphics card that can help you get an instant replay.

I will admit I was a moron when it came to any video capture, but was happy to learn that the radeon software has instant replay. Whenever I am shot and didn't see the shooter, I ctr+shift+s and boom, a nice clip.

Just a quick reminder, to anyone who might not know about this - before you claim you were wallshot.

ID: hbzqvf0

Alt-f10 for Nvidias replay capture thing. I have it set to save the last 10 minutes. It really does show me how many shots I miss more often than cheaters tho.

ID: hc2e95p

For real dude, so many times where I yell 'Bro how many shots can he tank' and then it turns out I just missed or hit arms

ID: hc158rq

That's good, analising your mistakes

15 : Anonymous2021/09/08 10:32 ID: hc1jynw

Why aren't we allowed to share there name here?

Videos and pictures are welcome as long as no names are visible

ID: hc7btg4

Why aren't we allowed to share there name here?

Videos and pictures are welcome as long as no names are visible

Because of Reddits witch hunting rules + when we sent their support people a message they told us that they don't come to the subreddit to look for cheat accusations and neither does BattleEye so there's literally no point posting them to the subreddit.

Plus with with how buggy, laggy and unpredictable Tarkov is you'll end up with situations like the video that got Tweak banned even though he didn't actually do anything wrong.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/09 04:39 ID: hc5b3nh

Heres the issue. I love tarkov and bsg. theyve done great with what they are working with. but look at the simple fucking update they did today. It broke the game, you could get shot 1000 times in the arm with m993 and not die. They just do not have a good track record, and youd THINK theyd have an offline server or something of the sort to test changes before going live with them. So they dont update with MASSIVE GAME BREAKING BUGS. But they cant even handle such simple things.
The cheating is getting worse and worse and the game is almost unplayable and i really dont believe BSG can fix it. which sucks, this game is going to die and theyll regret not doing WHATEVER is possible to solve the issue.

its a 50% chance now that i get head eyes on spawn on reserve now. My last raid i wiped 8 PMCs in bunker and was THICC as fuck plus all the raiders. head to d2 and heard a guy creeping in the last room before the room with the actually extract door. I throw a nade from the stairs and he just head eyes me thru the fucking wall with BS. like im sick of this shit. and whats worse was today was a shit day with shit raids. lost MILLIONS of rubles and more in gear. This was my one good raid that made up for it all. And some tiny dick worthless fuck took MY RAID away. Like I got those kills, i spent the time playing. He was already extract camping, but then needs hacks to do so

17 : Anonymous2021/09/09 08:41 ID: hc5s83h

Seriously what the flying fuck is going on. Getting hunted down like a pig in the middle of nowhere from someone who clearly never saw or heard me feels fucking horrible. Literally happens every 2nd or 3rd raid I start with more than 200k Roubles Equipment.

Guess playing in EU morning hours is a very smart idea : ^)

18 : Anonymous2021/09/07 19:32 ID: hbyvslm

Reading through these threads only makes one thing abundantly clear.

Not having a replay system or any way to see how you were killed leads to what we have now, endless accusations of cheating.

We all know cheaters exist, but reading through these stories it becomes abundantly clear that people are making about fifteen assumptions to jump to their conclusion of cheating.

Being killed by a white name does not mean you were killed by a cheater.

Being killed by somebody you don’t see does not mean you were killed by a cheater.

ID: hbz8y1j

I agree that a replay system would help. So would being able to look up the K/D stats of the people who smoked you. However, I disagree about the "assumptions" bit. I've done hundreds of raids. I play with people who have done even more and are genuinely good at this game. In contrast to them I am really good at getting killed in Tarkov. It happens to me a lot. You could call me an expert at it.

So trust my expertise when I say:

It is not that hard to tell the difference between a legit kill and a cheater kill.

When your Altyn lights up like a Christmas tree as you are sprinting through Interchange. When you and your buddy die running on Woods to 1 shot each in quick succession and your kit comes back in pristine condition with the exception of your Condors which are at 0/25. When your three man gets light up through a STEEL DOOR on Factory. When you load into a night raid with a FLIR to bait the radar users, hide in a bush way out of the way of anything, or the container by Customs Military Railroad extract and someone makes a B-line for your ass within the first 5 minutes of the raid.

Those are completely different experiences to when you are in a firefight, the guy you are trading shots with disengages and flanks you blowing your brains out from somewhere up North while you still face East. When you cross the junk bridge on Customs from Big Red hoping to get to Dorms only to be wiped by some bastard who was waiting in ambush in one of the bushes there. When you are going at it mano-a-mano with some chad on Shoreline and he AD-AD wiggles his way into a W over your pathetic "I cannot aim for shit" ass. When someone unloads half a clip of good bullets into your torso as they round a corner and zero out everything from your left toe to your eyebrows with a gun that sounds more beautiful than Maria Callas' Ave Maria.

It is not that hard to tell.

Hell, the last thread had a guy who ran carries for people freely discussing the topic. People who play this game for a living like Pestily are on the record calling this a pandemic. So I disagree that people are making fifteen assumptions to jump to their own conclusions. Right now the cheater situation on Tarkov is objectively bad and you are seeing that reflected in what people post.

ID: hbzm9sa

This. So much this.

Someone prefiring you, or someone knowing where you are if you have moved at all isn’t necessarily sus. The blatant multiple hits to the head, or headshotting your whole squad through hard cover is a certain cheater.

What really scares me is when people who aren’t amazing at the game call hacks on a death per day (excluding labs). They don’t realize how predictable players are, and how a single footstep or turn is enough for a good player to know where you are, and prefire you.

ID: hc2yol1

Agreed - there’s a lot of simply bad players that scream cheats at every death. They don’t know when they’re legit killed or when they’re getting targeted by a cheater. That’s what I see in this thread, and it’s why I’m so glad they moved it to a megathread and let it die. It’s shitty for new players to come to this sub and just see all these accusations with no proof and making a mountain out of an anthill about the cheater issue.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/08 09:04 ID: hc1e14y

And i died again to a cheater..

Started Nighttime Woods with sick Kit - as soon as i spawn i hear 4-5 shots in very far distance and then boom i drop dead out of nowhere.... its so stupid..

ID: hc5yd9o

That does sound sus but maybe a thermal user?

20 : Anonymous2021/09/08 05:29 ID: hc0yjmj

I was triple headshotted by an m9 earlier from 50m away

21 : Anonymous2021/09/09 02:34 ID: hc4ybcg

Was sitting in the building just outside east wing of resort with a decent kit waiting for it to die down because I'm trying to finish a task. Didn't make a sound for 5 minutes, was double pushed through both doors and my nade killed me and one of them so I didn't even get to see the name or have a chance to report it. (lol like that does anything anyways)

Loaded up on scav right after and was head eyesed instantly from the top of harry potter when I peeked out the back door of white knight by a pscav while there was other scavs running around out in the open between me and harry potter.

The amount of blatant radar hackers needs to change because it's absolutely ridiculous.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/07 19:12 ID: hbyszin

guy looting through the floor in Reserve

ID: hbz00jb

Not sure thats a cheat - just an exploit. Ive been able to do this on shoreline. If a dead body falls flat on his back the entire backpack clips through the floor and is on the ceiling of the floor below and can be looted.

ID: hbz4kx2

Not even an exploit, bodies are client side, so just because you see it on top of the steps doesn't mean the other guy sees it there.

ID: hc2ezbl

Shit like this getting upvotes is what makes me think these threads are a big joke. You don’t have to cheat to loot someone through an object if he’s clipping to the other side of it. Also it doesn’t make any sense that this would be a ‘cheat’ someone would download.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/07 20:21 ID: hbz30wj

woods thing is being silent and key is that your location is unknown

at the moment impossible - every raid somebody is on with esp or radar

people literally ran up to me, stop shortly before me in cover and start ad´sing me and start shooting

its unplayable at the moment as a sniper - people DO know where u are


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