Rampant cheating discussion day 10

1 : Anonymous2021/09/12 03:30 ID: pml9bb

Refreshing the megathread so it doesn't have so many comments they get buried. Please continue to discuss cheating and RMT in this thread. Videos and pictures are welcome as long as no names are visible.

Please note, to keep discussion on topic we will be removing any off topic comments.

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2 : Anonymous2021/09/12 11:47 ID: hcjwddq

Was also on team "it's really not that bad" until recently. Last week didn't even play that much and ran into 5 blatant cheaters, with clips recorded and all. If the super blatant ones are in that kind of percentage of raids, I can only imagine that I've run into even more of the quiet wallhack users you can't really point out reliably. F

ID: hcn6e35

I have a fun couple clips of a customs raid where a guy with an m1a and his naked buddy with a mosin were blatantly walling with no aimbot. We wasted the entire raid holding angles and making sure we had two solid walls between us and the cheater but no matter what room we were in he shot the wall next to us at head height. In the end with 7 mins left we got tired and bum rushed him, he ran out of ammo after killing my buddy and I got him. Been happening a lot where they have blatant walls but no aimbot.

Edit: mosin

ID: hcrcll9

I had a similar one on Customs near skeleton shed. Wallhacker was on the fortress side, behind the blue fence and I was on the other side of skeleton behind a thick concrete wall. Wallhacker was trying to shoot me - all I see are chips coming out of the concrete wall as he is firing but I'm not getting hurt. Wallhacker was so intent on shooting me through the wall that my teammate was able to flank him and shoot him in the head.

Good times.

ID: hcn6j40

From what I've gathered. A lot of wall cheaters use them to avoid players. Makes sense how I can go entire 20 minute runs through reserve middle of the day in the US without seeing a soul outside of dead scavs/raiders

3 : Anonymous2021/09/12 12:40 ID: hck1b4i

Can confirm there must have been a banwave recently,

OCE servers have had normal players and fair fights, instead of some cunt hipfiring pstghz at your Altyn with iron sights from other side of the map.

Either that or dad changed the credit card numbers

Feels quite refreshing and fun actually.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/12 15:35 ID: hckn3xl

Ah yup. The grenade spawn hack again. Guy fires at my scav with my back turned, takes out my legs. Runs away and drops two grenades at my feet in just over a second. Runs away again, doesn't take cover at all. Just standing in the hallway when he realises the nades didn't kill me.

Kinda funny trick I guess. Shoot out legs, spawn nades.

No bouncing noises, no delay between throws. He would have had to throw the nades through a wall.

ID: hco6vm5

9/10 of the blatant cheaters I encountered this wipe have been with that grenade hack. In the first 3 weeks after the wipe when I was playing every day, I encountered at least one of those every 2-3 days. In labs, half of my raids end with a grenade spawned under my feet. Really funny to then come to this sub and see people claim that "it's not that bad".

ID: hcl6jo4

Yeah those guys are the worst.. just take out your legs on your scav run solely to grief you

5 : Anonymous2021/09/13 14:31 ID: hcp0k8w

Ive been pretty much only running scavs because cheaters never target them, but thats getting pretty old pretty quickly. The survivability as a scav is WAY higher than as a PMC and that's just nutty. I'm also taking a break until I hear that there is some kind of substantial anti cheat in place. Right now whatever system is implemented is pretty much ineffective. It reminds me of Planetside 2. Developers for PS2 made some questionable decisions in the development process, including having hitbox settings in an unencrypted word file on the client. In EFT, the packets sent to each player are unencrypted, so cheaters can just read the packets and know what everyone is wearing, and where they are. Fixing that would go a long way in fixing the cheating issue. Thats also why my PMC dies a lot more than my scav. Hackers dont care about scav gear, so you generally get ignored. They go straight for PMC guns.

Its to the point for me that every time I'm killed and I wasnt in a head on fight with another player, I always question whether it was a legit player or a hacker. That just takes the fun out of it because I just feel cheated. So yeah, break time.

ID: hcz5vbq

Fairly certain they added packet encryption last wipe. Packet encryption doesn't prevent you from reading other player gear. It just forces you to read it from the client processes instead of sniffing packets.

This is helpful because its easier to detect a process running on the pc versus packet sniffing which could be on another device and undetectable

6 : Anonymous2021/09/14 17:07 ID: hcubcyc

Just did a questionnaire with all my EFT Discord friends. Asked: about hacks and related stuff... on avarage:

5 of 10 not doing hax or not supporting hackers 4 of 10 bought RTM or used at least once a carry service 1 of 10 tested hacks for trial period but did not bought...

IMHO hacking in 0.12 is a problem. I can see it also by my statistics.. playstale is the same for 3 wipes and this wipe my SR/wealth is the worst of last 3 wipes... died many times to sus players.

ID: hcuhzf2

More details on those 4 that use rtm/carry

2 used hax carry service to loot a map couple times... someone encouraged them on official BSG discord via pms

1 bought expensive items, more than one .. like redrebel and lab cards and keys

1 just bought one item he qas struggling gettin it...

Fun fact ALL 4 OF THEM DONT SEE ANYTHING BAD IN THIS PHENOMENON.... sad sad sad... must sotp this friendship :(((

7 : Anonymous2021/09/12 13:47 ID: hck8xx3

If I didn't have my buddies with me this wipe, I would've quit way before hitting level 20. At least now we can revel in the misery that is the current state of sus or blatant script kiddies.

We've been wallbanged through doors even though not making a sound. Head eyes consecutively, tap tap. Not sitting opposite of each other, shooter would've had to readjust aim. Varied positions, crouched, standing, prone.

Literally getting run down by whitenames with laser M4s head eyes, ears, nape, top of head, only after finding good stuff.

Having people tap shoot head area with impeccable accuracy, not ceasing if you're behind cover. They just tap slower until you try to make a run for it while they look for an angle.

Laser guided grenades is apparently a thing, or infrared homing grenades. Pre-nading random places, even if you chilled in a random bush, shack or house for ten minutes. Suddenly you're flashed or shredded by vogs.

The game is so good. When you fight legit players, it's so intense, the reward of coming out on top feels amazing. Getting owned in good fights doesn't feel as bad. Because you know you can do better next time and learn from it.

Meeting dudes with better chairs, only teaches you that there is no way to play this game without crutches.

Just give me TarkovPrimeTM already, it's just too much. It's getting really old at level 39.

ID: hcwn1vt

It's so hard to play this game solo. I started late this wipe and I have 0 drive to play solo after dying so many times completing quests lol. I'm not even level 20, so I don't run into many cheaters, but I feel like it's a 20% chance to run into one on reserve 🙁

8 : Anonymous2021/09/12 08:49 ID: hcjits9


9 : Anonymous2021/09/12 12:33 ID: hck0j0f

Had multiple bad raids so I decided to run good old Woods night raids to make some money. Haven’t tried those this wipe yet as a PMC. Huge mistake. People always seemed to know where I am. Yes, there’s more thermals because of Shturman but people literally came for me when inside building or behind cover etc. without moving for a while. One time I went as a Scav to check the area I died and it seemed impossible to see there with thermal. Or get head, eyes in random places from distance. Last one is probably more coincident though or actual use of thermals.

Haven’t seen that much cheaters before but there was so many fishy moments now, thought maybe other player used radar or something.

Edit: spelling

ID: hcmhv4g

Yeah off the rip I was in rocks that no one runs to and no one can see you go to. Guy ran up to me shooting me and I can’t even see him. Obvious ESP

10 : Anonymous2021/09/12 17:52 ID: hcl71og

Yesterday was wierd. Got insta head/eyes 3 times out of 4.

Today got head-eyes 4 times out of 4. All raids are curently dominated by Radar / auto-aim users. Sad.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/12 17:55 ID: hcl7k4a

I’m telling you reset the game of anyone who joins a “team” with a cheater. Maybe maybe give a warning the first time. You need to get rid of the people paying the cheaters.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/13 07:42 ID: hco01ne

Me and my buddy just died to a guy with obvious radar on reserve. We were both on our phones waiting for scavs to spawn in the bunker under hermetic and some guy with a raid pack walked up and naded right where we were sitting. We both hadn’t moved for 10 minutes so there’s no way they would have known we were there.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/13 23:45 ID: hcr7lhs

Up until last week using a thermal was a guarantee I'd be head/eyes within the first couple of minutes of a raid.

Survived two long raids last night with no cheeki breeki behaviour from any other players including 4x PMC kills.

Maybe the dynamic loot event was dynamic enough it caught a couple out and got some bans?

14 : Anonymous2021/09/12 13:13 ID: hck4uvm

I think about 5% of my deaths weren't head eyes this wipe. Running, in a bush, doesn't matter. People either all got incredibly good across the board or something fishy is going on.

ID: hcmgcrv

Apparently everyone is a crack shot shooting through a bushes now

15 : Anonymous2021/09/13 07:10 ID: hcnxx2u

I usually don't complain because I'm a shitter but I've been on a roll this week killing everything I see. Did a 5 man on reserve, wiped the raiders in d2 cleanly and was going to black knight. Soon as I drop from the window to go to door, little Timmy runs and instantly turns and headshots me and 2nd man. He then goes and tries to shoot the rest of the squad through walls. Ends up killing a 5 man with all headshots. Me and another had altyns on. Usually I'm fine with dying but the way this dude was running then instantly turns and headshots me was unreal. Not sure what BSG is doing because it seems nothing is working.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/14 07:48 ID: hcsnhjc

There's big money in hacks. I checked out the discords, websites.
€80 a week and you get a 'slotted' place. Every advertiser has about 50 slots. There's like 200+ advertisers. Let's be conservative and say the total market for Tarkov hacks is €500,000 a week.. That's where games meet real life, when money making is involved.

Only way to combat the rampant issue of hackers is livestreaming games as a service or community servers or some kind of whitelisting.. Sucks balls but yeah. So services such as Geforce Now could be '100% hackproof'. They'd should advertise as such.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/14 14:14 ID: hctlvxe

My personal opinion is they should add a message like in rust that informs you when someone you’ve reported has been banned. In my experience it has helped me recognize subtle cheaters in rust. When you catch a few of them showing the same sus behavior you start seeing it as more blatant. Right now it’s just a shot in the dark and there is no feedback whether you were right

18 : Anonymous2021/09/14 20:45 ID: hcv8dor

Being fucked over by cheaters in other games stings but nothing stings worse than EFT cheaters because they literally cause you to actually lose time.

You can still "lose" things to cheaters in other games but most games you are not returned to menu and have to endure another 5 minute plus (if you're lucky) or 10 minute wait until you're playing again. There are other round based games (Siege/CS) where a cheater is disruptive but you're not waiting too long between rounds and if you figure out a cheater is in the lobby you can leave and rejoin another round faster than loading in a regular EFT match.

Thinking about that...there's no fucking way I am playing this game until it's addressed. Us older dudes with jobs...like I'm gonna spend the maybe 2 hours if I'm lucky to game on this where a large part of that 2 hours is spent waiting.

Dying fairly is one thing yeah I get this is a punishing game but 10 min load to die instantly to head eyes across the map nahh sorry I ain't a redditor who pretends to be a masochist and grin through it.

For any older gamer reading this seriously consider your time on EFT and think about if you could spend it better.

Before anyone says why dont you alt tab while waiting nahh if I wanted to browse, id browse. I logged in to game.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/12 04:51 ID: hcizfxc

I was on team “it isn’t that bad” just a week ago. Something clicked over the last week, dying seven times to hackers and carries. I’m not sure it was even this bad two wipes ago, but I was also a lot worse at the game.

ID: hcky6sr

The second they nerfed the loot on labs, hackers started bleeding into other maps. Saw the same sudden increase too.

ID: hcortqw

Holy shit you are so right!!!! Even woods is a shit show!!

ID: hcm9utw

I was on team It isn't that bad since I never really started carrying decent gear. This wipe my skills progressed and I now run decent gear if I have the time, which means just the few raids that I try to really pay attention.

It looks like any skill I ever had is gone, I get weird head-eyes and die randomly to nades. This did't happen when I ran around with my SKS.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/12 18:47 ID: hclfs3u

Wore Altyn, was not surprised at how many laser 9 pst, and 5.45 bp can hit my face from all distance 8 or 9 shots instantly landed on my face.

ID: hcnzd3x

Yes. The fact that ALL 100% of shots from the burst land exactrly in your faceshield, and not a single one misses, says it all.

ID: hcs8ye8

I started running an altyn on woods because I was fed up with this shit and only one time that I would have been head-eyes wasnt a hacker. 1 time. The rest was exactly this, head eyes over and over.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/12 16:40 ID: hckw6gb

Just got killed by a level 55 non EOD player to an instant head shot.

He had no gear except a gun and pre fired me but missed because i was round a corner, then proceeded to peak and he insta head shot me.

He ran past 3 bodies straight to me, i was mid sorting loot so there is no way he could have known i was there as i hadnt moved or made any noise before i heard him. He charged me, pre fired then head shot me.

There was no caution, from his actions you could tell he knew where i was and that there was no one else with me. He also started looting my body before id even loaded out as i could hear him taking my gun, so he knew i was alone.

Got a video for evidence, any way i could send it to anyone or is that pointless?

22 : Anonymous2021/09/13 14:02 ID: hcowm5f

As we know how uneffective Battleye is, how effective is BSG's own eye and how fast it is until cheater gets completely banned? Since those cheaters seems to be coming to kill so effortesly and without any sweat, like don't even try to hide it, so how easy it truly is to cheat in this game then? Why they aren't more careful and try to lowprofile cheat? It tells me something if they that effortesly run with cheats and come to kill...

23 : Anonymous2021/09/13 17:17 ID: hcpooca

I am keen for cheaters to be weeded out, but i would be lying if I dkdnt say that nothing gives me more satisfaction in EFT than having someone wall me or my squadmate only to be fragged by a grenade one of us was cooking when looting or when they wiff a shot and get punished for their buggery. That being said im relatively new and the cheating was everywhere on my first wipe. It's kind of sad, I've owned the game and been on and off never really committing a wipe, when I finnaly decided that I was in the mood for some cbt and learning, it has just been cheaters left and right unless I play on the dead hours.

24 : Anonymous2021/09/13 23:30 ID: hcr5o7m

Has there been a banwave the last few days?

Went from getting cheeks clapped by random shitters that bumrush chads with T-45 ammo, to clapping everyone, in a matter of a few days.

25 : Anonymous2021/09/14 04:19 ID: hcs6dgg

Kinda sad that i have been playing on and off since there was only 2 armor sets and the cheaters issues has been the same. I run low tier shit and barely modded guns= ghost town raid and sometimes some encounters. I dare to actually spent a bit of money. Dead before i reach the 5 mins mark. I dont loot anymore unless it required for a quest.

26 : Anonymous2021/09/14 15:53 ID: hcu0ccu

Just found a othamascope and a GPU sat in a room for 15 minutes waiting for more players to exfil and a non-EOD player level 20 comes running into the room spraying me down.


27 : Anonymous2021/09/12 13:55 ID: hck9xxm

I'm quitting of playing because 95% of my raids ended in a standar standar account make me a random/extra fa

a wall/instant shoot in head, eyes. I have a 33% escape ratio while last wipes were: 58%, 63% and 61%. My KDA ratio halved and I find no porpouse to keep playing when I have died in every raid this week and the last one was similar.

I will be out a few months until next wipe or new map. The game remember me its hacker state when it was 2017-2018.

28 : Anonymous2021/09/13 07:33 ID: hcnzgb6

There is an interesting video from Upper Echelon Gaming regarding Hacke

/BSG. Dunno if it has been mentioned before.

29 : Anonymous2021/09/12 04:11 ID: hciv7t7

they cheat, I cry. but if they no cheat, then they cry. always, someone cry. what do?

ID: hcjcpnt

I only cry when it’s raining so scavs can’t see my tears.

ID: hcjmn9x


ID: hcjn5lj

holy shit lol

ID: hcj8d6i

like if u cri everytiem

30 : Anonymous2021/09/12 17:19 ID: hcl1yxn

First off, hi guys, I've never posted on reddit before <3

Just felt like sharing my experience the past few days. Normally my squad and I don't really think much about getting doinked, as that is the name of the game, but the past two nights weve had almost identical experiences of running into two man stacks with inflammatory names, standard accounts under level 20, one tap top of heading all of us with meta guns and face shields/endgame armor or absolutely RAINING frags onto us without a bad throw. You just start to really wonder when you look at all the details lol. One of those raids we spawned trailer park and took fire from Crossroads while dropping shit in the bushes for a new friend... You have no incentive to make that trip unless you know someone is still over there in the spawn. Which I mean, if you really wanna go out of your way to see if people were afk, I guess so be it. But I sure as hell have never seen someone go that way spawning over there.

31 : Anonymous2021/09/14 10:03 ID: hcsw7mb

Never coming back until the ridiculous amount of RMT shittery business stops. I get daily spam ads on IG and Discord for cheats and carrys... I don't even care about cheaters in the raid, this situation is so lame on its own. Imagine how many people fall for this or the other service. Your game is so broken and plagued. At this point its so bad that the only solution I could see is completely removing the flea. The only way to legit succeed in this game is to grind ridiculous amounts of hours and not have a life/job, and if somebody says otherwise he is delusional.

33 : Anonymous2021/09/12 10:54 ID: hcjs1v7

But I have yet to run into a cheater these past 2 wipes, I know they exist just not on the servers I play on at least, apparently your supposed to avoid coastal servers if you want to avoid cheaters but hey to each their own

34 : Anonymous2021/09/12 07:49 ID: hcjegsd

Lets try to get some data on servers where you have most cheaters. Maybe just a simple poll

35 : Anonymous2021/09/12 13:25 ID: hck65wb

I'm playing, as a europeaan, on EAST COAST US only. It's the futherst away from china, about 250 ms for them (120 for me).

Sorry bout all the guys i desync clap, but this gives me about 90 % less cheaters

tl;dr region lock china, fix game

36 : Anonymous2021/09/12 13:38 ID: hck7pvc

Im playing on poland, czech and slovakia. Pretty much no cheaters. Maybe try it for better pings


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