I want to apologize for doubting BSG and Tarkov

1 : Anonymous2021/10/10 18:24 ID: q5dmcx

I played about 10 hours of the BF2042 Beta and Tarkov does look like a AAA game compared to that mess.

2 : Anonymous2021/10/10 18:42 ID: hg4u282

As these games get more complex we will see this type of thing out of the big studios. They have investors that need to see numbers, so they will push this crap out the door and fix it along the way. People shit on BSG for selling a beta, and then buy these games every release. Not saying criticism isn’t warranted, but this is becoming a norm in the game market.

I want shit fixed in eft, but I’m also ok with whatever they do at this point. It’s my personal opinion, but I’ve gotten my money’s worth in the past 3 years. This has been my main game since late 2018, and if they dropped this project tomorrow I would be disappointed, but I wouldn’t feel cheated or robbed.

Hopefully they can finish this game into the product they envision. But if they don’t, I will still say it’s one of the best, most unique ideas for a game that I’ve ever been apart of. A gameplay loop so simple, but so complex, and one of the few that I’ve played in my life that gave me “that feeling”

ID: hg52862

We're seeing it with New World right now from a company with essentially the largest backing ever. Game shifted it's scope like 1.5 years ago to have a ton of PvE instead of being solely PvP but the deadline barely changed.

Investors have such a stranglehold on gaming it's sad. Nowadays people get excited when games are polished on release. :/

ID: hg5dvgw

Or, you know, telling end users to pick a region that wasn't as populated for the launch and that they could switch once things calmed down and then pulling a 180 on that yesterday and saying such a transfer was not possible.

ID: hg5bemg

New world is fucking phenomenal and I’ve absolutely gotten my forty dollars out of it. I’ve put on 120 hours since launch and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. I went into it without any expectations and have been blown away by how well done of a game it is.

Not sure wtf people expected out of it because it has more than enough in it to be worth the price tag and more.

ID: hg53l8w

Shit I’ve got EoD and played maybe 6 months and feel I’ve gotten my moneys worth, here to better things to come.

ID: hg57ssj

Yeah I bought EoD about 18 months ago and I have more than 1000 hours in the game at this point. I think it was well worth it, even if i dont play much anymore.

ID: hg4uqd7

I could not have said that better!

ID: hg4vo60

100% agree with you, stranger.

ID: hg58n3r

Battlefield is definitely trying to be overly complex to attract the numbers. They’re also just notorious for essentially fully releasing a game that is essentially still in beta stages. You shouldn’t have to wait a year for the game to be relatively bug free.

It’s why I appreciate EFT being what it is. A game that is still under development and likely will change. Sometimes the honesty up front makes it easier to tolerate bugs or somewhat major game changes.

There’s something super refreshing about the “hey, we’re still working on this” approach.

ID: hg59bt6

All they had to do was take bf 3/4, add a few modern gadgets, update some skins add some maps and they'd have the best selling game of 2021 on their hands.

Instead they tried to reinvent their own franchise, making every wrong decision along the way.

The beta was a laggy buggy fuckfest but that can be attributed to 'beta', the main issue is the very core of the game is all wrong to the point where they have to throw the whole thing in the bin and start over

ID: hg52u2d

Yup. There are definitely plenty of aspects where Tarkovs still needs plenty of work, but overall I think BSG is heading in the right direction and if I get bored I'm perfectly fine just not touching Tarkov for a year or two and coming back when it has made significant advancements. BSG is still a relatively small studio so it's no surprise they can't keep up with the content schedule of fortnite and people need to stop treating this like it's a live service game because it isn't.

ID: hg53s5n

But we as players are enabling this bad practices as new norm. Defending studios, preordering, being hyped from blow out of proportion promises. THis shoudn't be norm, but we as customers can't even see we are being year after year buying not finished products, but promises of finishing product later. As small indie dev, I am honestly so frustrated by state of game industry, I am thinkig about making games only as hobby as not to be a part of this sham. A I am not starting about mobile games.

ID: hg5uqb2

People shit on BSG for selling a beta

For half a decade.

You folks have no idea how obscenely rich Nikita and his partner have become from this game, they are the highest paid developers on the planet, bar none.

PDF citing amounts paid/owed to Nikita and partner - pg 19

If you think this is some wholesome "indie dev" stuff then I have to a few questions for you:

Why haven't they been treating this like a beta the whole time? Why are things secret if everyone here is playing a game that they are testings, a game that is in development?

What you guys fail to do consistently is look JUST below the surface of these companies. Nikita is maximizing his income, stringing paying customers along into another beta where he will make several thousand times the average annual salary of his fellow countrymen for blueballing a shitload of gamers internationally. The amount of money they actually spend on the development of the game is something like 10%-15% of their revenue, fucking embarrassing.

ID: hg4xqcr

I bought EOD almost 3 years ago and it was a hard sell for me. I definitely don’t regret it even though isn’t okay barely anymore.

ID: hg54y5p

This game has taught me more about firearms than anything else

3 : Anonymous2021/10/10 19:01 ID: hg4wvdc

I had fun (minus the bugs ofc), but I will get my moneys worth Iam sure of it.

ID: hg54lo0

I was also having fun. Plus I don't think I have played an unpolished dice game. Battlefield 3 beta was even worse than what we got for 2042. So I have faith.

ID: hg57qwy

lol BF3 Beta was a total shitshow as was day 1 midnight release. People tend to forget how much of a mess BF games tend to be in beta and day 1 but end up straightening it out in 6mo (except BFV that pile of garbage never should have existed)

ID: hg5at6j

Jack Frags said the build for the beta was a few month old stable build they had. I didn't think it was terrible. Changing attachments instantly is stupid as fuck and shouldn't be included. Be ready to buy them ops though. Fuckers are probably going to be $20 a pop and broken as hell at release until they Nerf them into the dirt a month later.

ID: hg5bvwm

I loved the ability to change attachements on the fly, reminded me of crysis

4 : Anonymous2021/10/10 19:19 ID: hg4zhq1

I had high hopes for the new BF, but they made it more CODish. I hate that you can switch scopes and gripes within half a second, without any delays, glide on the ground and accelerate, no classes anymore, no recoil. Bullshit, I was hoping for a shooter that is less hardcore than Tarkov something you can pick up more causally.

Guess I will stick to BF4 then.

ID: hg50fx7

Even as a CoD player I think being able to switch attachments on the fly is dumb.

It's fucking wild to me how CoD tried to make itself more like Battlefield in the past 2 years and now Battlefield is trying to make itself more like CoD. In the end I think neither fanbase will be happy with either game.

ID: hg520mq

Yea, everything will go towards this homogenized mean…. And they’ll all be bland because they’re copying each other’s earlier copies.

It’s why eft is such a breath of fresh air

ID: hg543hh

If players are supposed to be able to switch ingame, at least make it like in Tarkov so that swapping takes a few moments.

ID: hg5dc1o

Exactly what I’ve said so many times! They are both alienating their own fan bases. I’ve played and enjoyed both for years and refunded this years game for both series. I might rebuy on release but those betas were some of the worst I’ve ever played.

ID: hg51t33

It's like if Apex and COD had a bastard child, it's not pretty.

ID: hg53vso

It's like EA wants to cater the CoD fans and get players from Warzone. But by catering them, they lose their original fanbase.

ID: hg5cegx

The franchise peaked in Btf4, imo. They did an outstanding job in Btf3 and for Btf4 they peaked but from there it was down to the ground.

ID: hg51p2q

Get hyped for halo my man, its not a military shooter but the multiplayer is free, its fucking great, and the devs actually have been listening to feedback. With COD and BF flopping this is going to be Halos year

5 : Anonymous2021/10/10 19:54 ID: hg54m1b

The audio design in Tarkov is so good by comparison. They do need to fix the lil sound bugs with gunshots though but I know they’ll get to it.

I’m irritated by how Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 (and even BF3/BF4 in a way) had the best sound design of any shooter for their time and now they pale by comparison to a smaller studio with less money.

ID: hg5a5in

nothing better than real sounds haha

6 : Anonymous2021/10/10 20:16 ID: hg57zle

Well it's a beta...

ID: hg5otpd

And one might forever stay a beta

7 : Anonymous2021/10/10 19:16 ID: hg4z19u

comparing apples and oranges. One game with 100 players,planes,tanks,helicopters,apcs,quads,bikes,classes,upgrades to another game with 12 players and desync galore. Im not defending battlefield,i played it for 30 minutes and uninstalled, but you cant really compare the two games.

ID: hg513fy

Reminds me of when it took BSG 3 months last wipe to add 2-4 scavs to shoreline (before the scav boss) and their defense was that it was too resource intensive so they had to figure out a workaround.

ID: hg53l81

How in the world will Streets ever work?

ID: hg56x75

As a developer, BSG's defense is actually legit. If their AI is so heavy (not necessarily because it's good) that they can't fit 2-4 more scavs on a map, it means that the work they've done to allow that applies (should) to all AI, and it means the change isn't "Added 2-4 scavs to Shoreline" but really it's "Improved performance of scav AI".

Note: This is assuming the AI is what was making it hard, but it could be anything.

I'm not trying to defend BSG, just deducing some reasoning as to why it would be so hard to add 2-4 AI to a map. I'm laughing at that fact for sure lmao.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/10 20:24 ID: hg5938c

Is it that bad??

9 : Anonymous2021/10/10 21:11 ID: hg5fxno

BF2042's UI felt like a meme it was so cluttered.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/10 19:51 ID: hg54740

I very much enjoyed the beta despite it's issues. We'll see what happens with performance on release. The difference between Tarkov and Battlefield is that this BF beta was a beta in the traditional sense of the word. It wasn't using the term "beta" to excuse itself from having a completed and working product while still charging money for it. If Battlefield releases in the state that the beta was in then I can see an argument possibly. For now though, let's not pretend tarkov is anywhere near as functionally and mechanically sound as something dice would release.

ID: hg5e5cr

Dice will probably have most of the issues ironed out in 6 months to a year as well. There are bugs in tarkov that have been around for years. Sometimes bsg doesn't even realize they exist for years.

Also dice is releasing hazard zone and portal along side it which are practically 2 additional games. The difference in productivity is pretty insane.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/10 19:15 ID: hg4yxjl

So many mentally disabled people call EFT a cash grab and it's like, have you ever even HEARD of Call of Duty?

If EFT is a cash grab, where's the microtransactions, DLC, season passes, and pay to win guns?

ID: hg4zx6f

It's not a zero sum situation lol. Charging $150 for an upgraded version of a beta of game is a bit ridiculous

ID: hg508fd

$150 for a game I've gotten ~2500 out of sounds like a steal to me personally.
Another side of that though is it was very much more so a way to support the development early on. The game wasn't the massive hit it is now.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/10 19:45 ID: hg539fw

Battlefield was the last franchise I ever trusted for a pre order because the games are always good in my personal opinion, Lets just say I got a nice $100+ refund sitting in my steam account and we will never pre-order any game ever, BF was my last bastion of hope.

ID: hg5gft2

wait what? what BF you mean? Battlefield 4 was such a mess at release that even class action lawsuit was considered, it got better after a year maybe. Battlefield 5 was contentless garbage on release, basically a reskin of BF1. AAA studios just operate like this. Im mindblown that people even consider preordering after all these years. Just have some discipline, wait for release if it doesnt have content, wait for few months and then buy it. They will never finish game on release unless buyer mentality changes, because why would they? When they have money before the game is even in beta. You can say that bad image doesnt help sales, but honestly, who cares? people are so shortsighted, getting to my previous example of BF4, its now considered one of the best battlefields, so it doesnt seem like its first year is remembered in any way

ID: hg5jd5s

Yeah, battlefield games have had rough launches since bf3 at least.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/10 20:20 ID: hg58i3g

You cant be serious guy. Tarkov - a game that cant work right at max 10ish players Vs. Bf - that has a few kinks to work out at 80+ players and quadruple Tarkov’s biggest map size??? Did your karma farm fail on you?

Why is it that every BF release has to be bashed by whinny players every fucking release and then become instant classics when the next one comes out?

14 : Anonymous2021/10/10 20:25 ID: hg598d9

Insane amount of copium in this thread. Battlefield at least fixes their bug from beta to release. This game is filled with bugs, and won't ever release. I don't care if you like Tarkov, but this is ridiculous.

ID: hg5dgng

True. BF4 beta had bugs most fixed on release. Tarkov has had some of the same bugs for 5 years.


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