You gotta love it.

1 : Anonymous2021/10/10 05:24 ID: q51t8x
You gotta love it.
2 : Anonymous2021/10/10 14:13 ID: hg3sz2q

The two worst noises when operating a firearm; a click when there should be a boom, and a boom when there should be a click

ID: hg4vws0

I've only had a squib load go off one time in all the years I've been shooting and reloading.

Thank god I heard it, because I was kinda going ham at the moment at a steel target with my AR.

BANG BANG BANG...Weird pop.

It was just enough to send the bullet into the barrel and wedge itself in there about 1/4 of the way. If I pulled that trigger one more time...big boom in my face.

So boom for click or click for boom...I'm most scared of the weird little pop.

ID: hg53nzz

And this is why everyone needs to know the 'why' behind immediate vs. remedial action

3 : Anonymous2021/10/10 08:38 ID: hg2zr66

I had my first death due to malfunction the other day. Heard WW3 happening at fortress on customs. I hoof it there from new gas. Get near, see a dead guy outside unlooted (looked like he had a nice SR-25). Go into the ground floor. Hear him shuffling around, he must be the last guy, so all this shit is mine if I can send him back to the lobby.

I think he's upstairs so I throw a nade up there. I go to move and check what I call kitchen. In there is like a sofa, 2 beds and a fire. Don't ask me why I call it kitchen. It made sense at the time.

Dude is stood there camped in the corner. I open fire only to realise nothing is happening. He empties almost the entire of the 50 round mag of AP 6.3 from his vector into me. It's like everything is in slow motion and it feels like an eternity before I actually die. Just before I fall to the ground I start frantically left clicking thinking I've left my MK47 on single fire.

In my final moments..something catches my eye in the bottom right of the screen. A little red triangle with a ! In the middle. 'weapon misfire. Shift + T to clear'. Tears are rolling down my face as I hear Nikita's voice echoing 'will vee we will will we will. Vill vee will we will'.

ID: hg5ncsa

Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will.

ID: hg5nc5j

Two things:

You shouldn't leave it bound to Shift + T. I rebound mine to a mouse side button with no modifiers, so I don't have to think or remove my hand off my movement keys. Part of the point of this mechanic is to slow down play. Since there is a random chance, you really don't know when it'll happen. As a result, people should be playing more slow and conservatively, taking advantage of cover constantly in some way, even when you're pushing someone.
ID: hg3xyo2

Can you imagine implementing such a dumb mechanic in a video game? It’s like he’s trying to kill tarkov to make way for Moscow 2028 or whatever

ID: hg49dvp

Oh my god how could they implement this realistic feature , to my compelty COD-like game!!!!

ID: hg4h6gx

People who complain about the random jam mechanic clearly do not understand the end goal of the game. The goal is for the game to be about as realistic as real life. And in real life guns jam

ID: hg4qsmw

Cry some more

4 : Anonymous2021/10/10 06:17 ID: hg2pabz

Damn! That would have been an amazing shot!

5 : Anonymous2021/10/10 20:16 ID: hg57x2d

Doesn't bother me much. I like that it discourages prefire and mag dumping.

I just died a few days ago to it too. Sniper scav killed my buddy. I swing out and take an extra half second to line up a head shot because I know timing. Click. Dead.

Honestly, it happens so rarely that it's not an issue. But I'm also not shooting 300 rounds a raid.

ID: hg5fzdf

I made a comment about how I feel about it. I honestly love all of the updates, although I feel like in real life the rule is "if it seats it yeets" and stovepipe jams and other jams are wayyy more common than a round not firing.

ID: hg5nkzr

I'm pretty sure that they exaggerated misfires for now since there are no other forms of jams. I'm sure once they're added, ammo misfires will be rare.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/10 13:01 ID: hg3kpn3

Same thing happened to me only it was point blank on factory with a shotgun...

7 : Anonymous2021/10/10 18:16 ID: hg4qdc5

I think that gif of squidward bashing his head in is my favorite spongebob bit

8 : Anonymous2021/10/10 10:57 ID: hg39w8p

Who would have known that an RNG mechanic that makes you incredibly vulnerable would make for situations like this.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/10 14:47 ID: hg3x8fk

At least you didn't die

10 : Anonymous2021/10/10 15:17 ID: hg418ka

Weapon malfunction in its current state is one of the most retarded rng features I’ve ever seen. I had a MK47 (with 98 durability) jam on me in the middle of a fight. Haven’t touched the game since. Stupid shit like that messing with my economy just pisses me off.

ID: hg4s1kp

You don't shoot RL guns do you?

New guns can malfunction a decent amount until they are broken in. Usually its in the form of failures to feed or failures to eject, but sometimes you can get light primer strikes as well.

ID: hg5bri5

You don't rub yourself with vaseline IRL do you? That shit fixed my broken ankle so I could run on it.

You don't inject yourself with magic bullet closing stims IRL do you? That shit literally closes wounds and stops you from bleeding out even when a major artery is hit.

You don't shoot imaginary bullets IRL do you? 366 AP is fun as fuck to shoot in my mind since it literally doesn't exist.

ID: hg4tci3

Why are you still interacting with the game community? Just to tell us all you left it cause you couldn't handle it? Noble of you, but we are good without it bud.

ID: hg52hoi

It's the main reason my squad left the game this wipe. Second to the harsh and very poor rewarding scav karma. Mine is because it just got boring at this point.

ID: hg4jhqb

Malfunctions happen below 50% durability. Misfires are a % chance per round fired regardless of durability....

ID: hg4krmp

this is so ignorant. I've had over 5 brand new 100 dura guns malfunction on the first shot in the last few weeks. Mostly shotguns, but one mp5 and one ak74. Hell, I built a brand new saiga and it malfunctioned on the first shot even after I checked chamber when I loaded in.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/10 15:06 ID: hg3ztxj

Duuude is that flinch from recoil anticipation? That’s so wild to see. This happens irl and people sometimes load a dummy round randomly into a mag to expose this/ to train to clear malfunctions.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/10 09:14 ID: hg32crs

I've had this exact situation happen to me before

13 : Anonymous2021/10/10 15:11 ID: hg40h6m

The fact that nobody has commented on the end of this video yet…. Hilarious lol

14 : Anonymous2021/10/10 18:00 ID: hg4o067


15 : Anonymous2021/10/10 09:37 ID: hg3439n

Most retarded idea to be implemented in this game after skills.

ID: hg3bvz4

I feel like it makes sense since there is now actual and noticeable effects to the durability. Of course I feel like there is a need to implement more things that will increase/decrease the actual possibility for malfunctions. Such as kits to clean and maintain the guns, repair kits so that if you have more durability lost vs your max durability and so on. But as of now, it is just a very, very rough concept.

ID: hg3ctaz

Yup 100%. I have had my share of wonky pistols but the mechanic should based around the following to meet the half way: -Value of magazine -Size of mag -condition of weapon -fire rate of weapon -IRL reliability of weapon cycle

ID: hg3dmpz

A visual indicator that a gun is in bad, or less than optimal, shape to help identify if a misfire is likely or not would be helpful. Doesn't need to be glaring, could be a slight indicator. Something akin to Far Cry 2 with your gun getting rustier the more you used it, until you cleaned it up.

ID: hg42rm3

The rate of malfunctions or the fact that it’s even an issue in this game is pants on head retarded. Guns don’t work like that. They aren’t “malfunction prone” unless you’re buying cheap crap. The shittiest ar15 barrels irl have a life of 25,000 rounds. More than I will ever shoot probably. 10 raids and a few hundred rounds isn’t grounds to trash the gun and get a new one. It’s a stupid mechanic, it should be removed.

ID: hg3pvsi

Currently it is ammo related, only. Durability only, for now, affects accuracy.

ID: hg4jncj

Except misfires have absolutely nothing to do with durability, they are a % chance per round fired to misfire regardless of durability. Malfunctions occur below 50% durability. It's a braindead mechanic.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/10 16:03 ID: hg47fai

Engaging and fun!

17 : Anonymous2021/10/10 17:27 ID: hg4j094

Thank you for the awards guys! I really appreciate it! I also wanted to say even though that malfunction did end up getting me killed I still love what BSG is doing with the game. Good luck on your raids everyone!

Edit: Ammo was ss190

18 : Anonymous2021/10/10 15:07 ID: hg3zyhz

And you survived because you werent charging headlong into that guys teeth, you could quickly get behind cover.

19 : Anonymous2021/10/10 17:29 ID: hg4jct3

You see, this RNG malfunction stopped your sweaty chad shift+W magdump hipfire CoD playstyle!!!!!!!! Working as intended!!!!!!!!

20 : Anonymous2021/10/10 16:03 ID: hg47cug

I mean, the first shot is absolutely the best shot to jam on!

21 : Anonymous2021/10/10 18:57 ID: hg4wa5p

In my years in the Army I never once had a malfunction on a personal weapon. I think maybe the mounted 240 got jammed one time. Then in my time out of the Army I have only ever had 1 squib load in a handgun. No misfires or F2F. This mechanic seems so broken, a failure should only happen once or twice in your entire career of playing Tarkov.

22 : Anonymous2021/10/10 17:25 ID: hg4iquh

How many times have you had a malfunction?

ID: hg5gmtc

Maybe second or third? This one was definitely the most comical though.

23 : Anonymous2021/10/10 17:25 ID: hg4irxm

Nikita explains how they work though… I had a gun jam 10 rounds in. Brand new using great ammo. I don’t think he understands malfunctions

ID: hg4jwcc

It isn't dependent on durability, it's literally an RNG chance to misfire every round fired. Also different ammo has a different misfire chance, I wouldn't be surprised if he made the high-tier ammo have a higher misfire chance

ID: hg4k393

It just seems strange to me that it’s all RNG based. I think if they made adjustments to how it works I’d be more privy to having it in game

24 : Anonymous2021/10/10 11:20 ID: hg3bl5v

Wow, never seen that happened in row like that.

ID: hg4j9y7

Only happened once I just slowed down the video haha

ID: hg52foo

It didn’t. It’s the same footage played three times.

26 : Anonymous2021/10/10 18:35 ID: hg4t0ml


27 : Anonymous2021/10/10 22:04 ID: hg5n7fj

Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will. Will vee we will will we will.

28 : Anonymous2021/10/10 23:12 ID: hg5wb8j

You missed anyway.


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