Thursday Missed Connections and To the Guy weekly for 14 October 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/10/14 00:00 ID: q7nx0t

With the introduction of Scav Karma and the increased non combat interaction between players, sometimes you meet people that you may never interact with again. Maybe it was your soul mate, or maybe just a person you want to tell "LICK MY ENTIRE ASSHOLE YOU SHITTER!".

Either way, this sticky will be available every Thursday (when we can manage with a 2 sticky limit) for you to share your stories, and reach out to that special someone that you spent a raid looting and clapping cheeky breekies with.

In the future we plan on turning the story telling into a sort of weekly competition, so stay tuned.


Daily schedule

**Monday** - Money Monday = Loot Pics / Stash Flexes and Crazy Raids loots pics

**Tuesday** - NewbDay Tuesday = New players questions and Stories from when you or a friend was new

**Wednesday** - RAGE WENDSDAY = RAGE

**Thursday** - Lost Connections and To the Guys Thursdays = Lost connections and to the guy posts and or stories about that missing in game soulmate

**Friday** - Fuckboi Friday = Funny stories and hilarious clips / Hilarious clips are allowed to be Memey but no Meme images are allowed.

**Saturday** - Sherpa Saturday = A combined day with the Sherpa Hub to get new players help and get some groups happening

**Sunday** - Scenery Sunday = Cool screenshots, Cool pics and General Scenery. Also, cool Tactical Screenshots of squads and or game moments

Dailys will rotate at 00:00 UTC

2 : Anonymous2021/10/14 05:48 ID: hgkwfyt

Was on Customs about an hour ago. Caught a guy at old gas looting a Scav he just dropped. Wasted him (sorry about that, whoever you are). I kept hearing a sniper pop off somewhere in the middle of the map, but I figured it was directed at either Scavs at New Gas or PMCs beating feet to Dorms. Anyway, I ignore it and make for crackhouse like an idiot. I get two-tapped in the chest right at that left turn if you're coming from the train tracks, near that little tunnel.

Ten minutes later

I scav into Customs and see there's 20 minutes left and think "huh maybe this is the same raid", so I scramble to where my body would be and sure enough it's still there, but looted. I figure whoever killed me is making for the Crossroads extract so I start sprinting. I'm going to get this mother fucker and get my gun back. I get across the river and someone takes another shot at me, blacks out an arm. Guarantee it's the same guy. I camp Big Red for a bit but no PMCs show up and then I check extracts and see that Crossroads had just been used. God Damnit, you slippery sunofabitch

Enjoy the FrankenAK. She served me well this wipe.

ID: hgkx3jo

How can you tell if an extract has been used?

ID: hgkxkaa

When you check extracts, if one has been used it will turn green.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/14 15:07 ID: hgmasjk

To the other scav on shoreline who helped me run down a heavily geared pmc last night. WE GOT HIS ASS!

Also sorry for shooting at you when you first found me on that hill, taking pot shots, you startled me.

I had a ppsh and left with his mutant, his helmet, and plague mask. We both got pretty hurt, I hope you made it out.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/14 18:30 ID: hgn4axs

to the scav on customs in the fortress that dropped me a kitted out ak and looted with me… im sorry. the greed overcame me as i watched you run off with all of reshala’s loot and hopped on the heavy machine gun. i hope you know i did lose some sleep over it as i watched you turn around and stare into my soul as i took the final shot

ID: hgn5hfs

This is the way

5 : Anonymous2021/10/14 15:06 ID: hgmal68

"was in a middle of a fight shotgun scrub hope that guy killed you shithead"

Thanks for the ~200 recoil AK-104. Your two buddies aren't getting anything but a TV-109 rig back, either. The guy you were "fighting" was long gone via cellar. Stack Factory lobby harder next time

6 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:05 ID: hgmj3we

Some buddies and I started playing again after not playing since February. We're still getting caught up on the updates but is it now scav etiquette to drop your gear if a group of three player scavs are running near you? To the guy on interchange who gave us his guns and two engines, we didn't want them! Hopefully you picked them back up. We were just confused and grateful for you to not shoot us.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:09 ID: hgmjqpo

Mr. Ketamine_User -- I was way too slow as a scav who spawned in with a keycard and a tank battery to even fight back. Enjoy your loot.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:36 ID: hgmnrrl

To the full squad of hatchet runners I murdered helping their buddy cheese Tarkov Shooter pt3 on night factory…… my bad. It’s my first wipe and I had no idea what you were doing until it was too late.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:53 ID: hgmq63c

To that other scav i met up with in D2 - I'm sorry that intelligence folder i gave you didn't make it out with either of us. We went down valiantly in between knight buildings, taking a few traitor scavs down with us. I'll never forget you.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/14 20:06 ID: hgni68e

Thanks for the hemostat, reserve barracks roof guy. I'm glad you understood what me throwing my bandages on the ground meant, and gave me something to stop the heavy bleed from the guy sitting up there with a VPO.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/14 21:29 ID: hgns3om

To the pmc that was running to emercom extract within the last 5 minutes of the raid that had 5 water filters and 2 propane’s, sorry. If someone had turned on power earlier I would’ve taken the safe room extract. Instead of leaving empty handed, you were my golden goose of loot in the final few minutes.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/14 23:40 ID: hgo9dmt

To Big_Daddy_Brett on interchange, you were fat af and waddling around the lot near emercom exit. I was a scav and saw you from the ramp, I even commed at you because I thought you were a looted scav, you didn't shoot me or anything you just kept staring up at me. But then you took a position behind a tree and had your gun ready so I blasted you and eventually face shot you with 7mm buck.

What were you doing my guy? You were loaded with armour and guns but your backpack and pockets were glitched. I still have your Mutant and MCX if you want one back.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/14 23:49 ID: hgoajy6

Sorry to the Scav I found looting bodies. You’d listed some PMCs and I had just spawned in and I walked around a fence and found my way blocked, so I looked down and saw a helmet and headphones so I thought you were a PMC immediately and I mag dumped you.


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